Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bookstore Fuck - Guest Blogger

Another entry from my Guest Blogger. Enjoy.

About a month ago I was out for drinks with a friend. We went to a few of the local hangouts. Problem is, my friend likes the trendy, Twinkie establishments and I prefer your neighborhood bar. After a while I was feeling bored and frisky. I said my goodnight to him and ventured out the nearby sleazy cinema. I paid my admission, bought a bottle of poppers and a couple of little pillows of lube, then went in.

In one of the upstairs rooms I saw a guy who fucked me before. He’s tall, lean, well hung, and a bit, um, slow. He was standing in the back row wearing nothing but a pair of sneakers fucking the hell out of a little black guy who was bent over a bench. I immediately walked over and established eye contact. I whispered, “Wish you’d do that to me.” He replied, “Bend over.” I was feeling especially sleazy so I stripped naked (good thing I wore my Birkenstocks) and bent over the bench next to the guy getting fucked. Mr. Slow came up behind me. I reached behind with a hand full of lube from one of the little pillows and slathered up his shaft. I hadn’t been fucked in a while and I knew that I would be a bit tight. He slowly pushed in until he was balls deep inside me. His hard, thick piece was stretching me out-in a good way. He fucked me full-force for about 10 minutes, then went back to fucking the black guy.

I took a break by sitting on the bench (still naked) and another totally naked guy (including no socks/shoes) came up to me and sucked my cock for a while. Now I never see guys walking around naked, so I assume that Mr. Slow started a trend. While all this was going on, another black guy with a nice 8 incher walks up to me. I start sucking his cock. A few minutes later I turn around and he shoves in. After being opened up by Mr. Slow, I was took him easily. It felt great. He pounded me long and hard for a good 10-15 minutes. He held on to the back of the bench and pulled himself into me. Then Mr. Slow and 8 incher switched places and gave it to us for another 5 minutes or so until we all needed a break.

I walked around the place for a while, swallowed a few loads and saw Mr. Slow get fucked by another naked guy (what’s up with that?). After a while I left and found Mr. Slow standing outside with a hand full of change, looking around at the ground. I asked what was wrong and he told me that he lost a dime and now didn’t have enough money to take the bus home. I felt bad and offered him a ride. He lived 15 minutes away in probably the worst area of the city. When we got to his place, he invited me in for another fuck.

He lived in a boarding house, cut up in lots of rooms. The only public space was a small hall (once the dining room) that had one cabinet, a stove and a sink. Mr. Slow’s room was the original kitchen, without cabinets or appliances, complete with tiled walls and a door to the yard. The place was a mess. I didn’t care, I stripped and bent over the filthy sofa. He instantly got rock hard and stripped as well. He got behind me and slid in. I was pretty sore, so I knew that this had to be short. He pounded me for 5 minutes, and then I turned around, put my legs in the air and took his amazing cock for 10 more until I jerked a load all over the two of us. I cleaned up, got dressed, exchanged numbers, said goodnight and left. I ran to my car and got the hell out of there.

Not bad for an otherwise boring Saturday night.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Just a Visual

I don't have really much to post - hopefully getting some new stories this week. If not, I'll pull something back from history to entertain you with.

In the meantime, I snapped a shot in my gym locker room the other day (ok - yesterday). It's an edited version for sure, as it showed most of my face too....or about half of it.

But I thought I'd post something and have something to show you.

I need to throw something out to my fans - don't you think?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Gloryhole to Fuckhole

I’m never sure how things like this ends up happening, but now and again, it does.

Ok, if I gave it even one second of thought, it’s not completely unreasonable to figure out how I get myself into some situations that are completely different than what I walked into. It is because I think with Bikeguy Jr. – that’s how.

So I answer a craigslist ad for a home gloryhole – for me to be the feeder. It is just so hard being a bottom in this town. I’m guessing the ratio is 1 top to 25 bottoms – and I think I’m being conservative.

Yes, so off I went to stick my eight inches into what was probably going to be a sheet covering a doorway, with a hole cut in it. I parked, walked in, walked up to his upper half of one house and found the door – and the sheet (nailed it!).

At first, I just unzipped and stuck my half-hard dick through. I will give him this – he was a good cocksucker. He had no issues taking my length or thickening base, all without using teeth.

The guy asked if I wanted a hit of poppers, so I said sure. I assumed he’s pass them through the hole, but no he had to go get them. I told him to forget it as the reason for the gloryhole was to remain anonymous.

Honest to god, he appeared from behind the curtain covering his eyes with me turning towards the wall for him not to see me. It was all so very junior high.

Back in, I was getting a bit of a popper high while he worked nicely on my dick. He then wanted to pull back the curtain and have me lay back on his couch so he could work on me better. I declined – at least at first. He was persistent.

I told him, I couldn’t risk him not being a decent looking guy (yes, I can be that shallow time to time). He was adamant that he was a good looking Italian guy. I caved.

Let’s just say, at one point he was probably a good looking Italian guy….but that might have been 100 pounds ago. He carried it all in his face, chest and belly.

The couch was not a couch – but a massage table. A professional one. I asked him how many guys came over here and ended up on the table. He alluded to that it was many. I don’t know how many were for legit massages, or ones with happy endings. And even on the latter – how that happy ending was achieved.

But I laid back and let him work me for a bit. While it was working for me, he claimed the angle to be bad for him. But he was right in line to lick my nuts and under my sack – so I told him to do that. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where to travel from there….and he did.

I love a tongue on and in my ass. It feels good. And it is usually a signal for what comes next. Next to some nipple play, it is the easiest way to get me to spread my legs (other than just saying “bend over!”).

His tongue and my reaction I think were all that were needed for him to take the logical next step. He figured out what was making me respond. Soon enough, his fingers were running along that hole – and then in it. As you’ve read here (or actually have not!), it has been a while since I’ve taken it up the ass.

This guys looks not withstanding, he was willing and I was able. And while I was willing to take it on the massage table, he didn’t think he could maneuver that. He had me come to his bed. Face down.

While in theory, that would have worked on multiple levels for me, he was having problems with the angle and positioning. Eventually I had to get on my back and spread my legs for him. He pushed in with little problem.

No, not because I’m a slut (I mean, I am), but because he just wasn’t that big. Not tiny, but not big. Maybe 6” I could feel him, but he wasn’t going to do any damage to me. And he could feel me too. My ass muscles would grab his shaft (on purpose) and I would see his reaction to my manipulations.

He was not the best fucker in the world, but let’s face it – neither am I. And he did invite me over to suck my cock, not fuck me – though he seemed very happy to be doing so.

The guy thought I was “gorgeous” (ick. Am not!) but if I got him off, that’s just fine.

And get off he did. Buried it in me. Though I didn’t feel it, judging by his reactions, the orgasm went on for quite a bit of time. And I do love it when a guy just keeps his cock up there. I milk it of course, extracting every drop he has, but it’s nice to feel it just IN me.

Though physically he wasn’t my top choice or anything, he had the balls to go for what he wanted and that’s admirable. Even better, he says he has a buddy with 9” who’d love a go at an ass like mine.

Who am I to say ‘no’?