Monday, December 24, 2018

Chicago 7 - Married Dad Head

After the Funny Guy bj, I headed out to drinks and dinner with friends. It lasted way too late into the night, not that I wasn't up for another round of fucking or sucking, but it seems no one on line was.

I mean, they were, until they found out they had to pay for parking at the hotel. JFC, folks, it's still cheaper than a hooker...........I mean, I assume.  So I went to bed.

I'm an early riser, so it was well before dawn. I saw a man less than a mile away who claimed to be bi, was in a hotel, and needing someone's mouth.  I felt I qualified.  So did he.

He was one hotel away, but that was still over half a mile. Still, I trekked over in the dark and up to his 9th floor room.  I knocked and he opened.

Now I was knocked out.  The man was gorgeous. Handsome as fuck.  Fit. Tall. Salt and Pepper hair, maybe a little heavier on the salt. He was fresh out of the shower and clothed in a loose white terrycloth robe. He was also on his cell with what could only be his wife.

His finger to his lips silently told me not to make a sound. I complied. He told her of his flight and his arrival and how he was looking forward to seeing her and the children.   Then the phone went on the hotel room desk.

Standing before me, and without a word, I sank to my knees.

My plan was to reach up and untie his robe, but he was looking down at me, his hands going to the sash, though his eyes didn't leave me.  The robe fell open and there it stayed.  He'd never be fully naked during our time - which I found incredibly hot.

His cock was semi-flaccid.  I started by running my tongue along the underside of his dick. He twitched - well his cock did, and he started to grow. Before he got fully up, I made sure to envelope his dick with my entire mouth. I wanted to feel it stiffen fully in my orifice.  ....and it did.

The man had a solid 7. I'm sure it made his wife happy. It was making me happy. And my mouth was making him happy.

He stood there in the middle of the room, with some stranger on his knees, pre-dawn, sucking his married cock. Making it feel better than his wife ever could - and hopefully any other cocksucker ever has.

I'd love to say it lasted a long time. I'm not just a cocksucker, but a cock worshipper. I paid such detail to not only his cock, but to every response he had, the involuntary ones, the verbal ones and the non-verbals as well.

I'm not bragging - not really - but I dare say I was doing too good of a job. The blowjob lasted for maybe 8 minutes.

He started to grunt and his hands gripped my head - tight. I wasn't going anywhere, but in his defense he didn't know that and clearly he didn't want me going anywhere.

He shot a man-sized load out of his 7".  I swallowed it all.

He remained standing in his room, robe opened, as I stood, walked to the door and left the building.

The guy was nice enough to send me a message later in the day telling me he'd been thinking about that sucking since the early a.m.

So was I.

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Chicago 6 - Funny Guy

Actually, he wasn't funny, but he wasn't meant to be.

His Scruff profile said he was a stand-up comedian. Lord help us all. No one needs that - least of all in a NSA hook-up. He was staying with friends and taking an Uber over. My lord, 20 minutes to go 2 miles. Dude, you could have walked faster - and cheaper.

It's a good thing he didn't.

He was taller than I expected. Taller than I - and I'm 6'2". He was heavier than I expected. Not fat, but not fit. His cock became much larger than anticipated.

The pics he sent me were nice. The one he revealed after in the door (the one time I didn't leave it open) was ok too.  But working on it a little, JFC - the man was a GROWER.  Easily 8" and a very nice thickness.

He wanted to kiss at first. He was handsome enough to make me want to. His gingivitis / halitosis at first kiss told me I wanted to no longer. It's the little things, really.

So I went to the task at hand. Well, to mouth. And knees. This man wanted head, nothing more. That would end up being a shame, as the more I mouthed that cock, and the more comfortable he was being there, the more he grew and the harder he got.

But the man had funk. Like Paris in summertime funk. Like Paris in summertime and hadn't showered for four days funk.  Normally with something like that, I'd breathe through my mouth, but it was currently occupied. Still, I'm a trooper and I worked that fucking cock.

He sat on the edge of the bed. He lay back. He stood up. He was looking for a blowjob, not just to get off. I can respect and admire that. After all, I AM a cocksucker.

The guy made me work for it - not that I really minded (except for the occasional whiff I had to endure).

When he came though - fuck did he cum. Heavy torrents of thick juice.

I'm not sure why he - or any other guy - was surprised when I took every drop without a gag. Clearly, you just saw the work I was doing on your dick - I'm not an amateur.

He liked that I did take it. He thanked me for my service and was out the door.  Hopefully to go shower.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Chicago 4 & 5 - Bottoming for a Bottom / Triple Load Score

Just to move this tale along, I'm combining two parts.  I hope that's ok with you. I'm pretty sure you won't mind.

Pt 4

My conference had a few hours before kick off and I was, well, horny.  A guy who looked decent was a few hundred feet away, but looked ok.  A little under my target height, perhaps 5'6".  Dark hair and beard were a big plus and a handsome-ish face - though it would turn out to be a better picture than reality

The dick turned out to be decent once we got past the formalities and me just grabbing his crotch. A little over 6", but fuck was it thick. I wanted it in more than my mouth.

As it would turn out he was a bottom. He thought I would be fucking him, or at least he'd be blowing me.  He was wrong.

To my testament, I had him rock hard with my mouth and my hand.  Within minutes, he was on the bed, pants still on but down to his thighs. Mine were off and I climbed on top of him, straddling his dick.

With spit from my hand to his dick for lube I eased myself back onto him and took him to the root.

He might have been a bottom, but his dick betrayed some aspects of topping. Yes, I did most of the work, but he wasn't complaining.  I just started riding that cock.

His idea wasn't to cum too soon.  Mine was to get the load faster than I'd normally want. I like the fuck. I like the process. With him, I just wanted to the load. Once I knew he was a bottom, I kind of lost interest in him as a partner. I wanted the TOP experience. Basically I was the pushy / aggressive bottom who acted like a top to get the dick and seed.

His idea was not to cum too soon, but again, his body betrayed him.  I could see it in his face. I could feel it in his cock. I could hear it in his breathing. He was there.  I took him over the finish line, adding yet another load to my ass.

He lay there as I put my pants and shoes back on.  He said he was in town for a conference, right here in this very hotel, he said.

Fuck.  I'd have to see hi again.

Pt 5

During said conference,  my phone was kind of blowing up. The apps showed a new guy in town. I think we all know how that can be. The one no on has had (ok, you know differently, but they don't!) and the one they'll never have to see again.

Sure there were lots of flakes, as I sat their answering things in text while someone at the podium droned on about something or other. The subject of the conference wasn't nearly as drawing as sex.

One guy had me going back and forth. His pics were vague. His stats were good: blond, 5'10, 175, 7". He was a few miles away but wanted to come by. I told him what time I would be free, but he needed to be by sooner.   During a break, I stole away from the conference and back to my room.

Again, the door was slightly open. I was on my knees on the bed, shoulders down, ass up, lubed up. He wanted me in a jock. I didn't have one to be in.  The door creaked. I heard "wow!".

I heard the pants drop.

Unlike the early morning guy who was hard to start with, I had to drop to my knees and get the guy all the way up. Once I did, he went in. Oddly, I was still tight to start with - but he still went all the way in.  He loved it. So did I.

And the man could fuck. And he did. Me. In ever position.

The first load - oh yes, there were more than one - was just the way you saw it above. From behind and deep. Me on my knees.  He growled loud enough for anyone in the hall to hear, should they be passing by.

There was no rest for me.  When he pulled out, I went back down to my knees and took him in my mouth to clean him off, which I did. But he never lost his hardness.  After a minute or two he simply said, "up!".  I stood up.

He had me on my back on the bed. Face up. Legs up.  His dick ass.  I took another pounding.  I didn't get the second load then.  We did it on my side. We stood and I had hands pressed against the window for anyone to see, should they be on the 5th floor of the adjoining parking garage. It was there he dump his scum into me for the second time.

My hole was starting to really feel it by this point. I was open. I was lubed internally.  And he was still hard.  But I went back down on him, because I do like ass-to-mouth, and want the guy to feel me clean him off so he can pack away knowing I got it all.

This was not that time. Not yet.

He walked over to the sofa, something I almost never use ever in any hotel. He sat down and patted his leg.  The inference was clear:  sit on his lap.

This time I rode him. First cowboy style, and then facing him.  That went on for a good 10 minutes.  My legs were cramped but I kept going.  So did he. Pushing up when I slid down, I'd say we were a well oiled machine, but it wasn't "oil", per se.

I know it couldn't have been huge, but he announce his third impending orgasm.  This one I didn't feel, but I'm not sure who could have. Besides his two other loads, I had the conference guy's still in me too. 

I'm not one of these guys where cum leaks out of his ass and runs down the legs.  I keep that seed in me.

There was one more ass-to-mouth and I was done. Well he was done. He said he had another load in him, but he had to go.  I would have taken a fourth, just because I never have from one guy.  But it wasn't to be.

By this time, I missed most of the afternoon conference.  I didn't even bother going back.

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Chicago 3 - In the Dark

I forgot to set my 'do not disturb' feature on my iPhone, so at 5:00 am, I got a ding that I had an email from BBRT.

The profile was ok, but unremarkable.  But he was on his way to work and needed to get off.  Anonymously.

- Dark room.  No problem, It was 5:00a. 
- No words.  No problem. I was wiped and really didn't need to converse.
- Door open.  Can do.
- Face down.   I know the drill.

He messaged from the lobby.  The door was unlocked and ajar. A pillow was under my abdomen. I was face down, ass up. I left lube at the bedside, but with no illumination and no talking, he'd have to fucking find it by himself.

This guy didn't mess around. I appreciate that.

The door closed behind him, but unlike most, he didn't bolt the door. I heard the pants behind undone, but unsure if they came off.

Most of these "anon" dudes eventually need sucked to get up. Not him. He was rock hard. He ran it up and down my crack. He either had lube or spit onto the cock (or he used my pre-lubed hole from a few hours before), but he lined up at the hole and pushed in.  One push. Balls deep.

I mean - he wasn't massively hung, or hugely thick. But he was insistent.

There was no, 'wait to adjust to it'.  It was shove in and start fucking.

I will give him this. He knew how to fuck. Maybe he was skilled or married. Or both. I do find married guys really know how to fuck. Maybe that was all the DL stuff - but truthfully, I find it hot as hell too.

He was true to his words. Not one word. Not a grunt. Not a growl. Not a peep.

What he didn't have was stamina.  Seven minutes. Tops. After he was in me, that is.

I'm not complaining. I do love to be fucked. ....but I think you know that.  But this was a before sunrise breeding. This wasn't a commitment. It was a pump and dump.  A cum and go.

And I remained in place when I heard the door shut behind him.  Like a good boy.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Chicago 2 - 3 Way

This guy had been jacking me around for a few hours.........and not in a good way.

I think you can see why I allowed him to. Even on the off-chance I had the opportunity, I wasn't closing that window.  But it was a lot of stop and start; then "I'm on the way" when he wasn't. He was listed at 2 miles away, so even in Chicago that shouldn't take 90 minutes. ....even if crawling.

And he started with wanting to suck me. I declined saying I was a cocksucker. As much as I wanted that body - since I never get bodies like that - I wasn't giving up my load on day 1 of this work conference where I was the new guy in town.

So I kept looking - now expanding my search to BBRT. I'm never sure why I just don't start there, but I don't.  Soon enough I get hit up.

I kind of almost immediately groaned. It doesn't take a MENSA member to match up my screen name to my blog name. I do hesitate for guys who read me and connect. It can go either way on their like or dislike of me.  And hook-ups are even more precarious. I assume - and maybe they don't - they know I'm going to write about it. And if they read for content they know I can be pretty frank regarding the sex.

We went back and forth and he was a dom top. He mentioned he'd read everything I've written - which can be good.....and maybe not. But if true, then I do hold no surprises.  He said he was going to get to the hotel at a certain time. And he did.

As I would do throughout the entire weekend, save for once, I'd crack the door and be face down / ass up for their arrival. Sometimes clothed, sometimes partially.

I totally know I'm stereotyping here, but when he spoke, he sounded more like a power bottom than a dom top.  It was easy enough to put aside and how we are is so out of our control anyways.

I did eventually turn around, because deep down I knew this wouldn't be just a breed n' go. So like the guy in 429 from a few hours before, I went to the jeans and gnawed on them, then the underwear. He stiffened up nicely. Very nicely. This was shaping up very well.

The pants came off. He stood next to the bed while I told his cock into my mouth. At first it looked nice. I don't think I had truly caught on to how thick the base was. While obviously cocks differ in styles, his continued to get thicker the farther down you went, and it didn't let up when it hit his pubes.

I commented on how thick that shaft was.  "That's why I liked experienced guys", was the reply. I knew what he meant.

He liked ball play, and I tried. Admittedly, I got distracted by cock. I always do. But as I lay back, he hovered over me so I could lick his sac. And taint.

While doing this I swore I heard the faintest one-tap at the door. I almost didn't get up to look, but did. And there was guy #1.  I told him I had someone else in there and he was welcome to join. I hadn't asked "Kyle", but I had a good enough read on him that he wouldn't mind.  He entered.

Sure he was nice looking, but not quite like his pic. The was good, but less firm. It all worked.

As I assumed, chest-guy really wanted cock, not to get off. Not really. He went down on my cock, then Kyle's.  Kyle had me suck the chest-guy.  I'm thinking 4.5" and thin at most. But he was hard and seemed to enjoy it.

Kyle talked about fucking. The guy's eyes lit up. He wanted to get fucked. This was not my plan. But Kyle was savvy. He got the guy to fuck me.  I was on my knees on the bed, bent forward. Chest guy fucking me from behind.

He wasn't vocal but I knew he was coming after only a few minutes. I'd love to tell you that it all went up my ass, but it didn't. But some went on my balls and some onto the bed.  I'm not quite sure if he started to pull out on purpose or from the other thing.

It seems when I was getting fucked, Kyle walked behind chest guy and shoved his cock up his ass. That might have had something to do with the early ending and the partial withdraw.

Kyle and I hung out on the bed while the other guy got ready to leave. I'm all one to show off, but I was now not in the mood with this guy. But as he dressed, he said I should sit on Kyle's cock. I had every intention, but just wanted him to scoot first.

As soon as he was gone, I climbed aboard.

The cock felt so good in my ass. I sunk down onto it, feeling every inch of girth. That cock was exactly where it was meant to be.

I did remember to reach behind me and squeeze his nuts.  Kyle liked that. But it wasn't enough for him. Soon, I was on my belly, on the bed. Kyle knows how to deep dick a fucking bottom. There was total withdrawl. And total (re) penetration.

He had already pushed that other guy's load up my hole, so there was a nice suction-y / squishy noise that went alone with that fucking.

Kyle got me open good. That thick dick has many purposes. But he knew what to do with the meat that is between his legs.

It's safe to say Kyle made that hole wetter. He picked up steam....he picked up the pace. He fucked. He fucked hard.  ......and yes, he came.

A big load. A few days worth.

After he slipped out, and was cleaning up, we chatted about other bloggers. Kyle is familiar with them all -  Big Dicked Vers Guy.  Another Cheater.  He was all about The Breeder.......but really, who isn't?

As he left, I felt good and used. It got planted up my ass. Deep. And there it stayed all night. Until..........

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Sunday, November 04, 2018

Chicago 1 - Fresh Meat

Seven minutes.

That's all it took from the time I had checked into my room at the Doubletree (room 541) to bed heading down to 429. 

The door shut, I put down my bags, my phone pings a minute later. I was brought face-to-screen with a variation of this:

I do love a spread shot with a nice basket.  The arms were nice, as was the face. But if we're truly being honest here - it was the crotch. The denim packed crotch.

He was interested and asked if I was. I affirmed that to be the case and in seven minutes from unlocking my door, I was putting a 'do not disturb' sign on it and heading down a flight of stairs to 429. 

The man was inpatient. Half way there - of that 90 second walk - 'are you almost here?'. 

I knocked. He answered.

The room was a mess. Open suitcase, but clothes everywhere. Clearly he was a flight attendant. There were uniforms out.

He was more handsome than his pic. Hispanic by background, with jet black hair.  He was rarin' to go, with only black briefs on.

I went right to it - down on my knees. I gnawed on that fabric making the black shiny and slimy. I batted his hands away from the elastic a few times until I took it down to expose the dick.

I really don't know whose cock this is, but doubtful it's his, or taken in some kind of altered state.  The cock I got was longer and with a pronounced curve downward.

The pronouncement would come in handy when I lay my head with my head hanging off his bed and him feeding me. He could have plunged deep, but he didn't. He could have gagged me a little, but he didn't.

It was one of the three positions we did, along with the traditional, "on my knees" and him laying back in the bed, which is always my least favorite.

But that is the one that got him off.  His cock / his load, his rules.

The load was plentiful and actually tasted good. 

Seven minutes after I got to my room, I had a hook-up planned.  Twice as long as I got to his room, I was on my way out of his door with his cum in my belly.

This Chicago work-trip could be fruitful in any number of ways.

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Cigar Fuck

There must be some contradiction to me, at least in the fact that I am an adamant non-smoker, but one who gets boners for cigar men.

Even the most average man with a cigar will get a second look from me. My Tumblr is filled with far too many men holding a cigar.  Freud was wrong - it's never JUST a cigar.

I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with me. It's not just that I don't smoke, but I"m not fond of kissing men who do, the smell isn't that appealing and it's never fun to have your clothes smelling like you came from a bar circa 1987.

...and yet, I'm sexually drawn to these men.  Some of these men, that is.  Trust me, just like everyone else there are men that a cigar could not help with attraction.

Anyway, I had seem him on a few sites:  Recon, Scruff, BBRT.......and it seems he at least knows of my Tumblr, which means he probably knows of this blog, which means he's probably reading about himself.

Knowing this beforehand can be a struggle. If a session is bad, it's harder to write about honestly. Luckily, I won't really have that issue.

We traded messages for a long time, but nothing even trying to nail down a time ever. But this day, I was working from home. I had already successfully sucked two other guys dry (more on them in another post, I suppose).  I think we were both surprised when we were both free at the same time.

I had already 'prepped' my ass in hope of one of those other two guys wanted to fuck (they didn't), so when asked how long till I'm free, I said I could leave in 5 and then 20 minutes there. Boom. Done.

One the way, I was told the door would be ajar and to just come upstairs. I parked and got out of my car - immediately, even out in the driveway, I could smell his cigar.  His windows must have been opened.

I slipped off my shoes upon entering and climbed the stairs to see him sitting at desk, an Asylum parked in his jaw, while he watched porn.  Clearly I entered the sex room.  Air mattress. Porn on dual monitors. Sling. ....and that's about it. But that's about all you need.

He was sitting there, a well worked Asylum in his mouth and wearing a black leather vest. That was it. That was all that was needed - for either of us. It was the scene. It's what we wanted and expected.

My shorts and shirt came off and hit the floor. There was no foreplay - on my part.

Ok, yes, we stood there stroking and touching each other's cock,  but that was it on my end. I never once sucked him. This is unusual for me, but not unexpected in this situation.

That doesn't mean there wasn't foreplay - I just didn't perform it. He (I never did get a name), bent me over his air mattress, got on his knees, and dove his face into my ass, with cigar resting on the side of my hip.

The mouth was good. The beard was rough - but in a good way. It was exactly as it should be.

Then it was fucking time. He lubed up an average sized cock.  His cigar was thicker than the meat. I'm sure it was longer than the cock too when he started it. He placed it at the outside of my asshole and pushed in. Exactly as it should be.

The angle was ok, but not perfect. So into the sling it was.

The angle for me was great. I love being in that position anyways. I like seeing a man in front of me as he fucks. I'm in a semi-vulnerable place and he, well...........isn't. It's a nice view as his cigar gets parked in his jaw while he pumps my ass.

There was a moment a few minutes into the fuck that I thought he was extremely close. Instead he pulled out saying that angle didn't work for him.  Back to the mattress it was.

We went at it different ways but there was a lot of stop and start.  Cigar play was part of the play.

He liked smacking my ass and eating my ass. This played well with cigar / sex images.

....and yes, he put that cigar right back in his mouth after it had been up my ass.

We stopped trying for a while and he admitted to me that he had cum while I was in the sling, and that he thought he could get off again, but now wasn't so sure.  But he sat in his chair and stroked while we talked dirty and traded different tales.

He got up and walked across the room coming back with a dildo. 8" in length and a normal girth. He lubed it up and slid it up my hole. There by, pushing his already deposited load deep.  He continued to fuck me with it while we talked.

At one point he pulled it all the way out and presented it to me.   "Clean it off".  Dutifully, I parted my lips and took the sex toy in my mouth. I didn't just lick it clean, but I made a performance out of it. I tried to deep throat that mother.

All of this go him going again. Soon in was on all fours at the edge of the bed and he shoved his cock in and delivered a second load.

I had not cum, nor was I planning on it. But for good measure, I picked up the dildo again and slid it back into my ass. I made sure it got cum covered again and the returned it to my mouth.

That was it.  We both enjoyed it - I think. There were, and have been, no plans to return. I wouldn't say 'no'.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

30 Minutes

If we're being honest, with whatever on-line app you're using, you choose guy you don't really want to have sex with - they're just close.

Sure sure, some of them we want to have sex with. With some we will travel or wait for them to FINALLY show up...........if they show up. But you know those odds. We all do.

Hook-ups should be like pizza delivery.  30 minutes or less. The endless negotiating and asking the stupid questions, just so a cock can get into a hole is mind numbing.

I'd say I'm guilty over picking closer than hotter sometimes, but there's no guilt. Guilt is a useless emotion - and this is coming from a Jew.

And trust me - I know I've been selected by closeness over hotness from other people looking to get off.

It was a day of sexual thought. The idea of getting someone off. I was horny as fuck. Sorry for shocking you with such straightforwardness. I know - you're all delicate flowers.

Me getting others off was not meant to be. I tried.......and tried. No one near or far was biting. I made it home and had some time to kill before evening plans. I had seen him on Grindr before. No exchanges, words or fluids.

His screen name implied he'd be giving the head.  It wasn't my first or second choice, but fuck - I'd been horny all day in thought and touching myself here and there. Oh - and I hadn't cum for almost three weeks.  So there's that.

45. White.  5'9", 165, average everything.  I pinged him. He answered. He was a mile away. Said he could be here in 10.  I told him to make it 8.   Yeah. I'm kind of a dick, sometimes.

.....but he was there in eight minutes.

He was an eager as fuck cocksucker. By the book, he was good at cocksucking. Good suction. No teeth. Lots of enthusiasm. Good spit ratio. And yet it wasn't working for me. Oh sure, I could have willed myself to cum, but you know I don't give up my load all that often and I want it to count.

On a whim, as I was standing over him, he on his knees bent towards me - I leaned over and rubbed his ass over his shorts.  He responded as I expected him to - like a bitch in heat.

Honestly, I didn't even fuck him.

I mean - I did, but in reality, he fucked me.

In a flash he stood up, pulled down his own shorts, applied his own spit to his own hole, bent over and then thrust himself on my fuckstick.  I barely had to do a thing.

He was an aggressive fucking bottom. It's like he was fucking me - well, kind of.  But he did push himself back on to me fully and then rode me while bending over, me leaning against a counter. He was a little whore.

And he ended up giving me directions.  He pulls off me, kneels down, face to the floor, "fuck me doggie style!".  So I did.  I'm an accommodating host, no?

As you will see some of this from the video - including the sperming of his ass.

.....and then he was gone.  From time of first contact to him walking out the door was a little over 30 minutes.  Perfect timing.

Naturally, he keeps bugging me for a repeat.   Whore!

Topping a Stranger

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Stall Sex

He works near me. Near enough anyways.

He's not in my top 10 choice of guys.......and I'm being nice with that number. There is something to be said for convenience.

The guy is not really my type. Maybe too flamboyant, or the potential to be. Be it the hair, the product, the walk, the talk, the cologne. I get I'm supposed to embrace my brethren, but it doesn't mean I have to have sex with them.

It was a weak-ish moment. I actually figured he'd be the one sucking my cock. And I mean, he did, but he didn't suck me off.

Backing up. It was a Grindr thing. I swung by his office and waited for the all-clear signal. I walked in, he not only closed and locked the door but put cases of paper behind the door. I'm good with not getting caught.

He did go down on me, as mentioned. But it was clear he wasn't going to take the load. He pulled out his 7" cock and told me to suck it. For all the things that didn't draw me to him, his attitude did.

"That's it cocksucker, swallow my dick".  I'm all about the degradation and the dirty talk. I wouldn't have guessed he had it in him. He actually pulled it off well.

"Are you ready for it?".  I'm assuming he meant his load, but I hadn't been sucking long. But there it was. A decent amount went right into my mouth.  I was still swallowing and savoring when he zipped up and told me to get out. He was picking up the boxes that blocked the door - checked for traffic and then gave me the thumbs up to leave.

It was a decent situation.

A few days later, he pings me again. He tells me of a bathroom where he's gonna stroke one out. Wanted me to join him.  I told him I wanted to eat a load, but I had an idea.  I was already in the appropriate stall when he walked in.  He first went to the urinal...walked past my stall, peered through the crack to make sure it was me and took the adjoining stall.

The floor is dark marble. I could see the reflection well enough and could tell when he opened his pants. I could tell when he grabbed and stroked his cock.  After that? can watch the video below to see what my idea was and to what he went along with. Well, he knew about the first part, though you don't have to be a genius to figure it all out.

He left without another word.

I took a screen capture of me eating his load and sent it to him.  He sent back and emoji of a pig.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Friends First

We've been friends for over 15 years.

When I met him, I told the man I was then seeing, "I've met the man I'm going to leave you for".  He didn't think it was as funny as I did. But on some level, I'm not sure I was truly kidding. 

At the time, the man smoldered. Handsome as fuck. A jet black, perfectly groomed goatee to go along with his jet black thick hair. 

He is still is handsome as fuck. But we've been friends. Good friends, but not super close, mostly because I think his husband dislikes me. Probably because he thinks I have the hots for his husband - which I did. Which I do. 

So months and months ago, "Rob" made a leering comment on Facebook about one of my FB friends.  I chided back, "really? right in front of me??"  It was then the cloak - metaphorically speaking - came off. For both of us.

There was flirting - where there hadn't really been for 15 years. Then it was just overt comments/suggestion, and finally overt propositions, oddly enough, from him. As much as I wanted him, I did worry it would be awkward and ruin our friendship if we attempted and it didn't go well. He agreed, but we kept poking - again, metaphorically speaking.

He had me stop by his place of work. Everyone had gone. Deep down I knew we should have dove right in, but there was a lot of standing around, shifting foot to foot - talking, laughing uncomfortably, hemming and hawing until he finally called it and said "it's not going to happen today".  Duh. Deep down I knew that too. I went to break the ice. I went to get over an awkward phase, if we were going to do this at all.

Now and then, I'd ping him with a comment.  We'd kind of feel each other out - so to speak. While I knew Rob well, neither of us knew our likes / dislikes when it came to sex.  He knew I would volunteer at and attend CLAW. I knew he allegedly volunteered there too, but that was because an organization at which he donated time was a recipient of CLAW's donated funds. I didn't want to get him hung up on anything leather. He did say, "no butt stuff", since he's married.  I'm ok with that. He was unsure about kissing - as was I.

Kissing me to me, as previously stated here, is way more intimate than fucking or putting or taking DNA in an ass. It's a different form of intimacy and both of our feelings were conflicted as it stood.

One morning with a picture of my freshly shaven nuts. He replied almost immediately. He suggested getting together later in the day. I could sneak away from work early, as could he. I showed up at the agreed upon time, we opted to not talk to start, as to not fall into that earlier trap.

Upstairs we went. right to their master suite.  It's all very open concept - from the bed you can see the bathroom and shower. They're are no walls except for a partial one that blocks the toilet.  My hand went to his chest and traveled downward right onto this work pants. There was a lump, but not a LUMP.

Rob's hand went to my crotch as well. I was hard. Very. 

This surprised me to a degree. I had the nerves too, but as you all know, my dick doesn't always respond to my mind. It might not have been this time either, which is why I was solid down there.

He undid my belt, unzipped my pants and took out my cock. He loved it. I knew he would. He went to his knees and fuck if he wasn't an excellent cocksucker.  I loved looking down at his handsome face and watching my cock disappear.

I should mention that we had discussed both of us wanting to suck the other. Normally it is not my thing, but he is not a normal guy in my life. I WANTED to please him in every way. I think it is why my cock was so hard.

Unbeknownst to me, I hadn't even known he had placed us in front of an enormous full length mirror that just leaned against a large post. Rob was an exhibitionist.  I loved it and told him so.  I placed my hand on his head and watched myself in the mirror push my cock into his mouth while tightly holding him in place. He took it like a champ.

Rob stood up and semi-spontaneously it happened.  We kissed. And fuck if he wasn't good at it. The kissing was full of passion and fire. I had hoped it would be. And I had hoped it wouldn't be. It would have left a layer of complexity out of the mix had we been bad at it.  We weren't.

We broke the kiss. Now it was my turn.

Me on my knees. Him watching in the mirror as I slapped his hand away from his belt. I was doing that. He apologized in advance for the size of his cock. He had one it before in texts, but I discounted those. No, he wasn't my size, but he had a great cock. I told him so, though I think he thinks I was just being nice.  He knows me well enough that I don't say things just to be nice.

One of the problems with being friends first is that you possibly hold back on your sexual self - including the verbal.  I was pleasantly surprised when Rob told said, "yeah sucking my fucking cock".   It was like another barrier was taken down.

He moved his cock in and out of my mouth, telling me he liked seeing me drool over his dick.

This went on back and forth for well over an hour. We were either too nervous to cum or didn't really want it to end. I cannot speak for him, but I don't have an answer on my side as to which it would be.

Rob really wanted to see me cum. Again, I wanted to please him.  He got on his knees.  I told him to take off his shirt, but he denied me that. I jacked in front of him as he talked dirty to me, about me.

I asked if this is what he really wanted. He said he did, but he didn't know for what he was asking. I had not shot for almost three weeks. When I blasted off, I went whole hog.  I hit his face, beard, forehead, and that shirt he wouldn't take off?  I'm guessing pre-soaking might help out, but it's probably a goner.

Oddly, the redressing and walk out wasn't weird. I think we had dodged a bullet on multiple levels, though he didn't miss my sperm bullets.

We have repeated versions of this a few times since, though not with a jacking off scenario.

I now find myself in a quandary.  Usually sex with friends doesn't end well, but mostly because of awkwardness,  This isn't that. My problem is no one is leaving anyone for anyone else. Maybe I think I want what I cannot have. The crush I had 15 years ago still exists........but now it's kicked up a notch.


....this was a post I bet you were not expecting.  Me either. 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Morning Load

The morning was different. I had to go to a training session in a different part of town than I normally work. Because the training location has no food, I stopped at Panera to order a salad to take to work.  It was early in the morning, so I sat and had some tea and a muffin while killing time.

I got ping'd on Grindr by some guy a mile away.  Decent guy, not great. Inherently you could tell he was a man of his word and someone who'd follow through, which takes him up a few pegs in my book. He was to the point as was I.  He gave me an address and I said I'd be there in 10 minutes.  I made it in 7.

However he was not there.  Yet.

It turns out I was meeting him at his place, but not his place.  It was a property he owned or managed that was currently kind of between tenants. It was a sex get away for him.  That is, if a sex get away is a 2 bedroom 1 bath major-fixer-upper.

He arrived a few minutes after I did and entered through the back of the house to let me in the front. That entrance was more like a breezeway - and a place we'd never leave. It had a stained off white sofa and a stained off white.....ottoman?

It also had a floor, which is what I used when I went to my knees.

He had on jeans, which I gnawed on the crotch. I could feel the material start to expand as the flesh that was beneath it started to rise. I heard a moan too. Good. A man in need.

The guy had me stand up.  Like an expert, he played with my nipples through both my dress and under shirts. You know I love tit work, but it's hit or miss on if a guy is good.  This guy was superior. He had my legs, cock and butthole aquiver.  He liked his tits played with too.  And hard. Like SUPER hard. I was and still don't think it was enough.

I was putty in the guy's hands and had he wanted to bone my butt, I would have not only said 'yes' but begged him to do it.  I alluded to as much, but I got no bites. Maybe on the 3rd or 4th time he just said he doesn't fuck guys.  Damn.

Back to sucking it was.

This breezeway was a sauna. It had to be mid 90s by 8a outside and with no ventilation inside, He was ripe.  You know that moment in a man's day where he smells manly - but not quite funky yet?  Well he was to steps past that, but not to the point I couldn't function due to his odor.  I was dying because of the heat, but doing my job.

There were times I did what I was doing, there were times he took over the pace. I was cool either way. He never took off his underwear, which was hot to me.

We stopped here and there for nip work which was frustrating for me. He knew what it did to me but I knew I'd get no follow-through and yet I didn't want him to stop, as it's such a great feeling for me. Still I knew my mouth was going to be the solution to his problem.

Plenty of times he would push me off of his cock as he was getting too close. I took it as a win and loved he was self-policing his orgasm. I didn't have to do the edging. That said, I did have a schedule to keep so not being in that control was a little disconcerting.

I gave into it though. I knew I'd still make it to work in time.

The guy had me sit on the stained sofa.  By this time my pants were around my ankles along with my boxer briefs. I was openly stroking my own dick while servicing his.   And I was still servicing his because he stood on the sofa and straddled my face. With his hands on the wall in front of him, he fed me cock.  I took it oh so willingly.

He was once again close. His movements, his gasps for breath, the stiffness of his cock all told me this would be ending soon. He was leaning over me but still looking down at me. He was watching me take his dick. He liked seeing it disappear and reappear.  I decided then and there to put on a show when it came time - which was just about now.

He tried to to bury his cock in my mouth when the orgasm came, but what little room I had to pull back, I took. With mouth open he could now see every pulse of sperm that left his cock and that got shot into my awaiting orifice. "Oh FUCK, that's hot" said he.

I had no doubt it was.

Then I swallowed.

He offered me a used towel from the floor to clean up with, but I hadn't cum and I made his all disappear, so save the sweat on my brow, I had nothing to get rid of.

As it was, I was going to training with a sense of satisfaction and the smell and taste of cum in my mouth.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Face Fucked

"Suck my dick" was the text I received.   I replied, "what's the magic work".....and apparently it's "cocksucker".

Who knew?

He backed off due to my availability.....that damned job I have and all.  I did message him I was leaving and if he had to run an errand that happened to be near my house in 15 minutes, he might want to consider doing that errand.  He was at my house in 15 minutes.  What he told his wife, husband or partner, I have no idea. And I really have no idea to whom he's attached. Nor do I care. I just know he loves me sucking his cock and well, I like doing it.

It had been months. We had been more regular. Maybe twice a week. Then things dropped off to the point I figured he found this blog and got repulsed by the volume of cocks I service. It can be quite daunting. You are either really turned on by that kind of behavior or totally turned off. It's doubtful there is any in between.

I was waiting for him by the front door. He was about to say 'hi' when he saw me just slowly palming the mound in my shorts.

It's not that he cares about my cock. He's never seen it. He never will. He just figured out my level of horniness. He said nothing and walked past me and headed to where I almost always suck him if it is at my place - my home office, the location of so many guys I've had.

With "Dave" I don't really fool around. There is some talk, but not much. I got down on my knees and mouthed his mound, which was covered by white shorts. I hope he wasn't going home right away, as I made them noticeably damp with my saliva.

As it so happened, when I went to my knees, I was right next to the desk. I unzipped his shorts and hauled out his cock, as i fucking love the look of a cock just hanging from a fly. ....though he wasn't really hanging if you get my drift.

To get a good angle, I kind of sat on the floor. As I did, my head was right next to the wide end of the desk. In essence, I was trapped between his dick and the desk. I just didn't know if he realized this yet.

I think he did and he didn't. He knew enough to tease me, just feeding me the head of his cock. Feeding me just as much as he wanted to - which was little. I know he loves head work.  But at that moment, I don't think he realized the full potential of what he could do or how he could control.

But it didn't take long.

Usually Dave is a passive suck. He sits in a chair with his legs spread. I do all the work. All of it.  I'm not complaining.  We all have our places.....our roles.  Mine is cocksucker.

But he fed me more and more cock. Soon, my head was pressed hard against the desk, his pubes were in my mouth. I had nowhere to go.....not that I was looking to get away. He liked this. A lot.

Maybe I'd been getting a Dave who was hiding a more aggressive side, because it came out all too easily. With no hands on my head, he started giving me his dick fully and withdrawing the same way. The pace picked up. He was brutal about it, but it felt so fucking good. Not just the cock, but the scene.

At one point he pulled out and just kept moving his hips.  "Your beard is gonna smell like cock", said he. And a few seconds later, he followed up the verbal with, ".....and your breath is gonna smell like cum". 

I was hard before, but I was BONE hard now.  He is not really a

He shoved his cock back into my mouth and just went to town. The man had skills. I don't mean this badly, his cock is average, but how he uses it, especially earlier today (oh yes, a same day post!). He got me to the point where he had me gagging ever so slightly.  That is no small feat.

While I'd love to say I was turning him on, I suspect - and hope I'm right - he was turning himself on. I think he liked this side of him as much as I did. I'm hoping he suppressed this in the past not wishing to scare me, and now he knows it's better than ok; or I'm hoping it is new-found and he will be doing this more often.

I think he got closer than he wanted to at the time, but there was no going back.

The face fucking did not let up with his ejaculation. He just kept pummeling my mouth. He's not horribly verbal when he's about to cum, and usually I'm the one sucking it out, so I can feel the hardness getting harder. Not this time.

I wasn't sure he was cumming at first. So much went to the back of my throat, or deeper and his mouth fucking just kept pushing it down further. I barely tasted first.

The volume was so fucking heavy it just started backing up in my mouth. With the violent assault, internally I started to worry a little. Breathing was more difficult. My eyes were tearing up. I started to choke a little on the amount of jizz. With his withdraw and reinsertion, I felt cum dribble out of my mouth, down my chin and onto my shirt.

Part of me hates that I lost a drop.  Part of me was completely turned on that I missed some because of the delivery method.

"Don't you dare take it out of your mouth, I'm not done!"  And he wasn't.

I love holding it all in my mouth and doing a big gulp but this time it was not possible. I know some went right down my throat, but I had to swallow at all times just to keep up.

He did pull out and then goes, "I'm gonna cum again".   My immediate thought was, 'really'?  But he tugged his shaft had and fast about 10 times and pushed it between my lips.  It wasn't a huge load, but compared to the one I had just gotten, anything would have seemed tiny.

He got himself together while I kind of sat their dazed.  Then he just said 'thanks' and walked out.

I've been thinking of this since:  while faggots like me want the tops to have all the power, they rarely do. A good cocksucker controls the situation far more than not. He's the one who can get the top off, usually at his pace and his will.  The top becomes a quivering mess just begging for release.

This was not one of those time. I had zero control. I suppose I could have tried to steady his hips and motion, but I didn't. And I didn't want to.

I loved being fully at his mercy.

I am a cocksucker.

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Bookstore Visit

It was a weak moment for me. I caved and headed down the 40 minute drive to the questionable bookstore / video arcade. I had not been there for months, swearing it off as a waste of $12, which is now $15, for entrance.

I was “working” from home and had already sucked off two guys separately. I was still bored and horny – which is a lethal combo – and none of the apps were working for me. I totally miss craigslist personals. I thought, when it came to the bookstore – oh it’s 40 minutes each way, spend an hour there, and I can still get home and answer emails etc. It’s funny and yet pathetic how one can justify such a cause.

But bored I was, so I took the drive. The place was every bit as depressing as it usually is. There was the requisite one semi-hot guy that everyone was probably hoping for – myself included. There was me, who was THE hottest guys there, even if I say so. Then the assortment of trolls and trolls with spine curvature, but only because they were 190 years old!

Mind you, I’m not bragging when I said I was the hottest guy there. I was standing upright. Have all my own teeth. Am height-weight proportionate. I don’t use portable oxygen. Those alone made me a fucking catch. …..and I don’t think I’m f’ugly, but that isn’t really for me to decide. I have zero boils, warts or goiters. What’s the problem guys?

The second hottest guy could not have shown less interest in me. He’d look. Then he’d just find a place to squat and look at his phone. And he spent the better part of the time talking to the clerk – and knew each other on a first name basis. Maybe he goes there………………..a LOT! …..not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I wandered. I sat in a booth………or 9. I didn’t even really watch the movies. Whomever makes their selections chooses the worst porn ever. I sat there as guys peaked in. Most leaving. One or two standing, peering….then leaving. One who came in. Not great, but I had long given up aspirations of ‘great’. He loved my mouth…….for about four minutes. “I don’t want to cum yet”. That jewel of a line. Someone either got him off right after that or he just left. My self-esteem was taking hit after hit after hit.

Like always, I considered leaving, but that gnawing feeling that someone could walk through the door any minute. It’s usually a fool’s game. Still I went round both sides twice more, before the idea of calling it quits. On the second time around on the first side, I hit potential pay dirt.

He was black, medium height a decent body on him and he was in a booth with a decent sized cock out. I think he was showing off to the guy in the booth across from him, but I was not one for playing games or beyond stealing a chance from the milquetoast guy in that other booth. I got the nod from the black guy, stepped in and grasped his penis. He liked it. I loved it.

No words. I sank to my knees and took him in my mouth. His hand instinctively went to my head. He guided but no grasped. He didn’t even really need to guide, but I think – like I said – it was instinct. What was a nice cock became a great cock. It grew. And grew. It pushed 8”, but it was thick. Thicker than I imagined. Like I said, “pay dirt”.

He didn’t stop me from my cock worship. One average guy walked in. He took out his cock. The black guy directed me toward it. I sucked like a fiend. I didn’t care if he were there or not, but I wanted him to get off so the black guy could see me take a load. This was not to happen. I went back and forth between the two, but didn’t get him off.

While sucking, the black guy reached behind me and rubbed his hand over trouser clad ass. As I sucked, I unbuckled for him and loosened my pants. His hands soon found their way to a hairy cheek….then a crack. Then a hole. I did nothing to stop him, while the white guy I was sucking watched, as was another guy at the entrance (there are no doors on the booths). The black guy leaned down and said, "I wanna eat your ass. Meet me back in the 'spa'”.

I’ll explain the bookstore and spa. The bookstore is attached to a strip club. Female strippers. As I have only gone to the bookstore during the day, and the strip club must only operate in the evening. I’ve never seen what kind of crowd that might draw. In between the club and the bookstore, the spa connects the two. It consists of toilets/urinals, sinks, sauna, lockers and three or so showers. I have zero idea exactly what it is used for, but it’s there and you can access it for no charge (maybe for the lockers?). On an aside, I’m wondering if some of those straight guys from the strip club wander back there and get head from us cocksuckers. THAT could be fun, but it’s probably just my fantasy.

I trailed the black guy by about a minute though we didn’t sneak around going back there. As he saw me approach, he stepped into one of the showers. I followed. He pulled the curtain closed. It’s not exactly Kal-El’s fortress of solitude, but for this purpose it would do.

His dick came out. My pants went down. He squatted down and true to his earlier statement went to eat my ass. I braced myself against the tile wall.

Truth be told, I went to suck dick there, so I didn’t exactly prep for anything else. I didn’t say anything but if I was nasty, it didn’t stop him. I don’t think I was spotless, but this wasn’t going to be a muddy fuck either (yes……everyone do the collective: ‘ewwwwwww”. Get it out of your system). Nothing had him backing away, so I think we were good.

He stood up, his dick rubbing over my ass. He moved in. There was no talk of lube. It looked like the only kind I was getting was what he left on my hole. I had no poppers, so that wasn’t going to help. I was nervous and excited for the cock and for the mode of delivery. ………until he pushed in.

FUCK he was thick. He got about half way in when I asked for spit. He pulled out and while I never heard him spit onto his cock or palm, I’m thinking he did. With regulating my breathing, the second go round he got in me halfway easily. His mouth to my ear, I heard him sigh as he pushed in and I pushed back. He was fully embedded in my ass.

Then the fucking started. We weren’t loud, but we weren’t really quiet. In the past, I’ve seen very few men venture back into the spa area. It’s not dark. I think a lot of these guys use low light as their friend.

I could feel every inch and vein of this guy’s cock. He’d push as deep as he could and pull most of the way out. I could feel the void as much as I could feel the cock when he was balls deep. There was a fullness in me that I fucking loved. Pressure, but not pain. He talked about how nice my ass felt. I replied back how great his cock was and told him to fuck me. So he did.

Both of my hands were on the shower walls. He was insistent in his fucking, but no jack-rabbit sex. I looked behind at him a few times, often pushing back onto this cock, meeting his strokes head on. Once I saw a hand on the outside of the shower curtain pull it back slightly. I have zero idea who the voyeur was, nor did I particularly care – even if they opted to step in and take turns. I was in that kind of mood.

For a semi-public fuck, this wasn’t quick. I mean, 10 minutes or so. The pace quickened during the event, but not just because he was getting close….or wanted to get close. I’d encourage him to ‘give me that fucking big black cock’. He accommodated.

But he did get close. I’d say deeper in me, but probably not. His dick was a far as it could go, but I think he physically got closer to me while his dick remained deep. Breathing became more labored. “Do you fucking want the load?” It was a question for sure, but it really wasn’t. It’s doubtful whatever I said would have changed to course of action. However, I did answer. “Gimme that fucking black seed!”.

And he did.

He grunted over and over, probably mirroring each jet of sperm that was going up my asshole. For the length of time he shot and grunted, the load was not small. I needed this.  I wanted this.

If the guy who had been watching was still there, I had no idea. Didn't care either. I was pressed up against the tile getting dicked and bred.

He wasn't one for lingering or going soft. He pulled his fat black cock out my cummed-up ass and zipped up. His nod, I assume, was his 'hey, thanks' and he disappeared upon passing the curtain.  I reached down, pulled up, then secured my pants.

I step out and there is a guy farther down the way, near the mirrors and sinks. He's stroking a very average cock. I walk over. I say nothing. He says not a word.  I drop to my knees on the floor tile and take him into my mouth.  I suck him - and it's not a cock worship session.  It it a tight mouthed, fast-bobbed motion head job. His cock his rock hard.

This goes on for 3-4 minutes.  He only utters one line:  "did he cum in you?".  I think he knows the answer, but I nod, since my mouth is full. He grabs my head and shoots his load into my mouth. His question, or my answer, was his trigger.

I take it all. Swallow it all.  Get up, don't look back and walk out - of the spa and of the bookstore.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hotel Breed & Seed

He was in town and hit me up. Actually, he was at the hotel closest to where I live – less than a mile away. Convenient for me. And for him.

I knew from the get-go that I’d have to be the top here. There’d be no flipping or manipulating the situation to get his dick. That was a shame, as it was a nice cock. I can’t say what compelled me to hook- up, as in my mind, I wasn’t really in a top mood, yet here I was, heading to the Doubletree to meet some guy from Seattle.

In his Scruff chat, he mentioned how he’d been taking dick up the ass since 14……from a friend of the family. And how that ‘friend’ loaned him out to his buddies. It should be noted that the family friends was more than twice the guy’s age at the time. That shit bones me up, big time…..which is probably why I was headed to the hotel.

He sent me his room number and told me his check out time. I told him he’d see me at 10a.

He opened the door without hesitation. Naked. Like he should be. He wanted to go back to the bed room, but I wasn’t there yet. That room was dark. I like the light sometimes. I know from the room position that no one could see in – which was a shame – but I stayed put and he came back to me without question.

While I had slipped on a chrome cock ring before heading down, I could not believe how hard my cock was at the start. As you all know, while recent history here at this blog doesn’t reflect it, I am more geared to being this guy than being the top. I pulled it out of my shorts and it bounced up and hit his face. He immediately went for it so I had to push him back. He had to learn patience and manners. He’s been doing this since 14, surely he knew the score, no?

I sat my ass on his hotel sofa. I kicked off my shorts and spread my legs. He got on his knees and made it between those legs. I told him to start with my balls. Lightly. I never know why but my nuts are so sensitive at this time in the play. After you suck my dick or do anything my balls are rarely, if ever, this responsive to touch of a tongue.

He worked his way up my shaft – which was throbbing by now – and took my head in between his lips. Looking up at me, initially, he made eye contact as he took inch after inch into his mouth.

Now this is where there was a disconnect. There was zero wrong with his sucking. Good alternating styles. Not teeth. The right amount of his saliva. Eager. …..and yet is was doing little for me. Even BikeGuy the Bottom can enjoy good head. And it was all ok, but I just wasn’t really responding though I put a good show of it. I can play the part.

My dick was still pretty hard, but I saw some of the stiffness wane. I peppered him questions about his family friend and his friend’s friends. He was all too willing a participant in taking random strangers – adults – up his teen ass. He confirmed for me that he had lost count of how many men have fucked him. It made my dick strain.

I made him lick lower….and lower….until his lips were planted on my shitter. He licked enthusiastically. Again – I should be loving this, and it was all ok, but not really feeling it.

For my own pleasure, I made him stand up and sucked his cock. Yes, I am selfish enough that even though my dick is feeling ok…..I wanted more. Something that would satisfy me. I knew I wasn’t going to get him to cum, but just to feel the heft of a cock in my mouth was going to get me farther along in the process. He was either like me and a good actor, or he really liked my style. I guess we will never know.

It was time. We went back to the bed. I pulled the curtains back to let in light. First, I like to see what’s going on. Secondly, I wanted natural light for the video. Yeah – I knew exactly what I was doing.

Immediately he assume the position – face down, ass up. I suppose I could have changed how I was gonna bone him, but it never crossed my mind to change how it went down. I should have taken some of the lead in that way, but I didn’t. I didn’t care enough – certainly didn’t care enough about him. I leaned down and looked right at his hole. I lapped at it a few times, then got a wad ready and spat right onto his fuck hole.

No lube other than my own spit, I could have pushed into him easily, but this is a guy who’s been fucked since 14. I felt he’d really need to feel it. I lined up and punched all 7.5” into him. To the hilt. He groaned like a bitch but took it way too easily. I wasn’t the first to do this to him – probably this trip, though he denied it.

As you’ll see, I fucked him for a while. I varied my strokes. You don’t get the entire fuck on video, but it’s a nice representation. He wanted the load buried. I wanted the load buried. But I was videoing. You’ve seen me bury the load. Or more to the fact – you haven’t seen it. You see the dick buried… hear me moan or say something nasty…..or they moan and take it. Again, as you’ll see, I did a porn movie move – I withdrew enough for you to see me shoot it on his hole (not all over his ass like the weak porn movies) and then push it in.

Also unlike bad porn that shoots it all on the hole and then pushes in pretending like they’re still cumming, when all know they’re not – I just let you see the first squirt or so and then give him all I have……..straight up his ass.

The stranger got a week’s worth of spunk. I’m hoping it stuck to his guts. I slipped out, used his bathroom to clean off my cock. Found my shorts, pulled them on and left. I was well done with my day before ever realizing I never even gave him the option to cum. In theory, I could have gone to my knees and sucked him off. Or stood there and watched him jack till he shot. I did neither. It never crossed my mind.

He texted me when he landed in Seattle. My load was still in him.


Hotel Breed and Seed

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

CLAW 2018 #3

It’s an unofficial annual hook-up. He’s attends CLAW. I work at CLAW. He pings me on Recon. I go to his room. He stands there. I go to my knees. He lays back. I finish the job.

In theory, that could be the entire post. I wrapped it up into a nutshell for you there.

Normally – well always, save this time – we do the deed on Sunday morning. CLAW’s final morning. I always figured I was the last chance / final gasp for him at CLAW. Maybe he got laid other times, or perhaps not, but he knew I was a sure thing. And I was. More than he knows.

For this guy, it’s strictly oral. Oh, I’d like more, for sure, but it isn’t even uttered. Perhaps I should have, but I find it’s not quite my place to suggest or tell.

The guy is manly. Shorter than I would normally go for. The cock is average. But he wears leather well, which oddly enough, is saying something at a leather event. My stance is, most guys can’t pull it off the way they think. This guy can. And while I have many weaknesses, I do love a man in mirrored aviator sunglasses. And he carries himself well. Firm in his want, but not a dick about – though it’d be ok if he were.

He is clearly always in a non-smoking room, though they probably all are. On the hotel desk sat three cigars. How I’d love to service him as he kicked back with one. Maybe one day, but this was not it.

There is little talk. He greets me and usually tells me to get on the floor. This time I took a little initiative and leaned in to kiss him. He responded. He’s a great kisser, for what little we did it. Soon, his hands were on my shoulders pushing me down – gently, yet insistently – to my knees. He wasn’t there for kissing. I get it.

I gnawed on the outside of his worn 501s. I made him hard. I made a wet spot – but of my own spit, not his precum. His hand was at the back of my head, grinding me into his mound. Slowly, but surely, I reached up and undid his belt. I popped the top button of his jeans. After that, I didn’t fuck around – it was easy to have the other buttons just undo as I tugged downwards on the denim. There was no underwear.

His cock bounced up and hit my face as I pulled the pants partially down. I immediately extended my tongue and ran it every so lightly along the underside. The cock jumped. Internally I chuckled. These big bad rough leather dudes respond to the light touch. Irony was not lost on me.

My lips enveloped his head…..then the shaft. My lips were soft, but firm. There was friction with warmth and flesh of my lips. The tongue was there too. I use all aspects of my mouth to elicit a reaction. Lips. Teeth. Tongue. Throat. Roof. Spit. Humming. Anything that will make the cock react. Each guy is different, so I have to be adept to how they feel with what I’m doing and change it accordingly. That is the difference between just getting a blowjob and being a cocksucker. Or cockworshipper.

His hands were planted on the back of my head. His hips moved. He was in sync with my downward movements. Some guys can’t get that rhythm at all. My downward move, his upward thrust. He gave it like a champ. I took it like one.

Invariably, he pulled me off. I knew what was going to happen. I get I’m the sub in these situations, so I have little say. He likes to lay down on the bed and have me between his legs. It’s not a great position for me to suck cock – not expertly. Not the way I like it, but again, it’s not really about me. If my skills are less than perfect, he doesn’t notice, or at least say anything.

This time it might have been to his advantage. Usually his head is a little back. I can’t tell if he’s looking at me, as he leaves the mirrored shades on. But this time, his mirrored closet ran the length of the bed. He could look over and see his reflection and mine in the mirror – almost like he was watching a personal porn movie – starring him.

While I’d like him to be more verbal, he’s not. Not really. He’s not degrading either, which is kind of something I look for, especially in top leather men. I know that is a stereotype, but they do exist. In reality, the leather community seems to have some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Sure he made moans and groans, but not much more.

I did ask him to stand up for the feeding, something we’ve never done. It’s always been while he’s reclined. He was nice enough to comply. It did become a face fuck situation, but before that happened, I was forcing myself on his dick at a faster pace. He just took up the action from his end.

Maybe it was because it was the first day of CLAW, or maybe it was because I am so damned good at sucking dick, but he unloaded a huge wad of jizz into my mouth, and into my throat. What was in my mouth, found it’s way to my throat and then into my belly – the amount of cum that’s been there is only something of which Rod Stewart could dream!

He was very thankful and gracious about my services, but by no means wanted me dawdling or sticking around. Nor could I. I was hustled out the door with the lingering taste of a man’s semen on my breath.

Now, wasn't that better than just the opening paragraph synopsis?

Saturday, June 09, 2018

CLAW 2018 #2

This will start more pathetic than it ends up. I’m still at CLAW. It’s later in the day. I’ve had some flirts, but no actual action other than blindfolded whore guy.

There was one guy and his boy hanging out while I was working. They were volunteers. As I sat and did my work while waiting for me to give them an assignment. The boy was hotter than the man, but the man had it all over him – and me – in terms of confidence and forwardness. Soon his hand was under my kilt, and at my ass. Soon after that there was a finger, then two, in my ass. I did nothing to discourage the behavior.

The 2nd in charge of CLAW walked in and chuckled. “Do you even know him?” was his question to me, but in front of the guy(s), which I took to be rhetorical. And of course I knew him. His name was on the volunteer roster. Geeze! That said, I did have to send the guy and his boy away for two consecutive 90 minute shifts, so it wasn’t meant to be. He wanted me to come to his hotel room, which I was for, until he told me which hotel – which wasn’t even any of the three host hotels. Nope. Not happening.

A kid – ok maybe 28 – gorgeous as fuck, with a thick chain around his neck, clasped with a padlock, stood in front of me, also a volunteer. I made him wait for his assignment just so I could stare. He stared right back. I know I was a ‘daddy’ to him, but he looked at me every so sexily. I wanted him bad, but duty called and he had to go do his job. I wasn’t trying to be subtle to him, but really had no idea anyone else in the room was noticing. They all burst into laughter after he left. Laughing at me. I had nothing to be ashamed about. I never saw him again.

I got pinged by blindfolded guy, asking if I had another load in me. I did. But did I want to visit something I’ve already had? I really wanted to get bred myself, but it was turning out to be less and less of an opportunity. Still there had to be other guys to top, no? Maybe – but timing and opportunity were not intersecting in the venn diagram of sex. I caved and said yes.

Back to the 16 th floor for me. Between the elevator and the room, I passed a good looking young guy. Probably late 20s. Handsome. Smooth. Harness, shorts and boots on only. We caught each other’s eye. I never turned back around. 1604 was open. I pushed in and went in and shut the door. Buttboy was still in place…..still blindfolded. What a whore.

I barely pushed into him when there was a knock on the door. I asked if he invited another, but he said not a word. Just like last time, he was silent. WTF, I thought. I withdrew and went to the door and opened it. What did I care if there was another. It would make it hotter. I like an audience. #Not even looking through the peep hole, I opened the door. There stood the guy I just passed. Not really thinking, I assumed he was invited here and just looking for the room and we arrived around the same time. This was not the case. He assumed it was my room and was bold enough to knock on the door to get at me. I’d find this out later, of course.

I went back to our host and stuck my hard cock into. I got an ‘umphf’ as I slammed my dick into what I knew what was a well-used hole. The kid stood next to me and dropped his shorts. It was a decent piece, but nothing that would stop traffic. Turns out he wasn’t dropping trou to show me his dick. He turned to the side to show me that hairless white ass. He was watching my hard cock going in and out of this other guy. He silently nodded his head for me to follow him out the door. For all my faults, I am a decent guy. I felt bad just ditching the guy bending over for me, but I had already given him a load – as had others. So I did the next best thing: faked my own orgasm. He had so much jizz in him, he’d never really know. I followed the kids out into the hall, waiting for him to lead the way to his room.

His room turned out to be the stairwell between 17 and 16. He assumed I had a room, I assumed he did. This guy had either just come from another’s room or just cruising the hotel hallways looking for action – and apparently finding it. #I’m a big fan of public or semi-public sex, so a stairwell wasn’t a ‘no’ from me. I did look: no cameras. And no one was walking down or up 16-17 flights of stairs, even though the wait for the elevators seemed interminable. He clearly wasn’t fazed – and might have already done it here, since he went right to it. His vinyl shorts came off and tossed on a stair ahead of him. He reached down to balance on one of those risers.

I did coat my cock with spit, but there was no foreplay other than him insisting on kissing. He was adamant about that, but not good at the deed. I wasn’t there to teach him. He bent over, exposing his little pink hole. I put my pink pole into it.

Like the last guy, he was no stranger to stranger cock. The hole was receptive, but tighter than the last guy. This guy was younger, so it stands to reason he hadn’t taken as much cock in his lifetime, though you just never know. He wasn’t silent, but he wasn’t noisy. He was getting fucked and liked it. I was ambivalent, to be honest. I’d rather it be me bending over in this stairwell while some unknown guy I’d never see again seeded my cunt.

Like the last time, I could hold out easily. I’m getting used to fucking more and not being so quick on the draw. He took every inch like a champ, and he took it hard. There was nothing special about the fuck for me – other than the locale. But I had a load brewing and I was going to get rid of it – and may as well dump in some basically anonymous butt, right? (you know the answer.)

I unleashed. It’s like I hadn’t even shot a few hours before, yet here I was spraying inside this kid. He loved it. Of course he would…..and I’m not patting myself on the back. I could be anyone to this guy.

I let it slip out this time instead of yanking it out. Without even asking he sank to his knees and cleaned me off. Good boy.

We exited the stairwell into the hallway. He insisted on kissing again. He was still bad at it. Ironically, I ended up taking the stairs down 10 flights, as it was a wait for the elevators. When I got downstairs I had a scruff message from the blindfolded guy thanking me for the load (ha!) and asking if there was someone else in the room with me.

I never answered him.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

CLAW 2018 #1

I attended my 6 th CLAW a month or so back. As usual, I did more work there than play. It’s always the way with me. And as usual, it was harder to hook up with guys, as a bottom, than I think it should. Where I think a lot of time bottoms can have more power in bed, tops have more power to get guys too bed. Sometimes the bottoms are powerless in that regard.

The problem here of course is there are too many potential guys with which to hook up, so it’s a waiting game. And if someone else is potentially hotter, than you’re left in the dust. It’s much easier to top here. WAY too easy, in fact. The irony is – and I’ve said this before – a thousand guys right in front of you and the way guys fucking hook up are via Scruff and Recon phone apps. Frustrating.

That said, that is how I got some action all three times.

He was on Scruff. Average everything, but a nice face – though on the screen would be the only time I’d see it. His profile alluded to vers, but in the convo, it was clear he wasn’t. Or wasn’t for this trip. He was a big old bottom.

1604 was the room. Door would be open. And it was. He was head down, shoulders up, eyes blindfolded. I had on a kilt, so nothing needed to be taken off. I had gotten hard as I walked down the hall and pushed open the door. Scenes like that always get to me, regardless if I’m bottom or top.

I stood behind him, admiring his ass. I dropped to my knees and ate his hole. I wasn’t the first one there. This I knew, by smell and taste. Eventually I stood. I raised a hand and brought it down hard upon his left cheek. If it hurt him, he never let on. If he liked it, he never let on. In a certain way, that says a lot about a man. He wasn’t there to be interactive, he did the right thing.

I lifted the kilt, my hard exposed. I pressed it against his hole, no lubrication. I had a hunch I wasn’t the first one there. I wasn’t wrong. With enough resistance, but not enough to stop me, I entered. The hole was slick. I mentioned it. The only time he really responds to me. I’m #3 – so he claims. #I fuck. I fuck hard. This is about me. While it’s kind of about him, I try to make it less so. I want him to feel like he already feels – like a thing. Like a utility. I know that feeling. I’ve been that utility. I know how he wants to be treated, what he wants to feel like after that door closes.

He’s not one for aural ques. There is nothing telling me if he likes it or doesn’t. I don’t really care either way. I pump. I pull all the way out and enter all the way in. I started by sliding, then it was pushing, then it was punching. I don’t think I was his #3, but I’ve been wrong before. He was open. He was willing. All too willing. There was nothing ‘vers’ about this guy.

I held off an incredibly long time, actually. While he didn’t say it, I think he was annoyed. He was, in my opinion, looking for a pump and dump. Usually my triggers take care of that for me, and easily. Not today. But I was controlling this more than I usually do. Not quite edging. I never got that close, though I could have. I was enjoying this – not just the hole, but the scene. The blindfold. The pig.

Still, I had work to do. I made a promise to CLAW and I intended to keep it. I got close. At the precipice. Then I overacted when it happened. I made a show of it. I left the folks in the hallway know. I let the folks, if any, in the adjacent rooms to know too.

I let his guts know too. I filled them up with white hot sperm. Which added to the others he had lining his intestines. Which would be the lube for guy #4.

I pulled out. Dripped on his carpet a little and put my kilt down. I didn’t thank him. I didn’t say a word. He heard the door slam shut behind me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Black Cop

He was visiting from out of town and on A4A. He was African American, but at least where I am that’s not a surprise. I’ve said it before here, here, A4A is predominantly people of color. I don’t think that’s the same in all places, but if you’re looking for black cock in Cleveland, it’s a start. I wasn’t looking for any certain color dick…………just dick. He just happened to be black. And from out of town. And in a hotel.

He worked during the day, consulting he said. He was free in the evenings….until he wasn’t. Until the last night of his stay. It was freezing out, but I made the trek, douche in pocket. He was clear about wanting to fuck me. I was clear about wanting to be fucked.

I got to the hotel lobby and used the restroom to do my final clean-out. I wanted to be prepared, as I like to be a good, clean bottom. When I got to the room he let me in. His pics didn’t do him justice. He was handsome. Dark. Built. I told him so too.

He wanted to make out. I wasn’t about to say no. It was easier for him to bring me in lip to lip. He was taller than I, he was larger than I, and more powerful. I succumbed, as you might expect. He pulled me to him and held me there. This would have been great, had he been a good kisser, but alas, he was not. Story of my life.

It’s ok though. He didn’t want me there long. He pushed me to my knees. I had been fondling his cock through his briefs while getting kissed. He was plumping up nicely, but not fully erect. Just the way I like it. Personally, I like to know I had a little something to do with getting him all the way up. And I did.

After wrapping my pink lips around his dark meat, I purposefully sank down on his shaft as I watched it disappear the closer to I got to his groin. Soon, it was all gone, only to reappear a few moments later on the backing off of it…………….and then I repeated. Often. And faster. His skin glistened with my spit, making his meat look even darker than it was.

Sucking cock was nice, but that’s not what I was there for and we both knew it. He hoisted me up by my armpits and pushed me toward the bed. I fell onto it gladly. He was right behind, so to speak. In actuality he was between my legs…..crawling up between them towards me. With his cock erect, he just played with me. He slid the cock against mine. Then under my balls, toward my hole, but not in it. It was teasing. It was frottage. He was gauging. I was ready.

He was too. But out of nowhere he pulled out a small tube of lube and a rubber. He saw my face and said if he knew me better, he’d go without. He was a pro and snapping it on. It took seconds, tops. And a second later he was positioned at my hole. Since he was pushing eight inches, I took a nice long hit of poppers and waited five seconds to relax. Then he pushed in. Just the head and then steadily the rest of it. I bit my lip.

He was a pro at fucking too. The man was big, but knew how to use it. It was bliss. He kept mentioning he’d be coming back to town often and how he’d like to fuck me each and every time. Here I was with a black pole up my cunt – so who was I to say ‘no’? Not that I wanted to.

The guy was a talker. But it was easy. Nothing forced. Asking me questions and such while he slowly but deliberately plugged away at my hole. Even I responded asking what kind of work brought him to town. He hesitated but eventually answered. He was collaborating with the police department. I was more than intrigued. This was a first for me, should it be true – so I asked if he was a law enforcement officer………….he replied in the affirmative. I was raging hard at this point. He fucked harder. A fucking cop was boning my ass. Sure, he wasn’t in uniform, but I can’t have everything I want, right?

He kept up with the ‘next time’ stuff. “Next time, I’ll fuck you without the rubber”. I tried to casually bring it up now and then too. I won’t be as subtle here as I was then, but basically asking him why would next time be different – as he wouldn’t know me any better than now, not really. This was all between moans of how good his big black cock felt. I could tell he loved me telling him how big it was. I think he liked the race stuff too. He made it clear he liked white hole. I made it clear, I liked black cock.

He was close. Too close. He pulled out. Mostly to cool himself down. To not shoot….not yet. We had agreed that after he came, he’d feed me the cum from his rubber. But now he was lightly stroking his cock….the rubber getting bunched up a bit as it tends to do in fucking, let along stroking. He kept saying about how next time……next time… time. He watched as I reached down and fingered my hole. I watched him watch me. He was mesmerized it seemed. I told him how good his cock felt in my ass.

By this time, the rubber was almost all the way off. Then all the way off. He still stroked….slowly, but steadily. I felt the tides had turned on his thinking, but I can be manipulative. I played the part he wanted me to play – or that I think he did. Knowing there was not one at least within arm’s reach, I told him to get another rubber and fuck me. He did half of what I said.

He leaned in and pushed his now raw cock into me. The rubber he had on was next to us in plain sight. His cock was nowhere I could see it, since it was buried in my hairy ass.

It took him all of two minutes to finish what he was doing. He said nothing. He groaned a bit before, but not during. Maybe acknowledging it would make it too real. Too wrong.  I could feel the warmth in my guts.

His breathing steadied. He slipped out of me. It was still a dark piece of meat. I slid down and took him in my mouth. He didn’t stop me. I licked him clean. Clean of me. Clean of himself.

I dressed in my layers as he put on his shorts. He thanked me. I thanked him effusively. In the lobby I went to message him a ‘thank you’. By that time his profile was nowhere to be seen. I was cop blocked.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sucking Today?

"Sucking Today?"

That was the start of his Grindr message to me.  Actually, it was the entire initial message to me.

I do like a guy - for the most part - who gets to the point. I mean, once a guy started with "have you taking your morning shit yet?".  While I wasn't into it, in an odd way, I was glad he got that fetish out of the way so we could both move on.  Immediately.

The odd thing about message - in a way - was that in my Grindr profile it has almost no information other than my stats. I never says I'm prefer to be a cocksucking bottom.  Maybe it's something about my face that just says it.

Or maybe it was just wishful thinking on his part and he hit up the right guy.  For me, he was the right guy - for right then.

27, 6'2", 195, brown hair, an ok dick in his pics, but nothing stellar. He eventually sent a face pic which clinched the deal - though to be fair, he was in anyways. He was less than a mile away and had no qualms about stopping by my office near the end of the day.

He was dressed appropriately. Shirt, tie, dress slacks. I work in a professional environment, so having a guy from the streets just show up is suspect. He looked the part of someone who might be having a meeting with me should we run into anyone.

When he showed, he sported a wedding ring. While it could be with a woman, he carried himself in a certain way that told me it was a man.  Or to a woman he'd be divorcing in a few years when he finally came out. I'm still guessing he is married to a dude.   And he didn't care either way - and neither did I.  I was planning on sucking his dick if he were single or married and either way, I'm getting the cock.

During our electronic get-to-know-you, I had sent some action pics, so he got the idea of what I did, though he already seemed to know.

Getting to my office is tricky, so I met him after he parked and took him to my place of work. I asked for a first name in case we ran into anyone that we could play it off.  He told me his name was "Chris".  We passed a few folks and ended up going to my office and closing the door - which automatically locks. A secretary sat not 10 feet outside my closed door.

Once in "Chris" asked if I had any videos he could watch while I sucked him.  I wasn't really sure about that, but showed him one. His cock was rock hard in his pants as he watched. It felt nice. I unzipped him.  The cock came out.  It was much nicer than pics portrayed it.

While probably only 6.5", it was thick. THICK.  It had a great head and it probably had a 45 degree upward angle. But it was the hardness that I was loving. It was like steel.

He moaned slightly as my tongue ran along the underside of his shaft. I then wrapped my lips around the head and started taking him to the root. He had a few very prominent veins, as you can see.  And ones I could feel.  I fucking love that.

I was hyper aware that as I sucked, he was just swiping left or right and finding video after video on that phone. Ironically, his Grindr screen name was 'Discreet', but here he was happy to see other guys fuck my face, or ass, or me worshipping their cock. Discretion was only on his terms.

He must have gotten to one of me taking it up the ass, because he whispered, "do you have a condom?"  I didn't quite hear him, so he repeated it. I told him I did not, which was a lie. It's not that I was trying to take his cock raw - though I would have played that hand - but I was sooooooo not prepped to take it up the ass. Had he given me time, or some notice that is what he wanted, I would have been good to go.

I'd have loved to feel that thick married rod up my cunt.

As it was, I took the phone from him and said, "let's make our own movie".  I half expected him to say 'no', but he didn't. I hit 'record' and we were off. I made a show of it, using my tongue and lips, before his shaft disappeared, then reappeared.  Over and over.

I'd like to say he was watching me suck his dick, but I know he was watching the screen, watching himself. In its own way, that it hot too.

He knew the score of what we were doing and where, so he was good about keeping quiet. I'm not sure how vocal he'd be otherwise.

Normally I can gauge when a guy is getting closer due to his voice or his cock getting harder. But he was quiet and there was no possible way I think his dick could have been stiffer. Both hands went to my head, and I figured out we might be nearing the home stretch.

His hips picked up speed too. He started really fucking my face - not that I couldn't keep up. And I think after almost 800 entries (I know, can you fucking believe it?) that I'm not a gagger. I'm an expert cocksucker. 

But as Chris started to shoot.........and shoot...........and shoot............and shoot.....I started to get worried. I was held tight on his cock. Even if I backed up two or three inches I'd be ok. That wasn't going to be allowed.

My biggest fear was me doing the gagging noise. As thick as door is, I couldn't guarantee it wouldn't be heard by my secretary.  ....and it is brand new carpet, so I didn't want any semen on there either. I mean, I wanted it all in my mouth.

No worries gents - I didn't miss a drop and I didn't gag. I still have a great record.  And for the record, it was a lot of cum and it was great tasting.

If he noticed the near gag or my commitment to the effort, he didn't let on. Or didn't care, now that he got his.

He pulled up his pants and was ready to go. I walked him to the elevator, passing a few co-workers along the way, and then headed back to my office to finish some work.  One colleague popped her head into my office, wondering who I was interviewing and if he was 16.  She was surprised when I said he was pushing 30 and was at a certain point in his career.

While we were chatting, all I could think about was the load I was still tasting in my mouth - and when I might get it again.