Friday, December 30, 2005

Head Colds

'Tis the season I guess - but man do they suck. Which means - I don't.

Well, I could - but I wouldn't be at my best. Not only do I not want to give a guy a possible cold - but I really really want to do a good job when I give head.

Pulling off a shaft every few bobs or strokes to gasp for breath is ok when they are trying to choke you - but not when you just can't breathe through your nose. Amateur hour, for me, was over a long time ago.

It's just bad timing of course. In the last few days I've had a number of new guys contact me looking for a little action. The goal is to give them a good time so they become semi-regulars. That - and I am sooooooooo starved for it. Not necessarily the end result - but the entire process. The hunt. The zipper going down. The feel of the dick going in my mouth.....and possibly growing after it's in there (many times it's already erect before taking it in). The tastes, textures and smells are all different on each guy.

Naturally I do like the reaction I get from my abilities. The verbal and non. And the power my little ole mouth has to make a man ejaculate. a guy ejaculate. I'm tired of people saying the bottom always has the true power. It's not true. It is as much in the feeder/giver/top's own mind to get that thing to cum. I do not kid myself into thinking I am that great an powerful.

....just a guy who knows his place - and is happy there.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Homo Depot

I love Home Depot. Maybe it is for the way things there are rough and unfinished. The materials. The plans. The men. Everything is a fucking work in progress - all for unfulfilled dreams.

A Home Depot in town is exceptionally cruisy. At least the bathrooms and the surrounding area leading up to the restrooms. You know.....where the lurkers might hang to see who comes and goes from there? This one also seems to have a high number of contractors who go in and out of the store. Manly men. Something you'd expect to see in a Honcho magazine pictoral or lame Falcon video.

Alas, the story I tell is not about this Home Depot, but one much closer to me. The prior one is in a 100% white neighborhood. I pride myself that I live in a much more diverse neighborhood. It's more eclectic and lively. This Home Depot doesn't have the contractors - but true do-it-yourselfers. There isn't the advertising on the bathroom stalls like there is in the cruisy one. But - I never miss an opportunity to check out a restroom. It's something in my nature - the possibility of what might/could happen.

I've never had (or seen) anything remotely inappropriate at my HD. So imagine my surprise when I was in a stall and a guy next to me tapped his foot. I was curious, so I tapped back. Some might know that this can go on for what seems like hours - but clearly this guy didn't have that kind of time.

He slid to his knees and pushed under the partition his cock. His big black cock. I'm guessing a little over 8" - nicely thick that curved to the right (his right). "ssssuck it" he hissed. I tried my best - but it was a tight fit in that stall. I got the head and about half of the shaft in my mouth. But he curved so much my head when into the toilet in my stall.

It was short lived as someone came in anyway. We sat back down and straightened ourselves up...still sitting in our respective stalls. After the coast seemed clear - he was pushing it under. I reached down and stroked it w/my spit soaked hand. He was closer than I ever imagined or I would have gotten down there. As it was - he unload a HUGE amount of jizz on my hand and into my palm. "Fuuuuuuuuck" he said as I tried to milk it all.

He got himself together in a hurry and made a beeline for the door. I licked my hand clean and then went back to getting what I needed IN the store. I got what I wanted IN the bathroom. Kind of.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lthrman II

Well, there was a repeat. It broke my dry spell at least.

My posting 10 days ago, or so, of our last encounter was ok...but not much more. This one was about the same. Leaving my door on the counter.

This time though - he came upstairs b/c there is no VCR downstairs and he didn't like my choice of DVD porn. He wanted Jeff Stryker type porn. Do I have it - sure. Am I proud of that - was a time in my life when I copied everything i ever rented. So I have a good-sized collection - though I wouldn't call it a good collection.

He left me the option of what I wanted to wear: a full suit or full leather. I opted for the latter. I was in a suit all day. I wasn't going back there.

The porn was playing when he walked up. I was in all leather on the bed waiting. He stood next to the bed and hauled out his cock. For all his faults - his dick ain't one of them. BEAUTIFUL. Just a nice big, thick piece of meat. Straight shaft. Thick shaft. Proportional head. I love going down on it. I love the fact that I can take the entire thing - all 8.5".

He was clearly more interested in the porn than the cocksucker. Not that he should be interested in me as a person - but me as a service would have been ok. Jeff Stryker does NOTHING for me - so I don't see the appeal.

But I stayed at the task at hand - or mouth, as the case may be. It took maybe 30 min. No real build up to his climax. It just happened. Not a big one, but a bitter one. I still took it all. I always take it all.

Dry spell or not - I'm not inclined to keep entertaining this. We'll see how dry my next spell is - and if he calls and how the two correlate.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Holiday Dry Spell

I knew there'd be a dry spell around the holidays. There usually is. Everyone rushing around shopping, partying or traveling. All tense and wound up - and in need of release. Ironic isn't it? The time of year I can be of service the best - and no one has time to drop a load!

But I have two days off at the end of this week - and I will make the most of them. Already have feelers out there for people who might want to start their day w/a little action.

Two years ago I took every Friday from T-giving to New Years off. It was great. I had quite a few dicks to service - but one I did every single Friday. Each time a little different too.

Each time would start with me pulling to the house and the door open. It was up to me to find where he was in the house.

The first time he was splayed out on his dining room table. Nekkid. I sat right at the table and had myself a feast. I just layed on his side while I sat on a dining room chair and sucked his 7" prong. This is a quiet guy - so I don't expect verbal encouragement or beration (is that a word?). Some labored breathing as he got close - the splats of sperm into my mouth. When I was done w/my meal, w/out a word I got up from the table and left.

The next time I walked in and there was a homemade gloryhole right at the kitchen. The set-up to the house is - a hall from the front door to the kitchen entrance. So with the glorhole at that entrance my back was to the main door. A crude hole was cut out from the plywood. His dick already through the hole. I slid to my knees and took it like a pro. Growing up, as a cocksucker, on glorholes, this remains one of my favorite ways to feed. Granted knowing this was a safe place and who was actually on the other side of the hole took some of the edge off - but still brings back fond memories.


Anyhooo - I'm sucking his dick making him press further into the partition to get more of his cock down my throat when the doorbell rings. He doesn't move and I realize that anyone at the door could in theory see me on my knees in front of this glorhole. My feeder tells me to answer the door. I hadn't pulled out my dick but I was more then tented. The guy thinks I live there and that I was cruising on line for a mouth. It wasn't me - but MY feeder. I tell him to wait and go back to what I'm doing. Now and again, I'd steal a glance but this guy wasn't clever enough to look through the door window to see me. It's freezing out - but he stays put. Waiting for someone (anyone) to return. I finish my guy off - swallowing all of his seed and head to the door. I didn't know what to do, so I told the guy "I'm done - he's all yours". Maybe my feeder had a 2nd load in him - I don't know.

The third Friday I walk in the door and right into him. Dressed head to toe in leather. Boots to hat. He stands on the steps that lead to the bedrooms but makes me take him all in before forcing me to my knees. I get a great facefucking from him. I love holding onto a good pair of boots while sucking a leatherman. Feeling from tip to top. It's such a sensual and sexual thing for me. If they want to take it farther on USING those boots on me - it's fine. Not my place to suggest or demand. I do hope my appreciation of the boots would tip them off. That day it did not. I did get his load as he slammed my very willing mouth though.


The fourth Friday was finding him working out in only a jock. I ended up laying on the weight bench w/him feeding me from above. Deep dicking me - but to where I could take it no issue. But like I've said in many other posts - I have had a bit of practice. He was sweaty and rank. I ate his hole to prove that. Then he got my legs up for a nice little buttfuck session. He had no intention of finishing there though. He pulled out - let my legs drop and pushed back into my mouth. HUGE load - but I got it all. I always do.

The last Friday in our routine was out of the house. He told me to come to his garage - which is almost behind the house (still attached) on a slope that goes under the house. He was there - dick out. It was cold too. Late December. I sucked him for a bit. On my knees on the cold cement. After a bit he pulled me up and bent me over a car in the garage. He buggered me right there. No mercy. It didn't take long. My guess is it couldnt be. My guess is there was somone IN the house. This time he didn't finish in my mouth. He kept it buried up my ass as he pushed my face into the trunklid of the car. He pulled out quickly and pulled up his sweat pants and told me he was done. (no shit!) As I got in my car, I see the mailman standing in the driveway w/a grin on his face. As I approach to drive past him, he gives a sly wink. What DID he see?? And why didn't he join in??

Well....I have an email out to my holiday friend. Maybe.........just maybe..................

Friday, December 09, 2005


I had such high hopes for a trick from last night. W/an email address that includes 'lthrman' in it, I got my expectations up there. To further complicate the situation, he kept talking about 'fit guys' and how he would be late to my place b/c he has to spend 2hrs at the gym.

Of course, my fault, I thought he wanted to spend 2 hrs at the gym. More likely he needed to spend 2 hrs at the gym. Don't get me wrong - he was nice looking. 42. But for all his determination about needing to be w/a fit guy (which I'm not - just an average build), you'd think he was a vain, yet defined stud. The guy was a little flabby.

What he did have going for him was right between the legs. I'm sure it's gotten him pretty far. 8.5", as advertised. And THICK. No flab there. Rock hard! A nice straight shaft that I had no trouble taking the entire length. Though I guess one could argue that I have had a lot of practice!

As instructed, I left my door unlocked. A beer on the counter for him. He'd find me on my knees in a room where he could use poppers and watch porn. I had no previous picture of him - so I was acting on blind faith (or is that stupidity?). He had his beer. He dropped his sweats. I got him erect in a minute.

Though he claimed to be verbal - he was anything but. Though he had 'lthrman' in his email - he had none with him - and turns out owns very little. What he did have was a beautiful prick that shot a nice 2 day load (why do I always feel compelled to ask how long they've been storing it up?). Naturally, I took every fuckin drop. It's what I do.

What he wants - or says he wants - is someone he can use now and again. I can do that unless down the road he proves to be a flake. He also said he wanted to see me suck off a few guys - again, I can do that. The last thing is, he'd like me to suck him while a big black man (though he used a much more derogatory word) fuck my ass at the same time. If he can arrange, I can be there. I try no to disappoint.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oral Push-Up

Finally the dry spell (pre-Thanksgiving, I might add!) is over!

Yesterday evening I got an email from a semi-regular (see the entry "Too Late" on August 19th) to come drain his nuts. (We've had many sessions which I could incorporate into this email, but will hold off on when I have another dry-spell....and I will have one!) I emailed back and said I'd be there in half an hour. I was right on time. A good cocksucker should be punctual.

Normally, his door is ajar and I just walk in to find him one place or the other (again, more on that w/additional stories). Today his door was shut, but I'm assuming that had something to do w/the 16F temperature. He was waiting for me and opened it as I approached.

"Upstairs" was the only command. I walked ahead of him to his bedroom at the top of the stairs. Even though I 'believe' he lives alone, he shut the door - then turned off the lights. By the time he approached me, I was sitting on the edge of his bed (complete w/leather sheets). He stood in front of me, slowly undoing the string to his sweat pants. He dropped them just below his balls.

I dropped to the floor - sitting in front of him - his cock just above my mouth. My back still pressed to the end of the bed. I leaned up and took his soft penis into my mouth. For as non-verbal as he started out, after a few years he's getting better. No actual words - but moans, groans and sighs. It's as close to dirty talk as I think he's going to get.

But my mouth on his dick did make him groan. He let me work it for awhile. It grew to full erection in almost no time. I know he loves it when I dance my tongue on the underside of his shaft - and that's just what I did. He always moans at this and his dick always becomes more stiff. By doing this I also knew that it would put him at a place where he'd take over, sooner than later. He always takes over. That is a given.

But for the moment I got to work that dick w/my mouth. Taking him to the pubes. Pulling almost all the way off. He positioned himself closer so I could take it deep. He worked his foot under my ass and pressed his big toe to my hole as he leaned down to play w/my left nipple. Granted it was through my sweatshirt, but he knew the reaction it would get. He knew that if he continued this and he opted to spread my cheeks and slide up my ass, he could. This did not happen.

What he did do is really lean into me - making my head go back against his bed. My neck was right at the edge of the bed, so he could bend my head almost onto the bed itself. This gave him a very nice angle to push in - and trap me between his rock hard thighs (I'm guessing he is 2-5% body fat) and the bed itself.

Once this was accomplished, he decided to force feed me. Not face fuck. But push it deep....and hold it making me work it by simple process of gasping for breath. I wasn't cut off really, but he knew my mouth attempting to get some air would pulsate around his rod. I so wanted to grab his balls, but knew my hands were still freezing from the outside weather. I didn't want to shock him.

But eventually my hands had a mind of their own. I took his nuts in my palm and wrapped my fingers around both of them. I manipulated, massaged and tugged on them. He fuckin loved it. The unfortunate thing in doing this was, I inadvertently sped up the process to get him to ejaculate. Sure, I'm guessing we both could have let this go on for awhile. Maybe he had better things to do than fool w/some cocksucker.

He was getting close. I could tell from his 'fuck yeah!' as he not only crammed in my mouth, but put his hands on the bed, bascially doing push-ups on my mouth. He had his dick wedged in my mouth good and deep. I tried to get him to pull out a little b/c I hate to not taste the seed. Anyone can cream your throat - but what's the point? I think the sperm is there to be savored and enjoyed. The eater gets to experience it - and the feeder gets to know that his seed was appreciated and enjoyed on all levels.

I succeed in getting him to pull back ever so slightly. This might have been a mistake. I wasn't in the best position to take the load w/out gagging a bit. Normally I wouldn't - but I know from experience how much this guy shoots - even on single day loads. This was a 5 day back-up.

Then it happened. He let loose. Torrents of jizz. It just filled the cavity that is my mouth. The warmth and taste spread across my tongue and tastebuds. I wanted to hold it, but the angle was such that his scum just began to slide down my throat. I did save enough that when he eventually did pull out, he did what I like him to do - grab my throat tightly so he could feel me gulp what remaining semen was there to gulp.

The ending is always usual. Me showing myself out and thanking him. Me getting little to no response from him. Impersonal? To some. I'm good w/it.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Friday night I had a dream. Not the ambiguous kind where you don't know what object are meant to represent reality.

No...this one was quite graphic.

It started before I began to remember I'm not sure what the entire lead-in might have been. But as I came to recognize it, the dream was in full swing.

A man was there. A gruff, semi-attractive (in my sense) man. Though he had no clothes on he was a greasy sort. Long-ish stringy hair. Beard. A no-shit attitude. And a long, thick hose.

There were no words at first....but then he just started to piss on me. ALL over me. A heavy heavy flow. I was naked from the waist down, but he was splashing my face and my sea-foam green Izod (eeek....wearing that should have turned this into a fuckin' nightmare!).

At this point, my (dream) boyfriend walked in an caught us. You now how dreams go - In the dream you know it's your house, even though it is no place you've ever seen? This is my boyfriend I've never seen, but in the dream knew he was attached to me.

The man looked up at him - then at me. He sneered and kept right on pissing all over me. Telling me to open up - meaning my mouth. I oblige.

He looks up at me knowing my dream bf can see/hear. He tells me he's gonna fuck me - and gonna fuck me hard. Then he gets into position behind me. The door slams and looking over my shoulder - the bf is gone.

Now I bet you're thinking two things: one is - I woke up having to go the bathroom very badly. And you'd be wrong. The second is - that I'm horny as fuck. There you would be right. This dry spell is having me on the fuckin verge of wet dreams - and possibly a wet bed.

And even in my dreams - I'm a cheap, two-timing, cheating whore. Go figure.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Snow Snow Snow

We're getting a lot of snow today. The first true snow of the season. I'm guessing 6-7" at this point - and now let up.

As I look out my office window I think about being a teenager - and how after finding the parks near where I grew up (still not too far from here) even snow wasn't a deterent for cruising and finding dick.

I guess the difference would be, that treking back into the woods, it was easy to find people, just follow their prints.

I can remember a number of times being cold, but still w/my jeans down past my ass taking it from some stranger who you could almost assure was away from the wife and kiddies. He had no problem just delivering his needs on a cold day to a complete stranger. A kid stranger. Clearly the kid was receptive too.

You never got much of an audience on those days...and it was always hit or miss...even moreso than any good warm day. But the ones who did show were committed to the cause.

I'm still committed - but just having discovered some of these parks, I haven't really been in winter. If it weren't for my office holiday party tonite, I might just check it out.....though I'm not dressed like I normally would be. Slogging through the snow in wingtips and a $600 suit doesn't seem prudent. But i'm sure some would say getting fucked anonymously in the woods in 20 degree weather isn't either.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Stop! Or I'll........Shoot!!!!

It's so wrong to lust after a cousin - isn't it? I mean, so much of what I do is considered wrong by society anyway what is one more thing on the list? But take a look @ him.

Throw a cop uniform on him and it's THAT much hotter. He is a cop too -
just not in it for the uniform (unlike me). They say that most cops never discharge their weapon their entire career. This cannot be said for my cousin. In his somewhat brief career - he's shot/killed two people on two separate occasions. Anything else he'd like to fire off is ok w/me too.

And speaking of shooting off....masturbation just isn't what it used to be, at least most of the time. Sexually, I still have major needs. But whacking-off isn't one of them - at least in the frequency of how I used to do it. My bigger fear is that less excites me. Am I too jaded?

That being said, last Friday I jacked off in my office during the work day. The need was there. I had also gotten a call from a guy who wanted to fuck me sometime in the upcoming week. He went into great detail about how and where. I closed, but not locked, my door. I didn't intend to pull the pud. Rub through my suit, perhaps. But he told me to pull it out - and I did. He made me stroke it until I blew a 4-day load.

As much as I would have loved to put it on my desk, I couldn't take that risk and into the garbage can it spewed. There to sit for hours until a environmental service worker took my seed away. To be deposited w/the garbage where so much other semen goes. My loose sperm mixed in a trash dump w/1000s of used condoms and other perverts who've jacked off in their offices.

Is THAT the ultimate anonymous sex?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

No New Tale To Tell

...and I guess that just happens sometimes. As I've mentioned before (or I think I have), pulling back a past encounter from the many that I have had to supplement this blog is harder than I imagined. First I have to narrow down what type of encounter I want to discuss and then one that is interesting and translates to text.'s harder than one might think.

Today I thought I'd pull back to when it started. No - not a first time encounter, but the thought of a first time encounter.

When I was 12 or 13 I was babysitting for a couple down the street. They had a copy of Everything You Want to Know About Sex* (*but were afraid to ask). I read this like some people would read the bible....and it was just as fictious.

Actually I read PART of this......over and over, each time I'd watch these kids. Flip to the index.....look up 'homosexuality' and proceed to the entire two pages they had any text on it at all. (mind you this was an early-mid 70s edition.)

Apparently men go to bowling alleys, go to the bathroom, tap their foot under the stall....and voila....SEX! Imagine my surprise when I went to our podunk town bowling alley and not getting anything after sitting for what seemed like an eternity. Oh the disappointment.

The truer guide (read: bible) would have been through the fiction I read in Blueboy or Honcho. These I would shoplift from bookstores in a mall at 15. The stories - though somewhat exaggerated - at least gave a better depiction of bars, parks, bathrooms, rest areas, truck stops & adult bookstores. Granted I didn't have access to all of these, but lo and behold, when I did find - BINGO!

I miss the knot in my stomach I used to get going into a park. Or theatre. Or waiting at a gloryhole. The anticipation of something new. A life-changing experience - as they all were for me for a few years running.

Perhaps they are not to be anymore. Maybe I'm too experienced....too jaded. But I think about those men who helped me become who I am - even though they didn't know it (or care). Should I be doing this for some other soul - now that I am who they were?

Maybe I just need to get laid.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yesterday I had what was probably my first grown-up nooner.

Never before have I left work to go out to lunch - let alone to hook-up w/someone for sex. Well...I didn't actually get lunch yesterday, but I was full by the time I returned.

I got a referral call. A guy who knows a guy I would occasionally do. It was cool that my cellphone was given out..I can deal w/that. This guy - Lou - thought I could help him out and that he was in 'a bad way'. I said I could after work, but he insisted that it would have to be NOW.

As much as I'd like to 'entertain' in my office, the reality wasn't really possible. I mean, in my old job, I would do that now and again, but in this place I wasn't really comfortable w/it. But the more he talked, the more my dick stiffened. He was hooking me - whether he knew it or not. I thought abuot it and figured I lived 5 minutes away and no one was home. I told him when and where to pick me up.

He was there at the appointed time. Not bad looking. Early 50s. Dark hair w/some grey. And a wedding ring. I love the wedding ring. Though sitting, I guessed he was shorter (turns out to be about 5'7"). His pants were unzipped and his dick was out but under his sweater. He had me hold onto it the entire ride to my place. Rock hard and about 7".

Now I just assumed that since the guy who referred him to me had only recieved head, that this is what I was being pimped out for. I was wrong. This guy wanted ass. He wanted MY ass. Correction: he just wanted ass. I happened to be there.

I'm as game as the next guy but I had to coax him to get some lube on there before he pushed in me. Did I say 'pushed'? Crammed. That'd be more accurate. He fucked w/no finesse at all. Pounded, but not quite jack-rabbity. For all his talk about fucking me for hours - he came in about 10 minutes. Lucky for me the windows were shut and the house isn't really near anyone else. The man let loose aurally. Louder than most anyone I'd been with.

I thought, well, this was ok....but I'm not sure I'd do this least with him. But he wasn't done. The man was still hard. He wanted to at least stick it in again. I was down w/it - and his load made it a lot easier to take (why is it that sometimes even smaller cocks tend to make me ache more than bigger ones? this is what people mean when they say it's not the size, it's in how you use it. completely true!!!).

He fucked me for almost another 10 minutes before dumping another scum load up my hole. But still he wasn't done. This man was a walking Viagra ad - though he swears he didn't take any. As a teen, I never had a hard-on like this - even after two ejaculations. He was still hard after he dumped the third one in me too.

Sweat covered him and was dripping onto me. He kept his dick up there and wanted to feel me shoot so I'd contract around his shaft. Normally I don't cum during sex...since I am usually there to take care of the other guy - but I had 6 days worth that I hadn't even jo'd to and felt the need.

It took me no time at all to get close. He cupped his hand around me and caught the load. He pulled out of me smeared his cock w/my cream and shoved himself back in. He wanted to go for a forth time - but I had to make an appearance back at the office.....and take a shower before that.

Sure, there'd have been a time I would have loved to just put my suit back on and smell to high heavens - but this job, I cannot do that. Bad enough I was going back w/three loads of spooge up my hole.

A guy has got to do what he has got to do. Would I do him again? Probably not. Was it an experience I shant soon forget? Absolutely. (but to be fair - of the 1000s of encounters I've had, I remember most all of them.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Backroom Follow-Up

There will be no 2nd go-around for my hotel encounter from last night.

Anyone who really knows me thinks I suffer from low (but not lack of) self-esteem. I do not find myself unattractive, but on the other hand, I don't consider myself goodlooking.

Here are excerpts from the 'straight' man who emailed me today regarding yesterday:

Honestly, you brought out something in me that I do not have a beautiful cock, and are an amazingly hot guy. I knew from your pic that I should not have met you. I prefer older, less attractive guys who worship me....

When I get these avg cocksuckers on their knees and they fuckin love my body and the perfect fit my cock is in their mouths..I can say...You like that cock don;t you? I was intimidated by you and uncomfotable...just felt I was out of my league. But...I lost sleep over you buddy

For what it's worth.....only one other time in my life did someone effect me the way you did. My day was spent fighting the urge to ask if I could suck your cock once more before I leave...

He can ask all he wants - but I'm the cocksucker here. And I think I was just rejected b/c he thought I was 'amazingly hot'? Maybe I'd get a lot more action if I were just 'older, less attractive'. Who knew that was the key to getting laid?

I now believe I am the most attractive man alive and have the ability to change men's sexual orientation. My next feat will be to turn back the tides!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Backroom-Like Sex

So I answered a craigslist ad for a guy who was in town and wanting a backroom/bookstore like experience in his hotel room.

He wanted me to come in to his room - and all the lights would be off. He'd be against the wall and I was to get on my knees and service him.

Seemed straightforward enough. A friend of mine told me I was nuts and was asking to for soemthing else to happen in that situation. I didn't think of it that way and was pretty sure I'd have it under control.

The man was a little shorter than I anticipated - maybe 5'5" or so. I'm 6'2". The hotel was so dark it was really difficult to make out any distingusihing feature. So in that regard, it was like a backroom encounter.

He was ok verbally - but could have been much more aggressive....or at least had low backroom moans. His dick was a nice 6.5" that curved to his right. A decent mouthful. I also milked out an ok (at best) load that had little to no flavor....which was unfortunatel

However when he came - then he was verbal. No chance the rooms on either side of him - and across the hall - and anyone walking down the hall didn't hear him.

He wanted me to come afterward - which was not part of the deal. And though i'm not normally a feeder, it was a non-negotiable deal when he said he didn't take loads in his mouth.

I thanked him and left. Maybe he'll want more backroom head while he's in town. I'm still up for that. I'm not a fool.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bad Attitude IV

(this is the last in this series)

For quite awhile the ulitimate man used me as he wished, when he wished. I gladly obliged.

If he didn't call (which he did not do frequently), sometimes I'd come across him as I cruised a park. Once I orally satisfied him in the woods. Once he had me do it in his little sports car. There was no hiding from anyone driving by - nor did he want to be covert. He was putting on a fucking show and I knew it.

This one time he used me to pick up another guy. He was a little clone-ish, but it's what my guy (he was never mine) wanted. He allowed me to come back to his place while he used the guy. It was more of a show - 'my guy' showing off his huge fat dick. The other guy on a bench of some type. Both of them finally getting off on each other while I stood near - just stroking my faggot dick. Afterward, I got berated for not cumming on the other guy's face while I stood near it. It had never occurred to me that I could. I was barely acknowledged let alone given any type of permission. I thought I knew my place. The line in the sand least for that encoutner.

A few weeks later would actually be the last time that we'd be together. Only I didn't know it. He most likely did. I was summoned over and naturally I dropped everything and was over in a flash. Clothes (but my briefs) were left at the door. We went through the drill of me sucking his big prong. He relished in me gagging on it. He always did. I'm guessing he loved it w/all his cocksuckers - reinforcing his masculinity and his ego.

On the floor - he got me on my knees and pulled my briefs (or as he called them 'panties') to the side so he had exposure to my hole. He was forcing that rod in w/only his spit as lube. I protested that I couldn't take it. His repsonse was, "you always say that - but you always do!" I had no argument there. I always fought it initially - but ended up taking the deep strokes he delivered.

After a pumping on the floor he pulled me up onto his platform bed that is situated in front of two windows that face a somewhat major street. My underpants permanently stretched out at this point, he went right back to pumping my butt. He leans in and says - "the guys across the street are watching. They always do when I'm fucking someone." It was dark out and I couldn't tell - but mostly b/c I was being drilled hard by that point.

In another 10 minutes he pretty much finished up - by pumping a load up my ass...which as always, I savored and loved that he did. As from the other stories - he wasn't one to have his load wasted, and I'm sure there was no shortage of men to accept it. I was lucky enough to be one of them.

On my way out and getting to my car, I looked up across the street - and true to his word there were two guys sitting in the window looking over at me and his residence.

As I said - unfortunate to be my last time, but it was probably better not to know going in.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Vegas II

Upon checking into our unnamed hotel, I noticed a guy in line to do the same. He struck me, only b/c of his mohawk. I mean - when is the last time you saw a guy w/a full-on mohawk? Sure, 1982 I saw em all the time. Not so much these days. But as I was gathering my luggage, another guy joined him. Smaller and what you could tell was a gorgeous body. I didn't stick around and headed upstairs.

Later the next day I saw them stride through the casino in all white suits. Head to toe. I had no idea if they were 'an act', or just dressed like that for the fun of it. I guess they could have been going to a wedding - but clearly Nevada does not recognize same sex marriage, so they weren't getting married.

It was the next day I really saw them. First the MohawkMan, while I was laying out by the pool. But it was hot and I dove in the water. When I came up, his bf was there, stretching. And I do mean stretching. Almost putting on a show. On the ground, legs spread, so as I was in the pool, slightly below him, I got a clear shot of his nuts. As I scanned upward - he was looking right at me looking right at him. Even through both our sunglasses (yes, I had them on in the pool - persription, I'm blind w/out them) we both knew we made the connection.

He looked over his shoulder to verify what I already knew - his bf was like Rip VanWinkle. Dead to the world. After a few more minutes of him stretching, adjusting himself, checking to make sure I was looking at him - and me licking my lips ever so slightly, he got himself together and started to head in - but not before motioning w/his head to follow him.

I dried off and threw on a shirt and my sandals. He was waiting at the elevator. We went upstairs w/out a word and then he keyed into his room. There he stood a few feet into the entry, hands on hips...waiting. I went over and got to my knees and slowly but deliberetly pulled down his red trunks. Up sprang a nice uncut piece of meat....probably 6", but not yet hard. Immediately I put it into my mouth b/c I wanted to make sure I got to taste the head and slip my tongue under the case when it stiffened, the foreskin disappeared.

I love the way the head of an u/c dick feels. The skin must protect it better b/c the head always feels softer and silkier. There were no worried about the skin going away. He had enough of it to play w/and he seemed to like how my tongue traveled between the his head and the skin as it ran in circles around both. He also expanded to a good full 8".

For the first time he said "oh yeah!" I realized he was german. His command of the english language was fair, but the heavy german accent (and his german sausage) really got me going. His dick became erect while in my mouth - a feat that I love to accomplish. Have it grow and fill the orafice that I've used (or have others used it?) for 27 yrs or so to give men pleasure. There is somthing powerful in knowing I help achieve that.

Like most feeders, his hands found my head...and his hips stated moving too. But we didn't continue that too long. I was surprised when he had me stand and swallowed my 8". He did a good job at it too...but it's not what I wanted.

I got him onto the bed where his feet were on the floor, but him on his back. I got on back on my knees and and ate dick. Stroked it too - as i love seeing that foreskin move around his thick shaft and head. I ate lower too - getting his taint and then to his hole. Even though he was clean - he still had that european funk smell, which I like too. I dove in. He squirmed. I snaked in as far as I could. His dick was like steel as he stroked it.

He pulled himself up farther on the bed - his dick standing straight up. Taking the initative, I sat on his lap, though not quite on his dick. He rubbed it around my backside while we played w/each other's chest. Not even noticing it sitting there, he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the hotel lotion (was he jacking earlier?) and opened it up. He poured it in his hands and not rubbed it on his cock. I'm not a rocket scientist, but figured out what was going on.

Still sitting on him, I lifted myself up so he could position himself. Lowering myself, I felt him hit target. We both did. He had a dirty look in his eye as he lifted his hips a bit and pushed it in a little. Normally with a dick that size, I wouldn't mind a hit of poppers, but I didn't have them. I soldiered on and pushed back onto him. He had about half in me when he played w/my nipples - which just gets me going and had me buck back against him more - sinking even more of his shaft into me.

Taking his hands of my chest he got more lotion and started stroking my cock. I had to have him stop since that could have put me over the edge. We were working a rhythm w/him fucking me and it was going to his nuts. They weren't long, deep and hard strokes - it can be very difficult to achieve that when sitting on someone's prick.

The problem I do have is the easiest way to get me to ejaculate is to have me sit on a dick. Most of the time during sex, I never even cum. I am intent on getting the other guy off, but I've never found it my place to shoot my wad (g-d, that sounds so 70s porn). But riding a dick like this, I can cum w/out touching myself. And it was going to happen and nothing I could do about it.

I grabbed my cock and helped it along since IF I were going to do this - I wanted a show. I performed flawlessly. I let out a nice load that hit his chest and one rope up to his neck. There was a few days in me so it looked impressive.

Another problem I have is cumming first. I can't always keep riding a cock after I get off. But the position was a little uncomfortable after 10-15 minutes anway. I pulled off his dick and got on my back, but he didn't get between my legs. Had I waited another minute, he could have popped up my ass....but I didn't anticipate that.

I had flopped on my back and he came right to the side of my face. His dick an inch away, he stroked and said, in his accent, "open!". As I was opening my mouth, he put a few fingers in to pry it open wider. I assumed he'd shove the cock that was just up my ass in my mouth - but he didn't. He got close and fired off rounds of german sperm. Most hit my open mouth. Some hit my lips....some my goatee. It just kept coming. His groan so loud there was no way the rooms nearby could not hear. I didnt care.

I licked my lips and scooped up what I had missed and ate it all. Then got myself together and headed back to the pool w/out him. I still wanted some sun. When I got there, his bf was awake. A few minutes later the guy came down. I was far enough away not to hear much - but know they were speaking in german. The bf looked over at me then turned back to his bf.

I'd have loved to known exactly what was said and how i was critiqued.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vegas I

So I'm back from Vegas and had a nice relaxing time away from work. Though I took my laptop w/me, I never ever unpacked it - which not only meant no temptation to check work email, but no on-line cruising. I had to use my initial pre-internet hunting abilities.

The plus on that is - it keeps my skills honed. The other plus is that though the actual act of hooking-up might be difficult, cruising and getting cruised in Vegas is not so difficult. I'm sure I have major self-esteem issues (um.....this blog and its entries for two things), but there is somthing satisfying to have guys turn and look at me w/some lust built in there. Was I objectified? Maybe. Did I care? Not a fuckin' bit. I feel like Rudolph. "I'm cute.....I'm cute.....he thinks I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuttte." I'm pathetic.

That being said, I did have three encounters in my four days. This is one.

Staying at the luxury hotel was nice (not naming which move on). I was in a more upscale section which had it's own lobby - which guests could only get to and that included a bathroom that those guests could only use. At the entrance to that lobby, a doorman was always situated to keep out the riff-raff. Oh - if they ONLY knew.

Day one I went in and out a few times and made major eye contact w/one of the concierges. I'd say he was under 30. 6ft, dark blond hair. Always a grey suit and crisp white shirt - along w/that damn secret service earpiece everyone in Vegas hospitality wears.

On day two he was in the lobby greeting guests and saw me. Off to the side of the lobby is that restroom. He looked at me and headed to it. I followed a minute or so behind him. I knew the look. I've seen it before. I've *given* it before.

The restroom was quite posh. Two urinals w/flat screen monitors in front of them. Two sinks behind you if you're draining the monster. But on either side of the room are two stalls. And not ordinary stalls. 3.5'x8'x12'. Full door that closes and locks.

When I walked pushed the outer door open he was entering one of the stalls. He looked back and stepped in, but did not shut the door. I walked over - and in - shut the door, clicked the lock. He just stood there, so I took my hand and cupped his crotch. Solidly packed. Now time for idle chit-chat, so I sat on the john. He stepped up.

I looked at his crotch and unzipped him, but he went in and hauled it out. 6.5" and fat. Very veiny and raring to go. I lowered my head and took his in my mouth. Before I could go down all the way on him - he pushed into me. The end result is it was where we both wanted to be, just a different road. " I need this" he practically hissed. That was to be almost the only verbal I got after that.

His hips were about as active as my head bobs. It was an immediate rhythm we established and both of us knew time was limited. He flexed his dick in my mouth. I used some great tongue action on the underside of his shaft. Way too soon he put his hand on my head. Hell, I wasn't going anywhere - but I guess there was no way for him to know it.

One or two nice volleys of seed came out and I thought he might be done - but then it must have just oozed. Completely flooded the cavity that is my mouth. It brought a low guttural moan from him - but he kept it in check. He really did need this. But so did I. The amount of sperm was amazing. The taste was nothing to speak of - one way or the other...but I took it. All of it.

He pulled out and stroked his shaft deep to rid himself of any fluid still trapped on the route up to the head. A nice big drop appeared. I held out my tongue and he stepped forward to wipe it on the extension before him. He kind of smirked a bit.

I sat there really enjoying what just happened as he tucked himself back in and zipped up. As he reached for the door, he turned to me, and w/his exceptional customer service skills said: "Enjoy your stay with us Sir."

I did.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Tricks (and Treat)

I will post my Las Vegas adventures shortly - this I promise.

Yesterday was such a beautiful fall day - crisp air. Mid 50s. No clouds. Sunny as all get out. Is that not a perfect day for cruising the woods at a park?? I think we all know the answer to that one, n'est pas?

The one good cruisy site borders a big field. Unfortunately, the field and parking lot were taken over by some organized football league. As hot as it may have been to suck off those strapping wannabes - the chance of getting the shit kicked out of you would be greater. I went on to spot #2.

There were a number of cars in the small lot (6 including mine), but I hiked back to the wooded area anyway. Being smart as I am - I dressed in olive pants, a medium brown sweatshirt and tan construction boots. I couldn't have been more camoflaged if I tried (oh wait - I did try!).

I passed two guys who were leaving I would have gladly taken care of. One a mid-20s white guy and the other a very well built black man in his 30-40s. Neither turned to check me out , so I guess they got theirs and were done.

It didn't take me long to spot the other guys who were out and about. Nothing that *really* caught my eye, but who am I to be too picky?

One guy for reasons I cannot give just didn't do it for me. However another guy had one nice fat piece of meat he had out and stroking. He was also a good 60 lbs overweight, but the heft of his meat was the draw. He went deeper into the woods expecting me to follow. I did. Unfortunately, so did the other guy. Drat!

He went off the trail and into a brushy area. The guy pulled out his dick again and I grabbed it. It felt SO good in my hand. On to my knees I went so I could feel it in my mouth. It felt good there too, though I have to admit, getting under his gut was a challenge. You could tell it was a powerful cock though. We heard a few twigs snap and thought it was the guy following us. However it was not. My feeder said, "don't move!" His dick still in my mouth, I stayed still. About 20 ft away, a group of maybe 20-30 hikers admiring the fall colors walked down the path. None of them saw us, but it spooked the guy and he pulled away to go deeper into the woods.

I eventually followed, but the guy I didn't like was suddenly there too. But so was another guy. Younger (mid 20s?). I knew from the second I saw him he was looking to be fed, not to feed. Though I had no interest really in feeding, I thought to set the bait, I'd let him just to see where things took us.

He was average looking and still had acne he had not grown out of. I have to say though, he had a good mouth and knew how to use it. In only a minute the power-dick guy was watching and soon the guy following us was on his knees sucking him. A few minutes after that an older gent came by and stood between the two groups. He came over to me and felt my balls vigorously. He had a nice bulge in his jeans but wouldn't take it out. A shame really.

The guy w/the fat cock said he couldn't keep it hard and was gonna move on - and did so. The other guy got off his knees and stood and watched us. I kind of signaled him away and eventually he walked away.

The kid on my cock was really going to town - and at this point I let him. I wasn't close, but figured it might be a good draw for anyone else cruising the park. Just then a guy unexpectedly came around the corner. He was as surprised to see us as I was to see him (the kid didn't see him at all). Travel coffee mug in hand, I believe him to have been a nature lover and had no idea what went on back in those woods.

It only took him a second to recover, give a grin and a thumbs up to me. He kept walking, approaching us, but going to go around us. He got close and I said he could join us. He just kept smiling and shook his head and started to walk past us. The guy looked at me and said, "looks like he's going deep." I pulled out to show him my 8" and then pushed the kid's head slowly down on my dick so the other guy could see it disappear. "Definately going deep", I said to him.

The kid pulled off my dick and said, can we at least see it. This stopped him in his tracks and he turned around and looked at me and said, "I don't think so." Then continued his walk past us.

I got a little bold, b/c this guy was hot. Late 40s. Bearded and masculine. Just the kind of guy I'd like to go down on. At this point I had nothing to lose and performing for him. "Wanna see me feed him my load?!" Again he stopped and then turned around and headed back to us. "Yeah, I want to see him take your load!".

I pulled back the cocksucker's head and said, you're gonna take it all - right? He said yes. I confirmed he'll be eating every drop. He nodded.

I let him go back to it and I kept my eye contact on the guy watching us. He really put me over the edge. I grabbed the cocksucker's head and held him deep and tight. I poured a four-day load in his throat and he gagged and coughed, but kept it and my cock in his mouth. He was aboout to pull off and I told him there was more coming. He took it too. The guy watching was duly impressed. Not sure w/me, the cocksucker or the combo.

If the observer was hard, it never showed in his pants. He winked at me, said to keep out of trouble and moved on to see the turning leaves. The cocksucker got off his knees and became everything I hate about supposedly anonymous sex.

"Can I see you again?" "Can I get your number?" "When do you come here and what kind of car do you drive so I can spot you?" Fuck that's annoying. I think I was like that at 16....but learned my lesson early. I beat a path out of there and drove away before he could even spot my car.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Breaking the Dry Spell

Wednesday finally saw my week and a half dry spell of sex come to an end.

The guy (Rich maybe??) had been over once before. Very attractive and masculine. Salt & Pepper hair and beard. Nice meat too. A heavy hanging 7.5"...fat too. And all he wanted to do really was be sucked off.

He really wanted to see the house too and talk about the neighorhood. He and his partner were thinking of moving into such a neighborhood. I love guys who are married, partnered or dating. They are horn-dogs who think more of their nuts than the might of their other half. I love it that the cock rules - usually at any costs. My cock doesn't....but my mouth and ass do. A great situation on some levels.

Nothing out of the orinary w/this guy though. He was nice. Attractive. Wanted porn on - so I put it on. I don't watch porn that much anymore - it has become so generic for the most part. Gay for pay shaved muscle boys are not necessarily my cup of tea. But dimming the lights, hearing the porn, doing a hit of poppers - it was *almost* like being in a bookstore booth.

He was watching the on-screen action than paying attention to me. Check
He'd take the remote and fast foward - not unlike flipping through ABS video channels. Check.
He sat back and let me do my job. Check
He unloaded a HUGE load into my mouth....and tasty at that. CHECK.

It took my edge off - and probably his. I'm off to Vegas on Sunday. There'll be away from home dads there at conferences who no doubt will need some kind of relief. I'm just their guy. Or just A guy. Or better yet - just A hole.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Inches & PM Magazine

Still in a dry spell. That will change this weekend (perhaps tonite). One more from my past.

I was lucky (?) enough to end up w/two big-dicked guys at different times of my life. Ok - more than two - but I'm speaking specifically OF two.

Jason was a guy I met in an adult bookstore. It seemed way out of my league. Muscled, goodlooking. He had long hair, which was not my thing - and he had the look of what I'd call a male stripper. It turns out, my instincts served me well. The man had 9" - but it was a THICK heavy hang. It was great to have him in my mouth and unloading into my stomach.

We'd run into each other at one or the other bookstores from time to time and I'd get to sample his meat. One time, he was leaving the booth before I finished and told me to wait there. I did - for what seemed like an eternity. I was just leaving the booth when he returned....w/a palm full of cum. He told me if I wanted to suck him, I was to eat the load out of his hand. Of course I did. As I consumed, he told me how he jacked off some guy in another booth and caught his load to serve to me.

A few weeks later, Jason came to my apartment early one morning. Him in his sweats and being commando underneath. I was on my knees in a heartbeat. After a few minutes he grabbed my head. He started to unload......or so I thought. It took maybe 30 seconds to figure out he wasn't cumming...but he was draining something. It was my first piss. I started to pull off when I realized it, but he held me firm and then the trickle became a stream. I gulped b/c I didn't want to ruin my carpet. It was strong tasting (morning piss) and lots of it. Afterward, I sucked him off. He asked how I liked my first taste of piss. How he knew I'll never know. We did that two other times - all w/out discussion.

The other things Jason had me do was to have me come over to his place in a seedy neighborhood and there'd be different older black men there. I'd say in their 60s....and he'd have me suck them off while he jacked his dick.

In 1992/3 I was in SF visiting a friend and we ran across a new issue of Inches - and lo and behold on the cover was Jason! My friend was aghast that I knew him - if he'd only known what I DID w/him!

Jon was a host of our local PM Magazine (if those still exist anywhere). I didn't know his 'celebrity' at the time. I never watched the fuckin' show.

I met him in a restroom on the univsersity campus. First time he came into my stall and let me suck his big 8" for awhile. Soon though he bent over while I sat on the john. Clearly he was inviting me to eat his ass. And I did. I guess one of my acts - or the combo - got him off. He pumped a load right into his palm and forced me to eat it clean. What is it about these guys who wanted to be 'stars' but want you to eat spooge from their hand?

Jon was about control. When and where he saw me. He had my number and would call giving another name....thinking I never knew who he was. I'd play along. He liked to force his dick into my mouth while I was on my back...knowing he was cutting off my air. He like to see me struggle and always knew exactly how long he could keep my airway shut off w/his thick dick.

Eventually he got around to fucking me. Control again was his issue. Getting me in positions I could not easily move in - if at all. He kept the pace he the depth the wanted...for as long as he wanted. He always wore a rubber. He'd always fill the rubber and then peel it off and toss the entire thing on me. Then he'd just straighten up and leave.

The last time I saw him, I initiated the meeting. I called his news station and asked for him. When they asked who was calling, I gave the same fake name he always gave somewhere I knew it'd register who might be calling (let's face it - he probably gave that name to MANY men). He came over. He fucked my face and my mouth. But I never saw him again. I'm guessing the knew I figured out who he was - and I was too big of a liability. Oh well.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Houston/New Orleans

Since I alluded to it in my last blog entry - I just may as well finish the stories, huh?

This is back a decade or so, but still all to clear in my mind.


Tom and myself went to visit our friends (straight couple) and just drank and drank and drank. It was May and horribly hot and humid already. One night just Tom and I went out to a gay bar which was in walking distance (albeit, bad neighborhood), so no need to drive. We ended up going home w/two other guys who were housesitting. Personally, I don't like having sex w/friends....but we did. All four of us. The guy I was mainly with - and you can't say this nicely - his breath smelled like shit. I'll assume some kind of gum disease. All I could do to keep my booze down.

We did the walk of shame home the next day w/our hosts meeting us at the door as they came out to get their morning paper. Ooops. The shame was not to end however. The next night, same bar - we are in a bathroom stall doing coke off a car key when someone walks in the bathroom.....and begins talking about two guys they picked up from the night before. AGGGH. Tom and I could have easily blocked it from our memory and pretended it NEVER happened....but these schmoes wouldn't let us. We hid out in the stall for what seemed like an eternity and then slunk out of the bar. And now it just makes for a good story to other when the two of us get together. There was another story when some guy we tried to pick up went absolutely nuts on us (or maybe it was the coke paranoia) and literally chased us around town. I was doing my best 'Starsky & Hutch' driving - and eventually won out.

New Orleans

We left Houston in shame and just headed to New Orleans. A completely unplanned portion of our trip. N.O. is not the place to tred into lightly - in my opinion. After this trip, I never understood how anyone could survive Mardi Gras or Southern Decadence. It was a lost 2.5 days.

It turns out N.O. has two happy hours per day (4p-7p and 4a-7a). Probably not a good thing when you hit them both in the same outing....but we did. First bar, I think I left w/someone (Doug) after 20 minutes. Ended up playing at his apt - me getting him off, me not getting off (usual) and back at the bar in 30 minutes. Tom barely missed me. During this time I ran into a guy who really hit a nerve w/me. We didn't talk - just a look...and he could have been THE one. And I never say that lightly.

But he was fleeting glance at a few bars, but I was onto guy #2. I think his name was John (yes oddly, I got an remembered their names). He was nice. Too nice for me actually. It seems I perfer my guys w/an edge of some sorts. Guys who *like* me barely stand a chance. But I was never seeing him again - so I did him. Bam! Back at the bar in an hour.

When I got back Tom was not there. I thought I'd look for him at another bar and literally ran into him out on the street w/some guy in tow. He introduced me - and was so excited b/c they shared the same last name. I, on the other hand, recognized the name as someone high up in the Democratic party (not an elected politician - and though I'm not above naming names - I won't). We partied and though Tom was trying to pick this guy up, his hand would creep into the rip in the ass on my jeans. You get Tom drunk enough and he didn't care. So I left w/Brian (ok, I can name first names) where we went back to our place and fucked like bunnies all night. As he was leaving our room service showed up. This B&B was nice - and the hottest black guy delivered it. I wasn't exactly modest at the door - and he saw. After he deliverd the rest of the breakfasts, I serviced him. I had no money - it's the only tip I had.

The next night we went out - and much lower key (how could it not be). The guy I noticed the night before was around again. I went up and talked to him. We sat outside and chatted. Doug came by and said hi. So did John and Brian. This guy (York) asked how long we'd been in town, and I was embarrassed to say - "a day".

If he had judgements - he never verbalized them. I went home w/him that night and slept w/him. Just slept. Barely waking in time to make it to the hotel for check out. He could have been the one. He should have been the one. But he's in Los Angeles - and I'm not.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Uncle Charlie's tricks

I'm getting nothing this week it seems. Perhaps this upcoming one. until then, here's one from the past.

My friend Tom and I had spent a horribly drunk/drugged-out week split between Houston and New Orleans. And while there are stories by the truckload to be told there - a week after we returned home, we headed to NYC for a weekend. Clearly this was a time when I was highly functional while being highly high.

The weekend was mostly a total blur. At some point we ended up at Uncle Charlies down in the West Village. Mind you - this was after the Dugout, Ramrod, and any other number of places. Tom set his sites on some guy and lo and behold, snagged him. Unfortunately, I usually got snagged in his schemes and plans anyway (hence Houston, New Orleans and NYC).

We close the bar and end up going home w/this guy and Tom wants to do. I knew I'd be sitting around waiting (no....HOPING) they'd get done soon so we could go to bed. At some point the guy's roommate came home and somehow it was expected that I could just hook up w/him. He wasn't half bad and we did end up in his tiny room.

I have no idea how we got to where we were, but soon I was on my back getting fucked by this guy. He just pumped me long and hard, and I was drunk enough to just lay back and take it. I think he was buzzed enough that he wasn't gonna cum fast. But before long I heard, "man...looks good". Turns out it was the guy Tom had come home with standing in the room watching.

Apparently, Tom and this guy never quite got their act together enough to know that both liked to fuck - but neither got fucked. I was never clear on if Tom sent this guy into the room for me to take care of or whether he just passed out and this guy took it upon himself.

Guy #1 finished by blowing a load up my ass. Without asking - me or the roomie - Tom's buddy just climbed on and took over. To be fair - he was a much better fucker. And clearly he was primed. Teased by Tom and then watched a show of the two of us bonking.

I think we dragged ourselves out of that apartment around 4a to get some much needed rest.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I Actually Feed

After getting my oil changed on Saturday, I cruised through one of the metroparks to see what was there. Being a cold, rainy morning, there wasn't much activity going on at all.

I was about to pack it in when a guy pulled up I had blown in the past. He parked next to me and we exchanged nods then a few words. He asked if I wanted to follow him back to his office (which I had been there before) and I did. The guy was in his 50s and a little short for my usual liking. His dick is a little less than average, but he loves my mouth and he shoots a decent load.

We get there and he says, 'man, I'd love to have your cock in my mouth'. I always forget he is a feeder in claims only. I truly believe he is as big as a cocksucker as I am, but I've never given it to him. I had my dick out of my underwear, but still in my jeans - so it showed really nice as I began to stiffen up. He put me in an office as he got on his cell to make sure one of his office mates was not going to be in today. While he did that, I pulled my hard cock out of my button-fly.

I'm sorry if it sounds like bragging, but it looked good. 8" of stiff stiff meat poking out through the jeans as I sat back on a stool, making it bounce and jump. He finally looked over and saw it and just dropped his jaw. Finally he put down his cell and walked over to me w/his dick out. He wanted me down on my knees and I decided 'not today'.

He wanted me to suck him off after he sucked me. I said 'no'. I could suck him off first - but then he'd have to suck me. He said he couldn't do that - which I understand, as depending on the guy, I can lose interested post-ejaculation. So right then and there, I said - 'you can just suck ME off!'. (I never mentioned that I wasn't planning on doing him.)

The guy was a pretty good fellatist. He could easily take me down to my 501 buttons and made Little Bikeguy feel real good. I knew I should be quiet since I was in an office - but I love having guys who are verbal and think I should give something back. I was looking down and him and just said, 'so....who's the fuckin' cocksucker now???'. He picked up the pace - so I know it turned him on.

I kept it up for a bit and kept telling him to 'suck my fuckin' prick' and he did. I pulled out a bottle of poppers and took a big hit. That put me right at the edge. I know my breathing gave away what was about to happen, but I just started to unload in his mouth. His head kept bobbing and I told him 'STOP MOVING'. I get very sensitive when I cum and just like it to pour out. And it did. Though it was only 2 days worth - it was a HUGE load. It just kept shooting and drooling out into his mouth.

One other thing I forgot about him is that he does not swallow. Probably one reason I never gave it to him before (he'd tell me he spits when relaying other guys he's done). I rather a guy pull off than spit my spooge out. So he holds it in his mouth and walks out of the room to spit it into some can (I guess). I quickly tuck my dick back in, button up and start to walk out.

All of the sudden he's there, cock still out. I just look at him and say 'thanks for the head' and turn and head to the door. He calls out for me to come back...and I keep walking and never even turn around.

Though I'll never truly be a feeder - I envoked everyone who has ever fed me when playing one this last weekend. It was kind of hot.

Friday, October 07, 2005

(Almost) Empty Apartment

I had a business dinner last night and emailed the hot fuck who feeds me in his empty rental unit. He was cool w/me stopping by on my way home. I told him I'd call 10 minutes before my arrival. I did - but no answer. Undetered, I showed up anyway. He was there and waiting.

The apartment wasn't completely empty. He had one wooden chair in the living area. He looked at me and said "strip!" and indicated that I should put my clothes on it. Earlier in email I said no cumming on my face this time - I wanted it in my mouth since I'd have a suit on. He took care of that by making me take off my suit. He left the room, by the time he returned, I was naked, hard and on my knees.

He came right to my mouth and pushed his boxer-brief crotch in my face. I licked, gnawed and sucked his growing cock through that white material. I soaked the pouch before he turned around wanting the same attention his white-cottened ass. Soon enough the material slid down over the buns and I just went to eating the hole. I love getting my tongue up there - and clearly so did he.

Eventually he turned around to feed me cock. My head against the wall with him sliding his dick in and out of my mouth w/ease. There was grabbing of my head and some slapping - but not as hard or often as the last few times. But his mouth was still dirty - calling me any number of things, but mostly something to do w/me being a 'whore'. : )

At some point he went to the chair he brought out and sat on it's edge spreading his legs wide. He told me to crawl there and suck his cock. Naturally I did as I was told. I'd got there and deep throated that big 8". He kept telling me how much *I* liked sucking *his* cock. He was not wrong.

After that he got me on my back and fingered my ass. Normally I find fingers too boney for my ass - but his felt good. Good enough for me to ask for his cock. He deftly ignored my request - never even acknowledging it.

More ass eating. More nut licking. More cocksucking. Eventually he got on his knees and told me to lie on my belly in front of him to suck his prick. I did. He reached over to finger my ass again. It felt ok - but not a great angle for either for us. But soon enough he was ready to let the load go. He got me against the wall again to feed me dick. Soon he unloaded...a few spurts on my left cheek before I forced his cock into my mouth to capture the spooge.

He pulled his dick out w/a plop and then slapped my face 'CUM!' he commanded. I've never been one to cum on demand - or rarely even attempt to cum at all when getting another guy off.
He was not to be unfullfilled. He started smacking my face - 'you filthy stinking WHORE!' and lots of variations of it.

When that didn't work he told me to lean back and expose my ass. He was great about finger fucking me. Slow, fast and always deep. Not as good as a cock, but he knew what he was doing. And enough to get my to blow my 5 day load all over my belly.

I'm hoping he NEVER rents that apartment!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bad Attitude III

After giving this guy my number, I figured I would never hear from him since I assumed I was not worthy of an outside the bookstore usage.

I was right and wrong. Though he did eventually call - I don't ever think he found me worthy, just convenient. And I was. I would drop everything to accommodate him when he called. Early evening to middle of the night. I even left one of my own parties so I could get his dick. It was that bad. It was that good.

He (I have NO idea what his name was) would usually make me strip to my underwear when I walked in the door. Sometimes he'd make me do it on his oustide stoop - so I would enter his house the way he wanted and expected. Lights would mostly be off save for one over the stove - giving minimal illumination. The place was an A-frame, so no upstairs - just a bed on a platform you'd walk a few stairs to get to. ...not that we ever used it that much.

Usually it was a situation where I was immediately on my knees. Depending on his state of undress - it was only a matter of moments before his horse cock was in my mouth, and only a little while after that before I think he was purposely trying to gag me with it.

Frustrated w/what he thought was my lack of cocksucking skills he'd make me take my underwear off and bend over something to await for his cock. That monster thing would push up me and he'd just go at it. It was never a matter of me adjusting to it or him taking the time to slide up me. It was completely primal - but from the first time I saw him, you could see that in his face. His masculine pock-marked face was so incredibly hot to me, though I can see where others might not think that. He was 100% sexual to me. I think he was 100% sexual to himself too.

He'd fuck hard - though not always long. If I'd wince or ask him to slow down - he'd say things like 'shut the fuck up!' and he'd keep drilling. Always he'd leave me w/a load of sperm up my ass....though it was his ass for the using. When he was done - he'd pull out and tell me to get the fuck out. I'd dress as quickly as possible to comply to his wishes in the hopes that I'd be invited back again and again.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


You know - I really miss gloryholes. I mourn their demise. I'm sure other cocksuckers - and even moreso - feeders do too.

Though I had encountered gloryholes when I first began sneaking into adult bookstores at 16 - my real initiation to them was when I went to college. I had already stumbled upon a great floor of the library where guys went to suck and be sucked (but mostly ended up just being faggy w/their socialization). But up on that floor, some scrawling about other places on campus. At this one place I found my own heaven.

The bathroom was in the basement of a little used building. But it wasn't a total basement. A set of stairs that ONLY went down to a men's room. You could hear anyone coming down the steps. The door was situated where it wasn't in sight of the stalls and barely the urinals. Though to be honest, in the 4-5 years I was there - I don't think I saw more than a half-dozen men go here to use the restroom for it's intended purpose.

It was dark - though it had two windows (keep in mind this was a basement bathroom, so the windows let in light from the grates at the first floor level). You could sit on the deep window sill if one were to wait their turn to get into a stall - and yes, at times there was a fuckin wait!! It was dirty - the bathroom was rarely cleaned since it was so out of the way. Dried urine and semen predominated the scent down there.

Six stalls - only two having you had to wait if that's what you wanted...whether feeding or eating. Some guys would just keep their stall doors open and invite guys in. Many wanted the anonimity - which was funny since they'd wait in the restroom to go into the designated stall. But whomever took the time w/these two stalls was great. 1/4 - 1/2" marble partitions. I don't know how they chipped out the holes - but they did. They were not huge holes - if you were well endowed (girth) and completely erect - you could have trouble sliding it in or out of the hole until you went down.

I almost flunked out of my sophomore year of college. I would skip class (even tests!) to suck dick. Or worse - the hope of sucking dick. I could sit in that stinking room for hours even if no one came in. I mean - what if I left and as soon as I did some hot cock came in looking for service??

I loved the anticipation of someone showing up. I loved the footsteps coming down the stairs and the door opening. The pause as the person assessed the situation - what stalls were occupied...was a stall occupied...which stall should they take!?! The creaking of that door when they did pick...the darkening of the hole as their body blocked out what little light there was.

Immediately, I'd run my finger along the bottom of the hole. I needed them to know two things: I wanted to suck their cock and that I wanted to suck their cock. I wasn't there to get sucked. If they were a sucker looking to feed, it was gonna be a long wait for them b/c I wasn't going anywhere.

I'd try to never look through the hole - as it defeats the purpose of the anonymous suck. The head would appear at the other side of the hole and slowly push through. Depending on my mood, sometimes the head would disappear right into my mouth, others not until the shaft was all the way through where I could admire the entire dick.

Though I am clearly a submissive type - there is great power in seeing the feeder press into the partition, hand grip the top and a sigh come out of his mouth as mine envelops his prick. Who really submits? Perhaps both of us.

The seediness of the place. The act. The smells. Especially the sounds are what make the experience. The hoarse whisper of encouragement: "ooooooh yeah". "fuck yeah...........suck it!" "oh man....there it is! TAKE it!" Or just the groan. It's great advertising for the cocksucker if there are others waiting. If nothing else - it's great affirmation FOR the cocksucker.

Students. Instructors. Athletes. Visitors. I took em all. I cannot even tell you how many cocks I milked dry there over a 3+ year period. Hundreds....possibly pushing into the 4-digits.

Not all were thru the gloryhole. Some would actually come into the stall while guys watched through the gloryhole. Not all were for sucking either. On more than one occasion I'd have someone who'd want more than that....and on some of those occasions I'd happily comply.

There is a sad ending to this tale. The powers that be shut down the bathroom. More than shut it down. They sealed off the stairway that went down to the bathroom - covering it in marble. A great chapter of my life was literally entombed.

It is a time I will never forget - and a place that will never be again.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Four days w/out a real-time encounter. I guess it's time to pull back one from my past. ...and what dark past it is....

I perfected slutting around. To my friends, they knew I was sexual, but Friday and Saturday nights would be out at respectable (?) gay bars. Dance music, lots of beer, maybe some drugs. Typical. But I don't dance and was never the biggest fan of anything that's 170 beats per minute.
What I'd usually do is end up leaving them and head to a leather bar in town. I might recognize some people from around - but I'd never go as far as to say I knew them. My friends never knew this side of me.

I'd go get my beer and hang in a dark corner. For the most part it was just to watch. The scene was never as hot as one would hope or think. Pudgy guys who use leather as drag. But there were always the few. One guy in particular. We never talked. We never exchanged names.

We did exchange eye contact - and he did exchange his body fluid w/me.

The bar was never what you'd call very crowded. Off the beaten path and restricted to a certain client population. As the night went on later and later, I would always see this guy who was in various stages of leather dress. He'd catch my eye and play some cat and mouse looks.

The first time, I followed him into the men's room. A dingy dirty little place. One toilet. One urinal. One sink. He was standing at the urinal - dick out. I went to the toilet and sat down. I didn't even bother to pull my pants down like I was gonna use the thing. He stepped over and just put it in front of my face. I, of course, went down on him. No talking. No nothing but the sounds of my slurping and the music from the main room. In no time flat- he pumped off a load into my mouth.

By the time I got up, he was gone....from the bathroom and the bar.

This scene played out the majority of times I went to the bar - whether I ended up w/someone from there or not. I'd usually service this guy. In front of the urinal. On the john. Bent over the sink If I missed any, I'd lick it off his gloves. I'd do it in front of anyone who'd walk in while we were doing it. Each time, he'd bolt after we were done. I'd go out and usually find somone who saw my talents and leave with him.

Not many places like that anymore. That whole public sex thing is frowned upon....but it got me off like nothing else.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Sex Addict or Whore?

Lately I'm beginning to wonder myself.

Last night I had the opportunity to hook-up with two guys @ the same time. One who has really wanted to hook-up w/me (along w/his boyfriend) and another guy whom I have wanted to snag. There was a confluence of events which led me arrange a 3-way (the bf was not available...or wasn't made aware of the arrangement).

The half a couple had a huge schlong. He said 8", i'm guessing closer to 9. Of course, he was mostly bottom, but I made it clear that I was not looking to get sucked..or to fuck. He said he was cool w/that. The other guy had a 5 day load he needed to lose.

The half a couple guy was the first to show. It seemed the other guy wouldn't so we got busy. I let him start on my dick, he was also fingering my ass - and I knew he was trying to get me off - but then doorbell rang. What appeared at the door was incredible - one of the hottest men I've come across (and that IS saying something).

6'4", 200-220. Solid. Defined. Salt/Pepper hair (what he had on his head) and the same color beard. I was struck by his masculinity and was a complete prick (as we were in the kitchen and the other guy was not), I said - "let's get rid of him soon and have some fun".

We go to the living room and I go back down on the first guy as the new guy disrobes. He then picks up my camera and takes multiple shots of me sucking dick. I swap off for his dick, but I really try to get the first guy that he'll leave. I can tell he's getting close and the 2nd guy starts talking dirty: "feed him! shoot that load in his mouth....he WANTS it!". It sends the guy over the edge...and I capture the load in my mouth. I hold it there for pictures. Oozing it out just so...but not enough to lose a drop of it really.

The first guy has no intention of cumming and going. He stays and we let him - and it turns out for the good. I suck on guy #2 and the first guy starts playing with my ass. Guy #2 can see I really like that. We head upstairs. I herd them off to a bedroom and go get my dildo.

Back in the bedroom, I get on my back and hang my head over so #2 can feed me from above. The first guy greases up the dildo and starts sliding it in. Or trying to. I've never been a fan of cold rubber, when hot flesh is available. And it's big. 8+" and about 6" around. Guy #2 tells me to take a big hit of poppers and try to relax. The dildo slides in my ass. The cock slides down my throat. He pulls out of my mouth to get some pics of that big fake dick up my ass.

This goes on. I get fucked on both ends. Guy #1 is hard again. He starts sliding his cock up and down my crack. I hear guy #2 say 'do it'. And then the head pops in. Flesh feels SO much better than rubber. He starts really fucking me after he knows I can take it. And I can. Guy #2 starts taking some pics of that cock up my cunt, then goes back to feeding me.

Guy #1 is getting close - we can all sense it, even w/out words. I ask the guy if he's gonna cum...and he confirms it. I look up at guy #2 and say, 'decide where you want him to put it!'. Guy #2 looks right at the guy drilling my hole and says: "put it UP him!"...and he does. I can feel him spasm up my ass and he lets loose his scum. This sends guy #2 right over the edge and he dumps his 5 day load on my face and part in my open mouth. I've been jacking the entire time and spurt all over my belly and chest.

I'm a fuckin mess. Covered in cum - crotch to mouth. More pix are taken. I'm a proud addict/whore. Maybe I"m a little of both.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Today I am a Feeder.....................NOT!

So, I get out of a work meeting early yesterday - and it was gorgeous. 70, clear blue sky. What do I do - head to the park, of course.

Some good auto activity there, so I figured I'd get something back in the trails. I had only parked the car before the first guy was spotted in his Ford F-150 next to me. He nodded and lifted his hips exposing a nice 7" thick dick. I nodded, got out of the car and headed down the path. Coming the other way was this guy who looked young..tall and skinny. He didn't seem much my type (I pegged him as an eater) and I already had one on the line.

The truck guy followed me into the woods. The jig was up on if he was interested when he waved his cock at me. He was a complete redneck, complete with a t-shirt advertising bait and a hat w/a pistol embroidered on it. He reeked of hard liquor too. Either way - I was on my knees. He made no movement. Didn't talk. Didn't grab my head. Didn't fuck my face. Out of the blue he pulled me up by my armpits. And HE went down on ME. I'm not a feeder - but I thought, 'ok...let's try'. This is a guy no one would suspect as a cocksucker...let alone a good one. I thought I could actually cum in his mouth. But he huffed and I looked down to see him blowing his load on the dirt and his hand. When he got up, I grabbed the hand and licked it clean. I know he didn't know what to think of that.

After that, I left for another part of the park. Once again, I ran into the tall, lanky 'eater'. We eyeballed each other back along the river and the other guy kind of got me in a feeding mood. I thought....'why not?'. But before we made even that move, too many unknown people were milling around. He left...then I did.

Turns out we left for the same place. He followed me back to deep in the woods too. Sunglasses on both of us - we knew we were making contact..but a degree of mystery. Some rubs and I ask what he wants. "I like to watch." So, I gave him something to watch...I unzipped and pulled out my hardening cock. He did the same. A nice STIFF 7.5" that was at a 45 degree angle. We moved closer. I grabbed his prong and stroked. "All you wanna do is watch?". Turns out I was completely wrong about him being an eater. He was a complete feeder. My second chance at feeding someone was thwarted. Clearly, my greater mission of being a cocksucker was intact.

Soon, we came to an understanding that there was more to do than look at each other. I was on my knees and taking him all the way down. In between me sucking, I'd stand and we'd be face to face. So close - as if we were to kiss, but neither of us took that initative. I don't even know how to describe it, but the talk was implied filth. Each of us insinuating what we wanted, but not outright stating it....but eventually it progressed that way. But still - it was w/out emotion and more statement like...and completely hot.

I was really working on him when he said, "we have company". However, he did not pull out of my mouth or tuck himself I never stopped what I was doing. I did ask if the guy was watching...he said yes. I asked if it was a nice cock and he said yes. I started to pull off to look and the new guy said "don't stop, it looks good!". He walked closer and I did look at his prick. Big! Fat! Uncut w/lots of skin! I knew that dick. I kenw that dick from that very part of the park. It was my republican married feeder (see 'Sucking off the Enemy'). I went down on him while beig watched by the lanky guy.

From there I went back and one cock for another. The first guy says, 'more company' and we were joined by a very large man. Wau too overweight for my tastes, but it stopped none of us at that point. The GOP guy grunted and I knew he was there. I took every drop in my mouth and held it there. I pulled off him and went right down on Lanky Guy. The warmth of the other guys load in my mouth - or just the entire scene put him right over the edge and I caught his cream too.

By the time I cleaned him up, the GOP guy was walking down the path, zipping up. Lanky Guy was close behind him - which was a shame, I'd have loved to have gotten his contact info.

I got off my knees and the large man mumbled something about getting me off. But by that time, I had no interest in feeding anyone. It's not my place.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Last Friday ended my almost week-long dry spell...but it doubly made up for it.

Had a married father of 2 (Martin)was looking for some head. The guy from my Empty Apartment entries (Rob) wanted a 3way. Martin seemed into we were to meet @ my place at 6:30. Martin was on time. Rob was not. After 15-20 minutes, Martin and I got down to business.

Nice 7.5" dick. Good for sucking...and I sucked it good. Martin had more on his mind than getting head. He worked my hole w/his fingers good and was sure enough of himself to bring rubbers and lube. I'm not a big rubber fan - but I understand when you're married....blah blah blah.

I take Martin upstairs and he rips open that condom w/this teeth and gets it on...and gets his dick up my hole - easing it all the way up me. He was a nice and steady rhythm guy. Though it felt good, I couldn't help feeling this is how he fucked his wife. But when he'd go all the way deep - he'd flex his dick and MAN did that feel great. About 10 minutes into my cell rings. It's Rob. I answer and he asks if the guy is still there. I said not only was he still there, but was deep up my ass!!! I told him to come over - the door was open and to come upstairs.

By the time Rob arrived, Martin and I had switched positions. Now I was sitting on his dick and riding it. Rob strips and comes close enough for me to stroke him almost to hardness. Martin's mouth gets him the rest of the way there. I notice how much more reserved Rob is w/this guy.

After 5 minutes of this, I'm back on my back...getting fucked and now eating Rob's cock. He is much more verbal w/me. I hear him tell Martin, "we got all his holes plugged!" Then they start to make out like I'm not even there. I loved it.

Martin then pulled out and asks Rob (not me) if he wants to fuck me. Rob was way into it - though he pulled on a condom too. He told me to get my ass to the edge of the bed. I was kneeling....lowered down for Rob to penetrate me from behind. Before he did - he slapped my ass a few times...HARD. I never got to see Martin's reaction to that. Rob is pushing an inch bigger than Martin and just slid in, in one full motion. Whereas Martin fucked me nice and steay - Rob DRILLED me. I like them both, but Martin, I'm sure, got an eyeful of how Rob treated me. He pounded hard and long. Full in and out strokes. Martin got in front of me and fed me his dick...and then they continued to make out again. Enjoying my holes while enjoying each other.

After another 10 minutes, Rob pulled out and I went to alternating on sucking their dicks. I was on my back, on the bed and they continued to make out over me. Rob stroked his dick while I sucked Martin. As always, Rob delieved a massive load which coated mostly the left side of my face. He slapped me HARD across the face - in his own juice - and said, 'you like that, whore??!!'. I can't imagine that Martin wasn't a little freaked by that, but it didn't stop him from pumping off his own load on the right side of my face.

It was a hot scene. Martin wants another turn at my ass...but just one-on-one. I don't think I'll ever have Rob again that doesn't involve a 3way. Both options are ok w/me.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Football Suck

So today I answered an ad on craigslist. A guy in a nearby hotel. After we exchanged emails and phone numbers, we finally made real contact. He was doing nothing but kicking back in his room - drinking beer and watching football. And wanting head.

I was at his hotel in a half-hour since little more excites me than a guy who'll have a remote in one hand, a beer in the other and expects me just to service him between his legs like it's g-ddamn given right!

He had nothing but a t-shirt and boxers on. Immediately I figured I may have gotten him wrong as he started off turning me around and feeling my ass. More than just a passing touch. Full feeling. Fingering thru my jeans. And some slapping. Now, I'm more than just a cocksucker - so I wasn't too put off by this....just a little confused.

Soon though - he plopped himself down in his chair (we all know those hotel chairs that I've never used except for giving head!) and he motioned me to my knees. I went right down

His boner was already poking out of his boxers. It was a nice 6" u/c dick. It was attached to a very masculine man. A little overweight - but not fat. Italian. Inked. Mostly hairless. Of course, I did what i thought was a good job. Everytime I'd look up he'd be swigging his beer and watching the Bengals game.

Now and again, he'd reach down and stroke my dick. I was rock hard and had removed my pants per his request. It was the roughest stroking I'd ever encountered. Not unwelcome - just rough. He'd also step on my dick w/his foot and my ballsack. Not just to provide pressure - but to squish them. None of this detered me from my task at hand (or mouth).

He stood up to face fuck me too, which is something I love. Then he rubbed his wet cock (his precum, my spit) all over my lower face. He loved the roughness of my stubble on his shaft. I loved that he was marking me w/his pre-ball juice. Eventually he was back in his chair and got his foot under my nuts and put his toes at my hole. We were back to this. He pushed me on my back and stroked me again - while his thumb would press firmly into my groin. He knew some nerve in there to really make hurt. I really thought he'd take over and want to fuck me - but it never came to that.

He eventually got up and went to the bed. Him on his back while I got between his legs. I moved down to his nuts and then below them. He wanted my mouth alright - just not only on his cock. So I did what was necessary and lick, lap, eat, chew and fuck his ass w/my tongue. He loved it. All the time - his head was turned toward the tv and the game. I loved that.

Soon enough I went back to his dick. Getting my tongue under his hood. Going all the way down. I kind of gently gnawed on it - using my teeth. Nothing hurtful. We've all done it at one time or another - right??

But he loved it. He mutters - 'that's it...bite it. Bite it!!" I did a few times and was immediately rewarded w/his cum. I should have known the way he was rough w/me that he would have responded in kind. And he did. A nice mouthful of italian semen.

I looked up to see him give me a wink and then turn back to the game.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

2 Fucks - 1 Day

Lately, I have been incredibly horny. Yes! Actually moreso than usual. I cannot keep my mind on anything that is not dick. I guess that's why you're reading the tales of a sex addict. Not a reformed sex addict.

But yesterday was a good day. I had been conversing with a few guys over the last few weeks/months to attempt hook-ups and somehow two fell into place on one day. My original plan had been to hook-up w/Ben, but unfortunately it did not happen. These two guys were ok, but Ben is the one true Cleveland Pig I've met so far.

So, guy #1 I meet in a grocery store parking lot. It was pre-arranged, not like stumbled across him. I had seen cock shots of him, but not the face. That was was the voice, but no one I would have picked-up in a bar. The plan was for a blow-job, which I love to do (as you well know by this point). The man had a great dick. Almost 8", medium thickness and a shaft that curved upwards. I did a really good job sucking him - and that's just not my opinion. He was loving it - even how I took him to the pubes (which is not always easy on a big dick that curves UP!). However, the man did not like his balls touched or licked. What kind of man doesn't like that???

Eventually we kind of 69'd. I sucked. He fingered my ass. It was then I realized this was NOT going to be just a blow-job. Soon enough he got between my legs and positioned himself. He rubbed around my hole, teasing it...and finally suggesting we take it upstairs.

Up there, I did a little more sucking. He did a little more fingering after putting some lube on his fingers. As it would turn out, that's the only lube we'd use. He put enough on that when his dick penetrated me it was enough. As big as he was, it felt great up there. For his lack of good looks, he was a master at fucking. He put it to me and I was loving it. All too soon (though it probably was 20 minutes) he couldn't hold back. He just flooded me! But as usual, when it's over, it's over and he was out the door....which was fine w/me.

About an hour later I got a call from a guy whom I tried to hook-up with last winter. We never got it together but had been in touch for multiple attempts. I was still so fucking randy - so I gave him directions.

He was better looking than his picture led on. Tall. Tan. Fit. All he had said was he wanted fun - and I couldn't get a better answer out of him even when pressed. Fine - I can deal. Immediately he sat on the couch w/his legs spread. I didn't do my normal fall to my knees - but decided to lean over and rub his crotch. I got a little nervous when I found no package at all. I could feel nothing.

Bryan (his name) reached up and played w/my nipples through my t-shirt. Well, those are both 'on' switches for me - and the only 'off' is post-ejaculation. He read my reaction and knew he had me. Of course, it didn't hurt that I told him if he continued that he could do anything he wanted. I'm not so subtle, I guess. I leaned down and kissed him and he kissed back - all the while rubbing my tits.

Eventually I straddled him and sat on his lap. We made out. We played w/each other's chests, but I could also feel his hips move up and down as I sat on him. He wasn't so hard to figure out either.

Our pants came off. I went down on him. I ate his nuts. I ate his ass - which I thought was going to get him to shoot right then and there. He asked 'when was the last time you got fucked'. EEEk. I wasn't sure how he'd take it if I said 'oh...and hour ago'. So I was more coy and said - about 10 minutes from now. He loved that.

Bryan really fingerd my ass - so not sure if he didn't feel the load that was in there, or just not saying anything about it. Though he was about 7.5 and a thinner shaft, it was harder taking him. I'm not sure why, but it was. After a few attempts of him getting it in - I took hold of the shaft and placed it at my entrance and told him to push. He sunk right in.

Better looking than the first guy - but not as adept at the art of pumping butt. More jack-rabbit, but it still felt good and he was really really really enjoying it. He also took a little longer. We were covered in sweat when he started screaming loudly. Thank g-d I have no neighbors close by. But I love a verbal man and woudn't have cared who heard us. I was BEGGING for him to finish. He took my 'hint' and went for the goal. He shot even more than guy #1.

As usual, I didn't get off. Somewhere deep in my make-up, I feel I'm not the person to get off in those situations. I"m there for them. And I am way good with that.

Ironically enough - those two guys did nothing to keep my mind off of sex. So, let's see what today brings.