Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chicago IV

After taking a lot of sperm (not a lot of loads, but volumous seed), I had a tinge of a sour belly. For you non-cocksuckers, this can happen. I guess it's that 'too much of a good thing'.

And I did need real food. It's true - man cannot live by jizz alone. I headed to dinner after a few other guys blew me off - and a friend all of the sudden couldn't make it for dinner. Whatever.

I had to leave the hotel at 7a for the airport the next morning and was deciding whether just to stay in and read or go do some damage. Another craigslist ad yielded nothing (it's all in the timing w/that thing).

It was a little early for some of the bars (and I was way downtown), but the Gay Games were in town and I had no idea how that'd change bar times/crowds. I decided to lay out the clothes I was wearing the next a.m. and put everything else in my suitcase. As the joke goes - us fags are good travelers b/c we always get our shit packed the night before. Think about it.

I also left out what I'd wear out - typical chicago bar wear: 501s, Dr. Martens, black t-shirt, dirty used jockstrop, leather vest and oh yeah - under all that was my harness. Ok, my typical chicago gear. Eagle/Cellblock gear. Not Sidetracks kind of clothing.

I am as out as the next guy (what the fuck does that mean?) - but I was staying in a respectable hotel w/work cohorts. I couldn't just wear the harness and no shirt - even though that was my plan once at the bar - and stroll through the lobby and into a cab.

The Eagle was ok crowded for 11p. And hot. But it was mid-90s outside. I just took off my t and shoved it hanging off the back of my belt. The inside pocket of my vest held poppers and a small disposable thing of lube. No rubbers! I grabbed a beer and hung out for a few in the main room. Some real men there. And lots of faggy disco. Why is this? I hate that shit. Gay men like non-168 bpm music ya know. Oh - and there is no dance area @ the Eagle.

I headed back to the Club Room. Just a back area bar where one truly needs to be in leather to gain entrance. The front area - posers can get into on weekend, but not the back, so it's a little less crowded. I was good w/what I chose to wear. The area is smaller. Smokier. Cigar smoke mostly. If nothing else - a cigarman is hot to look at. Freud was wrong. A cigar is never just a cigar.

The action I was there for was beyond the Club Room. It was the backroom. Yes, they still exist. An unlit room. Maybe 15' x 12'. A trough at one side - but guys usually only use it to lean against. If it was hot outside or in the front room - it was scortching here. No airflow. No cross ventilation. Trapped air - compunded by oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output. Add to that the heat and execution of desire.

After you're in, there is very little room for movement. If someone is "busy", it can be tough to get around them to where you want to be, or to whom you want to be next to. Persistence. It's the name of the game there.

But it is dark - though in my estimation, not dark enough. Some of these guys are still picky about what they're doing and with whom. I understand it to point, but it IS a backroom. There is rarely any talking - which is a good thing. Any verbalization is usually grunts, growns, slurps and an occasional 'fuck yeah' or 'ohhhhh'. But even that is done just above the breath. Now and again, you'll hear a 'suck it' - but that comes in later to this story.

I do have to laugh at the couples who go back there - hand-in-hand yet. Are they scared? Is it a date?

Either way - I made my way back there and into the thick of things, but sticking near the outer wall. Immediately someone dropped to their knees and I let them. They puled open my 501s to find my dick. It wasn't long before someone else watching had their hand down the back of my jeans. And he found the hole. BINGO. I also made out w/this hot little guy. I usually like guys bigger than myself, but something about him made me go 'woof'.

It wasn't too long before my pants were down around my knees. Giving the cocksucker and the guy behind me full access. They took full advantage. Before too much time passed, someone was at my backdoor. I made no attempt to stop them. Nor did I even look behind me. The cute guy and I were swapping spit....and I don't mean kissing. Nice big gobs of spit in each others mouth or on the face....and then lapping it off. But soon the guy behind me was head deep up my ass. He stopped for a minute - but I pushed back onto him. He was good to go after that. No words. Some grunts. And lots of pumping. I think we were too close to the wall because though he had a good enough rhythm, it wasn't any kind of assault fuck - but it was crowded. I assume others were watching, but I paid them no mind.

I did push the cocksucker off me. I had no intention of dumping my load just yet. Though it'd only been about 10 min, I felt the guy behind me stiffen up. He also sped up a little. He was ready to unload. He never asked if he could. He didn't care. He was gonna finish his way. This was the backroom of the Eagle. If you're not there to play, you'd best not be there. I could feel him throb and get his nut. Still not a word from him. Just as it should be.

Soon enough he slipped out of me. The make-out guy wanted a break, which was fine by me. I needed a beer. Though it was necessary to leave the backroom for it, I regretted it. Getting back in would be difficult. It was getting late and I needed to finish somethings and get back so I could get some rest before leaving for the airport. So back to the backroom for me.

I eventually made my way to the far wall where the trough was. Leaning against it in the corner was a hot man. Average looking, but exuded sleaze. Little did I know he was a sub to some master's whim. His dick was out. 7" curved up and nice. I turned my back toward him and lowered my jeans and leaned into him. He whispered in my ear, "my master doesn't allow me to fuck strangers raw.". I leaned back and said, "it's not like I'm ever going to see him or tell him". In less than a minute he slid into me. I did most of the work- the back and forth. He was probably pretending this was against his will. That he wasn't doing the fucking. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Again, never long enough - and guys were watching this time - he unloaded in to my ass w/a "ohhhh fuck". Perfect.

Before I got to get my jeans up, the make-out man was there. But this time he became the cocksucking man. And what a good mouth. I'd pull him up now and then for some mouth to mouth and told him I was gonna cum in his mouth. It was then he looked at me w/a question. I figured out he didn't understand a word I said - he was completely deaf. PERFECT.

I pushed him back on his knees and on my cock. I was ready. I needed this. I spewed a huge load into his mouth. He tried to pull off, but there was NO way I was letting that happen. My head was back and someone next to me said, "oh yeah!". Deaf boy was impaled on my dick and I was giving him no wiggle room. I think he got most of it, but I dont' think he was happy about it.

It was very late now. I had to get a cab and get back downtown. Luckily there was one waiting. HOT arab driver. He asked how my 'party' was. I said it was fuckin fabulous. I would have loved to blown him, but didn't.

What is Colin Doing ???

Personally, I like to think he's telling the world what I'd do for him.

(honestly, I don't know why it looks like a still picture when in the blog. When I play if from my pc, he's jacking off and making blowjob motions. if anyone can tell me how to embed that so it plays right from this site, I'd be appreciative.)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Chicago III

Luckily, when I was in Chicago, I had the foresight to book an extra night at the hotel and not fly home straight away. And the work meeting ended at 1:30p. I thought this would give me ample time to play.

I set-up most of my meetings via craigslist - and it worked well. Again, the flakes were out and about, but I like to think I can spot the interested parties from their initial response. I was straight forward in my ad - figuring it was approaching late afternoon on a Friday.

"Get off after Getting off (work)" was the title. I ended up w/about a dozen and a half responders. I started attempting to arrange scheduling. Some wanted small groups. Some didn't. Then there was the matter of them heading out of their office and when. I tried to stagger them - and was pretty lucky at it. Then were the guy who didn't bother to respond to the response or worse, didn't show at all. I mean really - why bother?? Is there some thrill in stringing a cocksucker along? Or in pretending you'd actually go through w/the act?

But first guy who showed was 'Oscar'.

Hey guy-Str8/bi white collar guy getting off work at 3pm. Looking to stop by and give you my 4 day load. I'm 28, 5'10", 155, br/br. athletic, smooth, 7" cut. Here's a pic of my cock.

He was all he said he was, which is always a nice surprise. He sat on the ubiquitous hotel chair and let me suck him. Pushing my head down on his cock - and me taking him all the way down to his pubes. Eventually he took off his pants, which kind of surprised me. He really seemed like the 'cum n go' kind of guy. He wasn't too verbal, but he liked to fuck face. And he delivered a nice load in about 15 minutes. He was barely done shooting when a knock came at my door.

'Oscar' wasn't too put out, but weary nonetheless. I asked guy #2 ('Mark') to give me five minutes. I know this can be the kiss of death. That they bolt b/c they don't want to loiter. Or they figure out you're a slut. But let's face it. I put an ad in a very public place to do a very dirty thing (ok, it's not dirty!) - what are they fucking expecting?
'Mark' wasted no time reappearing as 'Oscar' exited the room. Both got a very good look at each other. So much for discretion.
Mark 5-11, 170; five time marathon racer; age 42; brown hair green eyes; good looking, masculine, assertive/aggressive; 7.5 cut and med thick; 32 waist 40 chest; 3/4 German semi hairy; clean cut & professional here.
Mark too was all he said. But for 42, he looked very boyish in the face. Reddish hair and though he said German he looked all Irish. Body of that marathon runner - and carried his bike wheel w/him. He was in lycra riding gear and a tad bit sweaty. Perfect.
In a corresponding email that I missed, he did ask if I liked more than sucking. Something I obviously didn't answer - but he was sure to ask it again, this time in person. And he was aggressive. Though not full of himself, he clearly liked to watch via mirrors. I'm down w/that. I'm into it too - w/most forms of exhibitionism.
After sucking him so he could look over the desk mirror, he finally asked if he could fuck me. He was hot - so I said yes. Ok.....I probably would have said yes anyway, so what the fuck of it??
We moved over to the slight space between the wall and the closet - which was made of mirrors. I figured he should be able to see him pump ass. He was WAY into that. I lubed him up and got on my knees as he liked to do it doggie. I loved how there was never a question on his part of covering his cock. None. At all. It was assumed on his part (or is it wishful thinking) that I'd just take it unbagged.
At first he couldn't get it in my I got on my back and guided him in - both of us watching the mirror and not each other. It's like we were tertiary players in this sex act. Eventually we went back to doggie where he went to town pumping my cunt. Like any marathoner, he could pace himself...but knew when to run hard too. I'm not saying he was uncaring - but he was very into himself. It wasn't me in the mirror he was looking at. Partially the act of what we were doing - but mostly at his own prowess. I swear that makes guys more aggressive anyway. So be it.
Again - w/out question if he could or should - he just finished deep up in me. It's the way it should be. No apologies. NEXT!!!!
I'm in town for games - need to explode down a hot guy's throat asap.cute masc 22 6' 155 latino 7" & juicy. work out a big load.
I can't tell you last time I had someone that young. I usually like more experienced guys (though I see a trend in myself looking at younger. Odd.). He was not necessarily the hot latino I was hoping for - but not horrid. I was massively disappointed when I rubbed his denim covered crotch. I could feel NOTHING. I opened up his pants and still barely felt a thing.
Completely disappointed when it came into view. I had never seen a dick this small before. I almost dismissed him. But I stroked him for a bit and it grew, but only incrementally. I put my mouth on it and the dick began to rise. Turns out he did have a full 7" dick. Juicy too - just as he said.


He was hispanic and 22 - and he used my mouth like a 22 yo. Pinned me against the wall and fucked my face. Damn I love that if a guy can truly pull it off. And he did. He was in and out (pun intended) in 10 minutes. Maybe 15. A nice thick load too. Naturally, I took it all. Never missed a drop.

The last guy who actually showed up barely sent words (so not reprinted here), but unsolicitedly sent a face pic. I'd love to share it, but feel that would be disrespectful - and keep other potential guys away thinking that I'll out them.

This guy wanted a group. Fuck - so did I. A number of guys were all for it and of course, never showed. Typical. But RJ stayed the longest. Maybe 90 min.

He was good w/my edging him. He was into all sorts of things. Not all physical, but looking at each other was erotic. Touching too. Built like an older high school wrestler, he was all man. Never taking off his t-shirt, but the rest of his clothes, I went down on him while standing near the door - and eventually working over to the bed.

Spit was the name of the game w/us. Drool. Lugies. You name it. On the face. In the mouth. I took it all. He was good w/a backhand. When I didn't flinch and knew I could take it - it continued. He played w/my nipples just so. Having me silently beg for his cock up my ass. Too silently. He either didn't want it - or missed the signals. As he was the top, I felt the need for him to make that decision - not for me to ask for it.

He had me suck his fingers individually. Then in multiples - until I had a hand in my mouth. This really got him going - as did my blowjobs of his toes. He ended up delivering a nice load into my mouth. With some prompting earlier in the session - he knew to place a tight grip on my throat. And I mean TIGHT. He wanted to see me struggle anyway - but he also wanted to feel me contract my throat muscles in a swallowing motion. Knowing his seed was going down to my belly to join the other two guys who deposited there just an hour or two before.


We played for awhile after his ejaculation too. I thought maybe I could get another one out of him. He thought someone else would show up so he could watch and/or participate. We were both sadly mistaken.

But the afternoon had been somewhat successful - at least on my part. But lets face it - those guys all got something they wanted. We were all sluts. I'm just the one w/the nerve to identify that way.

...and it was only dinner time.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Chicago II

Day 2 in Chicago brought me mostly work. I can't say I didn't try to put myself out there, but I didn't go overboard. An ad or two, mostly which were answered by loons. I ended up only hooking up w/one guy. It was supposed to be two - but one always just fuckin' flakes or worse, becomes a weirdo.

I did get one msg on my handheld - from an older gentleman (56) who liked to be 'coach'. He seemed ht/wt proportional - and w/someone willing be 'coach' - who am I to argue. He would be downtown around the time I got off (work) - and he'd be in suit and tie. Perfect.

Well, he turned out to be ok. He showed up at designated time and was quite in character. Well, characters. He ended up switching to 'dad' - which was more to his liking. And that was fine w/me. He didn't stay in his suit nearly as long as I wanted him to - which would have been the entire time.

Dad/Coach had me strip down and he pulled his dick out. A little below average, but who am I to complain. He had the right attitude, but not completely there. More aggressive would have been good. You've seen from my previous posts that aggressive is VERY good.

But there was nothing outstanding here. Some verbal. Some spitting on my ass, but no fucking. And maybe I didn't do it for him (AS IF!), but he ended up having to jack off and then push into my mouth when he unloaded.

He wanted to come back later and fuck me - but I had work to do and hoped to find someone better.