Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hook-Up of Lies

Just a small rant about guys who answer posts that just cannot commit to semi or pseudo truths.

I don't ask for much - do I?

He sends great cock pics and decent stats. Plus my ad said I was really only into white/black/hispanics. I go for other guys too - but that is what I was looking for earlier this evening.

The guy shows up....about 50 lbs heavier than his pics or stats. Did he think I might not notice this? Oh - and he's asian-mixed. I guess he thought I'd miss that too.

All of this is overlookable (is that a word?), until I felt his crotch....or lack of one. He unzipped and there was almost nothing there. This is not a joke or the judgement of a bitter man.

Honest to g-d, I have never seen a dick this small. How small? He'd have to pull down his pants to piss because it was not big enough to escape his fly. I kid you not.

I do not know whose pictures he is using to post, but no one is that much of a grower/show-er.

As horny as I was - needless to say, I sent him on his fucking way. Though I never said why (shame on me), I think he knew. I think he gets that a lot.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who's Your Daddy

Weeks ago I placed that craigslist ad for someone to relieve me of my load. Guys kept trickling in responses over a week, still wanting to blow me. Not for nothing – but I had let two different guys drain me over a two day period. Most of the other ads I dismissed, but one guy just would not let up.

Maybe I was horny again. Maybe he broke down my defenses. Either way I agreed to meet with him – in public as he wanted to use a hotel conference room restroom to fellate me. As much as I like public sex, I was a bit wary in these regards. I had not scoped out the space or knew of the traffic flow or peak and dead times. To the public sex guys (like myself), it is important to know these things to minimize the risk of arrest. It is one thing to be watched….it is another thing to be taken into custody.

But my dick got the better of me. I thought he might not show at the designated time/spot, and though he was a few minutes late, he did indeed present himself as promised.

“Dan” was about my height (6’2”). He looks like he’s got a solid body under his work casual work clothes, but I wouldn’t or couldn’t say it’s a hot one. I never saw that much of it. At least he is height/weight proportional. His nose was not big, but the end did look as if it had been broken at least once. I know – I’m a freak. I like a good schnoz on a guy. I also think they more closely determine the size of a dick – better than hands or feet. Dan was probably in his mid-20s.

We walked mostly in silence to the designated restroom. I did have a few issues with the space. The hotel was marginal, but there was a surveillance camera once you get off the elevators and then another one right near the restroom entrance. Mind you – only one at the men’s room. Nothing at the ladies. Typical. My other issue was there was no door to the entrance….it was just an opening with a tiled partition so one could not see directly in to where guys do their business. Unfortunately, you also don’t hear guys coming into the space.

The better news was that the doors to the stalls went almost down to the floor. Not all the way, but enough where you’d have to be lower than a hand & knees position outside to see how many pairs of feet were inside.

I am a man of my word (cough cough) so I was there, I wasn’t about to back out at this time. I followed Dan into the farthest stall, shut and locked the door. You know the drill then – zippers are pulled down, dick is pulled out and then eventually the nuts too.

Dan sat down and did a really nice job on the sucking. He got close to taking me all the way, but not quite there. I am used to that. Immediately he started the hand/mouth combo which typically is not the way I like to do it when I’m an eater, and that carries over to when I’m a feeder also. But it does help speed things up in these kinds of scenarios and public spaces.

Dan then wanted to know if it was ok if he took out his dick. Of course I said yes, if for no other reason than I’m a greedy pig who wanted to see what he had under his work slacks. …and it wasn’t too shabby. A solid 7+” and a good size thickness. If I had not been in feeder mode, I would have loved to swing on that. But time was a-wasting and we were both here for a primary mission: to get me off.

Soon enough Dan was sitting back on the toilet taking me to the zipper. There was no way I was unbuckling everything. One has to plan on the hasty retreats if necessary.

Though I did celebrate a birthday earlier in the week, I wasn’t feeling too much older. That is until he pulled off my dick and looked up at me with those puppy dog eyes and said, “can I call you ‘daddy’”? Oy!!!!

I think any longtime reader of this blog will know an unofficial breakdown of me giving vs taking is about 10% to 90%, respectively. It has never occurred to me that I might one day be a father figure. In my heart (what little there is) and my head, I’m always ‘the boy’. But as the t-shirt says, ‘Even Daddies Need Daddies’.

He repeated the question and it was sort of rhetorical, as you could tell he wanted and needed me to tell him ‘yes’. And I did. Begrudgingly.

After that, I threw in a ‘son’ or ‘boy’ as he really went to work on my dick. Since it had been like 7-10 days since I had gotten off, and he was using his hand – it wasn’t taking me much to get there.

When I was right there, I told him to stop moving his hand, to start swallowing and not make a noise.

I know I shoot a big load anyway – but after a week, more often than not the eater gags on my load. I’m not bragging – just stating the recent facts since I’ve only started letting guys do the job I’ve been trained to do so well. Besides that I was in work clothes and didn’t want to wipe coughed up jizz off my pants – I could not have him draw attention to us by gagging and coughing.

I will say – the boy did a good job. He took it like a sperm-sucker and even lapped up any additional drops I squeezed out….and there was plenty of that too.

The poor guy wanted me to keep my dick out while he jacked off, but I tucked it away. I was trying to minimize our risks. Though I did stay for him to pump off a nice load onto the black marble-like tile. He told me, before he shot, that he would clean it up afterward.

I’ll have to take his word for that – since after he shot, I shot out the door, leaving him there.

Maybe I’ll let him have it again. Maybe not. I guess it is all in how the mood will strike both of us.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

DC in Two Parts - FUCK

Due to delayed air travel, my last time in DC was a bit more limited than I anticipated. I had about 45 hours in the city. Actually, this makes my encounters that much more impressive when you look at the numbers:

Airport time: 4 hrs
Sleep time: 12 hours (over 2 days)
Work time: 19 hours (over 2 days)
Sex time: 10 hours (over 2 days)

9 Guys
11 Loads

As much as I love sucking (and you know I do), I find it very masculine to take a good hard fuck. Yeah, some would say to take it would be to be the bitch, the woman, the fag. And while I can certainly identify with two of those adjectives (and enjoy being called them in the heat of the act), I think it takes a real man to be pounded by a hard dick.

Yet, I’m not really good about asking for it most of the time. I leave the options open when I post an ad, just to feel the other guy out. I know I’ve mentioned it here before, but I try not to determine the course of the encounter – not exactly anyway. I might try to talk them into things….or drop subtle suggestions which the majority of time, then they think whatever activity we do is their idea.

But then there are the guys who I just out and out say “I bet you fuck GREAT” – and it’s all it takes to feed their ego and for them to prove me right. Sometimes they do – sometimes I let my dick think for me and I’m not pleasantly surprised.

One guy I contacted had fucked me before. A few times before, actually. Each time "Steve" and I hook-up, he is better and better. This time was no exception. I was at a nice hotel and I’m sure the staff wondered who this guy was – in his camo shorts, his tank-top exposing massive amounts of ink on his upper arms and this bleached hair that was sculpted into a spike-ish faux-hawk. On the elevator ride up, I could see he had gone commando. His third leg told me he was excited to be there.

Yes, there was a little sucking, but for the most part we both knew what we wanted and there was no dance leading up to it. I had already laid out the Gun Oil and poppers on the bed stand. I greased him up and stroked him just so. I didn’t want him overly excited. He reached down and played with my nipples – which just always closes the deal. I grabbed the poppers, leaned back, took a long hit in each nostril and waited for him. It wasn’t long before he was between my legs nudging his very plump rod at my backdoor.

As fat as his dick is – and it’s not beer can anything, but it’s a good girth – the man can make it feel comfortable. His speed, his agility, his finesse, really works for him – and for me too. His pounding isn’t pain-inducing, just intense lust.

It wasn’t the longest time session we had….but it was the best so far. Too soon he was on the edge and his groans told me – and probably my next door neighbors - that ejaculation was close or in progress. As usual, he hopped in the shower, I’m assuming to avoid detection with his partner (I’m not above having guys cheat with me), and then was out the door….until next time.

I decided to call it a night at that point, being close to 11p. As soon as I turned off my light, my cell phone rang. Like a fool I answered and got talked into letting another guy come over. He had to have responded to my ad and I had to have answered with my phone number – but for the life of me I couldn’t place him (hey! The ads were very well responded to). He lived five minutes away…blah blah blah. I figured, ‘how long can this take?’.

It didn’t take long, but it was too long….if you know what I mean. I know some guys don’t like man-smells and I appreciate that. I like them, but to a certain degree. But I’d rather have a rank smelling man, then one who bathes in cologne…..including his crotch. Who the fuck does that? I don’t want a nose full of musk/flowers/whatever as I approach his dick. It was disgusting. Also, I don’t necessarily mind smokers (per se), but seriously guys I’m going to tell you smokers something no one will in person – it’s one thing not to want to kiss because of tobacco and it’s another to have to be subjected to the smell of clearly a heavy smoker who has stale breath each and every time he exhales (which during sex can be often). And when they are on top of you, looking down, it is constant and a turn-off. The mixture of the cologne, the breath and the mint gum unsuccessfully trying to cover the breath was too much.

Anyway – he fucked me a little with his little dick, but I wasn’t into it and I think he got the non-verbal message. He still felt the need to pull his pud and shot a miniscule load onto my ass then pushed it into my hole with his fingers. He was out the door as soon as he dressed

The next morning I was up before the crack of dawn and placed yet another craigslist ad, while signing into Manhunt. It’s amazing how many people cross-post and are the same people cruising at the same time. It’s a pretty small community on some levels. I’m not moaning – I was/am one of these guys.

That morning responses were slow in coming. Maybe it was the heat – maybe folks got tired of my postings, though I changed up the scope and pictures. One guy I had found interesting on Manhunt conversed with me and then cut me off. Oddly enough, he contacted me via craigslist – I’m assuming not realizing I was the same guy. I wasn’t about to tell him. The guy was hot, hairy and hung. I wanted him.

“Ed” showed about 10 minutes later, true to his picture. I got on my knees and took this hardening cock out of his shorts. Soon he had me pinned between the hotel wall and his thighs. At first I found his voice to be kind of nelly, but the more the matter turned to sex – the more he made it turn hot.

As I was down there, Ed’s hands found my nipples and I was like jelly. He was smart enough to know he had me wherever he wanted me….which turned out to be on my back on the bed. He grabbed the oil and slicked his dick up. Soon he was balls deep in my butt and it felt good. He had a nice thick long dick….at least 7.5”. His hairy ripped torso was above me as he pushed in and out of me. I think he was hesitant about being in me raw for about 2.8 seconds. If he was indeed concerned he kept it to himself and gave into the feeling of skin on skin after a few internal strokes. Then he just went (w)hole hog. As it is usually, he got too close too soon. But when it’s a good fuck – what IS the time limit? It’s never long enough when the guy is good and know what he’s doing. His groans told me he was there……..and then beyond.

The guy pumped a big load up my ass – and one I would gladly take from him any time he wanted. It seems he is willing in this regard. You can bet my next trip to DC I will contact him for another go-round.

Shortly after Ed left, I had another visitor. Older than he said…..not as thin as he said, but you get used to that stuff – at least to a degree. The ad I had placed actually was for getting a morning load. Not giving. This guy wanted it all….but I didn’t. Not with him.

I did get him to fuck me….which he was actually ok at. He dumped a 3-4 day load in me adding to all the others before I had to shower and hit the Metro to White Flint (it’s a long-ish ride with a butt full of jizz). After he was done, he attempted to go down on me. I wanted to lose my load – but not to him…and I had a work schedule to keep. I was up front with not wanting to get off but that didn’t stop him from trying to swoop down on my dick. When I stopped him he got really huffy and muttered to himself (as he dressed) like I wasn’t even there about ‘him wanting to get fucked but not letting me suck him’.

It’s the good and the bad. I just take it as it cums.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

DC in Two Parts - SUCK

Due to delayed air travel, my last time in DC was a bit more limited than I anticipated. I had about 45 hours in the city. Actually, this makes my encounters that much more impressive when you look at the numbers:

Airport time: 4 hrs
Sleep time: 12 hours (over 2 days)
Work time: 19 hours (over 2 days)
Sex time: 10 hours (over 2 days)

9 Guys
11 Loads

The hotel was a nice one, but problematic for someone like me. They were very safety conscious – so much so that a key card was needed to activate the elevators. That meant, instead of “them” knocking on my door – or me leaving my door open for them (which I love the sleaziness of), I had to go meet them down in the lobby. I am sure the hotel staff was on to me by the end of my stay.

After my delay into the city, I immediately put up a post saying that I needed a load soon. Luckily it was right at the end of most people’s work day and I had quite a few responses by guys who wanted to drop a nut before heading home.

But then I placed ads in the early mornings before I started my day too…and I get the responses there too. After a week, the sequence is blurry. Keep in mind – this is only the suck section of this trip. I will give you highlights – but in no particular order:

  • One guy was from the previous posting: Freak-a-Zoid. I won’t repeat that story.
  • One was a referral from a previous visit. A large (not fat) married black guy. Maybe 7” – but thick and uncut. Is it just me, or is there not many uncut black men out there? I certainly don’t see them. But he was good enough to drop two loads without much effort. He was thick enough to stretch my lips, that is for sure. I don’t know I’d go out of my way to do him again, but I was doing it more for the guy who referred him to me.
  • Another two load guy was a 40ish Hispanic man with a smaller uncut dick. An ok guy – but he was in a hurry. His partner already knew he had left the office. You know I like guys who cheat – so I was down with it. That he could get two loads off in a short amount of time was impressive to me. He might be fun to play with for a longer period of time and for more than just sucking - but I took what I could get.
  • A boyish looking man on his way to work. DC is a town where one wears their work credentials on their shirt – literally. Wearing your ID badge to get in and out of buildings seems to be part of the dress code. So it was little surprise that this guy had one on. I wasn’t looking for or at his name – but it was hard to miss the workplace. It just happens to be one that I do some contracting work for on my trips to DC. I decided not to mention that to him. But his dick was average at best – so was his load. He was one of these guys who insisted in completely undressing for a blowjob. What is the point of that really? I mean IF you had a great body and wanted to show it off. Or maybe he likes his skin – and that’s cool. But for a blow n go… seems like a waste of time.
  • Some married business man was in the mix too – who was only fair. Not even good enough to expound on.
  • The best guy – without a doubt was an early morning guy in need. His picture was hot and he was about four blocks from me.


He was the only guy I didn’t host – he had the place and I was fine with going there. “Eric” was in a hotel and I assumed was a traveler like me – but his room told me different. A ‘real’ bed, groceries on the counter, a very lived in couch and throw rug. He also had a flat screen tv – but not the hotel kind. This guy was living there and I can only assume he worked there and they provided him space to live.

Eric answered the door with just a towel around his waist, clearly having just emerged from the shower. This body was flawless and after he dropped his towel, I saw that his dick was too. Almost 8.5” and good thickness. His abs were tight and defined. The face was handsome too – but I didn’t get a long look at it.

Taking my suit coat off, shirt and tie still on (remember the earlier guy I had blown disrobed entirely) I was on my knees taking him far down his shaft. And by far down, of course I mean -all the way. He was verbal /non-verbal. Noises without words. Grunts. Moans. Groans. And hips that could move. He didn’t mind his hand on the back of my head – and I kind of liked it there too. He put it firmly there after about 15 minutes when he decided to let loose. I think he could have gone longer – as could have I, but the day was young and we both had to work.

I gladly took everything he had to offer. And he gladly gave it. He did have a sensitive dick after cumming – one of the most I’ve seen in a long time. But I wasn’t about to let that seed go to waste. I kept my mouth off the tender areas and milked his shaft with my hand until the last drops of pearly semen came to the head. Only then would I swipe that with my flattened tongue. I cleaned it off good – like he’d just showered.

I don’t normally email a thank you after the fact. For Eric – I did, in hopes I got another chance later on in my travels.

Here’s hoping…………

Friday, August 10, 2007

Do I Attract em or WHAT?

Yes, it is possible I am a huge douchebag - but honestly, I do not think so.

A few months ago a guy responded to a craigslist posting of mine and when I did not respond the way he, Miss Manners or Emily Post would have considerered proper (I wasn't an asshole, I just didn't use the right magic words) - this guy attempted to rip me a new one.

So over a week ago, he responded to another ad I had posted. Yes, it was an anonymous ad, but when I saw his email and picture and knowing how he replied last time, I just ignored it completely. I deleted the email actually.

Today I get a follow-up to his reply from 8-9 days ago!!!! Since I never replied, he didn't have my email address. He actually went back into craigslist to find the ad to re-respond to it. Seriously - WHO DOES THAT?

So, I can't help it (oh - yes, I can, but I'm not going to) - here is the email exchange, complete with grammatical mistakes. My text is in yellow. His in blue.

So you know I'm not a 100% dick - I didn't publish his email address....of which I am soooooo tempted.

Hey -

Real class demonstrated there man. You weren't interested, so you couldn't be bothered to take all of like 15 seconds to send like a "thanks, not interested" email back, even when I had mentioned: "if you not interested, NOT a problem---SERIOUS, just let me know this, ie. I'll know you got/read the email!"? Lol. Classic, typical. Whewww.

Your WELCOME for the reply/compliments paid you.

It was NOT (read: NOT) a problem you weren't interested man---SERIOUS---I was JUST prompted to speak up when encounter the lack of the same AND similar decorum/class as your going to want demonstrated come your way soon 'nough. LOL.

I'm glad that BASIC PRINCIPLE of life: "reap what ya sow" applies to ALL men---regardless of ones' acknowledgement of it's existence or not, or ones' current state of mind.


Well considering last time I answered one of your responses but didn't use the word 'please' or 'thank you' and you went on a 2 page tirade regarding that, I didn't really feel it was in my best interest to respond to your reply for this ad.

You have a knack of alienating guys.

"dude" your ass is so far up your ass (can you say: DELUSIONAL) that you wouldn't recognize a sound thought if your life depended on it!

You sorry exscuse for what a mans' character should be. Here again you demonstrate condencention "two page tirade" LOL. You fucken women with a set of atrophying balls.

And your "logic" you arrive to reasoning: " really didn't think it was in your best interest to reply back? Man, your pitiful.

Listen, re-read what I said PLAINLY in the last email I it s-l-o-w-l-y so you can absorb it...give your jumbled mind a fighting chance to MAYBE comprehend what I PLAINLY said. (I mean it's not like I used big $ 5 dollar words there....or here!)

I think the best thing that could happen to yourself: that you continue in your fucked thinking, "logic" processes...continue to bring upon yourself the same and similar shit character types as you sow. Bring upon your OWN destruction, sooner rather than later. Really. I would willingly bet a nice piece of change that your too far gone upstairs to realize any semblance of SOUNDNESS comming back to that mind of yours. Really. I bet I'd win the wager. No shit.

Listen, again: you DID me a favor. My only hope for yourself is that you reap ten fold, the same and similar shit character ALL thier irritating, ugly manifestations into that trifling life of yours.

YOUR loss jack.

Do me a favor, PLEASE: BLOCK my email address so as I don't make the mistatke ever in the future inadvertently re-replying to ANY of your future posts'

By the way: save your email come back...I know that ANYTHING that emmanates from that mind of yours will be nothing more than the same horseshitreasoning, logic. (Read: your email addy b-l-o-c-k-e-d.)

And Also: WRONG: I don't alienate men from myself jack...(here again is your POMPOUS, then DELUSIONAL selfs' mind conclusion entering here) I have met some decent men online---VERY few of a good character type---very few I'd be willing to consider MY friend that is. (that is they may be nice to look at...nothing much else there of substance I would want though to be a part of)I DO alienate (desired result---hello?) those of the caliber of character types' such as what your ass demonstrates itself to posess, yes. I don't wish to have NOTHING to do with them...I don't give a fuck how good they may look, etc.


Wow. I rest my case.

Am I a dick? Is he unhinged? Are these questions rhetorical? Would I have to define for him what 'rhetorical' meant? Do you think he took spanish in high school?

All these questions will never be answered......because he blocked me!!!!! boooo-fuckin-hoooo.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


It happens with anyone who has hooked up on any consistent basis: encountering the weirdo.

I’m not talking the total psycho. I reserve those more for dating – or they sit and wait for me, I should say.

But a recent hook-up was one for the record books. Or at least the blog. I doubt he’ll read it and don’t really give a fuck if he does.

I was in DC (as usual) and from a craigslist ad, he found me. I had a few other people on the line for hook-up – all of whom I ditched for a chance with this guy. As you can see from the picture why I might have made him the chosen one. There is a price to falling for vanity as I was soon to find out. As hot as his picture is – the man exceeded all expectations. The body was better. The body was hairier (a good thing – for me). He was older, but not old. The man had lines around his eyes that I found incredibly sexy. And the hair on his head was pretty nice too. His voice was low and masculine and the stuff that radio disk jockeys would kill for. The body itself was close to perfection. I do not say that lightly. I could not figure out why this guy would want to be with me.

The second “Kevin” made it into the room, his shorts were around his ankles. The dick was a solid 6.5” and I do mean SOLID. The guy had a metal cockring, but hardware that I’ve ever seen has made anyone’s penis THAT hard. I don’t know if he had chemical help establishing that erection or not. And not once in the 60-90 minutes we were together that dick ever waver in stiffness.

The weird part started almost immediately. I don’t mind a man whose breath smelled of scotch – but clearly he’d been drinking. Ok…I can attribute it to nerves. As a matter of fact he said he was nervous…..about 72 times. Do nervous guys drop their shorts before the hotel room door is shut? Do guys who are nervous maintain an erection made out of cement for 90 minutes? Je think not.

Then it was, “I’ve never done this before”. Before the evening was up, it was “this is only the eighth time I’ve done this”. I’m thinking the eighth time this week. As I ate his ass, I think I could have lost a fist in it. Hot: yes. Virgin: no.

Then we went through the, I have to be discrete – you won’t tell anyone right? (Do 400 readers per day count?) I think he repeated that question only two dozen times or so.

Let’s move on to the poppers. “What are these things? I’ve never seen them before” But then proceeded to put them to each nostril for long long inhales. Not bad for someone who doesn’t know what they are. “Are these heroin? Is there coke in here?” I think those questions only got asked 18-20 times.

He certainly had the body of a military man – which he claimed to still be active. I have never made it with a career military guy who didn’t have even a little bit of ink on him….and he didn’t. At this point I wasn’t believing anything this guy said anyway.

Yeah, he said he was married – and he doesn’t cheat, except for some hookers when he was stationed in Korea and Thailand. But he wouldn’t fuck me because of potential disease. I think he just equated me to being below an asian street whore…..but I’m not sure.

That being said – shortly afterward, he got a glazed look on his eyes, pushed me back and pushed my legs over my head with a vengeance. There was nothing nice about this and exerted pressure of a good amount of force – all the while threatening to breed me and make me his bitch.

Most any other time I would find this highly erotic – but for all his annoyances, he was not beginning to scare me just slightly. He’d let up for a few seconds and then exert greater strength to this effort – but never following through on making me his anything.

I finally got him to let me blow him some more (yeah, I guess I did more than just eat his ass before, but not much else – though he liked his pits licked…and they smelled and tasted like MAN pits) and I finally coaxed a mediocre load out – in size and taste.

Considering the amount of loads I milked out of other guys this trip (stories coming up), I couldn’t help feel that the 90 minutes I was with him were a waste. I could have taken 2-3 other guys….easily. And without the questions.