Wednesday, December 20, 2006


....but it ain't because of my kissing!

You're a Freaky Kisser

When you kiss, you want to experience something new
A new technique, a new partner, a new piercing...
And your own personal kissing style is very unpredictable
There's no saying where your tongue or hands will go

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blo N Go

Tis the season to see what we can be doing for others.

Fuck - I've lived THAT since I was 15!

Anyhooo....I just happened to be at the park yesterday. There were a number of prospects - or at least a number who seemed to be interested in me. One guy I couldn't shake at being 'the law', so I just played it cool and never initiated a conversation - nor did he. But the second he was gone, someone pulled his SUV in next to me. He'd been waiting for his opportunity.

Maybe 10 yrs older than I am with a look of authority. A guy who knew what he wanted. He definately looked ex-military. Somewhere between a brush cut and high and tight. His glare/growl spoke volumes. And sexy as hell the way he rolled a toothpick around in his mouth.

Eventually he nodded my way. He'd look at his crotch and then back up at me to see if I was noticing. I was. Then he was working his unseen crotch with his fist. I know the movements well. He asked if I had some time. I responded back with an unsure 'what are you looking for'. He came back with "I'm game for anything". I just took the bull by the horns - kind of - and said: "you lookin' to get THAT off?" He was.

I followed him back to his house. Nice body. Nice dick. A fat 6.5", but HUGE balls. I don't think they were saline injected, but that's how big they initially looked. And they were newly shaved.

Immediatley I got on my knees and took him all the way down. No playing around with the tongue teasing. He seemed glad for this. He took my head and force fed me. I was glad for that!. He countinued to feed me while he felt my face and throat with his free hand.

Eventually I got up and sat on his couch. I thought he'd just stand there and feed me, but he stood on the couch and fed me from above. A NICE touch! He just shoved all the way back - and could care less if I could take it or breathe. It was so hot. After a bit he got down and put his mouth at my balls and licked. I wasn't expecting this - but he did say he was game for anything. He worked his way south and slobbered on my ass. Brave - since I hadn't showered for about 36 hrs.

Of course, I thought exactly what you are thinking - he was gonna fuck me. And maybe he thought it too. But all of the sudden he said, "I'm close!". So he stood back up on the couch and shoved his rod into me and let loose. A very nice sized load that I could feel just fill my mouth and slide down my throat. And man it was one of those that just tasted GREAT.

I was willing to let it go at that, but he surprised me - this big masculine guy. He stepped to the floor, bent over and took my dick in his mouth....and went to town. He wasn't that skilled but knew how to use his hand as he wetted my prick. Normally that wouldn't do it for me, but the entire scene of this guy blowing me was too much. I told him to stop moving - and then unloaded in his mouth. Like a pro, he swallowed it all - and it was a big load. Six days worth.

Just a nice little early holiday present for me......and him!