Sunday, March 30, 2008

On the Clock

I guess I still have (at least) one more unreported encounter from the other week.

I was traveling for work (as usual) and one of my on-line ads in the morning before I had to head to a client site made it to someone's PC. The joke, if you want to call it that, was the response came from a place I used to work eons ago.

Bud..i can be there in 4 min…42, 180#, 6'….love to get and give head.

All my ad said was I was looking to get guys off. He provided a picture, a work phone number and work email address. Yikes - he wanted it bad. For all my indiscretions (and obviously, there are many!), using a work phone/email is never going to be two of them. To each his own - I wasn't going to publish them or anything.

I called, as emails get bogged down and delays the necessary transaction of fluid exchange. I also told him I was not looking to get head. He was ok with that. Then I told him his 4 minutes were ticking and to get it in gear.

I know how long it takes to get from his area to my hotel, so I was surprised when he made it about 5-6 minutes. Usually it would take that long to get to one's car...if not double that.

His real-life self matched his pic. His dick was about 6.5" - average thickness. There was some sucking, but his playing with my nipples almost immediately put an end to that. I quivered enough that he knew he could take it further. And we did.

On the bed, with his spit covered dick, he pushed it right inside of me. And I took it.

As I took a long hit of poppers and he pumped my ass, he went on to tell me how his father has been fucking his ass since he was 12. Yeah, so for the last 30 years, his father and brother both fuck his ass - and he's married. ....and his wife is none the wiser.

Of course, I'm such a fucking cynic, I don't believe a word of it, but know enough to play along if it is going to help him get off. It's not quite role playing, but I was indulging some fantasy of his for sure. He pumped harder as he told me his dad would love to fuck my ass and that he'd gladly invite me to his dad's farm where all three men would pump my butt where no one else would see or hear.

He was as much of an exhibitionist as I am, so when he suggested we fuck right in front of the window - curtains open - I said 'not a problem'. But it turned out to be for him. He wasn't long for the fuck after we got going again.

After we positioned ourselves and he re-penetrated me, I am thinking it was less than two minutes before he announced he was going to unload.........and he did. A ten day load, according to him....and it sure could have been has he kept throbbing over and over while in me.

He straightened up and headed back to work. I packed up my laptop, brushed my teeth, then took a shower and headed to a client site to meet with them and my staff for the next 5 hours. Fully loaded.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Kansas City - Here I Cum

Well, I went there. I didn't cum there.

No - I'm on my almost 8th week without an ejaculation. Yeah - you don't have to say it, I'm a fuckin' freak.

It's true, I did not cum in KC, but at least one other guy did. A divorced guy with a nice 8" schlong. But really, I was more impressed by his girth (see below).


He stretched my mouth open good and really was only there for the sucking. There was no looking at, touching or fellating of mine. There was no fucking or ass eating. It is possible he was straight, but I would assume he was bi.

I started on the hotel sofa but he soon had me on my knees making sure I kept sucking him. No jacking. No talking. No nothing but my lips on his shaft.

His hands found my head and held me firm, as he wanted to fuck my face. Fine by me. I like it and lord knows I can take it. The thickness at the base of his shaft certainly made it a challenge for me to take him to his cockring, but not to worry folks - I did it.

The cockring was purely decorative (and do straight guys really use or own cockrings? seriously - I've never known of one). He did not need it to make himself any harder, though maybe it does make the cock look a bit more rigid...or even bigger. But I think it would have been a to speak.

He did mumble some stuff and called me 'faggot' under his breath. And you know I'm ok with guys saying it right out loud to me. Hell - I prefer it. I'm sure it would delve deep into my psychological background, but it makes ME harder.

Even during the process he said he was good for multiple loads, I wondered if he would. The majority of guys - especially "straight" - are good for the cum and go. But not time and again at the same session.

The guy had a more than decent load. Good volume and decent taste - though it did have a bit of a bitter after-taste. But whatta gonna do? You gotta eat!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bookstore BJ

There were trails of saliva on my suit pants and the left cuff of my dress shirt. Naturally, it was also in my goatee and down my chin. All you had to do was follow the stream back up to my mouth to see where it originated from.

I should start from the beginning I guess.

On the way home from a client visit, I stopped at the adult video arcade I have been mentioning for the last few months. The usual cast of suspects were there – or the usual type of suspects. Dirty looking pervs. Ones you’d have to kind of shake your head ‘no’ as they continue to leer and hope that they have a chance that they all know they do not actually have. Not that it ever deters them.

Don’t get me wrong – I am sure that with some populations, I am that guy to some of the others in the establishment. I think I can say without a doubt, I was the best dressed guy there. Suit. Tie. I looked good. …and there’s something to be said for having your dick hang out of your suit fly while you are in a booth.

I passed a guy in the hall that I immediately knew I would get off. There wasn’t a chance it wasn’t going to happen. I don’t know how I knew, but I did. I think a lot of us get that feeling.

He followed me into my booth. His cock was a solid 7"......and I do mean solid. Rock hard. He loved my mouth on him. But he wanted guys to watch. More specifically he wanted to watch me get guys off. There were just no other guys - so I didn't get him off. He walked around waiting for someone to watch and then he just walked out.

Too bad - he should have stuck around another 15 minutes. Some guy did show up. A worthy guy. 5'9", 160, short reddish hair with a thin fu manchu going on. He looked a lot like Morgan Spurlock wearing trackpants.

Passing me in the hall, we both made non-overt attempts to check each other out and eventually I planted myself in a booth to watch a movie knowing that one of us stationary is better than two of us mobile. Eventually he occupied the one across from me - never looking over and only watching straight porn (which is all ok with me). But I was getting no signal from him. None. After 10 minutes, I walked around. So did he.

He made sure (?) I saw him go into another booth. One without one across the way. So I looked in and there he was. Barely acknowledging me, I stepped in and rubbed his crotch. He moved back to let me all the way in. BINGO.

I took the seat and pulled down his trackies. He had a nice 7" with a slightly upward curve. It was not fully hard yet, but all it would do is stiffen, no longer grow any more. He also had trimmed red pubes.....the only sign in our entire encounter which would possibly indicate him being anything but straight. Maybe straight guys manscape like that, but I haven't really come across them.

I sucked him and he REALLY liked it. He moved this back to the side wall and pointed at the floor. Fine. I get it. He wanted me on my knees. I did it in a heartbeat for this guy.

Now if I do pat myself on the back, I give a really good blowjob. I know how to read guys, I intuitively know what they like. But I also pride myself on not using my hands or fist to get them off. It's a blowjob - not a handjob.

I also recognize that sometimes it is not me who can't get them off. They have a thing or the combo mouth/hand action. Sometimes I have to be told though. He had to tell me. It's about the only thing he said TO me.

With his shoulders leaning back to the wall and his head tilted back and upward and hand thrown to the side gripping the opening of the door, he was all about a man lost in his BJ world. As it should be, it was about him - not me.

He wouldn't look down at me, he was into it or fantasizing about someone else. But he requested/stated to 'use your hand'. So I did.

This was not a rushed job. He was not in a hurry to blow and go and fuck if I wasn't going to make it last. I used my wet mouth and hand on his prick. I would hear that sounds of 'ohhh yeah.....that's it'. Almost a disembodied voice....since I don't think he was really talking to me.

So this is where my spit was dripping onto my arm, dress shirt and off my chin onto my pants as I kneeled on the floor of a porno booth. Kind of one man's version of heaven, I suppose. I can only speak for me.

The only other thing the guy said to me during this time was one of those dumb things (again, at least to me): "do you want my cum?". He didn't say it in a taunting, teasing way that some guys do.....ones that make guys like me beg or ask for it. Nah - this guy genuinely meant it. For a split second I felt bad that other guys (or women) might have wanted his semen. I was not one of these people.

Though he asked the question, he wasn't ready. Neither was I. I edged him a few more times and he was going crazy - but never looking down. Head always tilted back. It was so hot to look up to that - and to only see the bottom of his chin and the ends of his moustache.

I don't know how he couldn't have notice that other guys would come to the door (they had to see his hand grasping the door opening) and peer in and watch for a bit and move one. I noticed but not too much. I don't mind being watched, but I was all about this guy this time - not 'the show'.

Then it was time. He couldn't or wouldn't hold off any longer. With grunts, groans and moans he popped his nut into my mouth. Naturally I took it all. I made sure it all disappeared. I'm not sure he noticed right away through his huffing and puffing and momentary afterglow of his orgasm.

I watched him compose himself from my point of view and that was hot too.

He got himself together and told me how 'amazing' that was. I don't need the compliments normally, but I so wanted to please this guy - and I think I did.

It would have been great to get his number or give him mine, but that ruins the immediacy and urgent need of the moment. Why break that thought?

He pulled up his trackies and walked out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let's Talk About Sex

I know a few posts ago I wrote that people are recognizing me from this blog when I place ads on craigslist and the likes.

But I get other readers who are contacting me for legitimate / educational reasons. Allegedly.

Currently I am completing questions for a student at Humboldt University in California. Allegedly.

No offense to the student or his/her (I don't know the gender - I never asked) project, but I take all these things with a grain of salt. The internets have made me more than a little leary. Go figure.

The student's sociology project is on public sex. Something of which the student, who contacted me via this blog, thinks I have some experience. And I do. It is something that is near and dear to, let's just go with 'heart'.

There are a series of questions and clarifying questions. They seem well thought out, but I find myself tending to answer in the clinical perspective, as this is a college project. Allegedly. It's not porn. Or my real life - which is a lot like porn.

Currently, we have talked about my background and earlier sexual experiences - most of them having to do with being performed in the public sector.

For all I know - this person is just doing it for their jollies, but as you can see by my almost 200 entries here, I don't mind talking about sex or answering most questions about my experiences.

His/her first request was that I post their project on my blog - but I wasn't really willing to do that before going through my series of questions. There were 10. They are dolled out and might be tailored to my actual answers.

This is why I'm not sure of the legitimacy of this project. A true survey isn't changed per person. There has to be a baseline.

So go ahead - ask me anything. I'll probably answer.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Taking One

Not all of my last business trip were missed opportunities and simulated coronary arrest.

I did get a guy who said: Am 6', 180, 49, blue eyes, salt n pepper hair, moderately hairy. Am not particularly vocal, but enjoy good head, rimming a clean ass, and am generally a top if it comes to that.


It came to that.

I had so many misses by this point, I needed a hit. Or at least a tap. And he did - of my ass.

He was all of the things he said and his picture was pretty accurate. And not vocal at all. We started right over at the bed and never really left. I sucked him as he stood at bedside and then he got me on my stomach so he could go to munching on my butt.

Well, that's only going to get me riled for a plugging. And with some coersion, that's what he did. That 'if it came to that' really had to get him talked into. Not a lot - but even though he says he's a top, I don't think he does it much - kind of like me.

He was ok at it, but not great. He didn't have a lot of technique, but he shot a nice sized load.

Of course, it just made me hungry for more.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Dying to Get Off

So I placed a CL ad the other night while in DC. Per usual, I got some interesting prospects and the assorted flakes. Same old, same old.

I was getting ready going to dinner when a guy wanted some quick relief. Fine by me. About 50, slim build, nice cock. He had a dirty mouth, which you know was ok with me.

I thought he was getting close – again fine by me – but he pulled out of my mouth and grabbed his cock like he was attempting to stop his orgasm. I told him I WANTED it and not to lose it on the floor and he kept saying ‘oh g-d. oh g-d’ over and over.

Which one of us has not done that when cumming or about to cum and trying to avoid it? Very few, I would venture to say. He took it a few steps further. He started to have labored breathing (again, indicative of nothing more than a horny man about to pop a nut).

He reached down and pulled up his pants, while continuing his 'oh g-d' rants and breathing difficulties. Even then, I assumed he was shooting into his briefs and for some reason denying me the opportunity to take his load.

But all this signs and symptoms continued in this vein. I started to realized something was not right with him physically. I asked if he needed me to get him help or just did he need my help. He declined both offers.

The man made his way to my door and I followed. There was only so much I could do at this point, as I had no pants on at all. Mr. BikeGuy Jr. dangling now in the wind – albeit Marriott controlled wind, but you know what I’m saying…….

I asked again if he needed me to call 9-1-1 and asked if he was having a heart attack. His response, “oh, I hope not!”. But again, he declined me to get him assistance.

I let the door closed while I found my jeans and when I went back, he was gone.

He either really was ill, or did a great acting job due to his lack of interest in me. To be honest, I’m not sure which was worse. The “acting” seemed real-enough, though if I were to be totally honest, I’d be lying if I said one of the first things (if not the first) to flash through my mind was:

‘fuck – how am I going to explain this to the hotel staff, police and paramedics if I they find dead - and him with his pants down in my hotel room?’. …and if it was going to make me late for dinner.

Yeah – I’m a total prick, I know it. I get it. You don’t have to say anything.

I half expected to see his crumpled body in front of the elevators or in the hotel lobby when I exited 15 minutes later…….but there was nothing. He was probably home or on his way to a better cocksucker’s place or something.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Second Fiddle

As much as I wanted my last trip to be a pigfest between work gigs, and as much as January was a plethora of cum (though never enough) - February and this trip were not.

Not to say I didn't get some of what I needed. Just not all. And it is a need - not a want.

This first encounter was not a success. A series of emails of a promising dick and a man willing to travel on a crappy night.

He stood about 6'5", slim and of mixed ethnicity with eyes you could almost see through in an intriguing yet freaky kind of way. He also had about 8.5" - that were as slender as he was. He also looked like he had 'hustler' written all over him.


After he was in the door, he seemed more interested in sucking me, than getting serviced - and let's face it, I'm pretty blunt about what I'm looking for. I really do not understand the attempting at turning the tables like this.

Why travel this kind of distance and take up everyone's time (including his) when it's not what either are looking for and everyone goes away disappointed.......or at least frustrated??

I did get to swing on his cock and took a few picture of which he was very into - but mostly because he wanted new pics of his cock. I didn't really supply them because they all have my face firmly planted in them - save the one above.

While I was deep-throating him, he takes a call. I'm kind of into that, especially when the person on the other phone is clued into what's going on. I like it when they talk about me as if I'm not even there.

But this other guy didn't know. My guy was making arrangements to meet the other guy. How to get into the building and where he'd be waiting, etc.

I was the warm-up act. My guy was saving the load for his main act. I understood - but I didn't have to like it.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Who knew?

February 2008 I had the best number of hits yet on this blog.

After I got my content warning in October, you can see what that did to my traffic. Worse than a bad day on the NASDAQ.

A fellow adult blogger offered to host my blog for me after that instance, and I was greatly appreciative. But I did weigh the number of people and sites that are linked to me - many of whom I don't really know of. Getting them to change the URL and keep that reverse my traffic slow-down seemed even more difficult to deal with.

But people have found their way back. Not only did I best the number of hits by almost 500 - note that September had two less days in the month than February. So, I could have potentially hit almost 15,000 (I get about 450-520 hits per day).

I will not go as far to say I'm becoming a blogger star (no flash photography, please!!!!), but I'm finding when I'm traveling out of town and place and ad here or there......I have been getting more responses like 'are you the guy who has the blog?' or 'is this same BikeGuy of the blog'.

It is kind of cool, yet kind of weird. I haven't sought out 'fame' (hey - it's all relative!) or fortune (yeah - there is noooooo money in this). I also really haven't sought out to be noticed from Jon Q. Pubic (yes, I know the 'l' is missing!).

I have not posted that many pictures of myself in the blog and it is a little disconcerting that folks will relate those pics to anything I might post in an ad (which btw, does not have my name in them), but I have also not have had any of those contacts want to hook up.

And can you blame them? If they read with any regularity, they know I post and print the good and the bad. .....and who would ever want to be part of the latter group? Not me.