Sunday, November 25, 2012


Central California can be a desolate place for sex sometimes. Lots of interest from the few guys there and little follow-through.

I was waiting for someone who said they'd show but double booked, because you just don't know. 

The guy was short and Hispanic. Maybe 5'6".  His pics showed a beefy, meaty uncut dick - as one would like to see on a Hispanic man in his 40s. 

He never mentioned no transportation, so it took him longer than expected to get there, and even though it is CA, it was in the low 40s so he was cold to the touch too.

The cock was not all that. 5.5" when fully hard, which was difficult to do. He was engaged, but something in him was not cooperating.  I couldn't get him or keep him hard.  ...and I don't think that said anything about my abilities. 

It certainly wasn't for lack of trying.  I did suck him - and well.  We finally got into a position that suited him.  My head hanging over the bed, my head between his legs, his cock in my mouth.  And he fucked my mouth.

For those who've attempted this as the eater, it's a great place, if you're experienced. If not, there can be gagging and a battered throat. Not to say the feeder doesn't like to gag and batter the sucker below him - it can work on multiple levels.

With this guy's dick, I was in no danger of having my eyes well up or have spit running out of the corners of my mouth.

While back there, I did go farther behind and eat his ass, which he was ok with, but didn't get into that as much as most guys who get my tongue on their pucker.

But with my mouth and his dick, he was persistent and he plugged away.  He started precumming and it tasted good...salty, watery but good. Then he stopped for a few.

It hadn't been precum, it was just cum.  His cum.  Pre-cum size, not full load size.  Still a load is a load.

This guy thought for sure he had a second one in him and wanted to fuck me.  Good for him, but I knew it couldn't happen - he barely got hard for a blowjob.

He did get me bent over and poured lube on his cock -and the more he couldn't get it up me the more he poured lube.  I just wanted to tell him no matter how much he had, if he could not get stiff, it wasn't going to happen - but he had to kind of know that, right?

As it turns out, it didn't matter - right then, there was a knock at the door.

The person I was scheduled to hook-up with arrived on time.  He looked at the Hispanic guy, brushed my nipples and leaned in and whispered, "get rid of this guy".

I did.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


After seven years, I updated my template for the blog.  It was actually a mistake I couldn't seem to undo, but I"m nothing if not flexible.

What it also did was force me to update my links because it only imported some and not all. However, so many of those links had not been updated for years and some were just outright defunct and no longer functional.

Normally, I will update / delete a link that has been inactive for 12 months, but I kept one or two because the archived stories are so hot.

But it is possible I lost some links I wanted to keep or some of you link to me and want me to link back.  You have to give me a shout-out if that is the case.

The look is a little cleaner and I like it a little better - so change isn't bad.  We'll ride with it and see what happens.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Physical Therapy

I was on the road, which is where I am apt to be - a road warrior.

It was West Coast time, but my body remained on Eastern Standard Time - or was it Daylight?  Either way, it was 4am and I was awake, but too lazy to start working, so I lay in bed and reached for my iPhone.

Grindr, Manhunt, Growlr and Adam4Adam produced nothing. Now mind you, it's 4a and I'm suspect of guys who are up this early - or still up from last night - but even here there were not many. I did find a few more on Scruff - in particular a guy who was 5'10", 185, short brown hair, clean shaven and 40.  He was looking for no strings - and I'm all about zero strings.

Our conversation went back and forth. I was pretty up front about what I was looking for. He seemed into it. But then he started asking about my cock and to see pictures of it.  This doesn't sound like a guy who wants to feed me his.

And then he wanted me to call him - and talk. I didn't want it to be a verbal session so he could jack off at home. I didn't want to be a phone sex line. Finally he agreed to come over.  I told him my room number and said the door would be unlocked, just push in.

He did just that. The sun was not yet up and very little light in the room.  He dropped his pants and walked up to the left side of the bed where I was laying.  His 7" was hard and ready to go. It went in my mouth.

Since I was laying in bed, right on the edge, he walked up and his cock was at mouth height. It slipped in. I took it deeper. All the way, actually.  He groaned, possibly loud enough for neighbors to hear, if there were any around.

I love when a cock feels natural in my mouth. Often they do, but there are some that don't. This was made for my mouth and my throat. It felt it too - as it plunged deeper, then out, then in again.

Yes, this was not to be a passive blowjob. The cock, and body attached to it, were going to be an active participant. In and out, in and out - all the while me using my lips, my tongue and throat in unison and separate motions to stimulate this great dick.

I was rewarded with moans and dirty talk of both my ability and of me being a big enough of a slut to leave my door open for a stranger.

At one point, he leaned over the bed and engulfed my cock. He had a nice mouth - and he was no stranger to sucking. But that was not what I was there for, and he soon came up and checked his watch. I know he had to go to work.

I went back to work on his cock in earnest. My mouth met his dick as often as his bush met my lips. We found the timing, we found the pace.

He asked if I wanted it.  "It" being the load, I assume.  I always want the load, even in bad sessions.

He didn't really wait for me to answer as he let forth a river of seed that fell into my mouth.

I was still somewhat on my back, I opened my mouth for him to see it go into me.....the white just hanging there on my tongue as some of it slowly slid back past my tonsils.  Of course, all of it made it there shortly thereafter, but now and again a feeder likes to see his own babies before they disappear.

He left one drop on the outer edge of my lip - I made sure he saw I had taken care of it.  With my tongue extended, I reached the droplet, curled the end of my tongue and brought it back to my mouth to  go with the rest of his load.

He took a towel and dried off his meat and was on his way.  ....then I started mine.  After I jacked off, that is.

Friday, November 09, 2012

After the Bookstore

It's the mobile age, so what was I doing while between cocks at the bookstore?  Certainly not watching all the fucking tranny porn they have there. I'd much rather watch straight porn than chicks-with-dicks.  I'm not sure who that is appealing to, but it ain't me.

No, I was sitting in the booths, but I was on my phone looking for cock. Yes, the irony does not escape me that I was looking for better cock on-line than what was right in front of me - or potentially in front of me.

There were a number of people I was 'chatting' with, but two were better.  One in theory because he didn't have a picture. He was using a smartphone app without a picture!  But he was closer than the other guy.

As you might know these apps can tell you they are x distance away. One guy was 16 mi away.  Unfortunately it was in the wrong direction, until I realized when you're horny, that doesn't really matter. As I took my last bookstore load, I decided it was time to leave and give this guy a shot.

His pic was promising.  Goatee, bald, 5'11 and 160.. His cock was 7".  I wouldn't have traveled 40 mi for it, but I was already part of the trip in, so I'd go the extra distance and he talked about what a shooter he was. Of course, I always worry about 50 year old men who have a "roommate".  If he lived with his partner (he said he was partnered) that is one thing - I can abide with cheating.  But for a 50 yo man to need a roommate is just well.......kind of sad.

The place was a walk-up duplex. Something I would have lived in as a college student. The guy's picture was way better than the actual thing, including his dick.  But fuck, I was there.

I got on my knees and he took it out. There is no foreplay when sucking cock like this - no conversation, no kissing, no nipple play. It was on my knees, it was dick in mouth and it was to be over.

For all his talk on the phone, he must have been worked up.  I can tell you the head I provided lasted no longer than seven minutes - no including walking in and walking out the door.

He had a gravely voice so when he encouraged me while I sucked was kind of hot, but kind of not.  Maybe I read too much into the rest of the surroundings. The cock was rock hard, so he was good to go and he did have a fucking big if tasteless load.

Seven minutes isn't record time - fast or slow - for a blowjob.  I was hoping for a little more substance, but I was also happy to get it over with and move on. Like it says, it's a "job".  I did my work, I got what I needed, he got what he wanted.

I started the car and had six loads in me.  Not bad for a Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Bookstore 5

Sorry - after #4, the place just got ugly, save for these two guys who came in I think together.  If they did, they split immediately.  Both were above average. One I would have love to have made it with (ok, probably both), but he'd look at me with slight interest but keep moving.

Adult video arcades are like swimming with sharks, if you stop you die.  It's rarely about what is in front of you, but what might be in another row, or another booth. They always hope there is something better.

The guy in question was maybe 5'9" dark hair with a little grey. His friend was about the same height with blonde hair and seemed a bit more gym built.  Guy #2 never seemed to get off his blackberry, just standing in a corner while his friend made the rounds again and again.  Maybe one was the bait or maybe the chaperon. I don't know.

Neither seemed interested in me. Though I don't think blonde guy knew I was even there.

Then there was a third to the mix - he was a short, muscular, trimmed hair and again, a pair of track pants.

At first he seemed more interested in my cock, which is not what I paid a $10 entrance fee for.

Still, I let him grab it, I let him see how much it would grow.  I felt his cock through his pants, which felt like a solid 6".

He wanted to see how hard it would get, but didn't want to suck it. That I don't get.

As I reached back for his dick, I felt a hand on my balls. But it was coming from behind. It was not the guy in the bench in front of me.  I peered over my shoulder just a bit to see the studly blonde blackberry guy.

The guy on the bench took out his dick and I bent over to engulf it.

Blond guy kept feeling my nuts and across my taint. He tugged a little on my sac and even reach to feel my stiff rod.  When he did that, I sucked the guy beneath me even better.

As much as I wanted that cock in my mouth, I wanted the guy behind me to unzip his and slide it up my ass.

That was not meant to be. He never exposed himself, he never really played with my ass. And when I positioned myself to make myself "available", I think that was too aggressive for him.  As he was getting ready to back off, he heard the other guy - the feeder - tell me to drink it.

Just then he shot off a small load in my mouth. Nothing substantial at all.  I swallowed.

The guy behind me was long gone and the guy on the bench was soon to follow.   But it was my fifth load of the day.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Bookstore 4

For those of you who go to adult bookstores - you know how there is always this guy who borderlines on creepy and sexy?

He's the kind of guy that if others are around you might purposefully dismiss, but when left to your own devices can't stop thinking, "maybe.......".

And that maybe usually turns out that their actual air of sleaziness pays off mostly in big ways. That is if, you like a sleazy, smarmy guy taking out his dick for a guy like you (me) to suck. You might think he's low, but you're the one on your knees.

There is a certain hotness to this.

Such was the case in this bookstore. Pearl snap shirt. I'm guessing in his early 60s. Even his moustache was sleazy looking.  Yet, again, that confident air.

I know he looked in on me giving head to at least the second guy I mentioned (Bookstore 2). He stood there, watching my skills more than he was watching the guy feeding me.

I know he saw me walking into the bathroom and I assume he saw the fucker walk-in before me (Bookstore 3). While he might not have known exactly what went on in that bathroom, he probably knew we weren't braiding each other's hair.

Each time I'd walk past him, in my search for cock, he'd leer at me. I still wasn't at that place mentally where I told myself I wanted to go down on him, but internally I knew I was on my way to that place. A few times with me sitting in the booth(s), he stop in the doorway and I'd ignore or shoo him away.  It never deterred him coming back.

At one point, I looked at him and he at me. I didn't say no. I didn't wave him away.  Encouraged, he stepped in to the booth. I didn't stop him.

I sat on that seat, he stood near me.

No words from me. Maybe saying I wanted it would be too much.

No words from him. If he talked, he might risk the opportunity

No words from him, as I assume he knew his ability to make guys like me put his cock in their mouth was his strength.

And it's not that his cock was spectacular.  Maybe 7" thin.  Nothing bad, but it was his mindset - or what I perceived his mindset to be - that was his sexuality.

He stood not moving. He knew I'd make the first move. I did.  He knew he had to do nothing but supply the meat.

I leaned in, I took him in my mouth.  "Good boy" I heard barely above a whisper.....and a hand on the head. Somewhat avuncular, somewhat predatory. Maybe a little of both, not that they are exclusive.

I worked the dick in part to make him hard and get off.  I worked the dick in part to get him off so he'd leave.  Guys have guilt about sex after they shoot. Sometimes feeders have it during - but the need to suck overrides the guy who might not be as desirable.

Get it done.  Get it off. Get it over with.

It took 10 minutes. I slipped from the bench to the floor, his cock never leaving my mouth.  He was hard and I knew he'd have a load for me.  And I worked it out.

"Oh yeah, that's it" was the only other words he said, and that was right before he shot. I knew he was going to.  The load was minimal, but tasty.

Again, it wasn't about physical prowess, it was mental - and his being self-assured. He carried it in the way he walked and how he approached guys.  That he had seem my devotion did not hurt his cause, as he knew what he was dealing with.

He stepped out and I stayed a few minutes longer.

Passing through to the other side of booths, he barely nodded as he chatted with the fucking bookstore clerk.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Bookstore 3

He walked in, not a day over 40 and in shape. You rarely see this in at least this bookstore.

Tight grey t-shirt and track pants. I have no idea why I find track pants so sexy, but on the right guy - and this was the right guy - they are hot.  He had nothing on underneath them.

What he did have was a 7" very fat cock. Possibly fatter than the other guy's dick.

But as he walked in, I was still on my knees - just looking up at him.  He almost sneered as he looked down. He had every right. I was a cocksucker, he had just witnessed me taking another man's load in public and he was the hottest guy this place had probably seen for weeks or months.

He pulled his track pants down enough to expose that cock and huge huge huge set of nuts. I went down on him.

Since that last guy had shot some below my lower lips / chin area, when I swallowed this guy whole, the other guy's seed ended up coating this guys balls. No worries, I eventually licked them clean.

I did a good job sucking him, if I say so myself. I did at one point pull off to ask if he liked the show he had seen of me servicing the guy before him.

He shrugged.  "I like ass".

I stood up and gripped his incredibly thick dick. "This will be tough getting up my ass - it's so big".

"I'll make it fit", came the reply.

I turned away from him and while he rubbed against me he also said he couldn't fuck in a place like this. I'm not sure what he was doing there, but......then he said to follow him to the restroom and he'd fuck me there, since the door locked.

He was sexier in full light.  But there was no playing around. This was business.  He turned me around, my pants came down and I bent over.  Only mother nature's lube - his spit - was used.

He offered me poppers and I gladly took them. I found the opening and pushed. ...and he was thick. Very thick. He kept pushing and he didn't care about how I was doing. The reality is, looking like he did, he probably didn't have to care. People bent over for guys like this all the time and without a hint of complaint. I wasn't going to be the first.

He spit down onto his half-way embedded dick and said, "Ok, let's go" and pushed deep.

I wanted to brace myself against the sink, but figured we'd rip it out of the wall. It didn't look that stable and this was going to be rough anyway. I leaned more and put my hands against the wall.

Studman just went balls deep and started his fucking.  Unlike a lot of big dicked guys, he knew how to fuck. Many don't because they don't have to know, they have big dicks and don't have to have style. But this guy liked ass for a reason, he was good with his tool.

Don't get me wrong, he was stretching me open and we were both quiet. While I've never had issues having sex in this place, it was always a booth, never the restroom.  I wasn't sure how it'd go over.

After the "let's go" comment, not another word was said. Not even after 10 minutes when I felt him throb and knew what was about to happen.

No words of "pull out" or "don't cum  in me" were uttered.  Neither were words of "I'm going to cum" or "do you want it?".

I was letting a stranger fuck me in a bathroom of an adult bookstore. Those were the only things needed to be known.

He pulled out. I pulled up. I walked out. He must have to.....right out the door.  I was back in the video area again.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bookstore 2

It was a few dead minutes of wandering and seeing the same guys until I stumbled upon a prospect.

He was in a booth and his gym shorts pulled down below his balls. I spied him from the booth I was sitting in directly across from me. Remember, these booths have no doors.

He looked over at me too. This cock looked nice and very thick with a huge head. I stared and did a very very slight nod. Bookstores are rarely the place for over communication from the onset. He did the same back. I made my way over from my booth to his. He did not stop me from coming in.

For whatever reason he I thought I was new to all of this - whether he meant the bookstore or being with a guy is unknown - and I just took it and ran with it. Maybe it was his fantasy, maybe not, but I could play the part.

He had me kneel in front of him and he put that big head to my lips. I looked up at him like I wasn't sure what to do next. "Open up", he said. I did.  He did a few quick jabs with that meat and pulled way back. The guy was close already  - though to be fair, I have no idea how long he'd been there or how much he'd played with himself.

He then told me he didn't want to blow right then and I was a little disappointed. Of course, I wanted the load.

The guy had me stand up. He turned me around and wanted to see my ass.  I told him (still in that "role"), there was no way I could take something like that up my was too thick.  Actually, it was very thick and even for an experienced guy it would take some doing let alone in a cramped booth. Sure it could be done.

As it turns out, this guys was probably more about getting fucked than fucking. He wanted me to "rub" my cock against his ass. Then it was against his hole....but he didn't want it up there.  Soon enough it 2-3" was up there.

He had me go back and suck him and of course, one of the hotter guys who paid no attention to just me stood in the doorway watching and stroking his 8".  But he wouldn't let me touch it. I wanted it.....but I think he was interested in the scene or just the other guy and I was in the way.   ...then he walked away.

Rubbed his cockhead over my lips and had a nice string of percum that attached to from my lips.  He then did a few deep thrusts into my mouth and lots of spit came out stuck to his head, and stuck to my lips as it connected us for a few seconds before breaking and hanging off his shaft.

Again he had me stand and he turned around for just the "rub". But I jabbed a few times and then he mentioned he was going to blow.

While I wanted to keep the role going, I knew I had seconds to get on my knees. Eagerness of my normal cocksucker mode overrode the hesitant new guy role. He didn't seem to notice.

He blew a huge load into my awaiting mouth. I got there by a fraction of a second, yet some still hit below my lower lip. He continued to shoot and look down on me. Smile on his face.

"Swallow it", came the command.  I looked up and him quizzically and he clamped my mouth shut so I would have no option but to take his seed.

He smiled, snapped his shorts back into place and walked out.

Unknown to me, another guy was at the door.....waiting.........and just about to walk in.