Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guys With iPhones

I have had a number of my loyal readers (and you know who you are) give me the head's up that one of my blog pictures has ended up on the new-ish website Guys with iPhones.

This is not me. Unfortunately.

Right now I'm on page 3, but I think as they add pics I'll get bumped to page 4, then 5 then 6. Etcetera.

You might remember the picture from my original blog post last January.

Since my face isn't in the pic, I love that my readers remembered it, and were good to notify me about its appearance.

Yeah, I'm sure the site is getting loads of traffic now (pun fully intended), so it would have been great to get the link back to the blog to drive traffic. BUT I don't know how they got the pic and the moderators there might not even know where it originated from.

I'm not too bent out of shape about it all.

That all being said - it is a pretty hot fucking site. The majority of guys are mostly nude. Some are not. I'm not. I'm just performing "an act". (well, I was acting like a top.)

Who knows - maybe I'll end up on it in another way. No promises. But never say never.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hotel Two Way

Fuck my BF, I'll watch - 29 (lakewood-hotel)

That was the title of the craigslist ad I answered. Me being the "fucker" is not really my style - and if you've read this blog for any length of time you know that. Even if you have skimmed the blog you should have been able to pick up on my preferences.

I'm just not a great top. But I'm a pretty fucking good exhibitionist and that's what turned me on. The pics of the BF and his ass were nice too. I would have posted them there, but they almost immediately pulled down the ad, so I didn't have a chance to snag them. Damn. (I know you guys like visuals!)

Almost from the start I could see things would not go the way they were planned to and that questions were raised in my mind.

Local hotel and these guys were out-of-towners. Ok. Got it. But the cell phone number the top provided was a local area code. Curious.

As I left work I let them know I was on the way. Oh "Chris" is out but he'll be back, come over anyway. I started to think there wasn't two guys and this guy was playing both roles - in his mind anyway. It wasn't too out of my way, so I thought I'd still risk it. He asked me to call when I got closer.

I did. "Would you mind just playing one on one with Chris?" Now I figured there was no third - and never was - right? But then he goes, I'll be there when you come by and let you two go at it. I was almost there, so I agreed, but I went in with a heightened sense of paranoia.

I was about to walk in when a car approached. It was the "top" in the relationship. Average guy. Said he had to run out but that the BF was in room 207 and to just go up. Uh-huh.

The guy was right there waiting for me, as he answered the second I knocked once. Decent body and face - though a little tired around the eyes, or just really really drugged out. I would have bought either reason. Good cocksucker too. He had me hard in no time.

I told him to peel off his briefs and I went over to the door. I bolted it and chained it and put a chair in front of it. The plan for me was not to have any surprises - and I had already left my wallet etc in my trunk. Yeah - it sounds a bit paranoid, but it seemed like a weird situation. Still my dick and balls thought for me, but I wasn't going to completely dismiss my head.

Like the pics, the guy did have a nice ass. He tossed me the lube and he held onto the poppers. He got on his knees on the bed and put his shoulders down. I slathered up my eight inches a bit with his Gun Oil and put my head right to his hole. He was seemingly tight - but I knew better. This was no newbie to taking it up the ass.

Granted, I'm big and thick, but I'd be surprised if I was the first one of the day. The good thing about taking it so often, I knew the signals of how it would work. I guess it's true that good bottoms make good tops (in theory). Press enough against the opening - and that hole will dilate and accept what is being offered......and that's just what it did.

Sure, I might have pressed too fast in after he willingly took the head, but it is not like I put it all in him. It's important for him to want it - even if he never gets it. You gotta make 'em ask for it....or beg. Either is good.

But he asked me to hold still as I was two-thirds in and I complied. But it wasn't long before I was bottoming out - naturally I told him to just breathe, which is still the best advice I've gotten while getting fucked. More often than not, guys will hold their breath in anticipation or something and you just tense up.

We got into a rhythm, but I wasn't feeling it. Or my old past came back to haunt me - the truth that especially when it comes to fucking, I'm just not a top. I think I could have done much better with an audience, but we didn't have one.

I was losing my hard on and kept sliding out of him, but I was always able to push it back in. I decided to help myself and just kind of fucked him and jacked myself off at the same time. It was going to my stimulation that got me off - not his ass. I was just getting off in his ass. A receptacle if you will. We've all been there, on one end or the other.

As I was close, I leaned in to him and told him he was going to take my load - not that it was ever up for debate. By the times were leaving my mouth, I was already shooting my nut in there, so it's not like he could have done anything about it at that time anyway.

I don't think I was there for 20 minutes. I used a wash cloth to clean up my twig and berries and then slammed the door behind me. I had a friend to meet for drinks.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Craigslist Fuck - Columbus, OH

This is my last of the series of when I was in Columbus last week.

Besides perusing Grindr and ManHunt (dud again, MH!), I placed an craiglist ad (and didn't murder anyone, thank you!). I had a few responses, but most were tossed to the side either by me or them. But one stood out.

6', 175, brown, hazel, mod hairy, 6" cut, 37 yo.

The pic he sent was nice too - though I can't post it here. It has full face. Safe to say the chest looked nice and was a bit more than mod hairy. And he typed a good game on how nasty he could be. Bonus.

The guy showed up (never did get a name - I don't think) and was mildly dressed up. Turns out he just came from some calling hours. And you know while others were talking about the dead body he was thinking of getting laid.

I took off his shirt slowly and we kissed a bit - but he was not a great kisser, so I kind of put a halt to that without him really knowing I had issued a cease and desist order.

As I was feeling his upper body though, I was struck by what soft skin he had. I mean - it was weird soft. The best way to describe it was like it was air. You'd feel it, but not - all at the same time. He was like a woman (or what I would assume one to feel like) but looked like a man. ...and yes, trust me that thought did go through my mind. You know: the thing you were all just thinking??? But I dismissed that fairly soon.

The guy wanted to eat my ass. He knew I was going to be fucked by others,yet still wanted to do it. I even told him I had two loads up there. He was to be undeterred. Who am I to stop him? He peeled off his pants and went down to my hole - as I was laying on the bed on my back.

It is then I kind of wished I had been on my stomach for this.

The way he leaned over and/or bend gave some rationale to why his skin might be the way it is. When standing he carried himself just fine. When leaning over, there were.......pockets (?) or folds (?) of skin. He was probably someone who shed 150-200 pounds, which is great, yet had the excess skin still in place. Which was most definitely not great.

Overall, the guys was still hot and had the right intentions (which were the wrong ones by societal norms), but I could not help it - my focus was on the flab. That's my flaw, not his.

Now, I'm not a complete asshole. We did what we set out to do in the first place. Him eating my ass. Him sucking my cock. Him fucking my ass. All were done admirably too, I might add. Granted, he had 6", which if a fine sized dick, but I had kind of already been opened up that night - twice. I can't say I felt a lot.

The entire session did not last long, for which I was grateful. But he seemingly loved it. I even got an email from his blackberry on his drive home telling me so. I know he lives in a remote area and his opportunities must be limited - and I would assume his transition look might limit that too, or not. I have no way of knowing.

I know. I know. Not the sexiest or dirties post I've written. But you know me - I tell it like it is, good or bad. This one was neither. Just mediocre.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grindr Fuck - Columbus

In round two of my Columbus fucks, the next one was a hook-up from Grindr. If you recall - in a previous post, it is an Apple iPhone application, can allow you too find guys on the iPhone to meet up with and do the nasty.

Chad was one of these guys. A decent enough pic on the app and some others that were sent to me that were good too. Like this one.

Artsy-Fartsy shot, but one that shows off a decent body and a promising package. In reality, he looked more like this:

He reminded me of Terry, the meth'd out effeminate male prostitute from Reno 911. Ok - maybe somewhere in between, but definitely closer to the Terry end of the scale. He was tall and had red body hair (a first for me?). And a smaller dick than he claimed. Oh - and add on another 50 pounds. Maybe only 40. ....but still!

WHY? Why lie about this shit if you are trying to hook up? Or is that they really don't know how to measure or weigh? Or do they fib thinking you'll never hook up and when you do they don't know how to reverse what has already spilled from their lips?

It was an ok dick, but not 7.5". Try 6". In email he had the dirty attitude I liked, but it was harder to deal with less than manly voice (think again, Terry in Reno 911).

I'll back up for a second. I had another dirty guy who wanted to come over, but this guy wasn't into the group thing. As I conversed more with the other guy, Chad became less appealing to me - and if I had to make choice on one or the other, I knew who it would be. But timing didn't matter, so I could have both.

But by the time Chad arrived, I was starving for dinner and when I opened the door, I opted to not do 90% of what we had talked about. I became the aggressor and said, I wanted his load up my ass.

He wanted cocksucking and for me to eat his ass. I said, 'maybe later' - though I had no real intention of it at this point. I wasn't sure how much I'd have to part there to get to his ass to eat it! Not my ideal.

He was a trooper and stuck his dick in me. For some of his other faults, he was good at fucking. Not sure if he had practice or just intuition. Either way, he drilled me. My body almost at a 90 degree angle from the bed with my legs on the sides of his head.

After about 10 minutes he asked if someone had already fucked me. I played coy and asked why he'd think that. He goes, "because there is cum oozing out around my dick and out your ass". NICE, I thought to myself.

There was no really denying it at that point. I told him I got fucked an hour earlier.

He asked if I was going to eat his ass or just wanted his load. I told him I wanted the load.

He could have been pissy about it and said 'fuck you', but I'll assume he doesn't get this all the time and took his chance. In about 5 more minutes he thrust into me and made a nice groan - though not too loud.

More cum went into my ass - adding to what was left of Scott's load.

These guys fed my appetite, but at this point, it was time for food before "Ken" came over.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Repeat Fuck - Columbus, OH

I was in Columbus for a day full of meetings this last Friday - which were starting early, so I went down the evening before. Naturally, I used a number of methods to get laid, or attempt to get laid.

Normally, after I get fucked (or fall to my knees), I do not keep contact information of these tricks. Some of them I do, of course. The good ones. And to the good folks when I return often to their cities (a la DC). But there is one in Columbus I kept - and notified him a week in advance of my return. He seemed interested.

I find it somewhat amusing that on Twitter, LeatherSkinBiker, tweeted/twatted, whatever, that he was reading my blog and hyperlinked this post. Ironically enough, it was my original post about the guy I was hoping and planning to get fucked by again. How'd he know?

"Scott" emailed me and told me he had a short window of time to come over - and to make sure I was ready and cleaned out in the next 10-15 minutes. And he was right on time. And I was prepped.

He walked in, took off his glasses, pants and shirt and had me get to my knees. I forgot from the first time how small he started off, but with my mouth on him, I could feel him grow.....and grow and grow.

I took out my camera (without asking - which I rarely do) and snapped one pic. He goes, 'that's all'. And it was done.

Like Clark Kent with glasses on, Scott I'm sure comes across as mild-mannered, but when the doors are closed, he is a steel minded in his resolve. He is calm, cool, collected and unshakable. Which are really all the same thing.

Since there was limited time, he goes, "get your ass on the side of the bed". I did as told.

There was to be no purchased lube to be used. If it didn't come from my mouth or his, it would not be applied to his shaft. I'm ok with that. It really takes fucking to it's second most primitive level. I guess dry would be THE most primitive, but it's really not my style.

Let's face it, 2009 has been kind of bust for me in the receiving end of taking dick - and Scott's dick was the biggest of the few I had taken. I was (or felt) a little out of practice. He pushed in the head and I asked him to hold on to let me get used to it.

"You're kind of being bossy" he flatly said - and then proceeded to push in and bottom out in me.

Man, I liked that response - both verbal and non.

And then the fucking began. He wasn't rough or fast. Determined would be the word. Methodical. His eye boring holes into me as he pumped at his own pace.

He referenced most of the things I had put in my previous post. How he liked fucking me in front of that mirror. How he came over for a blowjob and got a piece of ass from some slut in a hotel room. And then how he told his friends about about doing it to me.

That got me as rock hard as him currently sliding his dick in and out of me. I love a guy with confidence and a dirty mouth. He had both.

While he was on a tight timeline, his pace never quickened or got erratic, as many guys will do as they either fight to get off - or to hold off. He asked, "what do you want me to do". I thought I was leaving it open for him when I said, "whatever you want, I don't care". Being the smart man that he is, he calmly said, "you don't care? So then if I just pulled out of you and walked away - you wouldn't care?".

He had me. He made me ask for it.....if not beg for it. I'm sure I asked, but the desperation in my voice may have sounded different to him. I asked for his dick. I asked for his load. I asked for him to put it up me.

No grunts. No groans. No vocals - or vocal warnings at all. He just shut his eyes and put his head back a little and the cum shot into me.

I was reveling in it. Loving that it was being done - and that he was doing it. He knew what he was doing and probably read me like a book. He might be this way with everyone as far as I know.

As he readied himself to leave - he asked if anyone else was coming over. I told him I had two others scheduled - and the times they were to arrive. He said he might be back for the 9pm one (he never showed), but that I was to keep that load up there. I already knew I would - and he probably did too, but just hearing him say it was enough.

Without a 'thanks' he was gone. Until next time.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Married Guy Fuck Up

Maybe it is due to my lack of travel, but lately I have been taking more ‘risks’ – if you will.

Yes, I get all your nods and shakes of the head when I talk about my behavior – and the things I do and the guys I do. But usually there is a sacred place for me and that is my house. I rarely rarely rarely have “entertained” there.

I’m probably paranoid, but you never know what freak will come over and then when it’s over (and let’s face it – with me, when I’m done, I’m DONE!) I don’t need some freak to track me down and do whatever. Yes, I get the irony that I am that guy who travels to other guy’s houses to do the deed – but I’m not a freak. And again, when I’m done, I’m usually done. I move on to another guy. Any other guy.

But in my Grindr story I did tell my friend on the phone I was about to hit my knees. He kind of all made me snap to reality when he said later upon follow-up “I didn’t think you ordered in”. Bingo. He is/was right.

Earlier in the week I had placed one of my first hometown craigslist ads wanting to drop to my knees after work – on my way home and made it clear I could not host. But I let my hormones get the better of me.

The guy was in his 40s (a plus). Shaved head and goatee (a plus). Married (way plus). And tended to be dominant (jackpot). He also wanted right now – which annoyed me that he couldn’t read or ignored it.

Against my better judgment, yet still with that raging libido, we made arrangements to meet at my house at lunch.

“Dennis” was ok looking facially though he carried a bit more in his mid-section than he led on while exchanging stats. His take on 6” was a little overstated too. He didn’t mention how thing the dick was either. But I can work with this if the guy has the right attitude.

Dennis was ok in this department, but just ok. He talked a good game, but it was tempered by too much niceties. When I’m with a dom married guy – I want to feel used. Not slightly used and then coddled. Pick a role and run with it!

He did bend me over my sofa to eat my ass. He was ok at it. Clearly he had done it before but I’ve had much much better. But he was doing it. That says a lot for a married guy, I think. Credit where credit is due.

This is where he wins some points. He stood up with me still bent over, his hand on my back. At first I thought he just wanted to cuddle, because that’s what he was doing, but he had other ideas. He wanted in. And frankly, taking him this way was the best case scenario. I would have sucked him off, but his wasn’t a dick that you’d really knew was in your mouth. Or up your ass as it turns out.

He rubbed against me and my hole and had it pop in. Yeah, I get around, but it is not like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. I still have plenty of traction down there….even for him. But for some reason, I felt the need to make him feel better about it and himself. I did the appropriate noises and verbal queues and it worked because he was into it and his prowess. Or alleged prowess.

Dennis was ok and his wife probably is fine with how he operates in bed, but I don’t think he had a lot of experience with men. And even if he did – not ones of my experience. He would have been great as my first time out, but we’re not even in the top 2700 at this point (if you count both points of entry).

True to expectations, that was all over in a matter of minutes. I was fine with it, as I was still feeling uncomfortable about being away from the office and at my house with a virtual stranger.

We chatted as we redressed ourselves. He wanted me to get off, I wanted to get out of there – and to be honest, if I was going through the motions to get fucked, it would have taken a lot more for me to get my rocks off. I just said I had to rush.

He was great about bringing up the issue of not bothering me again or worrying about my house etc. And damn if I didn’t get lulled into a false sense of complacency. It’s been less than a week and I get 1-2 phone calls per day, with the same amount of text messages and emails.

I’ve been nice – so far. But I’m now starting to ignore them and we’ll see how that goes over. I’m guessing not well. However, I do have an ace up my sleeve. The guy answered my ad with an email address from his work – with real name and company. A quick internet search showed me where he lived.

If he ends up fucking with me, I will fuck with him. That seems fair – right? Granted, I made my own bed (so to speak), but no reason I have to lie in it because he forces me to. I’m all about forced sex, but not by this guy…..and not this way.

Monday, April 13, 2009

More Group Suck Off

The little blow job group I’ve been participating in (as a feeder) continues on. While I have been told once or twice that you readers don’t usually read my blog for this kind of stuff – I apologize in advance. It’s mostly all I’ve been getting on a regular basis. Stick with me – hopefully the tides will turn. And no reason I have to be one thing OR the other. I’m learning to expand my horizons.

A few weeks back, I got out of work at a decent time and made my trek to the Friday gathering. It seems to be a cast of players that are maybe 7-8 of us. Not all there at once and not all there on the same schedule. There might be others, but I have yet to encounter them. Right now I’ve played with a group of maybe 5-6. This time was the largest group – all repeats.

I was the last to get there. The cast of players were Jeff & Rob and Kyle..and of course the cocksucker Glenn and myself.

Kyle was getting blown when I arrived. A bigger guy (not fat, but with a few wrong lifestyle choices, it wouldn’t be hard to fathom). Wedding ring and a solid 6.5”, he clearly uses Glenn often….or for a lot longer than I have. I’m not sure how long things had been going on but Glenn switched off for just a few minutes but had to get back on Kyle to finish things up. Kyle had to blow his load and held Glenn deep on him as the nut just went into his mouth and into his stomach.

While this transpired, Jeff reached over and stroked my big dick and Rob grabbed my nuts. If you remember, a few weeks prior to this their hands were all over my body making me feel really good and the center of attention. For some reason on that day, Jeff really grabbed my attention, so this was the first time I’d seen either of their dicks. His dick kept my attention. A nice 7”er with a great crown.

After Kyle was done, he stayed seated and watched the action. Glenn blew me for a few minutes while I stood in front of Jeff who was seated on the couch before me. Then Glenn moved over to Rob. Jeff pointed at the floor and his dick. I knew what he wanted and expected. I hesitated for a second as to not offend the host since he was the eater, but I thought ‘fuck it’. I might not get a chance again.

I took Jeff to his curly hairs in one felt swoop. He grabbed my head an let out a loud moan. As much as Glenn was in the moment with Rob, he had to know something else was going on around him. I continued to work Jeff’s cock until he pushed me off. Even an amateur could tell he was on the brink. Two or three more bobs of my head and I could have ended up with a mouthful of batter.

What Jeff said somewhat surprised me – even if he did think I was married (which Glenn still thinks): “you don’t want me to cum in your mouth”. Of course he’d think that. Only cocksuckers take sperm. Married guys are supposed to be safe. But there must have been a glimmer in my eye, because then he mouthed the words “do you?” like he was actually surprised and slightly aroused that I might.

Just then Glenn pulled off of Rob and Kyle had to leave, freeing up a spot for me on the couch. Rob. Me. Jeff. In that order. Left to right.. Glenn went over to Jeff and worked him good. As close as he had been with me, I knew it wouldn’t take much to push him over the edge – and it didn’t. Jeff grabbed Glenn’s head and dropped his nut into the awaiting mouth.

Stories of Jeff’s vocals were greatly exaggerated…at least in my book. I had heard from Jeff and Glenn that he was LOUD. He was loud-ish but nothing outrageous. Yes, in a bar, bookstore or park you wouldn’t want him that loud, but in a private house it was nothing too far out.

I don’t know how much he shot, but Jeff pulled out or Glenn pulled off and Jeff shot the rest on his belly. I’m guessing he was hyper-sensitive more than volume issues.

Next Glenn moved to me. Once again, like last time with these three, hands and lips were all over me. Rob wanted to kiss. Jeff rubbed my chest and nipples. Glenn sucked me. They’d also push his head onto my shaft a bit. In theory, I didn’t have to do a thing except sit back and ejaculate – but that is not my style.

I soon took matters (i.e Glenn’s head) in my own hands and fucked his face. Both guys egging me on, sotto voce, but still – it was there. I tightened my grip waiting for the soon to be inevitable torrent of cum. I had a five day load and I knew Glenn would take it – but now it was a show for these guys.

It felt like one of the biggest loads I had ever shot – or at least in recent memory. I wouldn’t let up my grip. He could choke for all I cared. But deep down I knew he wouldn’t. He’s good that way.

When I was done and let him up- he told the others how big my load was. Naturally there was bigger pride/ego for me when he told them, “he always has the biggest loads. Jeff is the loudest and he has the biggest loads”. Poor Rob – that kind of left him out of the superlative category.

Both Jeff and I hung around a few more minutes, because that’s all it took for Rob to get his nut. I was in a post-coital high and trying to figure out how to get out of there and still connect one-on-one with Jeff without offending the host. I wasn’t paying much attention to Rob – which is unfair since he paid so much to me. But I’m a guy and you know what it’s like after you get your balls drained. You just don’t give a shit anymore.

On the way out, Jeff whispered to me that he still had my number and sorry he hadn’t called. I said no worries.

He called me last Friday. We’re going to arrange something outside of our usual meeting place. I’m gonna take Jeff’s cum.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


If you have an iPhone, there is an application on there that allows you to hook-up. Or attempt to. Finally - the iPhone will pay for itself - for some of us.

Grindr is the name. It's free too - so that's a plus. It isn't too well known out there, someone from Twitter told me about it, so I'm just spreading the good word.

The way it works is, you sign up (and in), iPhone uses the GPS function to locate your area without revealing it in detail to other users. It then searches for other users - listing them from closest location to farthest. Then let the song and no pants dance begin.

Yesterday it paid off. 26 year old guy. I'm sure gay, but as straight acting and talking as they come. 140 lbs and maybe 5'8". He was all guy - which was great. From his voice to his body smell. He'd clearly been working all day, something that was confirmed when I smelled and tasted his genitals.

Right before he showed up, I got a call from a friend. I told him I had to go, because I was about to get on my knees. He wanted to know more details, but their was a knock on the door. I had to go.

This dick thickened up nicer than I thought it would. It started out thin, though long. When he became erect, it didn't lengthen. It hardened for sure. But it was his attitude that was key. The word 'faggot' and 'cocksucker' just flowed from him with ease.

He told me how he used to use a guy in high school to service him and that I was the new guy to service him. "Brian" just piston fucked my mouth. Hands tight on my head he just skull fucked me. It was great.

He loved it. I loved it. He just didn't call me what I am, but treated me like one - like a pro. He told me how to work his cock and what I was going to get out of it.

Brian promised me a big load and he delivered. I didn't count the squirts, but I got more than a mouthful. Some of his jizz slid down my throat, but I like to hold as much as I can in my mouth to savor it.

"Make sure you get every fucking drop. Don't leave any. Milk it all out", he said. I didn't need the coaching, but fuck if I didn't like hearing it. Or live to hear it.

He zipped up and left. Not a word of thanks passed his lips. His semen passed mine. It was just expected to.

Thanks Grindr.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Some Housekeeping

Every now and again, I do a little cleaning up of this site. Today is that day.

March showed me having my second best month in traffic, which I never thought would happen, since it was one of my slowest months in actual posts.

I've also started playing around with Google Analytics, which has been fun. It's given me to insight as to where guys are coming from - webwise, not philosophically - though I'm thinking they are probably more closely related than you'd care to believe.

Most of you guys find me on your own or have me bookmarked it would seem (and yes, I'm assuming you are "guys"). But a decent chunk is based on places I am linked at - so you visit those sites and click on their blogroll of which I am included.

Many of those links are reciprocal on my site as well. There are a few I did not have (I do now) and a few I'm surprised I'm getting so much traffic from. A few blogs out there are just that - out there. They haven't been updated in a year or more and yet still folks go there and then on to me. Hey, I'll take traffic anyway I can get it.

So there are also a few defunct links on my site, so I have removed those - but welcome RL, Matt & Dan, Adam and Boned & Stoned.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mouth on Dick

Yeah yeah - you don't have to tell me it has been forever since I've posted. My job and lack of travel for this job has really put a fucking hamper in my sex life. And of course, by sex life, I mean me taking it down the throat or up the ass.

Getting my dick down a throat is no trouble whatsoever. I know it doesn't make for the best stories, but right now, it is all I have got unless I delve into the archives. Maybe I will, but for right now, I can at least get to some feeder stories - me being the feeder.

I was back at this one cocksuckers house, admittedly to hopefully see one of the guys who had his hands all over me from the last time I was there. We had one of those non-verbal connections, even though he was a feeder and he saw me feeding. I think (hope?) deep down he knew I'd be on my knees for him.

It was unfortunate that as I arrived, he was about to get into his car. Fuck. But being the boy scout that I am, I had already taken the opportunity to write out my email and cellphone on a card to slip to him if he were inside. I think I would breach protocol for stealing a feeder away from a hosting cocksucker, but I also know that if I got my lips around his shaft, I could and would take him away.

Before he got in his car we chatted for a few minutes. I handed him the card - and he said he would call. I'm not 100% sure of this. He hasn't yet. He had to motor and I went inside.

There was only one other feeder inside. His name was Leon and I briefly encountered him a few weeks back. But there he sat with his THICK 8" dark dark dark dick bobbing in front of him, just a few inches from the mouth of our host. I was instructed to sit next to Leon (by Leon) and I did.

Leon instructed the cocksucker to get me wet. I could not help but reach over and grip Leon's dick. Rock solid. So thick, so rigid. I loved it. If he liked my grip, it was hard to tell. He was a man of almost zero emotion. He gave nothing away. I like that.

We took turns feeding the guy on his knees, we talked in low voices about his skills - how they were, how they could be improved upon. Making sure to be low about it, but not low enough he couldn't hear it.

Leon mentioned how he liked putting his dick into hole. With that said, he turned and looked at me - knowingly. He knew I wasn't a feeder. I think he knew I wasn't even married. He winked.

Eventually we ended up standing, me feeding Glenn from above - Leon right next to me. I again put my hand on and around his dark stiff pole. He in turn put his hand on the small of my back.......and as I fed Glenn, Leon's hand traveled lower and lower. As I know you'd all guess, it ended up on my ass. I was ok with that.

As I pumped away and in between Leon telling Glenn to get all the way down on it, Leon would lean into me and with a finger hovering near my hole whispered so no one but myself would hear, "I am going to fuck that!".

I looked over and just gave the affirmative nod.

We both knew it wouldn't be today or in front of Glenn - there is that protocol. But to be fair, I don't think Glenn gets fucked. Yeah, I'm taking his feeder's dick and load, but not his line of service. I'm providing he can't or won't.

With hand still at my hole - touching - I pumped out a huge load for Glenn to choke on. I wasn't doing it for Glenn, I was doing it to show Leon what a fucking slut I could be for the right stimulation. He understood.

We didn't have a chance to exchange information there, but he's a regular at Glenn's house. And I, it seem, am becoming one.