Monday, October 09, 2006

What's Not To Like?

This is from a guy I met on and then it moved to email forum.

I am a total top man - What I get into, no specific order: Butts,
Rimming, Feet, Gym Sox's, Armpits, Butt 69, Exhibitionism, Outdoor
Sex, Groups, Couples, Real Jockstraps, Briefs, Working Over An Ass,
Naked 4X4, Rest Stops, Mutual J/O, Videos, Sex Clubs, Piss
Play/Watersports, Taking X Pics, Pigsex, Spanking Ass, Naked Camping,
Boots, Partial Clothing, Hiking Gear, Hanging Out Naked,
Net Camming,Open to suggestion, mild to wild...

I guess dream men do exist.


He's not all talk either. And he knew I wasn't either. The very next day I was at his apartment and in a matter of minutes I was down on my knees - exactly where I should be. And exactly where he thought I should be.

At first he didn't want me there because in his mind it was a quickie - and he didn't want a quickie. But schedules are just that and it was then or not until later this week. Let's face it - men think with their dicks and very little else matters. So he had to shower (huh???) and I arrived at the designated time.

He was already relaxing with a scotch as he buzzed me in. Then a little tour of his apartment - like I even gave a fuck! But then to his media room. TV and PC with multiple screens. He puts porn on and it shows on all the screens. Slick!

We did not get into most of the above 'likes' he posted. Hell, I didn't even bring my digital camera. I think most here know I'm not shy to the camera. And I so look forward to webcamming a live sex event - I cannot WAIT.

But now it was about my mouth and his dick. And balls. And namecalling. The man had a mouth of a sailor - which turns me on to no end.

After some sucking and ball-licking, he has me stand up to show off my ass. Not just for him to look at, but to really show it to him. Before long - a thumb was firmly up there. That only stayed u there a minute or so. Then it was back to licking his nuts. Big shaved nuts at that.

He directed me back to his fat canadian dick and would egg me on - saying I wasn't doing a good enough job or meeting his expectations. I hate that. I WANT to be a great cocksucker for all guys. Eventually I got to do him like he liked. And he kept alternating me between his nuts and cock.

I was down almost below his nuts when he said he was gonna cum. But he said it as he did it. The first shot hit me across the face and into the eye! (WHY is it always into the eye? Lots of surface room on the face - and it always goes into the eye - making it feel bruised for the rest of day!)

The second, third and continual shots went into my mouth - after I clasped my lips over the head and pushed down his shaft. This illicited a 'oh you want my cum!'. DUH! Going from his above description - it never occurred to me that not taking it was even an option.

I milked every drop dry than scooped up what I could on my face and cleaned that up too. I looked up at him and said - 'for future reference - I always want the load! Always!!!'.

So we'll see where this goes. Groups. Video. Whatever he wants man. I love it.