Saturday, October 31, 2015

Drill Baby Drill

So my last meeting of the weekend was yet another repeat.

"Dr. Dave" is a dentist. For the life of me I think I would have written about the first encounter, so I could like you to it, but I can't find it.

The DDS is taller than I, by about two inches. I think I forgot this until I opened the door.

Backing up a bit - while I was in town, he saw me on Scruff and messaged me. He like at least one other guy was 'taken'. How he got out of the house, I don't know. Last time, I know I played at his place while he was alone. And did it in their bed, which is always hot.

Our messages were suggestive, but not blunt. He had plans, but "maybe later".  Until Sunday morning when being coy went out the window when he asked, "you want my load?"

I'm guessing you know my answer. He knocked on my door 20 minutes later.

Handsome, but looking a little tired, a little older. But then I suppose we all do. Last time I was wow'd by his kiss. This time, not so much. Again, I'd been kissed a lot in the last 12 hours and fucked a lot too.

Dave, last time, was deviously dirty. He seemed very straight-laced, but had hints of what floated below the surface. Last time, it got to the point where he 'never fucked' to where he fucked me bare. So.....there's that. I don't know if it was a pretense or if it was real, but either way, I think we both got what we truly wanted.

This time, we stripped down immediately, not that I had far to go.

I remembered how he liked two things I did - suck his cock and eat his ass. So I did both those things. He was moaning up a storm. I was doing something right.

Dave isn't huge, but he sports a nice sized cock.

And the ass is perfect to eat - covered with dark blonde fur, nice tight clean hole to munch on and tongue. He would just moan or have labored breathing while I did my job. He told me it "fucking feels great".  My response was, "that's my job".

Dave became a little assertive - not that I'm complaining.  "Get on your back".  I did. And with no pretense - or lube - he stuck his cock up my ass.

Now, maybe it was because he's fucked me before and he was comfortable with it / me, or maybe he was horny, or maybe he just dropped the fucking pretense of pretending not to fuck guys he doesn't really know. Either way - we both were winners.

After a few minutes, he told me to sit on his cock and ride it.

That I did. I will do it, but it's not always my favorite position. I liked looking at him, how he was gritting his pretty pearly whites - concentrating on the fuck. He was into it. But this lasted only a few minutes before he told me to get on my belly, face down.

Here he really went to town. He just fucked the hell out of me. If he knew I had other loads still up my ass - all the loads, actually - he never let on or said a word.

As he was getting closer, and everything about him (his breathing, his pace, his voice) was telling me he was ready to explode, he asked where I wanted it. I told him to keep fucking me. And he did. He drilled my ass until he just went balls deep and unloaded, adding a sixth load to my ass.

He just lay on top of me for a few minutes, gathering his strength. I felt him soften enough that he was just going to do that uncomfortable feeling of slipping out of me. And he did.

There was no fuss. No muss. No guilt. He just stood up, gathered his clothes and kissed me goodbye and let.

Who knows - maybe in another few years it will happen again.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hispanic Grandad

Ok, yes he is Hispanic, and yes he was a grandfather, but he was 49...............and a grandfather.

Standing 5'10" and maybe weighing in at 170, he had spiky salt & pepper hair, with a similarly hued beard.  He was hot.

The 7.5" FAT uncut dick didn't hurt.

Oh, maybe to the uninitiated he would have. But I had been fucked twice the night before and now twice the same morning.

Yes, after the furry guy who fucked my hole right after midnight, I had another guy stop by my room. 5'5" doesn't quite meet my height requirement and his dick was as proportionately small as his stature.

But for the second time - and in the same trip - trick #4 and 5 crossed paths at the hotel room door. What are the odds?

Abuelo, as we will call him, was a great kisser. Fiery. Very Latin in his passion. Hands on both sides of my face as he kissed me with feeling.

My hands however, went to his waist. I undid his belt and pulled down his fly. I have passion too, but it's not always in my lips, and even when it is, the lips might be used for something else.

At this point, I didn't even go to my knees to suck his cock. It was hard, wet and ready.

Abuelo dragged me to the bed and got me on my back. With the same intensity he had in kissing, he looked at me as he slid his thick cock into my hole.

I know you're all thinking that I'd never even feel it, after four cocks in the last 8-10 hours, but I did. I felt every fucking inch of it - tip to base and all the way around.

The man knew what he was doing. He talked about how he had bred four guys over the last three days but was still in need. I was that need.

He used my hole for a good 20 minutes. I was hoping for longer. I know it seems like this weekend was a load collection weekend, but I really liked how his cock felt in me. I liked how he used it for his own pleasure but simultaneously gave me my own. My ass was in fucking heaven with that uncut cock up to the root.

But as that 20 minute mark started to approach, I saw that he wasn't going to be able to hold back. I even encouraged him to just let it loose. Go nuts.

He did. He abandoned all niceties and just started POUNDING my hole. I do like seeing that change-over when they could care less about who is below them and all they want is to just fucking cum. They are blind with lust. They are focused on only them. It's a hot thing to see.........assuming you're into that.

I could feel that fat shaft just twitch in me as he left load #5 up my ass.

He slipped out far far far too soon. But he didn't object to me sinking to my knees to clean off his dick.

It went right in my mouth, still glistening from coming out of my ass, no doubt covered with some of the loads before his.....and mixed with his.

I cleaned the knob. I cleaned under the foreskin. I slicked and sucked the shaft clean.

He left without incident. He ran into no one - at least that I know of.  He sent me many follow-up emails saying how hot that all was. I'm glad he enjoyed it. I know I fucking did.

But I was still ready for #6.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Out of Town Repeat #2

Since we hooked up a little over a year ago, and I went out of my way to mark him as a favorite on Scruff, "Scott" and I have exchanged messages here and there.

One being: I was going to be in town this last week.

Once again he had to wait until midnight when his husband was asleep to sneak out of the house to come to my hotel. Never let it be said that I don't like a guy who goes to lengths to cheat.

Before he got there, and after the Weird guy, I was blowing a married guy who snuck out of his house after his wife was asleep, after he was done watching a football game. He had his priorities, I suppose, football first, some cocksucking faggot second. He is team loyal.

He finished and put on his pants right at the stroke of midnight. As I opened the door to let him out, Scott was on the other side, ready to knock. It was probably only awkward for the married guy.

Since I was already stripped down, Scott was out of his clothes fast. Soon on the bed, he on top of me holding my hands over my head, goes, "you are SUCH a fucking whore!".

It was kind of hard to deny or argue, especially after asking if the guy had fucked me, and I told him 'no', but that there were two loads deep in my ass.

He either became better at kissing in the last year, or I lowered my expectations. Either way, lip met lip right away, and it was a heavy make-out session, peppered with him saying filthy things to me and about me.

During this last year, I've reported back to him on the number of asses I've eaten. He normally brings it up first, as he was just a fan of my work. I would keep him apprised if anyone responded with the same energy he did. Some do, most do not. I don't think that is as much of a reflection on my "work" as it is with their expressions.

But he definitely wanted my tongue on and up his ass. I was all too happy to oblige.

Not that I was actually timing it, but I did catch site of the beside clock before diving in. I looked at it again 50 minutes later, as I was finishing up. THAT is how much I love eating ass.......eating his very very hairy ass....and how much he was down with me eating it. And I truly believe him when he says nothing but a tongue goes up there. I tried the piece of ice trick, but he wasn't really having that.

After that he looked at the clock. I'm sure there was only so long he could be out of the house without notice.

He got me back on the bed and on my back. No lube, as he thought the two guys I had taken before him were sufficient enough. I mean - who could argue that point.

He PUNCHED in his cock. All. The. Way.

I fucking moaned like the whore he said I was. Oh, the poor folks in 327 and 331. As if I cared.

The man fucked like a champ. He had a mouth like a sailor. He went on about how much he liked the word 'bareback'. How much it turned him on.

It was turning him on. As much as he liked fucking me, he was turning himself on - and that was ok with me. He was turning me on and I was the beneficiary of his sexual prowess.

He looked at me with such lust when he shot up my ass. I hopefully looked back at him with equal abandon.

Soon enough he was dressing and getting ready to go.

It was after midnight. Technically it was the first time I had sex that day.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


When you get around as much as I do - what? you were all nodding anyways - it's assumed you'll encounter weirdos.

You have strange "meetings" and you just have strange folks.

This one guy saw me on Scruff maybe three years ago. He must have 'favorited' me because now and then he'll send a message saying he'd like to fuck me.

I should mention when he saw me on Scruff I was in his town. So he lives 130 miles away - so I'm not in his local feed, yet still offers to drive 2.5 hours each way to fuck me.

That, to me, is a little creepy.

Needy. Stalkerish. Unhealthy (even for me!). And downright creepy.

This last weekend I was back in his neck of the woods. I had been drinking - not that that is any excuse - and I let my guard down when he contacted me. I had a few lines cast in the water, but figured I'd hedge my bets.

He took the bait. He wanted 'now', as they all do, but then "I have to wait for my parents to call and grab dinner with a friend'. Clearly he (and so many others) don't know what 'now' means. So I set the time, figuring if I found something else / better I could cancel.

I did fine one (the last post). But the time this creepier guy was free matched up with my availability. I told him the hotel door would be unlocked, I'd be face down and he could fuck me.

"No foreplay?" was his reply.

None, I said. I just wanted fucked.

You could tell his disappointment, but I instinctively knew this wasn't a guy for extended or intimate play. And yes, kissing is way more intimate than being boned up the ass.

True to my word, I was face down. I heard him disrobe. He climbed on and in.

I have to say, he had a great cock. Long, but THICK.


I made the right call on the no foreplay thing. Hell, I made the right call on the not turning around thing.

If it is possible for a man's voice to be whiny, feminine, baby-ish and faggy at the same time, this guy mastered it. I know a person cannot help how he truly sounds, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I like the sound of a traditionally masculine male.  Of course there are exceptions - we all have exceptions.

In the middle of the 20 minute fuck, he asked again for me to turn around and kiss. I couldn't do it. I felt that allowing that would be like a marriage proposal to him. It's not that I think that much of myself, it's that 2-3 years of stalking and then letting him in to my room - and my ass - constituted some kind of acceptance of our being together. A kiss would have made it that much worse.

And to me, it was "just a fuck". It was load collection - if I'm going to be up front.

I don't think I'm projecting, but at that moment I felt him being more despondent during the fuck. He did his due diligence, and he delivered the load, but there was little heart in the action.

While I might not have been as up front about the "just a fuck" scenario as I could have been, I didn't lead him to think it was anything more. Even the prepping of how I would be situated on the bed and no foreplay should have sent up signals.

After, he eased out of my hole and asked to use the bathroom. Of course, I said 'yes'. I'm not that inhospitable. I figured he'd use a washcloth to towel off - as my ass was clean, save the other load that was deep in my guts.

So I was surprised when he fired up the shower. I was less hospitable when 15 MINUTES later, I had to crack the door (though not looking in) and told him he had to get moving. I'm sorry, but WTF? He moved (used?) the toiletries. Maybe had no running water at home - who knows. But I thought that a little too weird.

As I heard him getting ready to exit the bathroom, I resumed my position facing away from the door, so not to see him. He dressed and left without a word.

The spell might be broken. I don't think he'll be reaching out to me again.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Out of Town Repeat #1

It's been almost two years since I saw him. If he remembered me he didn't acknowledge it or let on. But most people are not cursed with a memory like mine. And let's be honest, to him, I might not have been memorable.

As if!

From his response to my ad, I suspected it was him. That was confirmed when I opened the door. The same pang of his semi-effeminate behavior was present, but it dissipated quickly from remembering how we fucked last time and from the quickness of the encounter.

I remembered the cock. I remembered his verbal abilities. I remembered his aggression. That was enough to let him walk over the threshold.

As I pulled off his belt and dropped his pants, he had a noticeable wet spot on his underwear. He saw me see it and commented that he'd been watching porn all day and edging. Straight porn - if one believes that. I'm still not buying he is straight - though oddly enough, I do love some of the guys in straight porn much better than gay porn. So it is possible, just not probable.

Because of this "leakage" and his admission, I wasn't getting a 60 minute session out of him this night - nor did I want one. I had other plans, other people stopping by. I had a schedule to keep.

As soon as I got down on my knees, he started with the name calling. "Whore", "Slut", "Cocksucker". I am good with all of those.

Like last time, there was no reciprocation, nor did I want any.

Sucking didn't last long, soon I was on my back on one of the hotel beds. He scooped a little lube, lined up his cock and pushed right into me. I took it like a champ - if I say so myself.

While the session didn't last an hour, I was hoping it would last longer than 20 minutes.

The time before, it was about edging him. It was about mutual extended pleasure. It's safe to say this time, I was on the receiving end of a pump 'n dump.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that - we've all been there.........haven't we?

I could feel him spasm in me, loading up my ass with his sperm.

Soon enough he was gone - and another guy was on his way over...........

Sunday, October 18, 2015


This has nothing to do with lip on lip action.

Lip on dick action, sure, but not actual kissing. No - this guy was pierced, it would turn out both nipples, a nostril, one ear had one, the other had maybe 12 or 13.

He had a lot of hair. Not on the body, that was actually quite sparse. But his head had bundles. The first time, it was pulled back so I couldn't tell, but the second time, it was down and everywhere. While he was blond, I'm 99% sure it wasn't natural.

And he was inked. The first day I just saw something on the legs and his arms and hand. Oh - and his cock.

Yes, he had a ring of some design all the way around the base of his 6" shaft.

I had SO many questions about that - but didn't ask one. I mean, I don't know how one gets a penis tattoo. Does it have to remain hard throughout the session?  And if so, wouldn't constant stabbing with a needle kind of make you go limp?

It was on the second time when I saw the rest of his ink. On his left outer thigh he has a KISS tattoo - as in the band. On his chest - the entire band itself.  Oh yes. Gene. Peter. Ace. and Paul.  Big. As. Life.

I gotta give it to him - you really gotta want it to commit to that for life........or dozens of painful laser sessions later on in life.  I'm not sure I like anything so much that I wanted ink'd on me for life. Maybe some sperms swimming.  Maybe.

Besides the ink and metal, he (told me his name, immediately forgot it) seems like a nice guy. I won't say he was exactly reserved at first, but there was a huge difference between first and second "meetings".

The first was strictly a blowjob.  The man has 6" - not thin but not thick. He pretty much sat back for the first headjob that I gave him. He blew a nice load and of course, I swallowed.  He liked it a lot. And from my perspective, it was fine.

Two days later, he asked to return. I had a free hour, so I agreed. He was over in 15 minutes.

We played with each other's cocks through our pants. He stiffened very quickly. I liked feeling through his heavy denim.

The man expertly played with my nipples. He had my entire body quivering, especially my butthole. He would not let up.  I told him I wanted him in my ass - and he just pushed me over.

He slobbered on his fingers and played with my hole and then tongued it. It was all the lube I got - though he might have spit on his hands and rubbed his cock with it, but I never saw that.

He wasn't huge, so I took him with little trouble. He pounded and pounded - well, as much as he could. Then he abruptly pulled out. He says he got way too close, way too fast.

I didn't really care if he did. I like long fucks, but I don't always need them. Sometimes it is about the load. But he wanted more. But unfortunately, not fucking.

"Get on your knees - and fucking suck my cock".

Yes, he was way more comfortable on this second day.

Words like "pig", "faggot" and "cocksucker" came out of his mouth. I'm 90% sure he's gay, but with the bad tatts, big hair and all the piercings, I would have preferred a guy like this to be straight.

I got him close with my mouth too. He had me suck his balls to slow him down. They were drawn in. They were shaved but with rough fucking skin - like a basketball material.

But that tonguing didn't slow down the inevitable. He was going to cum and he asked if I wanted it in my fucking mouth. I nodded.

He pulled back my head and told me to open my mouth and I did.

Big. Fucking. Load.

I'm not sure I would have known it was that large had I not seen a pic of it after the fact.

I swallowed every drop.

Twice in a week with this guy. He'll be back.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Changing Roles

He wanted to be treated like a hole.

That is usually my role. And when we play together, it's usually my role with him. He pummels the fuck out of me when we are together. He is a seriously good top guy.

I have fucked him on occasion, but it is much more rare. Each time, we go through the premise that I don't shoot in him. It's a farce, of course. And trust me, he always makes a big deal about cumming in me.

But as a "top" who is now bottoming, you play with the role and your receptivity to taking loads up your ass, and how it might make you less of a top. The play is all role. We both know it, but we do what we have to.

It had been months and months since we had been together. I won't lie - I was a little disappointed when he told me he was in the mood for bottoming. I mean - that is MY role and it is what I love to for him.

Still - it's been a slow month for me (well by my standards. I'm still a 'whore' by most of yours), and I was a little turned on when he texted me and told me to come over and eat a fresh load out of his ass.

Feltching isn't normally my thing, but I'm always up for a hot time and a new opportunity.

I went over and went right in. The ass was clean - well, except for the load I was tonguing. Ass juice and man juice all together.

The load was sweet and still warm, though probably because it was housed inside of his body. I egged him on, asking whose it was, but I wasn't to get an honest reply. That's fair - I probably didn't know him, but you never know. Maybe that's why I wasn't told.

I stood up, lightly used the lube next to the bed, as I knew he was pre-lubed and I wanted to try to feel it. As he was still shoulders down, ass up, it was easy to get behind him and slide right up that used hole.

The hole was open, that's for sure. I couldn't really tell if I felt cum or just the lube on my cock. And in the big picture, did it matter?

I fucked him for a while. I can hold off if needed, but that presents the rigidity issues - or lack thereof.  I went in and out of erection a few times.

The guy not only didn't seem to notice, he said I did just fine - but I think he was just being nice.

As I got closer to the end - not that I was telling him I was close - the "issue" of condoms and not cumming in him came up again. But it's all role play.

I did what he asked - treated him like a hole. I pulled on my pants afterwards and drove away. I stayed in character.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


He was from foreign descent.  Arab and Black. He seemed naturalized, possibly born here to parents who found there way. We really didn't get into it. I didn't really care - truth be told.

What intrigued me about him was his screen name: WellHung.

To make a long story short, I suppose that name gets you a lot more attention than AveragelyHung. Which is all he was.

Though I suppose that is all relative. Maybe compared to others he has seen, he is big.

To all that I have seen - which is, ummmm, innumerable - it is not.

It was fine. He was fine. But he talked a much better game than he delivered. I'm all for a guy with bravado, but damn - have something to back it up when you actually show up.

I have an attraction to mid-eastern or Arab men. Not all, of course, but it's there. I was hoping. If I did my guessing correctly, he had some Arab in him (so did I!), but I would guess he was predominately black.

He was maybe 7", which is nothing to sneeze at, but I don't know that would be "well hung". And for all his talk, he stood there taking my blowjob like a deaf-mute.

I like a little interaction when I blow. I've even had silent interaction that is hot. This was just like a guy who wanted to be into it, but just wasn't or one who could muster up the energy. Maybe he wasn't into me. I get that.

If true, I'd say "then just walk away", but how many times have I not been into it and still went through and blew the guy?

I don't think he'll be coming back. That's ok. Now I'm not sure I could muster up the enthusiasm to service him properly.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Thug Life

"Don't be scared of it" he muttered.

He muttered everything - and if he only knew how unafraid I was of cock, he might never have shown up in the first place.

In standard hook up parameters - he was 25 minutes late and 2" short. On his cock, that is.

Would it be rude for me to tell them to measure their junk against the length of a dollar bill? That is only 6" long. And even while he'd have surpassed that currency by an inch or so, he wasn't 3" longer than a sawbuck.....or a single.

The 25 minutes? Anymore, that is just common. No one, besides myself it seems, is ever remotely on-time.

He was black. Maybe 5'9"....180 or so. Full thug appearance. Sweat pants. Grey hoodie, which stayed on and up and much of face covered for entire time he was with me. While my ad said I "preferred" non-smokers, he was clearly a heavy smoker. Skin. Clothes. Aura. All reeked of cigarettes. His breath of weed. Lord. It was 11a.

I have to say, after he pulled down his sweats, I was worried he wouldn't even make it to six let alone nine. He is not a show-er at all. He's a grower.

After I got down on my knees to suck him, he grew. Slowly for sure, but it happened. And at the base, he was pretty fucking thick. It was somewhat of a challenge to wrap my lips around that base, but trust me, it happened.

He encouraged me to take him all. I appreciated the talking to, but I wasn't about to not try. I wanted it all. I always do. Or usually. He held my head down, making me gag a little - but that had more to do with the time spent with air cut off than the thickness.

"Can I fuck your face?".

I suppose the question was rhetorical. I mean, by the time the last syllable left his mouth he was pumping my throat. His hands were on my head. I would have nodded 'yes' anyways, but by this point, the action was in motion.

That was when he said, "don't be scared of it".

I wasn't.

His stamina was ok, but nothing off the charts. The head lasted maybe 15 minutes.

I asked as I was on my knees if he had a big load.  "You'll find out soon enough" was the reply.

It wasn't big. If he didn't tighten his grip, I'm not sure I would have known he was shooting. I think the semen just drooled out into my mouth. But I made a show of it, before I swallowed. Not that he was interested. After he came, he was looking to put himself together to get the fuck out.

I love when post-orgasmic guilt hits some guys.

He'll be back. I can almost guarantee he'll ask for another go-round.