Monday, May 25, 2009

More Locker Room Stuff

You know how I said a few posts ago I mentioned snagging fallen clothing from the gym locker room floor?

I also said it was never my intention to lift something from someone's gym bag. That almost changed the other day. Almost.

This fairly hot guy was in the gym and as I was coming out of the shower area, he was going in. Three hundred lockers and no one in the locker room - and what locker to do you think he takes? Yes, the one next to mine.

But like so many, his open gym bag is just sitting on the bench. Taking UP the bench. And on top lay a pair of damp UA shorts. Honestly, I came so so so close to snagging those, stuffing them in my gym bag and bolting.

But they weren't the only thing on the bench. No, next to his gym bag was also this little number:

And as much as those uniform pants and belt buckle made the guy even hotter - and the idea of taking the shorts that much hotter, I opted not to take them.

The main reason? I was the only other person in the locker room and he had clearly seen me. It's not like anyone else had access to them.

Hell, I barely had the nerve to take the picture for fear he'd come back and see that - though maybe that could have led to a much more interesting post.

Maybe next weekend.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shower Jack

It's getting hard to know where to put all my exploits. It's easier to Twitter them, as I can do them via iPhone, but them I'm limited to 140 characters. And I'm not one of those Twits who will post blog-length tweets over a series of 10-15 tweets. That's annoying.

But on Thursday, I did indeed twat that I yanked one off in the shower. The Gym Shower.

All of it is totally unlike me - even for as much as I like public or semi-public sex.

Let me backtrack a bit. My gym's current showers/sauna/locker room is undergoing a two month renovation project. Those showers, which I never minded, were 7-8 open shower heads on two walls. It was never sexual for me, nor was it a place you could get away with anything. For the owners, it was a nice carefree set-up. For the cruisers, if there are any, it thwarts any kind of frowned upon behavior.

That's not to say I haven't done my fair share of looking. But only looking.

For the interim, we can use a second set of showers that is in an adjoining building. They are in a lower level than anything else in the building and in theory could be a haven for "fun". They can also be a bit scary for theft and leaving yourself open for being accosted (and not in a good way!).

But the shower area has 5-6 prefab showers. One piece of plastic you might set up in a basement bathroom you've decided to convert. The ones that sell @ Home Depot for $179 or so. But these have curtains on them. They are not open like the old fashioned tiled showers I'm used to using.

Anyhoo....I worked out early, before having to go to the office. As I was getting myself all clean, I was thinking about the guy out in the outer area who was shaving. Naked. I see him daily working out with his wife and teen son.

And while normally not my type, he has a certain hotness to him and his legs and ass are great as he uses the StairMaster (insert cracking of the whip noise here!). He also has a decent flaccid hang as he stands at the sink shaving his face.

No normally you know I don't rub one out - anywhere. That's not me....or not in the last decade. For me it's all been about restraint and denying myself that pleasure. I mean, I do do it, but it's a very infrequent occurrence.

But there I was in the shower, curtain pulled (mostly! {eg}) and I just used the liquid dispenser soap to coat my shaft. Using my trusty left hand, I manipulated my penis to become erect and feel good. This is also different for me because when I do choke the chicken, I'm usually a dry choker. But damn, it felt good.

It's not like I hadn't gotten off recently. It had only been two or three days since my multi-media blowjob. But clearly I was in "a mood".

I do have to say, while stroking, I fantasized about the dad coming in behind me and putting a hand over my mouth and whispering in my ear "don't make a sound". The liquid soap going on his rod and him sinking into me. In my mind, his son and wife were still working out or waiting for him.

I blasted a nice sized load all over the shower and its wall. Or as I said in my tweet.......I left my DNA in the shower.

The one thing I had not considered was my post ejaculation massive hard-on. Wrapping it in my towel didn't do much to conceal it. I figured everyone (ok, the four people in the area at that time of the morning) knew exactly what had transpired. But to prove it, there'd be a few weeks worth of lab work to compare samples from the crime scene.

In reality, I walked back to my locker, put my suit on and went to work. Just a load lighter.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Real Time Sex

I'm taking sex to a slightly different level. And why not? I have the means. Actually most of us do.

A buddy of mine in PA had told me how much he liked phone sex. Not like 1-976 numbers, but having guys he'd fuck talk to other guys while he was putting it to them. As I typed that, it can possibly not come across as all that hot - but the way he portrayed it, trust me, it would have gotten most any of us off regardless of who we were in that scenario.

So the other night I was on my way to get a blowjob and as soon as I dropped my drawers, pulled out my iPhone and typed:

He starting on my nuts

Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Used Garments

This isn't really a sex post.

I continue to get blowjobs and lots of offers to suck me - and depending on timing and the guy, I succumb to the siren's call. As you know, I'd much rather be on my knees, bent over, or on my back - legs up.

Lately, I've been getting back into the work-out routine - and that means, among other things, hitting the gym. Oddly enough, I've never been lucky at picking up, or getting picked up, at the gym. I don't know if it is not my style or what.

For someone who thrives on public gestures and exhibitionism, the gym to me can be a holier place than that. I like the gym and have no desire to be banished from my favorite one. It should also be said that it is very carefully set up as to not have "incidents" happen. Good for them, I guess.

But I find a new kind of thrill with the gym. What guys wear. And in the last few years, there has been an ever growing trend away from wearing jocks. I hate this trend.

Under Armor seems to be the big thing currently. I don't own any. A grey Hanes t-shirt for me is just fine. Ditto with Russell or Champion shorts. What I wear under those shorts gets shown pre and post workout.

But when it comes to sweat and grime, I kind of covet some of these guys' used gear. What can I say?

There is an odd culture in the gym (or mine), where guys will go shower and leave their gym bags open and out of their locker. Usually with their clothes sitting on top - I guess to air out. While I'm not above swiping some choice items, I have not yet been this blatant.


It seems that guys who leave these bags open and then take off invariably drop an item or two out onto the floor in their rush to get where they are going. While I don't give a shit about the stray footie sock, a used pair of underwear or a soaked t-shirt holds strange fascination to me.

Of course, it's better if I know it came from a hot(tish) guy. Or a complete unknown one. If I know it's from one of the many octogenarians who work out there, I wouldn't bother.

But sometimes I don't - and that shirt or undergarment will end up in my gym bag - infiltrating my clothes with their smell and vice versa. I guess you can call that a metaphor if you wish.

Normally, I work out in the morning and my bag goes with me into the office. On these rare days of finding "new" clothing, I will shut my door, take them out and smell them. I'm not really a sniff freak, but I like to get a sense of what a guys smells like when working up a good sweat. if here were fucking me.

Am I alone in this? Probably not - but it most likely makes the sub-set which I already subscribe to that much smaller.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dark Room

As usual - it started with a craigslist ad. His not mine.

In town, one night only, it said. Hotel room, he claimed. Just looking for mutual fun, he promised.

39, mwm, 5'9", 170, blonde hair. 7"c. Thick shaft, big head.

What is not to love about any of that? A quick email to him, one back, one phone call and we were set. I knew his hotel, but was to call upon getting close, because he wanted to leave his door open and have it anonymous as possible. That call would get me his room number. 2419 to be exact. Up I went.

To his word, his door was a bit open. And he did like the anonymous thing too. The room was black as pitch. I could not see a thing. It was to remain this way for the duration, and only to a point where I could make out him and his shape, but certainly no identifying markers. At first I was afraid of an obese guy, but my hands told me differently.

He was on the bed and I stepped to the side. Soon his hands were massaging my penis through my suit and briefs. I could not see him or his hands. After he got me sufficiently erect, I unzipped and pulled out my dick. Without hesitation, I felt his lips part around my head and sink about 2" onto the shaft. I moaned. I then leaned over the bed and pushed deeper into his mouth.

I know I'm sorta big, so I wasn't a complete ass about it. I got another 2-3" in and asked if that was ok. He gave me the muffled 'ok' and I went back to the pushing and withdrawing motions. It was working for him and it was working for me.

Eventually, I pulled out. I took off my suit coat and pant, along with my shoes, tie and briefs. Then I went and propped myself up on the bed and pillows. "Greg" crawled between my legs and went back down on me. But that only lasted a few minutes before he asked the question I was hoping: "are you gonna suck me too?"

After responding affirmatively, he was scrambling to get his cock up to my mouth. Still being propped up on those pillows it was an easy move for his cock to be at my mouth level while he stayed on his knees. True to his ad, his was thick and had a great head on it - and he may have sold himself short by about 0.5" But what worked best about him was his hands and the grip on my head.

After that cock was in, he wasn't letting it out on a dare. The guy had a great rhythm with his hips and an almost singular mind to get off. He shifted from a guy who just had a cock in his mouth to what would seem to be a 100% feeder. Granted, I knew that wasn't totally the case, but if someone had just walked in, they would have thought it was total feeder/total eater in the room.

The words coming from his mouth were all man. His confidence was high because his abilities were high - and he knew it. To fill the void of silence, he just told me how my mouth felt and what a good cocksucker I was. He told me about a married buddy at home would suck him and how I was performing at the same level that he did. "He swallows my load - just like you're going to do". There was no question as to if I would do this.

Later with more skullfucking he toned it down, but just a bit. "You're gonna take every fucking drop - aren't you?" Technically it was a question, but it really wasn't. I pulled off long enough to ask him a leading question that I was 99% sure how he'd answer. "Do I have a choice?"

His reply was predictable, but his deliver was like ice cold steel: "NO!"

He wrapped his entire arm around my head like a wrestler would do on the mat. I was immovable - not that I was planning on going anywhere. Not that I wanted to. But he made sure of it.

Glen pumped harder into my my mouth. I was expecting verbal fireworks, but I got one long guttural moan before the sperm hit my tongue and roof of my mouth. He never stopped his pumping action while he ejaculated, so some of that sperm escaped my mouth and into my goatee. It was thick and frothy - mostly due to the constant motion, I assume. It was stringy too.

Maybe it always is. Just nine times out of ten, I never see it or feel it, as it is normally sliding down my throat into my belly. ....that is if I'm taking it orally.

I thought we'd be done, as I could tell he wouldn't take my load. Normally I'd leave, but he really made my month. He wanted to see me cum. I'm not sure how this would happen unless he had night-vision goggles. My eyes never really adapted to the darkness, but his might have.

Glen pulled up my shirt and put a towel over my belly. Ok. I guess I get it. I jacked. He'd occasionally suck. I told him unless he wanted my load he better stop doing that. I was one good push of his head onto my dick from unloading if I wanted. He didn't want. Clearly.

So I jacked. He used his fingers at my nuts and below and could feel me constrict before each jet of cum hit the towel. He claims to be able to see it, but I don't know this to really be true. Nor did I care.

I used the sink, in the dark. I dressed, in the dark. And I left.

Glen says he comes to town once a month. We'll see if he emails again. I'd be ok with another go-round.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cock Worshipped

I'm sure you guys are tired of me saying about what a bad top I am. I'm tired of telling you. No offense.

I wish I had better stories to tell you of my top-abilities, but when I hit my groove, I'm pretty good, it's just finding that groove (pun not intended) is difficult for me. I know I'm truly a bottom who has had to branch out due to lack of opportunity to go butt-up.

So I have been going to a few cocksuckers to get my nut. It's ok. Not only do I learn more as a cocksucker - I give back to the community on how to do it.

That rotating group I occasionally attend is ok, and while I love to be watched and put on a show with my big cock and my bigger loads, it's growing a little thin for me. Though the last two I was at there is a married hottie that I would love to fall on my knees for. Though he might be "married" like these cocksuckers think I'm "married".

But I'm also trying to learn something about me.

In my one-on-one sessions, I'm a great feeder. Sorry for the boasting, but I am. Or becoming one.

I can put myself in their place, on their knees - and see what they see. I have been that guy. I AM that guy and would gladly switch places with him to do what he does.

But for some reason during these sessions, my cock remains rock hard!!! It never waivers in it's hardness. Why is this?

Partly I think it is because I can see the guy and his reaction to it. He is down there actually not just sucking my dick, but worshipping it. Giving me the props for how he loves it, how he needs it, how he'd do anything for it.

What guy doesn't want to hear that?

And what guy doesn't want to see this? (yes, it's me.)

This has been happening in a few one-on-one sessions. In a way, I'm digging it more and I know the cocksuckers are. Especially the one who'd do it in a group. He likes to take his time and to not be distracted.

I'm liking the individual attention for all the same reasons. And the worship.

I can totally see why tops get off on this. It's so fucking affirming it is incredible.

We all know I've been the one to worship, but I like to think I can learn a thing or two from them - how they worship and why. I think we all know the latter, but it's the former that keeps me going back. ....well, that and I'm a man with needs.

None of them are great cocksuckers, but they've got great attitudes. They've been doing it long enough that I'm not sure they'll become better dickie lickers, but you never know. And sometimes you go back for other reasons.

Like to be worshipped.

It's not so bad. Honest.

Monday, May 04, 2009

No Sex. Just Post.

April is over. 30 days only - and yet it was my second highest month in traffic. Ever. Thanks to you guys. All you perv readers. Of course, I'm the perv writer and sex participant who brings it all to you.

And May is turning out ok too. Sunday had one of my highest hits per day - almost 1100 in one day!

Part of that I am not attributing to Twitter. I can tweet when there is a new blog post and it goes to 200+ followers (am I a cult leader?). And then they can go and read my post - yes it drives traffic. I'm a whore in so many ways. *you can follow me on Twitter too!

But then WolverineDoc13 included me #samesexsunday (which is allegedly like #followfriday). To be honest, I have no idea what either are, but it goes out to any number of people as suggestions for other Twitterers to go look up. So that might have been a big boost for my readership. Thanks Wolverine. (I'll assume that's a UofM reference - and maybe he wouldn't have given me the props had he known I went to OSU.)

Anyway - warmer weather is here. I'm sure I'll be having more adventures. (off on another acting'll be back!)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Married. Jewish. Dad. Feeder.

So last week, my first time meeting with Jeff finally happened. You might remember me talking about him from two group cocksucking events.

Jeff is a married guy - and father. He's got a decent body and dick on him too. I would put him at late 40s, but you can tell under his white collar demeanor, he's a fucking pig. Not that I'm judging. Hello: Pot-Kettle here.

We made arrangements and I actually have him come over. Mind you - this entire cocksucking group I've been a part of is predicated on the feeders being married, so he think I am too. At least I think he does - but he also seems like a smart cookie.

Yes, I know I invited someone else over. This is becoming an uncomfortable pattern for me. It is not my style and I think it is just because I'm not traveling that I'm looking for any means to get someone off. 2009 has been a year of change for me - bringing home guys is just the least of it. That I'm topping more and feeding more is a bit unnerving too.

But Jeff and I made an instant connection - or so I thought - during those group suck sessions. Later in our one-on-one, he asked if I felt it too, is it wasn't just me! During 'those' sessions, the connection thing was unsaid, but you know what I'm talking about.

He wasn't just a married guy. It was the underbelly of the entire thing that resonated with both of us. Married. Cheating. Getting Off. It's the perfect scenario for me.

So, Jeff comes over and he wants a private space. Even in a room in the house with no view to anything, the curtains had to be drawn. He wanted no chance of anyone seeing. The joke was: there was no chance - and anyone could have seen that! And of course the irony is - he loves to be watched. But just in a very controlled setting.

And Jeff is a smart man. Before completely disrobing, he asked if I was Jewish. I told him I was and asked if I looked that Jewish. I only think I kind of look like a Jew, but maybe we can pick each other out better. Or maybe I look more Semitic than I think I do. I certainly assumed he was of my tribe.

But he said he saw a piece of mail on my desk and it looked like a Jewish name. LOL. I suppose it might.

We got right down to it. Him sitting down and leaning back. Me dropping to my knees.

Jeff has about 6.5" of dick. It's nice and it stays steel hard. You could fucking hammer nails into drywall with it. You just gotta love that. And he has a mouth like a sailor - which is a huge plus for me. Telling me to suck it - how to suck it- telling me to go deeper or back off.

I thought I was good at edging a guy, but he's great at having me edge him. He'd push me off and have me lick his nuts to keep himself from shooting. This went on for close to an hour.

Something I never quite expected was his verbal turn (for now) on how he wants to get me into the kitchen and bend me over and fuck the hell out of me. Half of me certainly hopes it to be true, but half of me believes it to be heat-of-the-moment sex talk. He seems like a dirtier than he appears guy, so maybe he'll be man of his word.

He "threatened" to not give me his load and he wanted to see it shoot on me. I don't know if was a test or not and I think I passed, because I pulled off him and demanded he shoot in my mouth. Maybe he was just looking for that validation that I'd take it.

Jeff leaned back and blew a sizable load into my mouth. It was good, and while he prides himself to be a vocal ejaculator, he's still not that loud. But he is a sensitive cummer. He wanted so badly to pull out of my mouth, but before allowing that I made sure he had stopped shooting.

He pushed me away but there was nothing else that came out of him and he was good to go. Which is pretty much what he did.

We chatted for a few minutes while he got himself together. He's a very decent guy - but now that I have had him, I can just as easily see it never happening again. But if it does, that's fine too.