Friday, June 28, 2013

The Three Feeders

Once upon a time, there was a cocksucker named BikeGuy.....

and he wandered into the mystical curious land of craigslist personal ads and got lost in the Woods of Possibility - so he placed one himself.  It was written so not to confuse even the dimmest of men.  No Strings.  No Reciprocation. Completion.

While many a mere mortal responded, few were able to actually commit to any type of arrangement.

This is a story as old as the hills.  One of rare, medium and well done.  Or bad, better, best.  You get the idea.  They are in order, though it possibly breaks the climatic nature of the story.


5'10", 200lbs, but he says, ruggedly handsome and in shape  7.5" with a mushroom head.  I went for it.

Silly me.  He came as advertised.  Has a girlfriend who gives him awesome head and always swallows, which made me wonder why he needed the likes of me.  He also claimed this to be his first time with a guy - a charge I never believe.

If you're getting great head at home, you don't come to a cocksucker's house in broad daylight for your first time. You just don't.

Honestly, I don't think my lips were all the way down his shaft before he started talking about sucking my dick.  For a "first timer" he seemed pretty sure of what he wanted and pretty lousy at reading an ad. He'd veer off the subject, but like clockwork, every 45 seconds he'd ask about my dick, wanting to suck it and wanting to feel a load shoot into his mouth.

This made it hard for me to concentrate at my task. Not only did I have to pull off any number of times to tell him it wasn't going to happen, but he could never quite get his cock hard.  This isn't a surprise.  He said it's because of first time nerves, but it's really because he's a cocksucking shit.

He jacked off a bit, never getting it hard, but getting it off.  It was a very unremarkable load in every fucking way.  I couldn't wait to show him the door.

He was the porridge that was too cold. He was the bed that was too soft.


The best of the bunch by far.

46, 5'11", 185, good looking, bi, 7" uncut, shaved head and nuts.

When he emailed asking my name, I told him, but also added - "but you can call me 'cocksucker'".  I thought that could backfire on me as too aggressive, to demeaning and not his scene.  Three minutes later I got an email:  "I'll see you in 10".

He walked in, filling out the pouch in his designer jeans. I rubbed the front of them and he went for the belt.  I pushed his hand away, saying, I would take care of that.

I wasn't taking time to feel him up per se, but I undid the belt and buttons and zipper.  He had a nice lump in his briefs.  Skimpy briefs - something I haven't really seen on a guy in a while.   I pulled those down to his thighs too, and then got on my knees.

There was no hesitation in his action:  his hands, both of them, went right to my head.  It was there he held me steady and immediately started to move his hips.  I was blowing him, but he was, for the moment, controlling the situation.  It was heaven.

He'd push his hips forward, all the way in, and hold me.  He'd tell me to stay still and keep his cock deep in me.  The man didn't know me, so he couldn't be sure I wasn't one of these sucker's who just wanted to play in the mouth and get him off.

No, I wanted it exactly the way he was giving it to me.  That's the selfish side of me.  Mind you, I will take it almost anyway a feeder wants to provide it, but his way, this time, right then, was the best way.

That is not to say he didn't let me perform on my own  He stood there, than sat down, while I did the heavy lifting and he could kick back and enjoy the warm mouth on his hot cock.

And it was a hot cock.  Thick.  He never mentioned that.  Nice amount of skin, but tight, too tight to get  easily get my tongue worked between the foreskin and head.  Damn.  I should have tried when he was softer.

Unlike the last guy, he never asked to see, touch or taste my dick.

I worked on him, or he used his strong hands and well trained hips to take what he wanted.  I was happy to give it.

When kneeling in front of him, it was fucking hot to hear:  "you look good down there....where you should be."

He was in the moment the entire time.  He wasn't shy or nervous.  He never called me "cocksucker", but I think that email exchange at least told him where my head was and where he could go - and I think that helped in the encounter.

The only issue, was the size of his load. It wasn't large and didn't taste like much.  At first, I didn't know he was shooting, just a heavy precum and there was no verbal acknowledgement of the ejaculation.

But it's all good.

His porridge was too hot.  His bed was too hard.    In the Three Bears world, this is a bad thing.  In the cocksucker's works, it is just fucking fine.


Definitely the most timid of the trio.  Paler than pale.

49 (looked way younger), 5'11", 155, short blond hair.  Wanted kissing, body contact, 69, massage.  I sent a message back what I was only looking for.  He acquiesced.

He showed up on time. He volunteered he was a CPA and you could totally see that.  Starched shirt - literally and figuratively.  I thought he'd be way too nervous for anything.

It turns out he is married with kids, though he didn't tell me until afterwards.  Nothing about him read straight.  He seemed a super Type A homo that was so tightly wound that his partner would be driven to the threshold on a daily basis.

So what do I know?

I know he hasn't had head quite like mine.  I'm not bragging.  Ok, maybe a little.

I have never ever had anyone's legs start to quiver before I made it to the root on my initial oral impale.

He was probably more finger-on-the-trigger kind of guy than me being orally excellent, though let's face it, I do have some skills and experience.

"Back off.....back off......"   That is a scenario we'd play maybe 5-6 times.  I could edge him and I could tell by how much his legs shook to how soon I was to get him over the edge.

His balls were nice.  His dick was nice, though one that - and I hate to say it - had a little bump somewhere on the shaft that no matter how you sucked you couldn't avoid it.  It didn't hurt him.  It didn't taste bad.  It's just a raised mole or something, but it was always noticeable to me, the sucker.

He asked when I wanted the load. I was quick to point out, "that's not up to me.  I'm here as long as you want to hold off".  I think that was the beginning of the end.  With the next go-round, there was no "back off.....".   So I went for it.

And I got it.  Or he did.  However you want to figure that.  It was by far the biggest load of the day.  Bigger than the other two combined.

Out of character, he wasn't guilty or weird afterwards.  With guys like that, I expect them to bolt or start down some weird path, but there wasn't.  He emailed me later hoping for more - but wanting those things I already told him 'no' to.

I said due to his marital status, I wouldn't be contacting him, but if he needed me, he knew how to get a hold of me.

His porridge and bed were just right.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feeder Daddy

"You fucking love this, don't you?"

Well, yes.  Yes, I do.

I was on my knees in front of him for less than two minutes when he uttered those words.  His hardening cock continued to expand in my mouth.

Billed as 47, 6'0", average build with 8"x5.5" cut, I wasn't really sure what else to expect.

I didn't ask for more pictures, I wasn't sure I cared.  He was a married white male looking for someone to suck him.  No ask of reciprocation, though that means little.

He was a little late, and I had no way to check to see if he was coming, but he pulled up in what is clearly a family vehicle - one suited for multiple kids and all their associated activities.  He exited the vehicle and while he wasn't fat, he was big and solid.  "Average build" wasn't exactly an accurate descriptor.

This pic is NOT him, but a representation of what he looked like, with not as large biceps.

He seemed taller than 6', but maybe that was the broad chest.  He was pleasant, but as soon as we were where I was to blow him, he was exactly what I wanted in a married feeder:   direct.  a little distant.  self-centered.

While those things might seem contradictory, they were not, especially when he knows when and how to emphasize each one.

From the word go, he called me a "cocksucker" - but the difference with him was that he meant it.  Most guys can say it, but it packs no punch when it leaves their mouth.  He knew I was a cocksucker - but he wanted to make sure I knew he knew it.   I got hard instantly.

The cock was nice.  Like him, it was thick and solid - and he wasn't even hard yet.

When he was erect, like his height, he seemed bigger than advertised.  And thicker.

It wasn't a pretty shaft. Gnarly is the word that came to mind, but it fit the man.  It was thick, rough, big and masculine.  There was nothing refined about the man (even in a dress shirt, pants and shoes) or his cock.

"You fucking cocksucker", were his actual first words after we got to the room I was blowing him.  I wasn't even on my knees yet.   His voice, his words, his delivery made me bone up.

After I was sucking him is when he asked, but not really asked, if I loved this.  It was a rhetorical question and yet I felt the need to validate who and what I was.

As I was working his cock with my mouth, I did have a chance to ask if he has a regular cocksucker - hoping he didn't so I could be it.  I knew early enough on, I wanted more of this.  He casually told me he already had one, but maybe he could fit me in here and there.............depending on how I perform.

Unlike so many feeders, he made no attempt to provide contact.  No hand on me, no touching my chest, thankfully no reaching for my dick.

The only place his hands went were to my head in a firm, masculine grip that left me now doubt on who was in charge.

"Make your tongue move under my shaft", he said as the head of his cock popped into my throat and he was not letting me move an inch.  Nor did I want to.  Of course there were the short, forceful jabs even though he was as far in as he could really be.  Not that it stopped him from his dominance and putting me in my place.

Yeah, I went up and down. I licked all over the shaft.  I licked his balls, I sucked his balls.  His big balls. I went back to the cock and worked it fast and slow trying to figure out what would truly get him going.

His head went back, but not in pleasure.  It wasn't with displeasure either.  For some guys - and true cocksuckers know this - they close their eyes to mentally get to a place where they can get off.

Coming off his cock for a few seconds, I uttered, "I could suck this dick all day long!".   Without raising his head, he told me "No, I have to get back to work".

Yeah, I knew that.  It was just my way of telling him I really really liked his meat.

That is when he told me to do something I don't particularly care for:  using my hand.

I get that some guys need that - or want it.  I feel it diminishes my oral capabilities.  That it makes me less of a cocksucker than I think I am.  What's lower than a cocksucker?  One who can't get a guy off with only his mouth.

Now, I know this isn't always true. It's just where my head space was.  But I used my hand.

I used it for a long time. Medium grip, but he wanted tighter. Small strokes while still using my mouth mainly, but he wanted longer.  Mostly my mouth remained on his dick but now and again I took it off to concentrate on the jacking.

It was then when he announced he was ready.  He told me to get on it.  I did.

At that point, he picked up his head to look down at me. I looked up at his eyes as his cock spasmed in my mouth.  The eyes were intense as throb after throb unloaded into my mouth.

He attempted to go nowhere, which was good.  He kept having mini-convulsions of the dick as less and less semen came out, but it kept coming and I'll take it at whatever rate it is delivered.


It's not like I wasn't going to.  But I lifted myself off his shaft, milked what I could, and added to all he shot into my mouth a few moments prior.   I knelt higher, in front of him, took his hand and places it around my throat - he got the idea.

He gripped.  He felt my throat muscles contract and take his seed down into my belly.

Then he got up to get ready to leave.

Being the needy eater I am, I had to ask, "is there place for me in your cocksucker rotation??"

"We'll see....." was the response.  And then he walked out the door.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Art of the CL Ad

I'd like to say this is a sex post, but it is not.  Not really.

It's more of an post to talk about and maybe figure out, how to lure and reel in prospects when using craigslit.  I'm providing some observations, but also wouldn't turn away good advice.

Now, I know that CL is a hit and miss arena - and more miss than you'll ever hit.  Even the ones who do respond are flakes, or many of them.  And maybe there is no way to get around the wrong responders or worse (?) - the no responders.

First off, I don't understand the cocksucker or the bottoms who insist on posting pics of their dick.  Or the tops posting pictures of their ass.  It's confusing at best, misleading at worst.  Or maybe just stupid at worst.

Mind you, I take pride in my grammar, so you'll never see 'boi' or ''sup' or too many abbreviations.  I will also use the correct punctuation - which, believe it or not, matters in these ads.

'Want Cock Sucked' is far different than 'Want Cock Sucked?'   But the headline is the former and you have to go into the ad to find some 22 yo fuckboy who can't be bothered with the question mark and all he wants to do is lick dick.

Yet these types of ads are all around - and usually a combination of the punctuation missing and the incorrect type of pics.  Has the American education system failed us that badly?

One thing I am finding is not working for me:  Having a well-written ad, being clever or smart in your ad.  Don't write above a 5th grade reading level.

Yes, you're smiling but you know it's true.  Here's one example:

There are days I just want to take on the weight of your world: feeling the heft of your meat, as it passes to my tongue past my lips. The way it sits there - growing and hardening. The way it drools into my mouth. 

I need to feel it moving in and out of my mouth - with my help and with yours. A combined effort so that YOU feel good and excited. 

I like to feel hands on my head or behind my neck. I like the piston action as you get closer with no intention of stopping until every drop is gone. And yes, the grip may tighten as you unleash every drop of warm fluid into my mouth as a groan involuntarily escapes your lips. 

six feet two inches here. one-eighty. shaved head. masculine. professional. wearing no cologne and a non-smoker. I am not generou$. 

you be masculine, ht / wt proportions. ages 30-60 good, but negotiable. Prefer non-smokers, but might be able to work around that. Prefer no or non-heavy cologne. 

No PnP (except poppers). I can host or travel. 

Stats (ht, wt, age, etc) required. Pics always get fastest response. Not looking for, nor want reciprocation.

Responses:  zero.

I thought it would get me  more notice than:  'need head now - and looking for younger only' kind of ad.

Though in those ads they fail to put their age in - so what is younger?  And even if they put in their age of, say,  48, do they really consider 47 younger?  Technically it is, but a 40+ yo would be rejected since the poster didn't specify.

This was another ad of mine:

I have developed a very good oral /semen elimination system. 

It extracts the seed from you and then it disappear down my throat, leaving you with no mess and no clean-up. You have options to see the semen before it is taken away, or you can just toss it down the disposal. Your choice. 

The process is painless and am told, even pleasurable to you. 

This is a free service that can be mobile or you bring to me. Either way is fine. 

I am six two, one-eighty, shaved head, beard, masc, professional, non-smoker, no cologne, no PnP (popers ok). 

You be masc, ht/wt proportionate, 30-55 (ish).

A few responses, no follow-throughs, except for guys wanting to suck me.  What part of that ad said I wanted to be sucked?

And just because I can be a total prick - and I can - I had to reply to this guy's ManHunt ad.  Yes, I know he was specific, but I think there is a way to write things without just rubbing someone the wrong  way - and he did:  me.   

I'm not 35, nor do I want to be again. 

Ok, I'm not a total prick, because I cropped out his user name and city.  But I did reply that I was in my 40s and REALLY wanting to get with him - even though I had no interest. 

I can't wait till that douche is 36. 

So I don't think there are any clear cut answers.  I don't know that my direct approach on ad writing works much better than my creative writing skills. I was just hoping someone would see education and a little bit of humor and maybe want something a little more cerebral - even if it is just a mouth or ass fuck. 

I guess I am wrong. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I don't mind role playing every now and again.  With the right guy, and the right scenario, it can be seamless and natural. There is nothing worse than pseudo-scripted or forced role playing.  It doesn't work.

The other shit that doesn't work in one person role-playing and trying to make the other participants it is the real deal.  I'm an educated man. I've been around the block a few thousand times - it takes a lot to fucking fool me and for fuck's sake, don't play me for a fool.

Take a trip I was on out west.  A decent looking dude hit me up on some iPhone app and wanted to play at his hotel.  Worked for me.  He claimed to be married.  No worries there.  Him cheating is his issue.

As with many internet possibilities, he disappeared at the moment of puling the trigger.  When I started other plans, he pops back in with a proposition:  he has another guy coming over and do I want to join?

I hemmed.  I hawed.  I finally said yes figuring I could just leave, as we weren't doing it at my hotel.

The third guy seemed more interesting, at least by his pics and profile.  A little huskier but more masculine.

As it turns out, they were already together, watching me as I stood outside the hotel, making their assessment of me - if I was worthy, if I was not.  On one hand I was offended, but on the other, you know - who cares. I'd love to be gutsier and send people away, instead of settling sometimes and just finishing them off to get rid of them.  But I was invited in.

Both men were above average, though the huskier guy was even huskier in person than in his pics.  Why am I always surprised?

The husky guy brought lube, poppers, a dildo, condoms, black gloves and a mask.  Clearly there were discussions I was not part of, but that's ok.  But it was the original guy who immediately started to get on my nerves.

As soon as we were in the door, he goes, "in a little while I'll have to call my wife so you'll have to step out in the hall while I do it.".    ...but then it got more annoying.

For someone who told me he liked to play on the side, he clearly told the other guy "I've never done this before" - but you have to say it in that almost sing-songy pitched voice that immediately sounds unbelievable and lying.  You know the one.

First off, he sucked the husky guy's cock too well to have 'never done this before', he did the same with licking my ass.  Actually, he had a move I don't think I've been able to replicate that is great. The just inside tickle - but "ohhhhh....noooooo......should I do THAT?  I've never done anything like THIS before......"   Then goes onto expertly munch my hole.

Give up the ghost, you stupid faggot who probably doesn't have a wife at all.

Of course, when Mr. Husky pulls out the poppers and offers them to him, the same response:  "oh, what are these.......?   I feel SOOOOOOO weird............what's going onnnnnnnnnnn?".

Just shut the fuck up - no one is buying this.

True to form, 30 minutes in, he has to make his call.  He finally says we can go into bathroom while he makes his call, because if I put on my pants and shoes, I was just leaving.  But I also didn't trust the fucker at all.  When going to the bathroom, I took my keys, wallet and phone.

While in there, Mr. Husky and I played.  He sucked me real good.

Actually, in the entire scenario, I never sucked a cock, kissed a guy, ate an ass or anything.

When we were let out, the host had no problems just taking Mr. Husky's dick up his ass - after he had easily (too easily) taken the dildo up his fuck chute.

Never done this before, my ass.

Again, if you're gonna commit to the bit, make it realistic - or at least a storyline you can fake act to....not act fake.

The host sucked my dick while he took it up the ass.   He might have done an ok job, but all I could think of was my exit strategy.

It's been a few weeks since this encounter, so my recollection is a little fuzzy on details, but at some point, Mr. Husky went back to sucking me - as I knew he'd take my load.  I didn't trust the host to do that.  I wasn't having it wasted.  Not at that point.

More poppers for the host.  More statements of feeling weird by doing poppers (though he knew exactly how to snort them).

I shot in the other guest's mouth and he swallowed as predicted.

While I got myself together, they went to the bed and looked like they might end up fucking.  That was fine - but it was better for me to leave.

I stole the bottle of poppers on my way out the door.

I was getting something out of this deal.  I figured I earned them.

Saturday, June 08, 2013


He clips his chest hair.

It's not a deal breaker, but it is disheartening.

I'd almost understand it if he had this super chest. He has a nice one, a very fine one, but not overly defined.

Like me, his nipples are his weakness. He likes them played with lightly (like me) and continuously (like me).

38, 6'0, 170, top, pushing 8" in the dick department and a nice sized thickness to it - as you can start to tell from the penis ensconced in the briefs.  A nice head on it too.

The man is distant, even when he's standing right in front of you. It's one of those things you sense he is like even with close friends - and trust me, I'm not one of those.  I suck his dick - that's it.  Kind of.

The first time, he wanted his cock sucked.  That's what I do.  He liked seeing my thick dick, but it was to be my lips on his prick.  Though he also wanted to see me bent over, which naturally I complied.

He spoke briefly of fucking me, but we hadn't discussed, there was no prep, but in reality, he asked if I had a condom.  So I sucked.

He liked his nipples fondled the entire time I blew him. Both. So I was on my knees with both my arms reached overhead to stimulate his chest. That's what he liked.

Now and again, I'd stand and he'd turn around so I could run my tongue up his neck and along his short-haired head....sometimes to his ear.  This stimulated him as well, as it did me for some reason. But it was always back to cocksucking.  I'm a cocksucker.

I pride myself, and my skills, of using my mouth to get men off.  That is cocksucking.  I'm a cocksucker.

But I totally get some men need other means to take them over that edge.  Sometimes it is just a hand (mine or theirs) or a combination of hand and mouth.  I won't necessarily say it makes me feel successful to make them ejaculate this way, but busting a nut is busting a nut - any way possible.

But as I got this man close with my mouth, he took over. Keeping me a little at arm's length, he vigorously stroked his rod, leaving the head of his dick just past my lips.


The problem with this, with most guys, is that that they can't control their orgasm.  Cum flies everywhere because their head is in a different space than their balls, their hand or their shaft.  It's a fucking waste or sperm.

They have little technique and lesser aim.  Why are they wasting the load???

This guy could not take his cock being in my mouth at the point of ejaculation.  He couldn't even stand having it finish getting his rocks off before pulling away by a good 1-2'.

What's that about?

Once, perhaps.  Twice?

Of course, it's a really really nice cock to suck - so it might to be hard to say 'no' to a third try.  But I don't see the ending scenario changing.

Though - what I did get was a nice part of a load - just not the whole thing.

I don't understand guys at all.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Scruff Hook-Up: Time #4

"The door will be unlocked,  shut it, lock it and come find me".

I know he has a sling in the basement, not that I've ever been to the basement, but this is knowledge he has dropped on me before.  This horny bottom was hoping and waiting.

Before even trying downstairs, I looked on the main level and lo and behold there he was - in his bedroom.

Worst player of Hide n Seek ever!  ....and I told him so.

There was to be no sling that day, just what we had been doing for the last month - a little foreplay with him sitting in his Nasty Pig jock and his arms behind his head as he remained propped up on his pillows.

Oh yes, I went to his pits and licked them. I think there was more than his man funk in them.  I'm not sure if it was old deodorant or not, but I'm not a fan of that, not that it stopped me.  Not that he stopped me.  I tongued them both clean. He was good to go.

I licked his chest too. I also used my fingers to lightly touch his torso, his thighs, his head.  I love it when guys do that to me, it gets me going on another level, but I'm never sure if I have that kind of touch.  He responded ok, but not like I do.....not that everyone has to be like me.  No one should be saddled with my behavior.

Yeah, I worked my way down to his jock.  His nuts were hanging out, so I did lap at those. That did get a huge reaction.  So did me eating his ass with the jock still one. He wasn't clean clean down there, but he was by the time I finished.  Then it was a few minutes on his cock. Then it was onto the main event.

I have to hand it to John. Without the help of any ED drugs, the man can keep it hard for hours - and he's in his 40s.  Maybe that is a testament to me, but I'm not one to take credit like that.  Biology has something to do with it.  And while turning into fuck buddies, it would seem (this is time #4 in 5 weeks), we connect on a sexual level.  He likes to fuck and well........I seemingly like to take it up the ass.

And I did.  For 90 minutes this day.  No breaks.  No stops, except to move into other positions.  Time #3, which I didn't blog about, was a 75 minute fuck.  This is a man who has stamina and knows what he is doing and clearly likes his work.

Not unlike the Rough and Tumble guy from my previous post, there were all the positions. I might have to find a guy who can hold me against a wall and fuck me while he stands up with my legs wrapped around him.  I still haven't done that one.....................yet.

John asked me what my favorite position was to be fuck in - and my standard and truthful answer is, whichever the top wants me to be in.

When we did change positions, the way his cock would pull out - and push back in - felt incredible. To the point where not only I told him so, but that it made me realize that extracting a dick that way is such a different feeling than when it slides out after orgasm.   I don't like that feeling near as much.

The 75 minute fuck the week before made me a tad sore for a day or so.  I wasn't sure what the hour and a half pounding would do.  (it made me sore, but I powered through it - thanks for your concern!)

The "joke" is that John would have gone on for longer than 90 minutes, but he had a conference call he had to be on.

It was the first time I saw him cum.  Well, it's the first time I wasn't face down or him humping me from behind. I never did see the cum.

I was on the edge of the bed, looking right at him, and him right at me.  Eye to eye.

Technically, he never told me he ejaculated. The intensity of his face, his furrowed brow, the quiver of his lip and the constricted throat that emitted a howling groan just made me assume something was happening in his nether region.  Call it a hunch.

It took both of us a good 5-10 minutes to come down off that scene.  His dick still firmly implanted in me.....until it slid out in that unceremonious way that I was saying earlier I don't appreciate.

He threw on shorts, as the call was coming up sooner than later.   I dressed and walked to the door, collecting my keys and phone.

"Don't let that ooze out on your drive home".

It didn't.  It stayed in me until the next morning.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Rough and Tumble

His profile has him billed at 50, 6'2", 225.  His pics didn't make him look that old or that heavy.  But you know how pics on the internet can be, suspect at best.

He was that big. He carried a bit of a belly, but he was just a thick, solid guy.  His cock was a solid 7", just as he promised.  It was rock hard in his shorts when he answered the door.

I should say, it's one of the longest I've traveled for cock - over 30 miles each way.  I was that horny.

He had been after me for days, and I had a window, and I took it.  Well, he took me - let's be honest.

He (never got a name) said he was all top and he was.  I can't tell you how many "tops" want to suck my dick or bend over for it.  I don't think they know what the word means and by the time I figure that out, it's much to late to edjumacate them.  With those cases, we both end up being dissatisfied due to their own honesty - just one of those things I do not understand.

But 'he' was true to his word or stayed in character - fine by me.

I was sucking him in the the dining room, before he just told me to follow him to what I'm guessing was the guest room.  I'm sure he wasn't having me in where he and his partner sleep.  I don't care that he plays on the side - that is for him and his partner to work out, if they haven't already.

The guy was built like a former college football player who let himself go a bit. Mind you, one with a natural flair for decorating, and 168 beats per minute disco piping throughout the house, as well as tvs playing male adult movies, but a former jock nonetheless.    ...and yes, I'm sure I'm making some judgements there.

There was no true foreplay other than he liked his tits played with - HARD.   I like mine played with nice and light - and as you know it will get you anywhere you want to go if you do it like that.  So the instincts of what I liked overrode what he enjoyed.  He didn't enjoy light play.  So I played hard. Sometimes too hard, if he were to believed.

He fucked face hard. Very hard.  Good thing I can take it.  I mean, I can certainly take the depth and width. The faster thrusts can prove to be a challenge.  The thing about cocksucking, as with getting fucked, or lifting weights, it's about the breathing.  You can do almost anything if you can establish a good breathing pattern.

His violent and faster and faster thrusts in my mouth made it hard to get into that rhythm.

Don't get me wrong, I completely get that some men get hard (or off) on making and hearing guys gag.  For those guys who are too nice but like that behavior, I'm not above fake gagging now and again to make them stiffer.  But this guy was no pretender.

I don't know if he liked the gagging, but he got me to. I felt like a failure, not being able to take the dick the way I said I could.  It didn't lessen his hard-on or stop him from doing what he was doing.  I guess all was right with the world.

But it was fucking that he wanted and is what lured me 30+ miles.

The man remained hard for well over an hour.  I lay at the edge of his bed so he could stand and enter me.  I was farther back with my ankles well over my head as he POUNDED me.   I was the little spoon as he pumped me from behind.   I sat on him and rode him.  I was on all fours.  I was on my knees, with my head and shoulders to the bed.

Eventually I was on my belly.

I lost track of time, but he was quick to point out he wasn't a quick cummer.


He had every intention of fucking me for another hour, and as much as I "claimed" to want that, my schedule wouldn't allow that.  I still have a long drive home at rush hour.

Oh - and I was sore.  And a little more.

Hell, I tell most everything else on this blog, why not just go for it.   There is a point in a long, hard fuck that a guy just truly opens up the bottom.  The resistance to the hole is less, the plunging can be deeper.  And that can be wonderful.

But there is also a point where the bottom starts to lose sense of umm ....just how fresh they are feeling down there.  The impulses to opening up for the fuck and well......opening up too much are the same and you don't know what is actually what.  And trust me, I don't want to be that messy guy, and I've never known how to ask.

My initial thought is, if it's gross, they'd tell me - right?  But guys can be strange and as much as I don't know how to ask, they don't know how to tell / say.  It turns out I was just fine and clean, but I just wasn't sure.

So I just begged for the fucking cum.

The man was unrelenting in his assault on my asshole.  This is when I went into breathing mode.

I was belly to the mattress and just kind of went limp the way a rape victim might.   I breathed through what was becoming slight discomfort.  Don't say "oh, wow poor guy" about me. It was my situation and I wanted the dick and load, but with that kind of fuck, a guy gets sore.  No way around it.

But I went with it and instead of being an active bottom, I became a hole.  I let him just pummel my butt and clearly he was getting off on it.  There was no doubt about that with this guy.

The only thing to interrupt my breathing was me asking for the load.  Begging for it.  He delivered. On his time table, not mine.  As it should be.

I knew the amount of cum seemed sizable.  And as I said, it was a long drive home, so it would be challenging on multiple levels.

He tossed me a bottle of water, told me to hydrate and showed me the door.

There was no discussion of 'maybe we can do this again'.  We both had our curiosity satisfied and I thin we were both done.