Monday, September 16, 2019

New Trip to Columbus

I was back in Columbus just after a month and half from being there the last time. As is my M.O., I opted for the same semi-dingy motel, as while the rooms are mostly clean, it seemingly has great traffic for guys just wanting to get off and go. And the doors are all outside, so no schlepping through a lobby for a stranger to buttfuck another stranger.

This outing was successful, but not SUCCESSFUL. There would be a total of five loads I’d take, and one I’d give. Two of the takings I won’t even bother writing about – they were that underwhelming. I even like a good ‘bad fuck’ story, but they weren’t even that.

Guy #1 was the best. I think the other guys were probably as milquetoast as they were because they could and would never measure up to this guy. He was quick to respond to my BBRT ad, and immediately was OTW, as his text would say.

Maybe mid 40s, 6’. 200-ish. All solid. Built as fuck. He had a ball cap on and could tell he was sweaty underneath it – as it was in the mid 90s. I couldn’t tell at this point that he was a ginger. I can count on half a hand how many times I’ve played with those.

He immediately drew me in for a kiss. I wasn’t expecting that from a BBRT guy, let alone one this masculine. But fuck if he didn’t know how to. He had a firm grip on the back of my head, pulling me closer to him, though it wasn’t physically possible. Great lip and tongue action. It’s during this he took off his hat and tossed in on the table. His hair was matted down with sweat but still incredibly hot. That said, I liked the redneck-ish look he had going on with the cap.

The kisses were wet as can be, which was hot. He liked using his spit to lubricate both our mouths. He drew back a little and put a solid line of drool into my mouth….directly from his. I drew back even further and opened my mouth. Too far to trail his saliva. Not far enough away to spit it at me and my mouth. Without saying a word, he totally got it. And then I did. About half landed in my beard, half in my mouth. HOT! … least to me.

With applied pressure, I went to my knees. Sometime before this he had kicked off shoe and pants – no underwear to be had though. I was there in my new neoprene shorts. A pouch for my cock – with a detachable cod piece and an open / accessibility to my ass and hole. Score!

His cock was a little over 6”, but thick….and thicker the farther it got to the base.

I was going to enjoy sucking this, but my mind really took me to how it was going to feel taking it up the pooper. He was too, I believe. Afterall, this was a BBRT hook-up, not He ordered me (yes, ordered!) to the bed. I obeyed. Face down, just as he stated.

At first it was flat on the bed, but that didn’t work for starting off, so I was up on my knees at the edge of the bed. Once he pushed his way in – and it seems I took it up the pooper just fine, thank you! – then he scooted me up onto the bed, so we were both kneeling. Total doggie.

Not surprisingly, the man knew how to fuck. He was nice but forceful. There were times he was not as nice and forceful. I like those times. He might have been about my ass, but honestly, I think he was all about his cock. How to make it feel good and that I was supposed to do the same. I’d like to think I did my job.

He liked the deep fuck, as did I. At some point, I was down flat on my belly, him totally on top of me with every ounce of his manly weight – his chest hair on my back. His cock buried up my hole. Right now, for this point in time, it was his hole.

Red would hammer that hole and then stop, to the point like it felt that he was about to slip out, but not on purpose. Almost as if he pounded to keep his cock hard and not go soft. But that’s only what it felt like to a guy who was face down in a pillow. As he did it over and over again, I finally caught on – and I outright asked, “is Sir edging himself with my ass?”. The answer was a sly affirmative. He was very proud of himself – as he should be.

This would go on for another 15 minutes. Him ploughing, me taking.

He wasn’t ready to unload. He made that clear. But I think we’ve all been there at one time or another where we think we have control of our orgasm, until we don’t. That point we’ve passed without wanting to or even realizing it necessarily until it’s too late. The bonus for him was, his cock was exactly where he wanted it to be when he lost that control. Up. My. Ass.

I have no idea when the last time he came was, but he just kept throbbing up my hole and moaning the entire time. It was a big load. And I was not only taking it, but as I’m apt to do, I used my muscles to make sure no drop was left behind.

Eventually, he slipped out and rolled over on his back – spent. But I wasn’t. I slithered down and he looked down at me, I looked up, he nodded, giving me the nonverbal go-ahead. I took is recently extracted cock into my mouth. I tasted lube. I tasted cum. I tasted sweat. I tasted my ass. Clean ass, for sure, but ass nonetheless. He looked pleased – more with himself than with me. Of course, that is my take, or my hope.

As he started to dress, it was clear kissing was now off the table. Not only was my mouth a wonderful petri dish, he had no reason to work me up…..or himself. So I knelt. I’d take his cock in my mouth for short swipes. But I looked up, he down – and still unspoken, just planted his spit across my face from three feet above. He nodded at me and left…….me still on my knees.

Sunday, September 01, 2019


This was his profile pic.

It evoked a big hose of which multitudes of liquid came out. It seemed so blatant, I never saw it as Freudian or even subliminal. It looked like outright boasting. I was intrigued, as any cocksucker might. As he was only a few thousand feet from me, I reached out.

I get it’s an app, and while it looks like IM, the ‘instant’ portion rarely is. As it turns out he was at work, but he is one of these guys who looks, types what he needs to and then immediately signs off. So ‘I’ is never going to be this guy’s game. Truth be told, I set these apps up so long ago, I don’t know my password, so I never do a hard ‘log off’. I made, probably incorrect, assumptions that if I wasn’t active on the site after x amount of time, I went ‘inactive’. I have nothing to back that up.

Still, we engaged. He seemed interested. Then he’d disappear. Then repeat x 10. But at some point the stars aligned. He was free, leaving work before heading home to the wife, and possibly kids. Definite wife though. Oh, and I was home, so we had a place and an opportunity. He was timely. Showed up when he said – so, as we all know, that is a rarity.

He said he was 41, but if he is, then I’m 29. I mean, he had to be 50+, but that’s fine. It’s fine for me. For the Grindr crowd, he may as well be in assisted living and using a walker. He also said 6’5”. Maybe two inches shorter he was, but his 220lbs were probably on the mark. His cock was NOT a firehose. I mean, it wasn’t that large or thick. All very average with a slight upward curve. Still cock fit nice into my mouth – but I’m skipping ahead….barely, but…………….

I love there was no pretense to stripping down. He showed soft and I was worried about the size, or lack off. I dropped my shorts and his big manly hands enveloped my dick. I wasn’t hard yet, but it didn’t take long. His ended up springing up to about 6”, maybe a little more.

As I knew there’d be nothing but oral – me on him – there was no foreplay. It was me on my knees taking his cock into my mouth. The dick grew more, not as much in size as it did in hardness. He firmed up nicely.

This was a guy who liked to sit when getting sucked. I get it, but for the true cocksucker experience, I think I like a guy looming over me – looking down on me, literally and figuratively. Yes, a guy can kind of do that sitting back, kicking back looking down at his cocksucker. Just my personal preference, but sitting was his and since he was the feeder, he was going to win on that front.

Don’t get me wrong, I did a great job (or so I think) on his cock, but the act itself wasn’t horribly redefining in terms of blowjobs. He told me initially, he’d be happy if a guy only used his lips and tongue. I took that to mean he didn’t need deep-throated nor did he need my mouth exactly. Obviously, all of it is part of the mouth, but I’m thinking he didn’t need the deep suction necessarily. While I tried my best, some habits are hard to break. It was a challenge to use only the lips and tongue. I tried as much as possible.

What was a little more unique was the pre-cum.

So. Much. Fluid. !!!

Most guys don’t cum this much, let alone pre-cum this much. Tons of it running over my tongue and down my throat. And it tasted so fucking good. He saw what I was doing and how I figured it out, and he nodded accordingly, adding, “yeah, it’s a lot, isn’t it?” Clearly I wasn’t the first to sample volume of this liquid.

I know guys like the reward of the blowjob, sometimes more than they like the work. Personally, and I’ve said this before, I like to process of extracting the cum. I like the way a guy stiffens. The way he responds to my skills – whether they are verbal, physical, mental – as I adjust my method depending on the feeder. I like changing my tactics per guy, as each one is not the same to what will eventually get him off. And for many men, what is good at the start of the session is not what is going to get him across the finish line. It’s all about knowing and paying attention to signals.

I do HATE using my hands. Hate it. I find it to be cheating. That said, some guys like it. Some guys need it. It isn’t always a reflection on my skills, but I take it that way, whether I should or not. I feel like my mouth and I fail. By the end of this session, he asked for it. My hand, that is.

I refuse to use my entire hand, though I guess it has happened. I usually make an enclosure using only my thumb and forefinger. I do a very gentle touch up and down the shaft. There is rarely a full grasp on anything. Something about that action makes me feel it’s more erotic than cheating. I do like to say, “it’s a blowjob, not a hand one.”

Still, that action got him to the edge. And over.

And……fuck! That firehouse gushing ‘water’? Yeah, it’s an accurate depiction. I should have figured that if his volume of pre-cum was so voluminous, that the amount of his actual white gold would equal that (at least), just at a more of violent release and a much shorter time period.

The man did not disappoint. He had a LOT of cum. I swallowed a LOT of cum. He was impressed. He liked what I did. He told me he needs drained at least twice a week from “someone like you”.

As he dressed, he said, it’s a good thing he jacked off earlier that day, as I would have never been able to keep up.

That was cute, if not horribly inaccurate. And I told him so. He got a glint in his eye and accepted my challenge not to jack off for a few days before my next feeding. Here’s hoping. I know I can do my part. Oh – and he’s totally down with pictures of me doing it. YAY!