Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fire and Ice

Now and again you get those hook-ups that are good but strange - you know?

I placed a craigslist ad not too long ago and got very few responses, and you could weed out the flakes easily enough.  I did get a blowjob deal - but that guy was such a fucking freak.  49 emails later, with him wanting a 3 way, me finding one and then the guy backing out because "I don't like black guys" was frustrating at best.

I don't care he doesn't like a certain type of guy, but telling me up front before I go to the trouble to arrange would have been fucking helpful.

But another response to my ad, a guy saw right to me:  I am looking for a good sub.

Fine with me.

Now the ad was for head, but I might have left it open to other things. This guy took the bait.  I was to come to his house, enter through the garage and we'd get it on.

Getting to the neighborhood was iffy, but the condo was nice and the blue 5 series told me he wasn't living like his neighbors.  The door was unlocked and I went in.  No one at the ground level.  I called up to the noise I heard upstairs,  he couldn't hear me.  I walked up the steps and knocked on the door that I'm almost certain went into the kitchen.  He appeared.

Late 40s, 6'2", 170, porn-like moustache.  He also had a take charge attitude, which you know I like.

The dick was nice, maybe 7.5" but a good sized thickness.  He knew how to use it too.

The first time (yes, there's been more than once), I sucked him good. I ate his shitter and I took it up the ass for a while.  He did end up pulling out and coming in my face - which is what he wanted to do and his prerogative, though I think it's a waste of cum.

The second time was a longer scene, but not by much.  More ass eating.  Some sucking.  But the goal was fucking.

The time before we had also discussed how in the past I've used ice cubes for fun. It was an off the cuff comment, but when I entered, he had a handful in a bowl by his chair.

I sucked. I ate. I got on my back.  He fucked me that way for a while.  He pulled out and inserted an ice cube.

My ass sucked it in nicely.  I like the feeling of the lips enveloping the cube and in a way, sucking into my body - closing the door for no escape.  It's almost automatic.

He waited a few seconds before pushing his cock into me. He could feel the heat.  He could feel the cold.  The more he moved, the more it melted and became one with the fluids in my butt.

We changed position where I was on top of him. I rode for a while, but it was not advantageous to him.  No worries.

On my knees - ass up, shoulders down, I felt another cube enter.  I took it like a pro.

He pushed in again.  This time with a determination.  He pumped my hole hard.  There was no let-up. No remorse.  No thinking of anyone but himself and getting off.

With no words, just growls, he busted a nut up my ass.  For that moment, his ass.  My hole, but his ass.

He pulled out way sooner than I would have liked, but he did it with finesse, which many guys do not. Still in that position, I no sooner felt another cube go up my ass.  The door snapped shut.

He then told me to pull on my shorts, that he had things to do.

It could have been a dangerous drive home:  three melted cubes and a huge load of sperm in my guts.  But I am ummmm.....experienced.  So I made it with no issues.  Actually, keeping all up there for hours to come.

Cool and hot....all at the same time.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Scruff Hook-Up: Time #2

I returned to the scene the following day - not without permission, as I'm not a stalker.

After the initial encounter, where were a few emails or texts, teasing me for another meet-up.  I happened to have some free time that day, and while he could make it a little later, he was to be on a 30 minute conference call at 1p.  I told him I'd blow him while he was on it.


"The door will be unlocked" was the eventual reply.

This guy is on the same playing field as I am.  What was not to like?

I tap once and try the knob, it's open.  I walk in and take off my shoes.  He's sitting at his table, laptop open, phone on the table with headphones plugged in  He is about to start his call, but I don't want my mouth (or anything else) on his cock until the call has started and that he is off mute.

Soon enough, he is talking and my mouth is over his shaft, or licking his head, or down to his balls.  He keeps it in check.  There are no inappropriate moans - he knows what he's doing, but so do I.  I go farther south and stick my tongue up his ass....he moved to the edge of the chair to comply.  Soon he's standing up and bending over the table, still on the call while I go deeper.

All too soon, the call is over.  Has it been 30 minutes of me sucking and munching already?  Apparently it has.

After he hangs, up he guides me to a side room.  There he has set-up a Rim Seat.

Truth be told, I've never used a Rim Seat - from above or below.  It certainly interested me, but it's nothing I'd go purchase.  But he had one and soon enough, I was on my back, under the seat eating his hole.

Now, I've eaten ass from plenty of angles, but I gotta tell ya, that seat opens a guy's hole like no other way I've tackled a butt before.  I could truly go deeper than I ever have before.  I was loving it, he was loving it.   "John" was happy to take my camera and start taking pictures and video.   I was a little trapped and a lot busy, so I couldn't do anything about it even if I wanted to.

After a good 20 minute tongue-in-hole session, we did move it back to the bedroom.  But not for ass eating. Now, this was the main event.

Ass Fucking.

It went on in multiple positions:  on my back, on my side, on my stomach.  The one thing we didn't do was have me ride him.  But John's dick feels great and he knows how to use it for sure.

He's clearly a dirty dirty man, but one with humor and reserved control.  Meaning, he's dirty but not overt about it. He'll talk filth while still sounding pleasant.  It's kind of perverse in a different way.  I like it.

And he can fuck like a machine. We went on for a good 40 minutes before he could not hold back any longer.  He dumped his nut into me and we laid back for a while.

He never went soft and we did go back to a second round, but a second ejaculation didn't seem like it was going to happen.  I had no problems with that.  It would have been nice, but I'm not that greedy - or am I?

John pulled out and presented me his dick.  I knew what to do.....and I did it.  He liked having it in my mouth and he wasn't shy about putting his tongue in my mouth afterwards.  My mouth, his dick, my ass, all in one.

I know I'll get an invite back.  He knows it too.  And I'll gladly accept.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


When I was in my teens, I usually hooked up with men in their 20s through 50s.  Guys my age left little to be desired.  As I hit my 20s, I left guys in their 20s behind and still did the 30s-50s.

As I progress in age, I am still attracted to men, but I'm not really looking to hook up with 70 year olds. Logic dictates that for those 25 year olds who put in ads, "no old guys", someday they'll be that guy.  And while 25 year olds don't really hold that much appeal to me, logic also dictates I sleep w guys my age or probably find younger.

Let's not discount the previous me. I liked older men. Guys who are in their teens and 20s, at least some of them, do too.

I'm a daddy. least in age, looks and stature. In my mind, I'm anything but.  But try telling that to a youngster.

Speaking of being young, getting him to commit to a time, let alone him not being able to come over until he could get use of his parent's car was enlightening.  I was never like that as a young adult. But I never relied on my parents after turning 17, so.....

5'11, 190 (solid build), and except for his head and pubes, totally hairless.

Normally I like fur on a man, but this seemed to work.  The chest and abs were as nice in person as on his A4A profile.  His ass was totally smooth as well, save for a little hair deep in his crack. 

He got more hair there when I buried my beard in it and licked his sweet boy hole, but I'm getting ahead of myself. 

The kid was nervous and needed a glass of water as soon as he showed up.  I was nervous too, as I've never slept with someone this young before.  And he just didn't look young, but acted it too.  Just a certain way he carried himself screamed "I'm young!". 

Actually, if he told me he was actually 18 and not 22, I wouldn't have been surprised. 

One of my earliest thoughts is - why is he attracted to me, but then there is that thing of how I was at that age and maybe he has 'daddy' issues. 

His first question to me:  "can I feel your beard?"   His hand really ran all over it, in it, around it.  I'm thinking 20:1 his father has a beard. 

But he did feel that beard at his hole and he fucking loved it.  He liked his ass being played with and I was thinking of a few guys I know who would have loved to take a turn on fucking him - as the kid was clearly open to the idea.  He just got the wrong guy with me. Had I arose to the occasion I would have gladly taken that hole. 

The plan was for me to blow him.  I was happy to do that to his dick.  Fully hard, he's about 7". 

It responded to my mouth well, but he wanted to just rub it on my ass.   Who am I to say "no"?

Honestly, I wasn't planning on getting fucked, since we really only talked blowjob and since had not discussed, I didn't "prep" for it.  Also he was hesitant about fucking since he was always "super safe".  

So rub on my ass he does, from behind, me on all fours.  Sooner than later, with out my permission (!!!)   and without protection, he pushes it right into me.  I don't stop him.  So much for "super safe". 

I figured being 22 he might be quick on the trigger.  It wasn't a long fuck, but longer than I anticipated. He seemed to know what he was doing.  Clearly he was learning something in college. 

I could tell he was close and and I told him to just unleash his load.  He hesitated and said, "I usually don't cum inside a guy".  I responded, "that ship sailed the second you went in raw". 

That seemed to be the only encouragement he needed.  Advice from an older man.  He shot. I took. 

Like a 22 year old, he didn't know what to do next.  Should he stay?  Should he go?  Should he try to make conversation?

I had to get back to work and the skies just opened up, so I mentioned it was best to hit the road before the rain got worse. 

It was an interesting experience, but not one I'm willing to repeat anytime soon.  However, if his father wants to come over, I can show him what his son and I were up to.

Sunday, May 05, 2013


So, when I went to that leather event, where I had some dirty dirty sex, I also hit the vendor mart.

Leather is great, but pretty pricey, and how many times can I wear chaps and what would I really do with paddle and whips?  I mean - really?  You add up all the time you use it over the years and wood / leather to skin, you're still looking at 60 minutes (not counting the in between swats) of use.  That's a lot per hit.

Whether they're all good or not, I already have a harness, vest, pants and gloves.  I might be able to use a good pair of boots or something, but I wasn't looking to spend a few hundred dollars while I was really there to get laid.

But I have seen things from Ft. Troff or Nasty Pig that I thought I wanted.  Briefs with something missing.  They are more substantial than jockstraps and well, I have a half a dozen of those anyways.

I did find what I was looking for, but I can't say they represented well in real life as they do on a website.  Hell -- what the fuck does?

However, next to those I found something similar but what I consider much better.  Longer type under the uniform football pants.....

....with something missing.....

Now, I did try them on at the vendor fair.  There are no true dressing rooms, only a screen one might buy at Pier 1 in a corner.  The Shop Keep took me there and did his business.  I slipped off my 501s and put on the undergarment.   I liked the fit and he said they looked good, but if I wanted a mirror, there was one on the other side of the room.

Modesty was out the door at this point, so I walked across the room and looked.  If anyone noticed, they said nothing - no hoots, no hollers, but no boos or retching either, so all seemed well.

I went to go change out of them and the shop keep was back near there.  I took off the pants and that is when he saw what I was packing up front.

I know I have big nuts, I've been told this repeatedly. The thick chrome cockring that went around that and my shaft accentuated that I already was sporting.  He took note.

The man was not my type.  More effeminate than I'd like, but not girly.  He asked if he could feel them.  I said nothing, but took a stance for him to get a feel.  He felt them.....for a bit.  I'd be lying if I said my cock didn't start to respond - but it was mostly due to the environment where it was happening than the man himself.

Then he felt the shaft for good measure.  I finished dressing.

When I checked out, he gave me 20% off on the item.  Hey, it was $8 !!!   Worth a feel.

Another guy checking out asked why I got 20% off.  I probably should have kept my mouth shut, but I said, "because I let him feel me up".

Worth it!

Friday, May 03, 2013

Scruff Hook-Up: Time #1

He'd been around for years on all those pick-up apps - Scruff, Growlr, A4A or Grindr.  I know this, because I have too.  I've seen him, he's seen me - and thanks to those 'who's viewed me' we both know we've looked at each other.

But neither of us acted on it.   Until a few weeks ago.

I was on his side of town. He as less than a mile from me and I mentioned it to him.  I got the invite over, but I told him I hadn't "prepped" for much.

He was great about it. I'm not big on muddy fucks or anything, but realize that one can't always be squeaky clean.  He said that's what showers were for and to get my ass over.   I drove over as I thought he had a very realistic and animal sense about sex.

47, 5'9", 160, about 7" - not too thick, not too thin.  It was nice.

We had a good rapport and conversation, most of it sexual, was easy and in a way teasing.  He'd mention seeing me on-line and how he wanted to fuck me.  Even when I we were e-chatting and I said something about coming over to suck him, he said it was my ass that he wanted.

Who was I to deny?

Immediately we went back to a bedroom.  Soon I was on my knees, taking his 7" into my mouth.  He told me he knew I would be a cocksucker.   I am.  I'm not bragging, I just am.

He "made" me strip.  He was naked too and his body was nice. Nothing extra special, just well maintained.  He leaned back on the bed, me on the floor, on my knees.

Laying all the way back, I lightly ran my tongue up his naturally hairless balls. He shuddered. Any mere mortal would. Not because of my tongue, but because of the action; the sensitivity.

Yes, I went up and sucked his cock. That was my job.   And yes, I traveled south to lick his taint and to go ever further down - right to his hole.

The man loved to get his ass eaten and I fucking loved doing it. But you know I'm an ass-eater.  It is "work" I enjoy.   And I was there for quite a while.  I even told him, "you'll have to tell me when enough is enough, because I can do this forever".

He never did quite tell me to stop.  But to mix things up, I did ask him if he had an ice cube. He got one. He laid back.  Into my mouth the cube went to take off the rough edges - and then slowly and surely, with my mouth, I inserted that frozen water right up his shit hole.

While I tongued the hole after it was up there, I knew that cube would be disappearing.  You could hear his moaning.  If he'd had neighbors, they'd have heard it through the walls.  I love giving some guys their first experience at something.  This was all new to him.

As I continued to eat that hole, I also took back water.  That melted block had to go somewhere, no?

I've never been much of a feltcher, nor do I want anyone feltching a load out of my ass.  But this seemed right - and yeah, I knew that water also contained his ass least potentially.

After that - it was down to the main event.  The one he wanted me for:  fucking.

The man knew what he was doing. At least in terms of how to fuck.  He was adapt at using his hips, cock, mind and mouth - synchronizing them all for one dirty and fun experience.

He did, however, overdo it on the poppers.  Like with me, too many huffs of that can turn your penis too soft for finishing the job.  That was unfortunate.

I did, though, use my mouth to get him off.  Oh yes.  Yes, I did.

It was a nice and sizable four day load. I took it all.

He made me - yes made - me jack off for him.  You know I'd rather not cum, but he was the boss then and there, and his demand....well......

I don't think I had cum for two weeks at this point.  He wasn't expecting what was about to happen.

My belly, my pubes, my chest, my chin, next to my head and onto his sheet - I don't doubt some hit him as well.

It wasn't just the two weeks part, it was the experience part.  He knew what he was doing, he knew how to excite me and he did.

I was back the next day for round #2