Sunday, July 29, 2007


Is that too much to spend on porn, lube and poppers?

It probably is - but I did it anyway.

While I have had pretty good luck getting laid while I travel on the road for this job, there is always the chance I will just need my left hand - though you all know I rarely rarely rarely jack off.

But I picked up a Treasure Island Media double DVD disk, a bottle of Gun Oil and some unmarked poppers. The only reason I got those is because they are one of the few I don't think I've ever tried - so what the heck.

It was then the clerk told me they were $25. $25?????????? He then told me to be careful with them or they'd blow my fuckin head off. (ok....I added the 'fuckin'' part).

I'm off to DC tomorrow morning - so we'll see if the oil and poppers work - or if it will be me and my left hand.

Friday, July 27, 2007

More Adventures

Long time no hear from – eh?

I’ll try to rectify that. Or rectal-fy. (oh…I kill me!)

I was back in DC last week and another round of ads on Manhunt and craigslist. And by round of ads, I think I placed one each. Manhunt hasn’t done much for me but I have never failed to score via craigslist.

If you notice, sooooo many bottoms advertise there that you’d think there is no way I’d get “lucky” when I posted. Clearly, that isn’t the problem. There seem to be a number of guys looking to get off. That I put it out there that I am from out of town probably doesn’t hurt. I’m guessing they can feel like they can unzip, get off and go. Which is pretty much I what I fuckin’ want them to do.

This time I threw out an ad for married guys. I never really get that specific, but I figured if nothing panned out, I’d just submit a more general ad. As it turns out none was needed. I’m guessing I got almost two dozen responses. A few got tossed out by me immediately. A few tossed me out after I responded to them. It is sexual darwanism at its most basic.

It ended up coming down to a few guys. As usual, guys fell through the cracks (no pun intended….or maybe not), so I ended up with three encounters.

Guy #1
A kid (27 yo) from Turkish descent. He presented better than the picture he sent. He was thin they flabby – if that makes sense. His cock was about 6.5” and thin. But he was enthusiastic. Playing hookey from work, he dropped by and dropped his shorts.

The kid wanted to kiss, and I’m down with that – but immediately, before lips even attempted to lock, I knew he’d be bad at it. The guy came at me with teeth bared – it wasn’t so much a pucker as a silent growl. It was no fun kissing him, so I avoided it by hitting my knees.

He seemed appreciative of my mouth to cock action. At least his staff responded. We played in a few positions: me on my knees, him standing or me on my knees, him sitting on the edge of the bed or me on my back on the bed, him above me. It was all doable. I did pull out the digital camera, and pics were taken, but none of them were very flattering to me…in the slightest, so you will not be seeing them here! I never delete them from my hard drive though….it’s ok for posterity sake. But, in almost no time at all after the picture session (I think it turned him on), he was getting his nut…and I was taking it. Every drop of it. In almost no time after that, he was pulling up his shorts and out the door.

Guy #2
A second man who represented in real-life much better than his picture let on. His picture seemingly made him look beefier and blonder than he was. Not that I would have turned that down either. But he was slightly slimmer than his pic and the hair had a silvery glint to the blond.

During our email exchanges he asked if I had condoms (as if!), lube and had cleaned myself out. I had lube. But I also mentioned nowhere did I mention that I agreed to take it up the ass. He sent back a ‘just in case you wanted to’ email. I told him I would clean out – and hit a drug store.

The guy showed and like I said, was pretty hot. Inked in a number of places, between that and his body, I pegged him for ex-military. Something he didn’t acknowledge or deny.

I believe I got to suck him for all of five minutes before he pulled me off and said, ‘oh yeah – you’re gonna take it up the ass’. Whether I wanted to or not (I did), I liked his cocky, self-assured attitude best of all. Anyone who reads this blog for content usually never sees one word ‘rubber’ or ‘condom’. This guy insisted on it and he was hot enough for me to look the other way. Not literally – as him ripping open the wrapper with his teeth was as trite as it was hot. He could pull off the entire act – and he did.

The dick was almost 7”, but meaty. And he knew how to use it. He said he’d be gentle, but neither of us believed it – not that either of us stated it. Just one of those things guys know. He softly put the head to my ass and then pushed it in balls-deep….all with a cocky grin on his face.

With not chance for me to adjust, he just started plugging away. As I mentioned, he was very adept on how to use what he had. During the act – he mentioned he started fucking guys when he was 14 – starting with his father’s best friend, through the military and well, up to that very second.

He did a really good job of pumping my butt, but he said, “Look how fuckin’ easy you are! I’m giving it to you hard and you seem to be able to take it pretty well”. He was giving to me good, but not hard. Not as hard as he thought – or maybe as hard as I had taken it in the past. Maybe I am easy. (discuss amongst yourselves!)

Clearly he was in this only for himself…..and that’s ok. I am so down with that, I cannot even begin to relay. I’ve tried in the past with guys and for some reason, they seem to have to justify their wanton lust and pretend to say they care about my pleasure too…or worse….that they apologize for how I’ve been treated by others where I like it that way.
He was not one of these guys.

After about 30 minutes he pulled out and stood next to my head and told me to put it in my mouth. Gladly I took it. But just as glad that he took ahold of my head and pushed it in deep. You know how I like an aggressive guy who takes over that way – even though deep down he knows I’m more than willing.

I did toss him my camera to take pics, which he was good with. He snapped a few of my extended tongue and his load squirting out of him and onto said tongue. I MIGHT crop them and post here, but I might not. No begging for them – it won’t do you any good.

The load was sizeable (considering he had gotten off earlier in the day) and tasted good. He had no desire to get a copy of the pics. He said he saw the real thing. He really wanted no reminder of this event. The perfect as-anonymous-encounter-you-can-get-via-the-internet-where-email-addresses-are exchanged encounter.

Guy #3
This guy almost didn’t happen. He was my one Manhunt hook-up. Great exchanges and he left for the hotel – 30 minute arrival time. After 70 minutes, I fuckin gave up on him and went out to dinner with friends.

I came back and the guy was back on Manhunt. Within seconds he said he was heading to my place. Whereas it might have been 30 minutes in his last estimation, I think he was there in 15. Good looking. Hairy. Jewish. My three weaknesses (not in that order).

The man was a kisser. He was aggressive about it and good at it too. I’m sure by the time we were done, my lips and surrounding areas were red and slightly swollen. And it was so worth it.

The cock was again, average (not that there is anything wrong with that), but the man knew how to use it….as well as he did his mouth. He could take me to the root and without the hint of a tooth or gag reflex. He liked how I took him all the way down also. But I knew that with him – it was not going to end in oral gratification.

We ended up fucking in ever position. We started with me on my back at the edge of the bed, but ended up moving everywhere around it. Then, of course, there was me kneeling on the bed at the edge with him behind me. His favourite was me sitting on his dick. I love that too – I cannot deny, but it is so hard to control myself from shooting. I can do that without touching myself when I’m riding a dick. He liked it best when I’d lean back and his cock was in me at I guess a 30 degree angle (I’m not a math whiz). Yeah – he loved that. And I loved it – looking at his lust-filled face as I rode him and he’d meet my downstrokes with an upward thrust. He made the most of what he had.

Eventually he got me on my stomach and bred me like a bitch. That was hot – his mouth at my ear….him pumping away hard. But I did want to see his face as he got close to and commenced the ejaculation process. Alas, it was not meant to be. With full weight atop of me, his load shot up my ass and I took it all. But you knew that.

Naturally, I always expect guys to be done after they cum. I am really ok with that. But this guy was concerned I didn’t get off… he went to work with his mouth to make sure it happened. It took a little while (damn fuckin poppers!), but he scored a six or seven day load out of me. I may have gagged him a bit – and well, I kind of like that.

Not bad for a day’s work. And here I am – headed back to DC in two days. Now I’m looking for all new adventures.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dog Days

It is not even August, but the last few days here have been hot. Africa hot. It’s amazing to me that pushing 100 degree weather would deter people for looking for dick. Or mouth. Or ass.

Saturday I went out for some park cruising but didn’t get far. There were so many trolls out there I was just waiting for the three billy goats gruff to appear. Maybe I’m delusional , but I don’t see myself as a troll. Maybe to some 19 yo I am – who knows?

A second park I went to had a ranger car sitting in the parking lot. No ranger inside, which I suppose means he/she was patrolling the woods. Damn. I just left and found other means (see my bookstore story).

Sunday was even warmer and I went on my merry way to another set of parks in another area of town. This place was still pretty desolate. What gives? In the area was one guy sunning himself next to his bicycle. Soon enough another car pulled in and right next to me. Eventually he walked into the heavily wooded area, followed shortly by the bike guy (not BikeGuy). Just as I was about to follow, a hot MF pulled in to the lot. I tried to make some kind of contact, but he wasn’t having any of it.

I decided to head back to the wood hoping Hot MF would follow and there would either be a group or an audience…..or both. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. As I hit the edge of the woods, the first guy was already heading out. Guess the bike guy didn’t do it for him – though they couldn’t have been back there long enough to figure this out. Maybe they had prior encounters. Remembering these woods – after awhile, everyone knows everyone, if nothing else – by site.

But the biker was still back there and a possibility that the Hot MF might follow both of us. Alas, that did not happen either. But I did find the biker guy….or more accurately, he found me.

My back was up after the first guy exited the woods. I thought maybe one of them was a cop. Bikeman didn’t ask me if I was and just started rubbing me…all over. I didn’t touch him. I should have asked if he was Johnny Law, and I know it is necessary in these situations, but I think it is a mood-killer and secondly, I think cops lie about it anyway. I just try for the other guy to make the first move.

External rubbing is not making the first move. Unzipping and hand to fleshy tube is what I consider the first move when it comes to establishing entrapment issues. Soon enough, his hand found my fly, then my penis. Soon after that, my shaft hit daylight and he had a firm grip on it. Still I didn’t make a move. I wanted to see how far he would go.

It seemed he’d go pretty far. Before I knew it, he was on his knees and enveloped my cock in his goateed mouth. He did a pretty good job, but not quite all the way down. After a few minutes he got up off his knees. I wanted him to resume but he was hesitant. He said he wasn’t that into sucking. Gimme a break. He did it too well to not be into it. So I asked him if he did do it, would he take my load. He had to think about it but ultimately said ‘no’. I put my piece away and said ‘later’. I don’t jack off (or rarely), do you think I’m going to spray my load on the ground? Je don’t think so! I took off.

Hot MF was still in the parking lot, but still no getting his attention. I took off to another part of the park, which was even more desolate. I sat at a picnic table and took a pic of my semi-soft dick, just for fun.


Just then a minivan pulled up. The guy must take his grandkids around with it, or he has a trophy wife at home. Yes, I’m saying he was OLD. But more importantly he was massively unattractive. Call me superficial, but the guy had nothing going for him unless he had a 14” shlong. I wasn’t going to find out.

He meandered into the woods just as a big ass pick-up pulled in. Out came a very well built black man. From a few hundred feet away and under his shirt, you could see how well developed his chest was and you could easily see that his arms underwent a continual work out.

Without even checking to see who was around, he made his way into another part of the woods. He never looked to see if anyone was following him. He either didn’t care or arrogant enough to assume someone would. I did.

I found him in the brush a ways back, occasionally groping his crotch through his shorts. Like the biker, I waited for him to make the first move. He took his dick out and showed it to me. I sat on a log, silently inviting him to come my way and knowing he’d know I was at the level we both wanted me to be. I’d say he took the hint, but it was more like a 2x4 being hit over his head.

He had a beautiful dick. Big and thick. Everything that is stereotypical of a black dick. I do not say that with any disrespect – just admiration. He let me take a pic of it.


I’d look up at him playing with his own nipples through his shirt and watched his tattoos flex over his biceps.

What he did next threw me. I assumed he was rough-ish trade. But he stood me up and went down on me! Not well, but it clearly wasn’t his first time either. He took more than a few swipes at it, but eventually he wanted me back down on his dick. I’m ok with that. Obviously.

I wasn’t down there more than two minutes when he gripped my head. I knew it was coming…and cumming. It was a good sized load and tasted pretty good. I was stroking my own shaft the entire time I worked on him, so I was really horned up. Too much so. I couldn’t hold off.

I stood up and he watched as I popped my nut in ribbons that went up to and over 3 feet. For someone who had cum less than 24 hrs before, even I was impressed by the size and force of my ejaculation. So was he.

But I had places to be..and I assumed he did to. This kind of situation didn’t warrant idle chit chat anyway. It was one of those – do it and get out. And that kind of shit, I love!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bookstore Shenangians

Yesterday I did something I had not done in years. ...went to a fuckin' adult bookstore.

I know you're thinking......this guy (me) is a slut and a sex addict - it seems only natural that he practically live at someplace like that. Oh, and how I wish I could.

And to be honest, I used to. I would drive miles each day to hit any number of bookstores awhile back. Let's not even get into me sneaking (?) in at the tender age of 16. But Cleveland is fairly puritanical in their approach to adult entertainment. First the gloryholes disappeared. Then the doors came off the booths. They the hallway lights always remained on. Some even have surveillance cameras aimed at each booth to discourage more than one person to a booth. What I'm sure it has done is to discourage incoming cash flow. Not only did the owners shell out for the electronics, now no one goes in and drops a dollar, a quarter or a token.

...then there is a story I might share sometime of getting busted by the cops in a bookstore.

That last part is really what has kept me from re-entering those places.

However, Saturday I seemed hornier than usual - if that is possible. I placed an ad on craigslist that got me some responses, but timing didn't work out (though as g-d is my witness, I am going to blow a physically gifted physician soon as well as a hot asian-lite married guy). One guy I talked to totally got me. Everywhere I was coming from - my place in life and how I should be treated. Again with the timing. He seemed cute enough - but his inner beauty shone through...he couldn't meet because he had to relieve the babysitter. But not his kid(s) - he cares for his 30 yo brother who has Down Syndrome.

That being said - he directed me to another bookstore where, yes, the booth doors are removed and no one cares. The caveat was, it was 40 miles away in Akron. I got in my car immediately.

$10 charge to get in, but nothing to feed into the machines. Sweet. I forgot how dark those hallways can be, especially when you come in from out of the daylight. ...and it's dark for a reason. Sometimes the guys who roam the halls need to be in the dark. The guy who dragged around his oxygen tank and had he cannula in his nose seemed a little sadder than most.

But I got down to business. Even though it was late in the afternoon, there was a smallish decent crowd there. A guy almost immediately came into my booth. 6'5", built and black. And a FAT 7.5" with a huge helmet head.

The guy stood in front of me and just lowered his shorts waiting. I'm not fool. I went down on it. All the way down - even with it's girth. I know guys came and went from the door watching. I got down off the bench and onto my knees and put on a show. I turned the guy just that folk could get a better view. And they did.

The guy was fairly silent when he came but I'm pretty sure the guys watching got the idea of what was going on.

When we got up, everyone disappeared. After wandering around I found another one. I don't know if he had pumped beforehand or not. I'd never seen much like it. You could feel the stiff shaft under almost ribbons of flesh. But he had just gotten there and didn't want get his nut just then.

After that there was another guy. A hottie. Major hottie. He liked to play safe he said. Ok. But there is safe (to me) and paranoid. He'd only get sucked with a rubber on. I sent him on his way. Why do guys like that hang out at those places?

As it turns out the next guy who came in was great. A real cocksucker but with a nasty attitude and a nastier mouth. At first he wanted to suck me, but I wasn't sure I wanted to get off just yet. I thought there were other loads to take. He sensed this.

He stood up and turned me around...and started eating my ass. With the swiftness of a pro, he had his dick out and at my ass. He slid his long thin dick into me and has mouth to my ear. "I saw you sucking off that black guy, you fuckin' whore. You're just dying for another load, aren't you?" One sided conversation went on like this for a few minutes until he stopped pumping. and then I realized he was done pumping for a reason.

But I'll give him this, he immediately got down on his knees and took my dick into my mouth. It felt like I shot him a nice load, but it was hard to say......since I didn't see. In a split second after he gulped....he was gone.

It's a ways away, but I think I shall be returning there now and again.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Every once in awhile I circle back ‘round to the title of this blog. Addict. Sex, that is.

It is what I am. Nothing I am ashamed of. And completely self-diagnosed.

I don’t know all the background of addiction, but if made-for-TV-movies were to be believed, it seems that if it were drugs, alcohol, or an eating disorder, the signs and symptoms are all there, it is just that folks are really good at hiding these when things are under control (or they think they are).

But the underlying issue (if you want to call it that) is that usually their need takes precedent over their normal everyday life. In the right environment, it can still be controllable.

Take last Thursday.

I was going to a client site which is about a 3.5 hour drive – each way. Not content just to go to the site and back, I had to see if I could find sex on the way to and/or the way back. Though on-line services can be futile, imagine all the wasted hours of hoping someone decent would show up at a rest area or alleged cruising spot.

With the advent of manhunt and craigslist, as well as the smart phone, finding dick can be pretty sweet, though it seems a more clinical approach to doing it than hanging out in a dirty toilet for hours on end waiting to see who might show (um....I think I just turned myself on). For the traveling businessman, the new innovations aren’t a horrible thing.

So a few well placed ads in the few cities I was passing through along with some specific timetables and I was kind of good to go. I had a number of inquiries, but as you all know, those start to self-select as you weed through them. It left me with 3-4 viable candidates.

As I drove closer to this pass-through city, I was in contact with all. I knew I couldn’t do them all, but I eventually chose one over the other – and it might surprise you: someone who wanted my load, not someone to give me one. Oh – and it wasn’t to be sucked out of me either.

The pic he provided (which I was wanting to post, but it’s full face shot) seemed hottest of the bunch, which had something to do with it. But after meeting him he was just ok and something like Dorian Gray, his picture ended fitting his real life persona.

He was taller than I imagined. And tanner. With a lot more freckles. And a really small dick. But that last part didn’t matter to me, because the plan was to dick him.

Anyway, halfway through my actual business trip, I pulled off the highway and while on the phone got directions to his house. That set me back 15 minutes each way. Then there was the 30 minutes fuck. Great – already an hour added to my already long day, and I was going to be later to the client site than I wanted….but when the siren beckons, one must answer – no?

“Kevin” was a pretty good cocksucker and he pulled my dick out of my suit pants. Soon enough we were upstairs in the spare bedroom. Clearly the one room he used to “entertain”. I guess he didn’t want lube and sperm on his good 400 count Egyptian cotton sheets. I can’t really blame him – we’ve all done that before: tricks who are there to slum, not slumber.

I thought I could lessen my redress time by leaving my shirt and tie on, but that proved problematic as I was constantly in danger of getting lube on both of those items. I had to strip down. I made him leave his jockstrap on. I know guys like fucking me while I wear mine (they don’t call me BIKEguy for nothing ya know), so I thought I’d see if it was much of a turn on do it as a top.

I think this blog proves I am not much of a top, but I’m learning…or trying to. Kind of. But I’ve already surpassed this year the number of times I’ve fucked over the last like 10…and I’m still in the single digits. I’m getting better at it. I’ve decided to trust my instincts in how to do it and not worry as much about the mechanism.

We started out with Kevin on his back. It was ok to look at him while I pushed in, but for all his claim that it’d been ‘awhile’ since he got fucked, he had not resistance and no issue with me sinking right to the bottom. Hell, not even a groan. I’m more than nicely sized and I’m not even sure he knew I was in him.

But I knew. And it felt …..ok. I’d be lying if I said if felt great. It felt ok. I’ve been in asses that make you want to shoot almost right away because they are so tight. This was not one of those.

I varied the speed, the motion, the length of pull-out and push-in. I was in this for my own pleasure, not his. Isn’t that what a top does? Ok ok….before I get flack for that, for me, there is something to be said about one-sided sex. I find it can be really really hot.....even if I'm just the receptacle.

Eventually he got up on all fours and put his head to the pillow. I slathered more lube onto my bare dick and found an angle to get into him again. This time I decided to work it hard and achieve the goal we both him my load. I don't wear a watch, so I was only guestimating time I was behind for the actual job that pays me a check.

While I was planning on giving him my load, a few full pull-out then bottoming out motions got me there quicker than I had planned. Oh well. As I felt the inevitable start to happen, I was in complete pull-out mode. Luckily, this guy's hole was easy access and I got in an slid deep before the actual explosion.

Seven days of cum he got. He begged for it. I told him he was a fucking whore as I let my seed into him. I think he was ok with that. I was just going on what other guys would say to me as they did something similar.

I went and washed my dick clean (those hand towels in the guest rooms always look too nice to use - but what are you gonna do?) and started redressing.

As he stepped into the bathroom to do his clean-up....I let myself out the door without a word. I probably hit the highway ramp before he got out.

Rounding back to my intro - and I know I'm not the only one - but I always find it amazing what guys will do to get their nut (or to get one). I've done it all my sexual life.....placed myself in danger: of the law, of my employer, of boyfriends (mine or theirs), of wives.....whatever it takes.....just for sexual gratification.

....and I wouldn't change a thing.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

CL Hook-Up

Yes, I know I still haven’t finished relaying some of my DC stories from last trip – and yet I am slated to head back there in a week, from which I will have even MORE stories. I love traveling for work!

This encounter is more recent – from last Friday exactly.

I’m finding that craigslist is a much better on-line tool (hehehe, I said ‘tool’) than Manhunt, M4MSexNow, Cruisingforsex or Squirt – even with the anemic postings that Cleveland has. The response is more immediate and guys are seemingly more willing. I have found this true in other cities as well. Ok….enough of my on-line cruising habits…..

I placed a craigslist ad being vague as can be, as to leave the possibilities open as to guys who might like a menu of things. I hate to limit the responses I get because the ad limits what I state. If you read this thing, you know I’m open to most things – I just try not to scare guys off at first glance.

I got only a few responses, but each one viable. Timing though – and a flurry of emails really limited the choice to one.

‘Steve’ said he was 35, but could have passed for a guy in his 20s. It probably didn’t hurt that he lived younger than what I consider a normal 35 yo to live. But maybe I’m just an old man.

The apartment is new and overlooks the lake, but it is a one bedroom that has what I’d consider single-guy furniture. The tv as blasting TRL on MTV. Not only did I not know that the show was still on, the ‘music’ was distracting and just bad. How does a 35 yo suit-wearing, white collar man relate to Kanye West and the other rappers they had on the show? The AF underwear he wore (which didn’t stay on long) always says “I’m holding on to my youth as long as possible” kind of thing. Yes – I AM an old man.

Steve was about 6’ but slim. Not an ounce of fat on him, but hardly defined. Though 35 he looked boyish. Is it possible he hit the wrong key and meant ‘25’? He had a good tan and some nice tan lines.

In the whiter area he had a trimmed bush but a nice cock. His email exchange said 6.5”, but he was much closer to 7.5” – and a nice thick knob. The knob and the shaft disappeared down my mouth soon enough… he watched. I love guys who don’t always throw their head back and go into another world – though there is something to be said for that scenario.

I like the guys who live in the moment who know what is going on and acknowledge it – verbally and non. He loved the idea of watching every inch go away….then reappear. The process was repeated a few hundred times. Some of those were by my doing, some were by his hand on my head and hips thrusting. We alternated on who was passive – the eater or the feeder.

Steve also claimed to wanting his ass eaten. I had no issue doing that – even telling him he needn’t shower after getting home from work.

The guy had a nice butt – what can I say? My tongue found his crack and his hole. With him being bent over the couch and TRL blaring, I know he was saying something or at least moaning, but I never heard specifics. I was also up to my palate in hole.

I’ve mentioned before, regardless of their ads or their response ‘top’ never seems to mean much. Maybe I have a truly wrong impression of the word, but it is one where I never expect a guy to drop to his knees. Maybe I just have THAT nice of a rod that it turns them all queer. Ok….I kid…..kind of. I mean, I do have a really nice dick. I’d blow me if I could.

Anyway, more than once, Steve took swipes on my dick – and he was no novice. I mentioned I doubted this was his first time – and he responded, “you seem have done this a number of times yourself”. I couldn’t argue that one. I pride myself on the job that I do.

I won’t say he got me all the way down and he made no attempts to get the load out of it, but it felt damn good. The enveloped mouth over my shaft. I’ve had better, but it felt great at the moment.

Eventually he led me to his extremely small bedroom, but for how we were using it, the space was just fine. I alternated eating his dick and then his ass.

The hole was extremely responsive to my tongue and the air I’d blow on it. The thing would just wink at me. When my tongue would take a break, my wet thumb would run over it. Once the hole just opened up and swallowed the entire thumb. Little resistance, yet still snug and warm. I don’t think he’d only taken thumbs up there before either.

I asked him if he’d ever had an ice cube up there and he replied in the negative. I took it upon myself to go his freezer and take two out. Naturally I dulled the edges of the cubes by putting them into my mouth. But then I slipped them both up his ass. He shuddered, as they all do but loved it (as they all do). I’ll hand it to the boy, he held on to the melted water. There was no sucking it out of him.

But now he wanted to get off. I could have done it right then and there or held off another two hours. He was kind of hot. And into it!

I had Steve stand and I went down onto my knees and really started going for the prize. Rock hard he was and started telling me where the cum was and how close he was getting. I don't know if it was for his own amusement or if he thought I might change my mind and not take the load. I stayed on him and he started unloading.

For a guy who jacked off the night before, he had a pretty big fuckin load - but it was the force of how it came out that impressed me too.

Remembering something from one email - he said he liked to see his load. And since I like to hold it before I ingest it, with his dick still in my mouth, I opened wide so he could see shaft, tongue and spooge. He looked down and said "Awesome". Maybe he was 25.

Before I even made it home, he had sent an email my way: That was mad hot! Thanks. You are very sexy! That was great sex. Text me or email, ping me whenever.

Man - how fuckin needy! : ) He must be 25.