Thursday, July 30, 2015

Two Times

I met him on craigslist.

On that site, I am more often bait for black guys than anywhere else. Mind you, I'm not complaining. And I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I'll post images of me - usually one servicing white cock and one servicing black.

I do this to let guys know I'm open to both without having to spell it out for them. I tend to notice that guys on hook-up sites don't really read the written component and tend to go toward the graphic portion. I can be the same way. The hottest guy out there could be a total bottom and I'll miss that part well........because he's the hottest guy out there.

He (I have no name to even make a fake name off of) is most likely straight. I get that many guys say that, and mostly I don't believe them. This one I do. And seemingly on the DL big time. But I can work with that. I actually fucking dig it too. A lot.

You know me - guys who cheat or do it on the side somehow kick it up a notch for me. And that they come to me to relieve them? Even better! I like being that chosen one.

For the last month or so - I've been helping this dude out once a week. He wants me to be "his" cocksucker - and in a way I am. I'm not only his. But I'm his only. Though he would like to see me suck others - but no one black. Just white dudes. He wants to be the only dark skinned man in the room.

He's probably 35. 5'10" 200. He is just slightly doughy. Ever so slightly. I believe that until recently he wasn't that way, but just let it slide.

His 7.5" dick makes up for it. He says it's 8.5", but it's not. He might be 7.75". It's still a very respectable cock. And it is thick.

And he always has a five o'clock shadow. Maybe a little heavier but not a full beard.

I would like for him to stand for his blowjobs, and he might start out that way, but he insists on sitting. Of course, I can work with that, but it doesn't make me feel as subservient.

The man appreciates a good blowjob. Yes, I'm talking myself up here. He says it's the best head he's ever had, so who am I to say he's wrong?

To him - I'm his "white, cocksucking faggot".  To him - "he's a got a great big nigger dick"  His words - not mine.

His cock fits nicely in my mouth. I love how it fills up the empty cavity. I can suck it for a long long period of time, but now and then, he loves it when I make a small ring of my index finger and thumb and ever ever ever so barely touch his shaft when my mouth is going up and down on that BBC. That slight touch makes him tremble even more than my mouth alone can do.

I hate having to use my hand, and it's not a full on jack-off / suck thing. It's just something for additional stimulation. And it always makes him cream - and he has huge loads.

The first time with me, I taught him to grab my throat so he can feel me swallow. I've never had to reeducate him on this. I kind of wish he'd grab tighter, but that's ok. I can deal with it as is.

The thing is - every time he cums, he remains hard. And he doesn't mind me, or stop me, going back down on him.

Actually, every time he has been with me, I've been able to milk two loads out of him and usually the second is as just as productive as the first. And oddly, the second is so much easier to obtain. This stumps me.

And oddly enough, his cock isn't sensitive after the first load, but I can't even touch it after the second.

But hey - he's mid-30s, so maybe his rebound time is good. Very good.

As of right now, I'm his white cocksucker.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


There was no other way to describe him: Nerd.

Doughy, but not overly so - still he has never seen a gym since mandatory P.E. class. He was short the slide rule and pocket protector, but everything else about him said: Dwight Schrute's brother!

And he was nervous too. I get that. A stranger's place, doing something you've probably done a half-dozen times in your life?  Everything about the guy said 'newbie' or 'inexperienced'. While I'm not a fan of virgins (I like experienced guys), I figured I could work with this. His profile said he had a great cock - but don't they all?

He was a little bowlegged and while he could get up the stairs, to the trained eye, he struggled just a bit. He was shaking a little - maybe nerves, maybe something else.

A quick feel of his crotch yielded less than stellar hopes for what he advertised. But I know guys can be growers, so I'm trying to learn not to judge too quickly. And again - the nerves!  He unbuttoned his trousers and massaged his cock through his striped briefs. I got down on my knees and gnawed just a little through the cotton. Then I pulled them down.

Well fuck!

THAT is a nice hang.  He grew to a nice 7.5" and he was thick. Beefy, if you will. And a nice big head on the end of that shaft - as you can see.

It was growing. He was getting over his nerves.  ....and then my mouth went around it.

He started shaking, but this time for a whole new reason.

He loved the feeling of my mouth on him. And yeah, I could have probably done some fast sucking job that would have gotten him off with ease, I didn't. I was slow, methodical, thoughtful and reading every sign he could provide.

I did the head. I did the shaft. I made my tongue dance all over, seeing what he'd respond to. I used my lips to caress the head and shaft too. He was in fucking heaven. While I had to believe someone had serviced his cock before, I doubt it's been often and I'm almost sure it wasn't with such intent.

I also talked to him. Making sure he felt good. Letting him participate. I know I'm totally backstorying his sex life, but I felt like no one ever had done any of these things. He got more and more comfortable with what I was doing - even putting his hand on my head - more to steady himself than to guide me, but that's ok. Being comfortable to do just that can be big. But his legs never truly stopped shaking.

I was taking the tremors as a good sign. Twice he pulled back. I asked if he was ok, but he commented he didn't want to cum. I took that as a very good sign - of what I was doing to him and his stepping up to the plate to let me know he was (somewhat) controlling his orgasm.

He told me he loved the pics I had in my CL ad, showing other guy's cum in my mouth. While I'm glad that turned him on, I was happier that he was expressing his likes.

I told him I wanted his cum in my mouth. He said he would and said he wanted me to swallow it. I assured him I would. And he said he had already cum once that day because he didn't think something like this would actually happen.

I wasn't too worried. He was in high gear - trembling and trying to hold back. He would cum - the question was how much would he have?

As it turns out, the second time of the day was more than plentiful. Well........maybe not more than - as I didn't miss anything. I got it. I held it in my mouth. And since he liked seeing the pictures of it, I opened my mouth nice and wide to show him his jizz before I let it slide down the back of my mouth and into my belly.

I told him if that's what his second load was like, the first load of the day would have been amazing.

...and yes, I would do him again in a second, nerd, or not

Thursday, July 23, 2015


I will admit, this story isn't too much different than one I posted two plus months ago.

It still stars the 8-9" thick thick thick cocked black man, who is becoming one of my all time favorites. He's subdued. Calm. Intense. Sexy. All at the same time. And he has a big cock, and knows how to use it.

You'd think it wouldn't matter, as long as he has a big cock, but not all large men can utilize their penis the right way.

The situation was the same as well. Let me rephrase - it turned out to be the same. I don't think there was any intention on our parts for it to play out in a similar fashion.

He asked me to meet him at his place at 3p. I got there on time, but he wasn't there. It turns out he wouldn't be showing for another 35 minutes, but I hung around the neighborhood, well, because I wanted his cock. Plain and simple.

He greeted me at the door with a t-shirt, shoes and socks. His shorts were off, his cock was rock hard - right there, at the door, in broad daylight. What is not to love about this man?

I walked in and wrapped my hand around it well before shutting the door. I even tugged at it, making it even more stiff than before. Off came my shoes, then my shorts and boxers. And then I was on my knees.

For some reason, he likes to sit while he gets sucked. I'd rather he stand, but clearly it is not my call - nor should it be.

At first we started the fucking part of this story with me sitting on the sofa, with my ass at the edge. This worked for a few minutes and actually felt really good for me, but I knew it was an awkward position for him, so it was back to being bent over the couch.

I'm adapting much better to him just taking my ass. Yes, I feel every part of it - and I should mention this was a day after the trucker and the two guys in the hotel room. So my ass was a little open and a little sore. Not that I told him that. Not that I care. Not that he would have either.

He went hard. He fucked like a champ - but he always does. He wasn't asking me how I felt and you know I'm ok with that. I was worried that he like it. And he did - or so he says. Hell, his cock was like steel, he was liking something.

We'd only been at it for about 10 minutes when he said he was going to cum. The words were barely out of his mouth when he buried deep and squirted his load into my guts.

He never even pulled out afterwards. His first words to me were - "want another load". It was rhetorical of course, but I answered in the affirmative.

Even with the second go-round, he only took about 6-7 minutes, commenting on his own load as lube.

Here's a quick video of him putting it to me.

I love having the second load as much as the first.

But pull out he did. And I knew what he wanted. I don't need to cum, but he really really really likes me doing it. So I did. All over his cock and his floor. I tried to aim, but's an unruly beast. I'd say 70% went on his still hard dick.

Then he just bent me over again and pushed in. He only did enough strokes to rid himself of my load - up MY ass, but when it was done, we were done.

Six loads in two days. One of them mine.

Yes, for sure, now my ass was sore.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

That Moment When......

After I finished with the hotel gang, I was about to head back to my place when I got hit up by a guy from A4A.

I've said before here, that at least in my area, A4A skews to the black population. I'm not sure why, but it does. And you've also seen here, that I'm not adverse to having "relations" with that community.

His pics did him no justice. His profile was only just ok too. If I'm being honest, it was the description of his cock being a 'hole stretcher' and him at a Pilots resting in his semi rig for a few hours before going back on the road that got my attention.

It intrigued me enough to travel 10 miles in the wrong direction.

He presented much better in person. He met me out front and we walked back to his rig.

This would be only my second encounter in an 18-wheeler. Sure, as a teen, I * might * have orally serviced a few truckers at a rest area - at once - but inside a truck is porn material. Not that sucking off three truckers isn't.

Like the last cab, it was more than a little messy, but these guys live here almost 24 hours per day. Maps (who uses those anymore?), food wrappers, half-filled bottles of water or soda. You get the idea.

Unlike the last one, he seemed to have more room behind the seats. The "bed" seemed wider. He stood in front of me for a moment and I slipped off the bed to my knees. His cock wasn't exceptionally long, maybe 5.5", but he was true to the hole stretcher thing. The shaft was wide, the head was wider. HUGE head.

He appreciated my oral skills, but that's not why he got me into his truck. And my jaw was not the hole I wanted stretched.

Of course, I lied, saying I hadn't been fucked for a while. But then, maybe 25 minutes is "a while" to some people. It's all relative, right?

The man was wide. I felt it. But I had also just been opened up pretty well by two different guys. Still, he bottomed out and still ground into me - for good measure.

We would do it in just about every position - save me sitting on his cock. There was quite a bit of room - more than you'd think - in that sleeper compartment. I was on my back at the edge of the bunk. I was on all fours. I was face down. I was on my side, with him lying behind me. All the while taking dick.

Between positions, he wanted to kiss. And like I was a 15 year old girl on a car date, he'd reach down between my legs and finger my hole. I don't how he was doing it, but I probably felt like a 15 year old girl on a car date - getting turned on and wet "down there".

And he was a talker. He tried to engage me, and to a degree he did. At one point he very lightly smacked my ass. I might have raised an eyebrow, indicating "is that all you got?".

He hit harder. And then harder. I told him I wasn't a fragile kind of guy. That was the moment just clicked for him.

He hit harder. He fucked MUCH harder. He knew I wouldn't break. He knew I wouldn't say 'no'.

He flipped me on my stomach and really put it to me. I took it like a champ......until he flooded my guts. I took all of that too.

I won't say he became apologetic after he shot his wad, but he softened......and wanted to talk some more. I get it. Being a trucker, you talk all day but on a radio. Not to humans.

I indulged him for a few, but had to get on my way. And he had to sleep. He said he'd drop me a line if he came back through this way.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hotel Group Encounter

I had been chatting on Scruff with a handsome-ish black man. Some pictures he was very handsome, and some he was not so much. I wasn't sure how he actually looked by the images he was providing.

Even his cock pics looked a little different, but one thing was for certain was that it looked thick.

"Matt" had a nice body an wanted to get together right then, but my schedule didn't allow it. The next morning he wanted me to come by his hotel, but wanted to fuck me in the lobby restroom. I'm all for a public display like that, as you know, but then he changed his mind and told me to come up to his room.

As I pulled into the parking lot, he messages me: "there are two other guys here with me - is that ok?" Of course, I said it was.

When I knocked, he came to the door wrapped in a towel. Facially, he looked different than any other pic he sent, but still handsome. I started to walk into the room - for a second I spotted two white guys pairing off in the corner, but my guy brought me back to the bathroom area for himself to start.

He dropped his towel and he produced a nice cock for me to get on my knees for. Which I did.

We played for about 10 minutes, but I think hearing the command about "get your ass up on the bed" got the better for both of us. By the time we emerged, one guy had his cock all the way up the other guy's ass.

I finally got a look at the two. The fucker, "Brian" was HOT. Hotter than hot. The face was European - Greek ancestry perhaps? - the body was a little above average and he was sporting a wedding ring - which I love. He pulled his cock out and it was fucking nice. 8", but it was the thickness that gave me pause along with the dip downward at the base of the shaft, that went on to curve upward at the head. This could do some damage to this guy.

The fuckee, "Mark" was average. Less than. Reddish blonde hair, but chunky. His face, when I got to see it was very full. But he was face down taking the dick, and I wasn't. While we watched him fuck, I got down on my knees and stuck my tongue up the fucker's ass. He fucking moaned - I think from my tongue, but maybe from the ass he was plowing.

I went over to the sofa and blew Matt. Eventually, he got me to the bed too, perpendicular to the other couple. I had knees up on the bed, my head near the other bottom and waited to take that black cock up my ass. I didn't have to wait too long either. Soon he was balls deep.

I will totally admit to being fucked, but watching Brian do his deed - and hoping I'd get that chance. I was trying not to do a grass is greener thing, but his cock was so fucking hot and he was such a brute, it was difficult not to want it.

As it turns out, Matt slipped out of me. Semi-hard, he had already admitted to having two guys the night before (when I couldn't make it) and was a little worn out.  Brian pulled out of the other guy and walked my way.  Internally, I was going "yayyyyyyyy!" to myself.

He rubbed my ass. He squatted down to actually inspect it. I thought for a second he would lick it, but he didn't. He rubbed his thumb against my hole. Fingers were inserted. But soon he was standing behind me. And in he went. No ceremony - no easing it in. He knew what he had between his legs and he knew how to use it. He knew his skills, or he didn't care about my well being - though I think it skewed more to the former. He also had seen a big black cock just pound me so he knew I was somewhat open.

My lord that man knew how to fuck. I felt every inch of his cock and he knew it.

A few times he pulled out. At least twice just to plunge back in, but at least once to cool down. Matt said, "yeah, he's ready to shoot".  And he probably was, but he wasn't ready to just yet. That was ok, I could take a little more.

While I was getting fucked, Matt went over to fuck the other bottom. He was taking that black dick well.

But then the tops decided to switch places.  Fuck.  With Brian so close to coming at least once, I didn't want to not be the receiver or his fluid. He dove right back in, while my guy slowly inserted himself back up my hole. I think he was struggling a little with trying to stay rigid.

As it turns out, Brian fucked the load right out of the other bottom. The guy had a towel to shoot onto, but sprayed his seed all over the sheets. Somehow I was no longer being fucked and we stood along side the other top. I scooped up the spilled seed and rubbed it on the white top's dick. He just pushed me over - me taking the place and space of the former bottom.

With some cum as lube, he went in and he went in hard. Matt was now laying on the bed - perpendicular - and Brian told me to lick his balls, which I did. And I moved farther south to eat his hole too. That got both of them worked up.

It didn't take the top more than a two dozen strokes after that before I heard Matt say, "he's getting ready to shoot".  There was heavy breathing, but not announcement. Brian popped out of my ass for one stroke and one squirt then back in - this time taking me flat on the bed, his full body weight on top of me.

"Fuck boy, I'm going to push it all the way up you!".

Matt was now standing in front of me and I thought I felt something but wasn't sure. I asked what he was doing and the guy fucking me said - "he's cumming on your fucking skull!"

We all got ourselves together. This is when I finally figured out that the two tops were partners. Of course he knew when he was going to cum, they knew each other's signs.

The other bottom left first. The other two talked about how they were from Alabama and could never have a four way - that they'd just never find one especially due to one of them being black. It still amazes me people think this way.

I admitted to them that I was worried the other guy would get the loads. They both laughed and said there was no danger in that. That the other top misrepresented himself and they weren't going to reward that.

They asked if I wanted to shower or clean up. I just needed to clean drying jizz off the top of my scalp. But when I turned down the offer so clean up the ass, Brian goes - "Good - you fucking keep that load in your ass all day".

And I did - for about 11 hours.

They said they'd be back - and here's hoping. I'd love another go-round.

Monday, July 13, 2015


I'm sure I'm not the only one, but it is possible I'm in the minority.......

I can't (or very very very rarely) have sex with friends.

If I have sex with someone and we become friends, it's almost a done deal that I won't be going back to that trough to fetch "water".

If I'm already friends with them - that is the super rare occasion that it will happen. I'm zeroing in on about a half-dozen times or less in a few decades of playing where I've slept with a friend or even a semi-decent acquaintance.

I'm not sure what there is about it that is not a turn-on for me. I think if they think I'm a little slutty their opinion of me will change. As it should.

A person I know told me I should let them know exactly the kind of guy I am - you know, the kind of guy you read about here. But to me, that presents potential problems. While I hate denying the kind of guy I can be in the bedroom*, the reality of what that entails might scare them off, and more than just a bit.

And then there is the talk. Because you know they will - and they know people I know. And they know me, but they don't all know me.

Once after college, I slept with a friend. We were so drunk, but I knew it happened and we're still good friends, though it is never ever ever discussed.  Then there was the GDD incident where he snagged a guy I knew from HRC....and the gym. But I did him anyways. Haven't seen him since.

So, fast forward to present day - or earlier this week.

Another gym goer and friend of a friend has been hitting me up on Facebook. Flirting here and there. He was partnered (to an ass) and now single. I mean - flirting for months and without a lot, if any, response that way from me. But clearly, he was interested.

Now, just by somewhat knowing him, I'd have suspected he was more of a 'me' when it came to sex - and I don't mean 'pig', I meant 'bottom'.  But apparently I am wrong. And out of nowhere he sends me this pic:

It was taken real time while we chatted. He said I made him bone up.

I didn't know I was THAT good. Apparently I am.

One thing led to another and against my better judgement, I was at his place at 5p on evening. I figured it would be good or absolutely horrible - and no room for in between. At best it would be awkward.

Again, I couldn't be the verbal pig I usually am. I couldn't expect to be treated by him the way that might turn me on. There was that chance it would go back to friends and gym-goers as "that freak" - which would be totally valid, but I'd hate to find a new gym.

I was wrong - there is an in between. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the way I'm used to.

"Jeff" was all about the kissing. I'm ok with that, but it was a little much. But that said, where does one start when you know them. Pushing them right to their knees?   Good for just a trick, but this is no man's land - at least for me.

I did whisper in his ear: "you've been thinking this was a possibility for the last 2 and one-half years". It wasn't a question. He affirmed my response.

At the point I slipped to my knees.

His dick was nice. About 7" - decent thickness, but a great big fat head.

Since I knew I was going to be doing this to him, I told him he couldn't jack off for the three days from agreement to actual meeting. I think he's a daily masturbator, so this was tough for him.

He is also a moaner, but turns out not much of a dirty talker. His cock was rock hard. No enhanced drugs, just turned on by the situation.

Personally, I like to be on my knees - for multiple reasons. Some of these, he might understand in theory, but I don't think he's the kind to degrade for a guy just being on his knees - where he is supposed to be.

He liked to be on his back or side. Many times, these aren't good angles for me in doing my best job or taking every inch. Lying down doesn't give me the access I need to utilize my tongue on the underside of a shaft. 69 can be tricky and while I didn't want my cock sucked at all, he insisted.

There was kissing between each position change. But eventually he lay back and I got his dick by lying perpendicular to his crotch. Not great, but not awful.

He was worried about coming "too soon" - though we'd been at it for 45 minutes. I don't mind lengthy blowjobs, and I knew this wouldn't be quick because he saw himself as more than a trick. That is a problem with familiarity beforehand.  With established 'relationships' it's harder to treat the guy like a cocksucker, harder for blow and go, harder to be used and kicked out.

And afterwards, you have to make small talk. As if!

For a three day load, I can't even tell you for sure if I felt him cumming. Ok....that's a lie. I couldn't feel him cum. Yes, my mouth eventually at least half-filled up, but there were no jets, nothing more than moans - no announcement of orgasm. At least the sperm didn't taste bad.

He mentioned early on that maybe this could be a FWB thing. So I know they'll be a request for a repeat and that will be the tricky part: do it and muddle through or don't - and risk hurt feelings and a mouth that talks.

Mouths should only be used for a few things - that isn't one of them.

*ok, in any room - or even outdoors!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Double Teamed

It was a confluence that I would never have suspected.

Two "suitors"  - both wanting a three-way. Never would I have thought to bring these two together, but the timing of their requests made me rethink things.

Guy 1 - "Tom" - is a pretty regular feeder. Married, I had been sucking him most every Friday morning when he was in town. Mid-50s, 6'2", nice as can be. He really appreciates my oral services, though sometimes he does ejaculate far too quickly.

Guy 2 - no name from last year - has only been with me three times before, each one being very memorable. 6' or so himself. Very fit. Very attractive. 8" - straight shaft, beautiful cock. He's rough. He slaps. He punches. He likes treating me badly - verbally and physically.

I suppose the reason I didn't picture the two together is that one is so nice and almost vanilla, and the other one, well.......isn't. I wasn't sure how Tom would see me during or after this. But both agreed to the time. Guy 2 made himself a little later because while he said he was busy, I think he really wanted to walk in on Tom and myself already in the act.

By the way - this is just oral. As much as I'd like for more, this time, at least, was just oral.

So, there I was, sucking lightly on Tom when He came up the stairs. With his cock pulled out, he stood there watching me perform my talent on his new friend. Both greeted each other, though I never stopped my sucking.

At some point, I was pulled off of Tom's dick by Him and guided roughly to His cock. Fuck, it was nice. I love that cock. I was slapped in the face a few times, but continued on.

Tom moved closer and the heads of both dicks went in my mouth. I worked them both. I would have loved to get more of both shafts in as well, but the angle at which they stood didn't allow that. And one's shaft (His) was much thicker than the other.

I heard noise, enough so to look up with the cocks still past my lips. Both men were making out.

This played with my emotion a little. I know it shouldn't - as I wasn't there for emotion, but it still got to me a bit. First, Tom tries to kiss me now and again. He doesn't, (or can't, or won't) commit to it, so you get half-hearted kisses. He (#2) would never think of kissing me. I'm not on a level of someone he'd show that kind of intimacy.

And that's the rub. He is someone I would love to kiss. And he probably knows it. And he probably was kissing Tom - and they were both deep into it - that it was a jab at me somehow.

Of course, I could be projecting, but I think not.

Still I continued with my "work".  They'd trade off who was in my mouth. At one point He was behind me beating my back with his cock, or reaching around and playing with my tits. Tom seemed to like the show. More kissing happened - and none of it with me.

He pushed be back down on Tom's cock, as Tom leaned against the desk. I worked. Tom tried to push me off saying he was close. He told Tom to shoot it and pushed me back down. So I worked for it, though it didn't take much before my mouth started filling up with jizz.

After I showed Him I swallowed it all (Tom always knows, so it wasn't that imperative) He jumped up on the desk. Standing there, legs slightly apart, he motioned for me to get off my knees and get on his cock.

He fucked my face with abandon. I loved it. I like to think he did too.

He shot all his goo into my mouth and I swallowed like a greedy, obedient, little faggot. Which is kind of what I was.

He left first - just nodding to me. Tom got himself together, just repeating one word mostly "WOW!"

Yes - wow to the scene, but I think he was saying wow to the guy.  I was. Still do.

After the fact, I was called "adequate".

From most any other man, that would have been harsh - as I know I did a well above average job. But this guy would never pay me such a compliment. It is more important to keep me at a certain level - and at a certain distance - that I'd never truly receive praise.

At least I understand this.

Oddly, my question to Him wasn't inquiring about my skill level - just if He enjoyed Himself. Maybe He can't bring himself to say how much He liked it, because that would imply I was more than "ok".

I kind of chuckled to myself that he sent emails asking what the other guy thought, said, acted. He was in need of validation of himself.

Maybe we're not all that different.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

the Cigarman Returns

It's been seven (plus) long months, but the fucking hot, masculine, cigar smoker returned.

He's been through town, with a new job, but no time to stop. That changed last week. He stopped by in his suit, though he had taken off the tie. His tan, Italian loafers were on as he was stepping out of his car.

I met him outside, because it was not only a beautiful day, but he was hoping we'd get to play outside.

He was just as handsome as I remembered. This time, a little fuzz was starting on his face, though it probably wouldn't be there forever. And it was coming in brownish-red. He wore it well.

Like last time, as he pulled out his cigar and cutter, you could see he was already chubbed and the dick was pushing against his dress slacks. I love how just the thought of a cigar - not even necessarily with a blowjob - made him bone up.

We walked around to a private area of the yard where no one could ever see us. I stripped off my shirt. He clipped his cigar, took out his torch and singed the end of his cigar. Soon after, he put it in his mouth and fired it up.

It was a much stronger smelling cigar than the first time we met. That was ok. I got to know he was there by smell alone, though this time, I won't be smelling his scent in my home office for weeks after the fact.

He would at times during the blowjob, just tilt his head back and savor all the sensations he was feeling: mouth on his cigar (his) and mouth on his cock (mine) or maybe at his ass (again, mine!).

Like a good boy, I did go down on my knees. I ran my tongue over his recently shaved nuts - I'm guessing within a few days of stopping by.  The man has tree trunk legs and they are so fucking solid to hold on to while giving head.

"Mike's" cock isn't the largest, but it is always hard. And he knows how to use it.

He lets me do my thing - sucking, using my tongue, worshipping it. But then other times, he takes matters into his own hands and just pounds the ever loving fuck out of my face.

His hands would hold my head steady, and I'd grip his legs for support. Sometimes he'd feel my beard, sometimes not. Sometimes he'd keep his cigar in his mouth, sometimes not. We'd go through this scenario a few times during this session.

A few times, he would push me off, as he was getting too close. He wasn't even halfway done with his cigar and my deal his, my services should last as long as his smoke.

So I did turn him around and have him bend over. With his cigar parked in his jaw, I spread apart that muscle ass and dove in. He fucking moaned. He loved the heat. He loved the tongue. He loved the beard. He told me so on all of these things - as best I could hear with my heard pressed between his crack.

After that and more cocksucking. He was playing with me and his cigar. Getting it along side my cock and balls. Almost singing my nipples as he played with them - both with his fingers and cigar. There was smoke in my face, there was his spit on my body.

At one point, he was standing behind me, teasing my hole with his rock hard shaft. He was poking at it and he easily could have (and should have) gone in - but he was there to tease me and he knew it. Unfortunately, so did I, but I wanted it -and I let him know.

But we don't always get what we want.

During this, he did burn my back a little with his cigar. It was possibly accidental. It was possibly on purpose. He said it was an accident but I can't say he was extremely remorseful - and I didn't really complain as I'm not that fragile.

Soon, it was back to me on my knees.

We worked this angle for quite a while. He kept asking where did I want his load when he blew it. I kept telling him wherever he wanted it. Of course I wanted it up my ass, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. So I kind of assumed like last time it would be in my mouth.

At the last moment, he pulled out and shot it all over my face.

The load was huge. Like he had not come for weeks.

It turns out it was just cigar play excitement. He had jacked off in his hotel room earlier that morning. So, that kind of made the load that much more impressive.

I was coated - but no fears. What I couldn't reach with my tongue, he slid his cock across, smearing his own load on it and then feeding it to me. We did this repeatedly until he was satisfied that all the semen was off me and then into me.

Then he made me clean off his cock.  I should say "made me" - as I was never going to let him go without doing that. And he still had a few more hits to go on his cigar.

I did do something I don't normally do.

He wanted to see me cum. For most other men - I don't jack off, but I liked this guy. I liked the scene and I wanted to please him.  So I did.

He was more than impressed with the build up I shot all over the lawn.

Mike promises to return - and soon. That would be great. But if not - he knows I'll wait another seven months for him.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Four on the Floor

He found me on A4A.

It's a site / app I rarely use, because it has rarely ever panned out for me. Maybe all sites do, but after you sign-out, it keeps looking like one is still signed-in for a lengthy period of time, so there are rarely any timely responses.

He was 45 (looked younger in pics and in person).  5'8" 180. 7" said he.

I asked him what he was looking for, and he replied - for 'you to be on all fours'.  I could do that.

The time and place were conveyed. He pulled up, and by the time he got to where he was going, I was on the floor, shoulders and face down, ass up. My ass would be facing the door, and the first thing he saw.

"Fuck yeah!" I heard push past his lips.

I didn't look up or back. I felt his hand on my ass. Then I heard the undoing of belts and zippers.

Not surprisingly, he didn't walk in hard. Most guys don't, as they don't know what they might be walking into. But I heard him playing with it, trying to get his staff erect. It didn't take long.

Being the kind guy I am, there was lube right next to me. Right behind me, where he'd position himself. He used it.

His entrance was clumsy. Finding the hole and jamming himself into me. And I do mean JAM. Yowza.

But after he was in, the man knew how to throw a fuck. He wasn't quick about it at all either - which I'm ok with. I know a lot of these scenes are blow and go, but he took his time, but still gave my ass thorough pounding.

He was a man of few words. Almost no words. Grunts, sure. Moans, sure. But words - I don't remember any other than 'can you lower your ass a little more?'.

There was not an even "I'm gonna cum".

All the sudden I felt a spread of warmth in my ass.

I've said it before and will again - you don't always feel that. Sometimes you don't fee them pulse and shoot, let alone the warmth of the cum. I didn't feel the pulse, but I felt the flood of seed. And he just kept cumming and cumming and cumming.

And trust me - that is not a complaint.

Maybe he'll hit me up again sometime. I'd gladly be on all fours for him again.