Thursday, February 21, 2013


I've been told I have a 'type', but I don't know if this is true.

Sure, if I had a fantasy type, he'd be bearded, bald, hairy chest, nice arms, decent sized dick and a dirty mind and foul mouth.  Suits, leather or uniform would be preferred but not required.

But men like that are few and far between, so I normally settle on "regular" guys - and hope they have a filthy mouth and mind.  Everything else is gravy.

Even for my ideal vs the others, this guy wouldn't have necessarily been on my radar.  I wouldn't have reached out to him, but he did to me.

48, 5'11, 195  - all respectable stats. Solid 7.5" thick.  Nice enough.  But it was the hair, mostly the beard that was throwing me off.   WILD didn't begin to describe it.  It went at least 6-7" below his chin and completely untamed.

His picture, at first glance, was that of looking at a homeless man, or the Unibomber. He looked like that in person as well.

Oh yes, I went through with the meet-up.

In the exchange on-line, he said all the right (or was it wrong?) things with the right tone and attitude. Trust me, that commitment takes a man far.

There was no getting to know one another. He was in the door and the pants were off.  His cock was already hard, so he was good to go.  No kissing.  No sucking.  It was him turning me around and bending me over.

While lube was put out, he never reached for it. He was a spit man and that's all that was on his cock as he pushed his way into me.  And the man knew how to fuck. Hard. Deep.  His own rhythm, his own needs, mine were secondary or tertiary.....if they ever came into the equation.

He had alluded to that he can fuck a long time and we switched positions often. Next was on my back while atop a desk.  My entry was the right height for him standing next to the furniture.  He looked down on me as he make his shaft disappear, then reappear, then disappear again. All the while he'd volley insults at me, in the names of "faggot", "pig", "whore" and the likes - sometimes strung together in a barrage of filth.  It made me hard.

It's not like anything he was saying was untrue - right?

Eventually we were down on the ground, him on his back, me riding him.  Always dangerous for me, as I have no control over my orgasm that way. ...and I didn't want to cum, at least not yet and at least not first.

More insults as he pulled out and instructed me to lick him clean. When I complied, that's when he really called me a "dirty fucking pig".

As he stood over me, I thought he'd spit on me, but he was just making spit for his cock, lubing it - readying it....again.  But while he stood, his shoed foot more than bumped my crotch.  I didn't flinch.  He did it again - harder.  I remained stoic.  Then again and again.

"You like to be beat up?" he asked.  I didn't say 'no', but I didn't say 'yes'.  He continued  Oddly enough it did not hurt. He could have done more damage if he had liked.

I was on my back and he bent my legs over my head, just to play with my ass.  I was bent over far enough, I was wondering if I could mouth my own cock, but it wasn't quite close enough.  He never noticed this.

Soon enough I was on all fours with him behind me - fucking the hell out of me fast and hard.  No mercy.  But soon that gave way to him sitting on a chair and me straddling him, facing him, riding him.

That turned out to be it for him.  I rode and he met my downstrokes with up ones.  Soon enough, his hands were on my waist pulling me down - all the way down. Then I felt him throb.

For all his verbal nastiness, he waited till he was done unloading in me before telling what a fucking whore I was. He did that while putting on his pants.

He said he'll want another go-round.   He'll most likely get it.


Friday, February 08, 2013


There are a few bloggers out there that I've corresponded with over the years.  Ones that I would say are of our ilk.  iBlastInside. Dan, from Matt & Dan. Spermpig. ..and of course. Mr. Steed.

Two I've met in person. One I've had sex with. ...and then there is Mr. Steed.

He and I had plans to meet I'd say back in 2010, but my work schedule got the better of me and my planned trip to his neck of the woods was cancelled and then he was no longer in that neck of the woods.  Still, I'm a big fan of his blog, his adventures and his writing.  But I'm a bigger fan of his mind-set.

He's a dirty man.

I'm not speaking out of school.  He knows it. He knows I know it.

Now and again, I will message him after I have had a memorable encounter. He'll get a few days (or weeks) preview of what I will end up blogging about.  Sometimes he responds.....sometimes not.  Like any other man - virtual or real - sometimes I'm not worthy of a response or acknowledgement.

It's safe to say, he might know some things about me that my readership does not. In the course of private conversations, questions are asked and answered.

We happened to be messaging when I was looking to get fucked the other day.  He wanted me to make it happen - to take a load for his birthday present.  I'm all for that, but let's face it, I wasn't be altruistic in this regard.  I was getting the load, not him.  I was wanting the load - as much, if not more than he wanted me to have it.

For some readers, they like living vicariously through my exploits.  Steed is not one of these. He has enough of his own to worry about whether I'm getting laid or not. But I like him and we're simpatico so why the fuck not let him know I'm doing it for him?  ....and for me.

He certainly likes reading about my sexploits. He's one who truly gets it too. ...not that you guys don't.

So anyway, when it was suggested to me, by Mr. Steed, that I find a guy to get bred by, for his birthday, it was a challenge I couldn't really pass up.  I mean, I guess I just needed a reason, right?

Immediately, I found one, but you know how that goes - he disappeared into the internet never to be seen or heard from again.  All that energy with promises of this and that - it's almost hoping he got hit by a car or something or was trapped under a fallen tree, wanting to get to me, but unable to reach his phone.

Guy #2 did come through.  52, 5'10", 190. He wasn't a looker, but had the cock: 7.5" and thick from base to head. And really, it's all about the dick sometimes.

He wanted to kiss, I didn't.  He wanted to suck me, I didn't want that either.

I did go down on him, I got his thick meat in my mouth and took him to the base.  He liked that.  Who wouldn't?

We both knew, with his thickness, that spit alone would not work.  I had some Abolene, which is great lube. I massaged it onto and into his cock. It was slick, I was ready.  He was ready.

This was not to be a quick fuck - but how could one know that from the get-go?  First I was bent over a desk and he eased his way up into my ass nice and uncovered.  Fuck I felt full.

What he lacked in looks, he made up for in skill.  It was a good deep, hard fucking.  And that was only phase one.

He pulled out, and got me to the ground, doggie style.  He put it to me good that way too - a very hard fuck. He kept telling me his bare cock was up me, pounding me.  The feeling was great.

The guy did slip out and roll on his back. I took my place on top and sat on his shaft.  I sunk all the way down, enough that he asked if I could feel his pubes on my ass.  I could.

That position did not last as long as I would have liked.  He wanted me flat on my belly and that's what I did. From behind, he entered me and really hammered his cock home. A good 5-7 minutes of gut punching dick and he stiffened - emptying his nuts into my ass.

In a matter of minutes, he was gone. But yet he remained.

I sent Steed a message.  He got his Gift and I got mine.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Black Babies

I told him 30 was too young for me, but in reality, his weight was not in proportion to his height.  I wasn't going to make him feel bad about that.  Though 30 is usually my threshold for age. I like them older than that still.  Always have.

He insinuated it was his skin color that made me initially reject him.  That was not the issue.

The guy was persistent - as he contacted me through A4A.  He wasn't my "type" but he had an impressive rod, which is kind of my type.  ..and like I said, he was persistent, coming back to me even after I rejected him.

His email that day was that it's like he had taken Viagra because his cock would not go down at all.  I started formulating a way to get him to fuck me that would be appealing to me as well.  I thought I had it, but you know how that goes.

I told him I would leave the door open and I would have my ass up.  The idea was for him to just fuck it and I wouldn't necessarily have to make eye contact at all.  Head down.  Ass up.  Black cock.  White ass.  Zip up and leave.

He was down with that idea.

I saw him pull up, I dropped my pants in anticipation. But like all plans, they are never executed to the degree we'd like.

His Viagra-like dick was limp, so much for that bravado.  He needed / wanted help getting it up, which meant me turning around, seeing him and getting on my knees to blow him - all things I wasn't really wanting to do with this guy.

But a faggot must do what he must do.  Down to my knees, avoiding as much eye contact as possible, I sucked his dick.  It took him a lot longer to get up than his talk would lead one to believe.  I'm not sure he was all that.

His cock in pictures was impressive but soft it was not. Even when I did get it hard, however he was taking the pics made it seem bigger and thicker than it was.  It wasn't bad, but it was not what he was advertising - such is life.

Eventually we got him hard enough for me to go back to bending over the desk.

He was a decent fuck after we finally got to that point.  He kept talking about his bare dick and fucking my ass.  He kept talking about his big black cock.  I egged him on about it being 'dark meat'.

Honestly, I wanted him to say the 'n' word when referring to his meat.  I know I could never start that conversation, but could participate if he brought it up first. He didn't.  I don't know why that can be such a hot scene, if all are into it and become comfortable with the word in a certain setting - but it was not meant to be.

The fuck lasted about 10 minutes.  With one final shove he shot his seed into my ass.

He continued to move about in there, making sure his load was in me; stayed in me.  Naturally, he let his cock soften enough to slide out.  There was no pulling back of the hips to withdraw it.

When he was out, there was no rush for him. He stood looking at me still bent over, slapping my ass and telling, to no one in particular, that his black babies were up in my ass.

And they were.

He wants to come back....but we'll see.  Should I let him?

Monday, February 04, 2013


'Deviant' was his screen name.  I knew nothing good could come of it.  But engaging someone with that handle was kind of the point, no?

He had shared some of his xtube posts, and while he was probably nastier than he showed in his vids, he had a side that curbed his edge.

41, 5'9", 160, Hispanic.  His cock was about 6.5" and fairly thin and cut. He had tatts on his chest and arms. His chest and arms were smooth.

During my work travels, he was nearby and we exchanged messages via certain hook-up applications, but we could never quite get the timing right.  ....until my second to last trip to this area.

Because of my schedule, I had to arrive on a Sunday - which left me the entire afternoon wide open...and he happened not only to be on-line, but two miles away finishing his workout at the gym.  A nice bonus for me.

He agreed to come over, but for all his previous videos and chat, he was feeling quite tame, telling me he wanted to lay back and for me to blow him until he shot on his abs and chest and then have me lick it off.

I'm not one to argue such an arrangement, but that was not what I was thinking we'd be doing.  I'm also one that would or could try to manipulate the situation as well.  So, I went down and licked his dick and I sucked him like an expert would do.

I went to his nuts and lovingly tongued them, licked the, sucked them and put them in my mouth.  But I always find the best way to get their attention is to go under their nuts, work their taint and slide my tongue to their hole, even if - or especially if - they are a top.  It always revs their engine.

In between, I complimented his cock and how good it would feel in me....up my ass.  He didn't disagree.

Maybe I was playing him.  Maybe he was playing me - getting me to ask for it. The end result was, I was going to get fucked.

With me on my back, Deviant (I never got a first "real" name), slide his cock into my hairy hole.

Nice latin uncovered cock.

Whatever reservations he might have had about fucking me were clearly gone.  I don't think he really had them, but I can play the game.

The man had in me in every position.  We started out with me on my back, but at some point he was propped up on pillows and I rode that Hispanic meat for all it was worth.  The longer we went on, the nastier his verbal skills became.

For the final act, I was on my belly, on the bed, with Deviant behind me, really putting it to me.  If there were guests on either side of me, or walking down the hall, there was little charade as to what was going on in my room on the third floor.

He kept asking me what he was doing.  "Fucking my ass, Sir!"  

Then he kept asking what I wanted.  "I want you to fuck me.  I want you to breed me".

TELL me what you want, he'd demand.  "I want your fucking load up my hole".   He'd ask specifically what I wanted, and I told him - making assumptions:  "I want your dirty seed up my ass".

That is when he buried in me and screamed, "you better say 'thank you!'".

He groaned.  He moaned.  He said inaudible things. All the while he was pumping his sperm up my hole.

Over and over, just barely loud enough to hear - I thanked him.