Sunday, March 22, 2009


I don't even remember if I mentioned that a while back I purchased a FleshLight.

Why? I can't really say, but I'll give it a shot. First off, for the most part you have (or at least had) to get them via mail order. Well, I'm too lazy for that, so that was never going to happen.

But while I was in DC in early December, I was in an adult shop and they actually had them for sale on the premises. And they had all the models: clear (or ice, as they call it), black or grey. Also with whichever "entrance" you wanted: anal, oral or vaginal.

Well I have zero use to figure out what the vaginal one is for. I've gotten plenty of blowjobs in my life so didn't really need the oral one. I went with anal.

To be honest, I have no idea if it makes a fuckin' difference which hole you stick it into. I'm guessing once your are past the opening, the silicone pretty much feels the same. I could be wrong. I'll let you guys inform me and the other 700+ hits per day if this is a fact or just perceived.

My take on getting the anal one was two-fold. I'm a fag (#1) and that in the last year, as you've read, I've fucked more ass than I had in my entire lifetime.

IF this is to continue, I feel I should be better at it. I'm a more than decent bottom - as I've had way way way more experience doing that, but I'm a so-so top at best. At least this is my take. I've never done any customer satisfaction surveys to figure out what the guy thought about my style or performance.

Anyway, they put it into a nice travel case and I thought no more about it. I threw it in my luggage and on that trip actually had to check my bag. But on the next trip, I took it with me for hotel use. Here is a hint: TSA doesn't take kindly to these things going through their x-ray machines. And there is no real easy way to answer: 'what is this?' as they pull it out of your carry on. The answer they took from me though: 'it's a personal device'. At least my agent seemed to accept that.

Oddly enough, I was getting fucked so much on that trip, I never used it.

But this last week - yes, three months after purchase - I finally did. RG had given me hints to using it, as I'm a bad direction reader. Run warm water through it first and only use water based lubes, he said. Duly noted.

I had lots of lube, but none water based (go figure), so I had to go out and get some.

And this will go against my last post of wanting to do video, but I even had a hard time performing in the privacy of my own fuckin bathroom (the lighting was better!). Granted, I was trying to run the camera, get a decent shot and impale a $63 piece of plastic and silicone and fuck it as well.

Keeping a raging hard-on was harder than I thought. Clearly if I do vids, I'll stick with being the bottom.

So you know, I lasted a lot longer than 43 seconds, but that's all you'll see here. I'm not that bad of a top.

But for your viewing pleasure, here is my 2nd Jizzflixxx video. (for those who emailed saying they hadn't seen the first, you can go to and search for bikeguy13 to get the other one.) Enjoy. Hopefully.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I guess it is not shock that I'm a slut - well, if you've been reading this.

So it should be no surprise if I become a whore. Well, not a real one. I give it away - I don't sell it. What kind of guy do you take me for?

No, I'm just giving a shout out to myself - and to you guys that I'm Twitter. I've been on Twitter for a few months. I don't think I 've used it to its potential - whatever that might be.

I can't say I use it a lot. It becomes a bit laborious to post random thoughts - not that I seemingly mind following other guys' random thoughts.

I am just throwing it out there. I'm out there. You know my handle, it's right above you in the title of this blog. Feel free to follow me. Or don't.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


No real blog entry into my activities.

More just some pondering as to what next steps I’d love to take. They all seem revolve around pictures and video.

Dangerous shenanigans to your average joe, whether it be for relationship purposes, family life, work advancement, etc. So is this blog, but I try to keep it fairly generic as to who I am and not spill too many beans and to tweak some name/location stats just enough to be a step-ahead.

Clearly I have exhibitionistic tendancies. I like public sex for starters and always have. People say they like the fear of being caught. That isn’t exactly true. I like the excitement of being watched. For those who say the former, they have never been “caught” by the wrong entity. These perspectives change – and quickly.

As you’ve seen here, I like telling you guys about my experiences. It is not the same as seeing or watching them, but I like to think I’m descriptive enough you can imagine them in some form. I don’t try to make it all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

You’ve also noticed I don’t mind being photographed. Granted, the majority of what I do have, is either self-timed photos or me holding the camera during the act. In a few occasions, I have let the participant hold the camera and take them of me. But it has always been my camera and my control of the images.

What you see here are edited versions of said images. I crop to highlight certain areas or to take away certain identifiers. Much like your senior year high school proofs, you have to take 10 pics to get one good one. I’m not saying I take THAT many, but you definitely get the best of the best – whatever that means.

I do not think I present well, facially, in pictures. Real life I believe I present much better in person. I have conveyed my thoughts on my average looks, face and body. I can’t really work on the face, but I am working on the body. But something in pictures, at least self taken photos do not do me any favors….or justice. As someone who reads this and has seen me (jokingly?) said: ‘you’re not completely repulsive’. Word!

As for video, I know you guys have seen the one I posted on jizzflixxx. That was all well and good, but it was me with my digital cam and only my dick. And I was the top. That might be what some of you want to see – and maybe I do too, eventually. But that’s not my goal…..if you want to call it that.

First off, that video was not my first foray into the world of “film”. I have had some failed experiences – which I chronicled here, as a horny young (barely) post-teen. After that, I had three other experiences – all with mixed results.

One was post college with a man of a dirty mind who persuaded me to allow him to video me as he fucked me. And had me suck him too, I guess. I can’t remember the actuals – which is odd. This is a man who before I could blow him in a video booth, made me lick some cold semen off the filthy fucking floor. “Made” me is harsh. I didn’t have to do it and just not gotten his dick. But sex addictions are strong – and so is a man with a forceful mind.

I never saw the actual video. But as I would every once in awhile see him in a bar, almost always he’d nudge a guy he was with and point in my direction. I have no idea what they were saying, but I always assume it was of me, what he had me do and/or ‘that is the kid on the film I showed you’.

My next one happened while at a conference in Orlando. I was new to the M4M site, I found a guy who was looking for some out of the ordinary scenes. I found him handsome, even if he was a bit older. That doesn’t mean he was not sexy.

He could play on the side from his partner, only if he filmed it. That way he could show it to his partner. Or so he said. I was ok with that – regardless of the justification. It turns out this guy has done guy-on-guy films – professionally. Hart Caldwell is the name. Stage name, that is.

There was supposed to be a third guy in the mix, but he never showed. As it turns out, Hart did a very standard, set-it and forget it method. Throw the camera on the tripod and we positioned ourselves around where the tripod stood. Now and again, the camera was moved so we could also be placed in different areas of the hotel room. We had standard sucking and fucking things. We took some still photos, like these as well.

The audio was ok. The video was ok. But nothing more than that. At least from what I remember.

I cannot remember if the video captured Hart pissing all over me while I was kneeling in front of him out on the balcony… broad daylight. Granted, we were three stories up, but it wouldn’t have taken a genius in the parking lot to see him standing there and liquid coming out of the drainage spout on said balcony.

I should be able to remember, as Hart provided a VHS (!) tape of the event for me. I watched it once or twice, but not unlike most big Hollywood types – it is hard to gain perspective from my own performance. I saw all the things I could have done better. Lightening, Editing and Sound could have helped.

I no longer have that tape. I think it is in good hands. I made the mistake (?) of providing it to one of the first on-line bloggers I reached out to. He is a filmmaker and had the equipment to convert the VHS tape into something that could be played from this century.

We have talked. We are friendly. But I do not have the converted video. I do not have the original video either. I also do not think it is out there in the public domain either. I trust him. We have discussed me doing work for him in a specialized film. It is something I would really really like to do. Yeah Bruiser, I’m talkin’ to you! Schedules and travel hinder these plans.

My last video was done in DC. I briefly mention it the post about my jizzflixxx video. This one clearly clearly clearly shows my face. A handful of trusted folks have seen it, but not many.

It was not set up as a video shoot or anything. It was stills of when I was down taking some guys cock in my mouth and throat. But nearing the end, we both agreed to move it to video mode.

I am not sure it could have come out any better if it had been rehearsed. The movements of both of us. The banter (if you could even call it that) between the two of us. The way the guy used the camera for zoom in and out. It makes me think he has done this before. For a little over one minute, it is not bad.

I show potential.

But I do want more. I want to do more. I am not sure how. How to execute it. How to control it (to a degree).

We’ll see how this all plays out.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

400k and Counting

Yesterday, I went over my 400,000 hit on this blog thingy.

And while I get the occasional comments about me being a sick, twisted pervert (but not in the god way that some of you might expect), I believe it would be all of you who are the sick, twisted perverts.

Welcome to my club. I guess it is not so exclusive after all.

I have also surpassed my 300th post. That is roughly 1324 readers for each post......assuming it was an even split, and we know it is not. Not all of those 300 posts were about sex. Just about 287 of them. Like this one isn't about sex. Just an update.

Some changes are a-coming, as soon as I can figure this shit out. I have purchased my own domain name and will eventually dump Blogspot. You'll all have more than fair warning. Now I have to find a host that won't mind adult content. In this economy, I'm guessing anyone will take my business as long as it does not involve children.

So congratulations to someone in Dallas, TX. You were the 400th reader. That is as much as I can (or would want to) drill down to figure out who read it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bookstore - Group Scene

It started with a Manhunt IM.

I was looking around, but not looking to do too much to get what I needed or wanted. It was a lazy rainy Sunday. I basically wanted a dick and a load.

But the guy IM’ing me was almost an hour away from me. He had no picture and a very vague profile, but still his conversation was more intriguing than all the other guys who had pics and details.

I headed down that way, but to a video arcade – the one I have referenced here a number of times in the last year or so. Since I have no clients in that region any more, I have little reason t go down that way. It’s been months, so I figured, ‘what the hell’.

Memory plays funny things on us. We can romanticize the good times (for lack of a better term) and downplay the bad. I should know better. I should. But that would be assuming I’m thinking with my head and not my dick. I’m a guy – what can I say?

One hour in a blinding rainstorm. This had so better be worth it. And it was – and it wasn’t.

For those who don’t remember and won’t look back at previous posts – the are of town this place is in remains fairly hard hit, economically. This was even before the last year of devastation. The video arcade is on a street littered with strip clubs – which might be a great place to find horny straight men who need a blow job. I have never found the nerve to try that out.

As with all bookstores, it is hit and/or miss. Usually the latter. This day was no exception. I’m not sure what rules do not apply to these places – but how smoking is allowed is beyond me. It is not a family run business, with only family members working there. That is the stipulation for the law. But guys smoke there all the time. I find it annoying. Of course, my favorite is the guys smoking who carries his portable oxygen. Smoking or not, he’s not on my top million people to get off.

I wandered around, but there were only the old, the disabled, the obese or a combination of the aforementioned. Not the prettiest day. If the guy who IM’d me was ever there, he never identified himself and I had nothing to go on. No biggie.

I plopped myself down to watch iffy porn. In those places, as I have said, I tend to stick to straight porn….the scenes and guys are usually hotter. I lucked out that they were showing something like the best of TT Boy. If you haven’t seen him, you should. At least I had something to watch. But it cost me $10 to get in, I was hanging around for a while – just in case.

Guys would come by and peak in at me, my cock still in my pants (there are no doors on the booths). They were all seemingly looking for the same thing I was. I held out. It would be easy to get my cock sucked here, but none of these guys were doing it for me and it wasn’t what I was looking for.

….or as someone told me not too long ago: enough with the stories of YOU getting your cock sucked. That’s not what I come hear to read!

His words, paraphrased as they might be, were taken to heart.

I moved booths and sections, but it was the same guys. I finally let some guy come into my booth. Late 40s….very dad-ish, but not a hot young dad. Maybe 5” cock, but rock hard. I sat there, while he stood in front of me. I took him down with no issue. I could hear him gasp and sigh. I could hear his words of: “oh fuck yeah!”. I love hearing that shit, so it worked for me.

The guy, too soon, held my head and blasted a huge nut in my mouth. I gladly took it all. I actually don’t mind the too soons in places like that, as you always hope you’re not missing the next one, or the hotter one. As an eater, you want it over quicker so you can move on to the following guy. Hopefully.

There was a long period of downtime here, but these places are like casinos – you have no real concept of time, day/night or anything else. But since I live for cock, I guess that’s ok. But I get bored easily.

Since I do get fidgety, I end up doing guys I might not otherwise do. Like the guy who had been there since my arrival, that I passed by dozens of times. 50s, hairy, bearded, a little heavy. But he was outside by booth with his cock out. It was decent in size so I thought, ‘what the fuck’ and took him in – to the booth and into my mouth. Guys like this are appreciative to cocksuckers like me. They probably should be too. But we all know I need them as much as they need me.

I went to town on him and he did it to me. He gripped my head and really fucked my face. Good job. Eventually pinning my head against the wall and making ‘thumping’ noises for many to hear. These are the times when you can overlook a guy’s deficiencies. You have to be able to separate the act from the man, or at least the cock from whom it is attached. Like a gloryhole, minus the hole.

The guy tried, but it wasn’t going to happen, at least not just yet. We both decided to take a break. As you might imagine, one or two guys had come by to peak in and one guy was still left when the feeder exited. Enter the more than half-decent guy.

Late 30s, thinning blonde hair, decent body and face. He did step into my booth and we played for a bit. His cock was on the small side, but he was still fun to play with. At this time we were being watched by a black guy who was average in every way. I can’t even describe him, he was that generic.

The blonde guy and I took a break and we both walked around. Upon leaving my booth, I was followed by what can only be described at a good-ole boy. Pure redneck. Stocky, but not fat. Thick necked. Wide face. Some capillaries burst on his face, most likely due to alcohol issues.

He took the booth across from the new one I selected. In no time, his big fat dick was out. About 8” and very heavy in girth. I nodded, he came over – dick out of his pants.

Subtlety did not become this guy. Even in a place like this, there is something to be said for perceived discretion – even if it doesn’t actually exist. The moans he made were if we were alone, in a house, with no next door neighbors. I was working him and teake him to the root and he was loving it – my lips, my mouth, my tongue. I was using everything I had. He was expounding, “you are a fucking GREAT cocksucker”. Again, nothing subtle in his voice or at least the volume of it.. Naturally it attracted on-lookers. And with his loudness and breath, the alcohol thing was no longer a supposition.

Luckily, it attracted the cute blonde guy and what seemed to be his now tag-along, the generic black guy (GBG). At first he watched from the door, until the feeder saw him. “He’s a REALLY good cocksucker. He REALLY KNOWS what he’s doing!!!”, he bellowed. No one attempted to shush him. Eventually blonde-guy walked into the booth to get a better view. No worries, I like to be watched, as you all well know. This obviously made it easier for GBG to step into the door way and let someone else take his place. That someone else was the 50-ish guy I had been sucking. Once again his dick was out.

Soon there was a hand on the back of my head forcing me down on stocky guy’s dick…but it wasn’t the feeder. The blonde guy took control of the situation and started silently directing the scene. Ok, not so silently, “suck him!” he said as he pushed me down on the guy.

Once again, the feeder was vocal. WAY vocal. Talking about me to the other guys like I wasn’t even there. The 50-ish guy moved into the room , which now had five in it, including me. Blonde guy moved my head from the stocky guy to the 50 guy…and pushed my head down on him. Between his hands pushing me down and the guy’s hip thrusts, they established powerful rhythms for most any eater – naturally I held my own, as I am no novice. I don’t know who said it, but I heard the words, “he’s close”. I was held tightly down on it (not like I was planning on going anywhere!) and the guy in my mouth popped his nut. Blonde guy – bent over somewhat was saying, “swallow it…..swallow it….” Granted, he didn’t know me from Adam, so he didn’t know what I would or wouldn’t’ do – but you guys do. I left no trace of semen. CSI wouldn’t have found it anywhere but in my mouth.

Stocky guy was so turned on by that, as he jacked his fat cock while watching, he was right there too. I worried about his vocal theatrics during ejaculation, and of course I should have been, but it was not only too late for that, I needed to finish him off. Naturally, blonde guy was there for me on that one too. He was a great coach and encourager to a cocksucker – not that I needed it, but again, he didn’t know and this wasn’t as much about me as it was about him. I can ride that wave.

As much as blonde guy was pushing my head down, he’d rub his hands over my body, and under my shirt. Playing with my nipples and just touching me everywhere he could in general. That was hot.

Stocky guy had a sizeable load, but bitter. No worries for him or blonde guy, or our audience (though 50ish guy zipped up and departed at some point), I swallowed every drop….again. Stocky guy was loud. Really really loud. But the way I see it, most of the guys in the place were in my booth anyway.

After that, I needed some air, as blonde guy had not unzipped nor planned to. We all exited.

In a separate section, I could hear Stocky guy still talking. There is a time and place for some talk, but I hate when in those places, people insist on reality or every day kind of things. I felt bad for the guy, but he went on and on, out in the hallway, about being out of work and scared. What was he going to do? How would he survive? My internal thought was, stop the booze and don’t pay $10 a crack for watching porn movies.

That changed quickly when some emo kid came by wanting to suck me. I turned him away at first, but blonde guy showed up again, and again with GBG trailing him. I unzipped for Emo and blonde guy had his hands all over me again. This time I was doing it for him.

Blonde guy wanted to know if I was close. I was not, but that never mattered, as I can will myself to shoot. He said he wanted to jack my dick while it was in the kids mouth – and I do mean jack me off as I got closer. I was ok with that.

I told blonde guy to make sure the kid would take it. He bent down and asked him in a normal toned voice, so anyone could hear. The kid indicated he would. Blonde guy came back up to me and said he would. It was funny because everyone had already heard everything.

I was kind of close and told blonde guy of my intent. He grabbed my cock and stroked as best he could, as I had it well into emo-kid’s mouth. I told him to start swallowing and blond guy grabbed his head. But it was too much for the kid – the pressure (literally), the size of my cock and the size of my load. He coughed. He gagged. He spit it all over the floor. He took NONE of it.

Blonde guy smirked and shrugged his shoulders at me, but at a dedicated eater, you know my thoughts on that. It is inexcusable. Keep out of the fucking bookstores and arcades. Get on Craigslist and tell guys you want to suck almost to completion and then pull off. See how many takers you get with that shit.

I say I’ve learned my lesson of going there. But I don’t know why I say that. Clearly I keep repeating bad habits.

The problems of being a sex addict. It’s hell!

Friday, March 06, 2009

At the Baths - pt 2 (of 2)

More trips through the maze of rooms was in order for me. And then to the sauna, which was not conducive to sex really. Great seating, it had, but a bank of windows for the entire pool area to see. And while I am an exhibitionist, and many who go to the tubs are too, this isn’t quite the scene I think any of us are looking for per se. It did not help when the 400 lb man (no exaggeration) came in, leading a blind man. While I thought it was great he was helping the blind dude out, there is something about 400lbs that makes it anti-erotic (at least for me) .

So off it was again back to the steam room. Not much going on there –and I kept looking around for Mr. Marine – the reason I had come to the baths in the first place for.

After hanging out in the steam room for a bit, I decided to head to the dark room.

As I said in my last post, it was maybe 1-2 times the size of a regular rented room and though I couldn’t really describe it that well.

There is no door so any light you get in there comes from the already dimly lit hall. Mine is not to scale as it seems wider than it is. There is space above the bunks, next to the sling. But it is very dark in there. Which is a good thing.

I took a space on the right bunk, but no one was taking the bite to join me. But that being said, I’m not sure anyone could see that I was there. I wasn’t even sure who was in there or how many. You could see silhouettes of folks cross through the doorway, coming and going, since the light was behind them, but as to actual people – you’d never know who they were.

Some guys planted themselves outside in the hall so they could see who went in and then they’d decide to enter (or not).

After hanging out a bit in the bunk, I knew there was activity going on up near the sling, though no one was actually in the sling. I got up and stepped to the right (or stage left) of the sling. Two guys were there, one was sucking the other. I felt the feeder’s chest, but neither guy stayed long.

Just then a guy got himself into the sling…and waited. It didn’t take long before a man came up to him and started playing with his hole. As I watched, another guy stood next to me, and then behind me. He reached around and played with my dick, but I didn’t want it played with. He then started stroking my hairy ass cheeks. This I did not stop. I actually pushed them against his hand.

The guy at the sling boy’s butt had two or three fingers buried deep. I could feel the guy behind me and his dick on my ass. I had had enough of being coy, as it wasn’t working. Taking globs of spit into my hand, I reached back and rubbed it all over his seemingly average cock. I did this two or three times until he was dripping wet. Then I made sure he knew my intent, even if it was non-verbal.

Soon, I felt his hand on my back, to steady himself and to force me over a bit. At this point, I don’t think anyone was any the wiser, but in a minute, the guy had his seemingly average dick buried up my ass. I leaned back and told him to ‘fuck me’. He did.

Now the guy who had his fingers up the sting guy’s ass was stroking my rock hard dick. He clearly knew what was going on. All I could make out is that he was tall, like I am – over 6’. The guy behind me whispered, ‘bend over a bit more’. I did and it seemed like he could get deeper than he had before. Being shorter than I was, that made sense.

I could tell he was either trying to hold off, or not sure he could cum up my ass. Or both. This was not a date or love-making session, I wasn’t in this for the long haul. I told him to ‘do it’. And he did. The only ones who could hear him moan were me and the guy stroking my dick.

At this point, he pulled his fingers out sling guy’s butt. As the guy fucking me moved away, finger man got behind me. Without a word, he slipped his nice 7 or 7.5” dick into me and into that cummed up hole. No one moved to the guy in the sling and the guy behind me started pumping my butt. He made no sound, said nothing. I don’t think the entire scene lasted seven minutes. The guy just stopped moving and I knew what he was doing, as I could feel him throb.

He pulled out, wrapped his towel and walked to the door. I actually did the same about a minute later. No one was really approaching me and I really thought I’d give fucker #2 a head start so he didn’t think I was following him. That’s not my style.

I was hot so I just stood in the shower for a few minutes before one more walk around for Mr. Marine. It seems I wasn’t going to find him, so I thought about leaving, but went through the steam room one more time. There, in that alcove I found two guys going at it – mostly kissing and jacking each other, or themselves. So I decided to stop and watch for a second. The taller of the two, maybe 5’9” started playing with my ass. When I pivoted a bit to let him get at it, he totally got where I was coming from. Facing me into the wall of the alcove, he used the slimy sweat we all had as self-made lube and pushed a nice 7” dick into my ass. His buddy tried to grip his friends dick to feel it go in me, but he was pumping my ass to hard and fast to really get a good feel. I then felt the bud’s hands on my chest and down to my dick.

I don’t know how long either of them had been playing, or if the fucker could feel two loads up my hole, but soon enough he added the third. I just pushed back so he would keep it in there, and keep it in there deep. His boys were swimming in me.

He flopped out and I just took my leave without so much as a thank you. I don’t think that is called for there – is it? I think not, but I’m not Mr. Manners, so what the fuck do I know?

As I was getting ready to exit the steam room, I ran across a very very hot Italian man. A short one, at that. I’m guessing maybe 5’6”, but with an 8-9” dick. I would have loved to have that either end at this point, but I could tell the way he looked at me, he was looking to get, not give.

I am not a greedy man (ok ok…I am!), so I stood against a wall and played with my boner. He came right over and bent over to engulf it with his mouth. Within a few seconds he was down on his knees.

This guy is everything you wanted out of and eater. He had a mouth a guy could fall in love with. He is what I hope my mouth feels like when I’m sucking cock. I placed one foot up on a faux stone wall and let him have access to my nuts and my cock. His hands rubbed my nuts once or twice, but usually they were on his big piece of meat. And why not? It was a great dick.

Since I had been pretty active for the last two hours, it wouldn’t take me long to be get my nut. I could hold off, but not only did I not want to, I had to really get motoring. One could assume that in the baths, most guys want the load if they drop to their knees for it, but you never know. So I asked. And I followed-up with my usual: ‘you gonna swallow my seed?’. I got the nod of his head with my hard shaft still in his mouth.

“Here it comes, guy”, I said – with my voice echoing off the walls and in the open space.. I blasted my sperm into his mouth and he swallowed it all like a pro. Yes, it was only a three day load, but I had been edging myself for a few hours – and as always, I usually have a more than decent amount. He took it like a champ.

Again, without thanks, I went my way, he went his.

I showered, dressed and left.

The next day I sent an email to the marine asking where he was. He said not only was he there, but was in the black room, flooding my guts with his cream.

That fucker must have been one of the lurkers outside watching who came and went. He must have recognized me and followed me in and did the deed. He also had to be #1, as he was the only shorter guy in there who fucked me.

It wasn’t quite my plan (or his), but fuck man – it worked!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

At the Baths - pt 1

For months now, on and off, I have been exchanging emails with a somewhat local guy about hooking up.

I say somewhat, because he is south of where I live by about an hour, but comes up here for his work on semi-regular basis. And even if not, it is only an hour’s drive. The problem has been timing – of either when I was traveling or the time of day he was in town and I was at the office.

So earlier last week we finally connected, on-line and in person.

“Gary” was going to be doing his work out up in town, but at the baths. If you look at Gary’s body, he is a serious muscle guy – usually not my thing, but he was an ex-marine and how could I not be drawn to that on some level – if not many? And granted I hadn’t been to the baths in town for a decade, and while I remember them having equipment, it would be a far cry from calling it a gym. But he was to be doing his work-out there from 2p on and I figured I would go after work. And I did.

Since I hadn’t been in 10+ years, I didn’t know the deal with this place, which was newer. Monday is ‘$1 locker day’ – at 5p, I was 10th in line to get in. I also grabbed one of the last parking spots in the lot. I thought to myself, ‘this could be interesting.’

Gary had talked about really wanting to fuck me – and I was all for that. He didn’t get rooms and I’m too cheap to, so we knew we’d be doing it in a place where others could see – and I think you all know I don’t really mind an audience.

Baths can be tricky though (ha! a pun!). While the exhibitionist in me likes to play in public, the tubs can be filled with trolls – and there is only so much I want to be watched by them, let alone fondled or fend off.

The place was bigger than most baths I’d been to – with the prerequisite video room, showers, sauna and steam areas. I have yet to get to a ‘spa’ that has the gloryhole room or set-up. I fucking love that. But alas, this was not to have it either.

However they did have two interesting areas: a dark room and a dark area. The last one needs a little set-up:

While many areas within bath houses are dimly lit, this place had very darkened corners in some places. Some that were black as pitch – even while right out in the open. There were little leatherette cushions on the floor for, well, I guess kneeling. There was no support under them other than the floor. You literally had to feel your way until you found the wall.

Then the dark room is kind of self-explanatory. It was maybe the size of one or two rooms you’d ‘rent’ for the time you’re there. But inside there are no lights. Again, when you’re eyes adjust at some point, you can make out some things, but not much: two sets of bunk cots (hardly beds) what are deep and enough room between top and bottom to get some ass-pumping done in them. Then at the end of this pseudo-corridor, is the sling. With some maneuvering, you can get on either side of the sling, which also then places you at the head of those bunk cots. If I had Visio, I’d scheme out a drawing.

No for me, I love the steam room. I like the slickness of it. The feel and smell of desperation – and perspiration. It just turns me on. But the black room had me intrigued.

At my first look around, I didn’t find Gary, so I kept moving. Since those places are mazes, unless one was standing still and the other moving, it is no wonder you pass each other.

So, while making my way through the massive steam room, I find an alcove where two guys are going at it. It is still dark and steamy enough that it is very difficult to make anyone out. But that’s not the point of a place like this. The guy sitting in alcove was going down on the standing guy. Even if you couldn’t see, the guy getting sucked was making enough noise for all to hear.

Not to gawk too much, I did stand and watch for a minute with the intent to move on, but the cocksucker grabbed my dick as I had removed my towel. The cocksucker moved to my dick and I bent down to work on the feeder dick. It was nice and fat and a decent length. His moans were just as strong due to my skill as the guy before me. I purposefully bent over, sans towel, hoping someone would walk up behind me and just slide their cock in my ass. This was not to be. I had a few hands on it, but no one took the lead in doing it. I just wanted it to happen, I didn’t want to have to ask or instruct. Where are these people’s intuitive skills???

The cocksucker and I traded off here and there but when the guy said he was close to shooting, the other cocksucker pushed me to the dick. I was trying to be respectful, since he had done (I’m assuming) most of the work. But truth be told, I did want the reward. And I got it. The guy popped off a nice creamy load that hit my tongue, the roof of my mouth and back of my throat. I left him there, breathing heavily as he leaned against the wall.

I made my way around the maze of rooms, but with $1 lockers and only being late afternoon on a Monday, no one was renting any of those. That is when I stumbled upon the darkened corner. There was only one other guy over there but I kind of found my way to the cushions and crouched down on them. It only took a minute before someone stepped in front of me and opened his towel.

The guy had a nice hard dick and he let me suck it for quite a while. And like moths too the flame, there were guys everywhere around us and the guy next to me who was also sucking a dick. I couldn’t see the men, but you could see white from their towels. Guy #1 moved back as I sucked him and stroked another guy. I don’t know if he wanted all the attention or not looking to shoot just yet. The other guy moved closer. As soon as I wrapped my lips around his big fat cock, I knew he was black. Not because of the size, but because of the smell and taste.

I think most experienced cocksuckers would agree that there is a certain smell/taste combination that goes on with black men. And for many of them, the smell is similar to each other, but very different than white or Hispanic men. But he too was hesitant about losing his load, and shortly pulled away.

The guy next to me guided me to the man he was sucking, and had been for awhile. I’m assuming his jaw was tired as I wrapped my lips around it, the thing was mighty HUGE. I’ve never believe in ‘beer can thick’ cock descriptions, but this guy came the closest to anything I’ve ever seen felt.

Being so thick, it was quite spongey. I don’t know he could have ever gotten enough blood into that region to get himself totally erect. The first cocksucker started pushing my head onto that big dick and the feeders hands were right there with him. I did give it a valiant effort, but to no avail. While my mouth was not yet sore from the size, the feeder kind of gave up too, or decided to see what else was out there.

I decided to do that too.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Shift Change

I don't mean to keep beating a dead horse with these group blowjob stories, but with my schedule it is harder to arrange stuff than I would like.

I do have stories to entertain you with other than me just feeding some cocksucker named Glenn, but I haven't finished writing them. As I've said before, getting them to screen is more work than you would think.

But a few days ago, I called Glenn to see what group activities he had planned for that evening. It was Friday and though it has gone unsaid, at least on those days he has something set up. Since I have yet to provide him with my email or phone number (or name), he can't just contact me to let me know what is what. He has to wait for me.

I will give him this - when I call, he knows who I am without any identifiers. No name. Blocked phone call. I just jump into the conversation. But a good bottom knows these things. Lord knows I do.

If you recall, the last two weeks I had been the first to arrive. I still planned on being there around 5:30p, but I had a meeting run late and didn't even leave the office until then. Glenn had told me there would be anywhere from 3-6 guys this session, depending on timing. Since everyone else the other times ran late, I wasn't too too worried. And fuck if I didn't hit every single red light from here to there.

I arrived a bit before 6p, but I thought that was cool. Cars were parked near the house and the door was unlocked, so far so good. But when I went in, I heard regular conversation. Not moans and groans and talk of men in the moment.

I heard someone say, "Shift Change!" ...and then a laugh.

Walking to the darkened family like room, there is Glenn and two guys who are putting on their pants, clearly getting ready to leave. They had gotten their nut, and were done. I was introduced to Rob and Jeff.

Glenn said, "I'll be back in a second", leaving me alone with the two completed feeders. Jeff was very attractive - in his mid-40s. Rob was ok too and probably the same age. If there had been others there, I didn't know about it - or ask.

I keep coming back to Glenn, not due to his average cocksucking skills, but to watch others and to be watched. I don't think it is any surprise I'm a voyeur and exhibitionist. So, while Glenn was out of the room, I de-pantsed myself and let my cock start hardening in front of these two.

My thought was two-fold: either get them to stay and watch or at least give them something to see (my cock) before they took off. I figured, either way it was kind of a win-win.

They both took notice as I started to grow and no one made a move to leave just yet. Glenn returned and pulled out a chair for me to sit in and then started playing with my junk. "Isn't this a great dick?" he asked them. They both said yes while nodding their heads. Glenn lowered his head onto my cock.

I put my head back in appreciation, but to be honest, it was more for show for these guys than it was for his ability. I lifted my head after a few and looked across the seating area to see Jeff staring right at me - and me back at him.

"Yeah, he likes to be watched, just like I do", Jeff said to no one in particular. He was right. And he knew it.

I kept waiting for the guys to have gotten their fill of at least seeing and then head out to where they needed to go, but no one was really going anywhere. Glenn asked for poppers and Jeff got them for him - and even held them for him. He did the same for me. I could tell in another time/setting, Jeff and I would get along just fine. Better than fine.

Without a word and almost acting in unison, Rob and Jeff stood on either side of me. They watched Glenn suck my dick. Soon their hands were all over me. On my legs. Pushing up my shirt. Feeling and pinching my nipples. Jeff would reach down and feel my nuts and even pull on them slightly. Rob would push Glenn's head down on my dick. It was a great effort on all their parts.

Normally, I can hold off forever, if I chose. I can also cum easily by my own choice. As they made pseudo attempts to leave, without any real commitment to that effort, I decided they should be seeing the end show.

Jeff held poppers again for Glenn and myself and then I grabbed the back of Glenn's head and forced him on me and then started using my hand on the back of his head for my pleasure only. He might have gotten something out of it too, but it really wasn't about him. I had an audience to perform for.

"Make it loud", Jeff said to me. I did.

It had been since Monday since I came last and knew I would shoot big - but I normally do not matter the time frame.

I held Glenn's head steady and started pumping my load in his mouth and down his throat. I roared, much to the silent delight of the two observers. I saw all-knowing grins and a nod from Jeff.

And though I was not completely done cumming, I made a point to say it to Glenn (and the others), so they knew how much there actually was.

Since the spell had been broken by my orgasm, the two previous feeders did finally take their leave with thanks to me and Glenn. The cocksucker himself, knelt there with my cock still in his mouth, making sure to get any remaining drips and drops.

I will give Glenn this - he somehow can keep milking me without giving me that highly sensitive feeling where I usually have to extract my dick from a guy's mouth. However, at some point, I did pull it out and stand up.

Glenn said, "your load was HUGE. But it always is." I as riding high from the show I/we just put on, I stood there wishing Jeff and Rob had heard him say that.

But I grabbed my pants and put them on and headed to the door. I'm sure I'll be back. As much as I'd rather be the cocksucker, it s still fun to be watched.

Maybe I can somehow get with Jeff to do our own group, with me as the eater.