Thursday, October 30, 2008


This just kind of amused me.

Not so much that someone advertised for BIG COCK in a restroom stall at a local grocery store. But that someone took the time to come to the conclusion the guy was a 'FAG'.

Was there anyone in this scenario who didn't know a guy who'd scrawl on a wall, in a public space, to suck dick was a faggot? Including and especially the guy who wrote it?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A few weeks ago, the NYT had an article on how you know it is a downward economy - I guess besides the 24 news of shut down business, banks, and markets plummeting.

While the things you think would be down are down - a huge indicator seems to be strip clubs. I guess those Hedge Funders can't part with their $1 bills to slip into Tiffany's g-string. They certainly can't pass a $50 for a lap dance.

But I am seeing the economy hit it here - where we might live: adult bookstores.

Now, in the last two days, I've hit adult video arcades to NO luck at all. Zero.

Granted, my writings here about them were hit or miss. I usually scored, but maybe not happy about it. I settle when I go to places like this. Even for a slut like me.

Yesterday there was no one in there. No one. Nada. Just me. I tried to hang around, but it was depressing. ...and the porn? Just BAD. I even like straight porn (guys are hotter), but awful, it was. Midgets sucking cock? Seriously?

Today was mildly better with attendance. But there was no one I would touch at all. I couldn't. I tried even - and he rejected me!!!!! WTF?

Granted, I know I'm a few years away from being these creeps in the store - but even i don't think I'm there yet.

I don't think I'll be going out of my way for that little venture anytime soon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Early Morning Butt Fuck

It is a Bootie Call when you get a message at 6:32a saying a guy wants you to fuck him before he goes to work?

I don't know the rules of the Bootie Call. Anyway, I went into work late (for me) and started fucking him by 7:15a. I was in the office an hour later.

This was the guy I've posted about over the last few months. I think this is the third time I've fucked him. I'm thinking the last. It's just not doing it for me. Him or the act. Or maybe the act with him involved.

He's not horrible - just not my type and as you know, I'm much more of a bottom guy.

So why did I do it? Honestly? For you guys. That is the g-d's honest truth!
I needed a blog entry and I'm just really into taking pictures of me having sex. So, that is why I did what I did.

You all know I can go long periods of time without sex and even longer without me getting off.


Here is what I think is a nice shot of my dick.


This one is of me pulling out., not going in.


THIS is one of me going in.

The guy had a remarkably clean ass, but I will say, it stilled smelled dirty. I wasn't quite sure how that could be, but it was enough to turn me off. Don't get me wrong - I finished. As I got closer, I got quieter. I decided not to announce my ejaculation. And I didn't. I wanted to see if he could anticipate it or feel it. I don't know he did or could.

Another word was not spoken. I went in and washed off my dick, dressed and walked out the door. Then did a full day of work.

Anyway, I'm all caught up on my sexual adventures. If I don't get anything before my next trip, I might have to resort to remembering encounters from years past. What's up with that?

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today I got my 300,000th hit on the blog.

Well, 300k, since I started tracking, that is. The blog isn't quite 3.5 years old, and I've been tracking hits for less than three years - but just slightly less.

So, 100k per year, on average.

Now, I know that isn't exactly true. It's taken a while to establish the following I have, so the majority of these hits have come in the last year. I'm averaging about 17,000 per month now, at least for 2008. It continues to creep up there, but currently I'm hovering at the 20,000 mark.

I can only provide the content of the blog. Well, the written part. I have had plenty of willing partners who have helped me to give you guys something to read. No one wants to hear a blog about a guy just jacking off. At least I don't think so.

I do have to relay a story to you which you may find amusing. ...and it might sound naive. A reader emailed me the other week and told me he loved jacking off and shooting a load over the stories I have posted here. The amusing part is: it never occurred to me that you guys might actually get off over my experiences.

I know - it sounds dumb when I say it out loud. I think I'm too close to the events and I certainly don't stroke off over something I've written. So it never occurred to me that anyone else did. I love the fact that some of you do! Maybe many - I have no idea.

But really, if it weren't for you guys reading - and if I were getting 10 hits per day, I might just close up shop. But I enjoy writing and it is nice to know I have an audience of sorts. Thanks for being there. I'll try to keep up the (good) work.

Rest assured, my internet savvy isn't all it could be, so I have no idea who exactly has made the 300kth hit. This I do know. They are from Los Angeles....and they hit at 15:04:37 today. That's eastern time. ...but that's all I know of the reader.

I'm looking forward to hitting 400,000!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Howdy Pardner

After my encounter with M, I still had one more meeting. I alluded to it in my previous post with my after-departure exchange with M.

Tex, I’ll call him that since he was a TX transplant in DC, was in his late 20s, scruffy hair, scruffy beard, handsome, but someone who looked like he had just rolled out of bed to make an appearance at my hotel room door – I swear it was 5 minutes after him saying he was heading out.

6’, 170, solid build of a guy. He wore very tight fitting jeans that left very little to the imagination – including the fact that there was no visible pantie line on him. Yes, this was a guy going commando. I admire that. I like to do it, but don’t do it enough.

When I undid his jeans a nice 8” super stiff dick popped out. There’d be no getting it to grow in my mouth at all. He was all the way where he needed to be and where I wanted him to be. Don’t get me wrong, I like to feel a guy harden in my mouth – because of my mouth!

I dropped to my knees and took him all the way down. His length and thickness fit my mouth just right. His hand on the back of my neck didn’t hurt anything. I love that shit.

We moved a few places around the room for me to feed on him – or him to fuck my face. We did a little of both.

Mind you – this is one dick I would have gladly bent over for (yeah, I know - don't say it!)

Tex had left his jeans on, just pulled down a bit and his cowboy boots remained on as well. It was a hot look. It was all business.


Eventually, I got on the bed, with Tex standing beside me. I was working on him and unfortunately on myself too. I had been since M had been there. I shouldn’t have been – I know better. Tex and his cock were pretty hot and I got to a point I thought I could keep myself on the edge. But sometimes I ignore or don’t respond to the warning signs that I’ve gone past the point of no return.

With Tex’s cock buried in my mouth, and my hand off my dick, I still spewed my load onto my thigh, my pubes, the hotel bed and running down my leg. If he noticed, he didn’t let on – as you know with those total feeders, it’s all about them – they notice little else.

It was a huge load, but I figured, with one out of me, I had to replenish by ingesting some. So with a little more work, Tex pushed into my mouth, leaning over, bracing his hand on the mattress above my head so he could steady himself for his inevitable orgasm.

Tex had a nice sized load, but nothing outrageous. It didn’t have much taste, but it’s not about that. It’s about the ability to make them cum. Make them feel good enough to want to cum.

He was out of there in a flash, and that’s ok.

Pre my ejaculation, I would have wanted to get at least one more before I left for the airport, but as it turns out, the timing was ok. I showered, gathered my gear, and it was just enough time to grab a train to the airport.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meanwhile, Later That Same Morning.......

.....after being called an 'asshole'......

One of the men I was conversing with on-line, while simultaneously being dissed, was someone I was hoping to connect with.

His description was: 44, 5'9". Br br/br 155. He didn't mention Jewish, but it's not like I asked either. Semitic men always move to the top of my list, just because we are the chosen people.

He asked if I had poppers, because he wanted to get "poppered-up" and get blown. I think the deal-sealer (for him) was, when communicated that he would not and does not reciprocate - and I readily agreed. Like that was a problem for me. It undoubtedly made him more comfortable and more in charge.

M (that's what I'll call him) came in and kicked off his shoes. I went for his zipper, but he took care of that too - along with his underwear and shirt.

I was immediately on my knees and lightly taking his 7" cock into my mouth. While guys love that you can be a man and take it all the way down, I find it good to treat the dick right, make it feel it, if you will.

You don't have to love the man to love the cock.

M grabbed the poppers and would take some nice big hits from them. He then pushed them under my nose for the same.

The loving of the cock came and went. During the popper rush, let's face it, there was some roughness of the in and out motion. It is the way it goes. But when it died down, I would tantalize him with not just my lips and moist mouth - but I do a nice job with my tongue and all around the shaft, especially the underside.

Whereas this would get a great reaction from 95% of any men I blew, it wasn't resonating with M. But I should qualify that.....

The more time I spent with M, the more I saw how unemotional he was. I'm not saying this as a bad thing - quite the contrary. It was incredibly hot. It's not that he didn't feel - I think he did, but he could intuit well and chose to use that to his advantage.

Maybe he had me figured out by my ad or our emails, but I think from his years of experience, he knew as much about feeding as I knew about eating. He could look at me and would know things about me, or about guys like me, and apply it to our encounter. But on some level, I think he knew me inside and out - and I reveled in it.

M got onto the bed and I got on my knees beside it. I orally pleased him while he would do more poppers and look down on me.

I would look up into his brown eyes and see a man looking at me, and knew what he was thinking without any verbalization. "YOU, are a cocksucker! YOU are MY cocksucker." Don't get me wrong, he eventually said it too - and knew instinctively that I lived for dick and spooge.

In between sucks, and ball licking, he got information about my past. Me being 15 years old when being broken in, much from a man like himself - mid 40s, laser focused in his approach to what he wanted, accurate in his depiction of what I am and what I'm good for.

When he talked, he was to the point. He even brought up the fact that I should be the one thankful for getting to suck dick. The feeder shouldn't have to be. And that I should be the one thanking the feeder as he left and not the other way around. It was perfect mind-meld - though I would never have said that to him per se. Though we were on the same thought level, he knew he was superior to my being.

M seemed to be in no rush, and I wasn't pushing for an end. But here is the thing with intense men: they don't give up anything they don't want to, when they don't want to.

So in an ironic way, without any surprise, M unloaded into my mouth. No noise, no forewarning, not even the lift of an eyebrow. He just looked at me, unblinking as he deposited his seed into the receptacle he had chosen for that morning. It was a nice load - not a great one by size of volume. But his sperm had great taste and consistency. My eyes never left his.

Naturally, I took it all - and thanked him for it.

M got up and started to dress, for what I'm assuming was to get to his job, using the bathroom in my hotel room. I was now laying back on the bed slowly playing with myself while he got ready to go.

He walked back into the room all put together and saw me and continued our talk about what I am, what I am to him, what I should be to him in the future - if anything.

M walked up to the side of the bed and pressed my head against his trousered thigh. With the same gaze he gave me while I performed for/on him, he just looked down on me. I am sure he would have had to blink, but I don't recall him really ever doing so.

It was hard to describe, but it was a warm moment and a cold moment. There were twinges of being cradled and protected - there were moments of being assessed as nothing more than an outlet for his potential enjoyment down the road.

His touch, his look, this intensity made my dick harder - something that did not escape him. He was pleased that he had this effect on me. I was a plaything for him and I responded accordingly. He knew it was his power. And he knew what my weakness is/was. I was ok with that.

We talked more. I can't remember exactly what it was about, but if it was not 100% sexual, it had 100% overtones of sex. Of obediency. Of desire. Of place in the world - both of ours.

How I wanted to cum, but I knew that would be a totally wrong thing to do. It wasn't about me at all. It rarely is.

The surprise for me came as M unzipped and unbuckled his pants just to let out his cock - again. As he talked, he stroked. As he had me answer, he stroked. He even had me and let me suck him a bit more. All the while, my head was nestled next to his thighs - in a seemingly secure spot, though we both knew it wasn't. I don't mean physically. ...but you knew that, right?

M finally says, "move closer....keep looking up." Never did I let my eyes come unglued from his and vice versa. I knew what he was doing, or going to, but again, nothing in his manner would you know it otherwise. His speed did not pick up. His breath did not quicken. His voice told me nothing. His eyes were as constant as they had always been.

The second load was bigger (seemingly) and thicker than the first. It did not go in my mouth, nor was it meant to. He left it in my goatee, so he could see the evidence of his manhood.

Again, he went to the bathroom to clean up a bit. I grabbed my camera and took a few pics. He returned and saw the camera and asked if I had taken pictures. I don't know why - but I lied. I said, no, but hoped he would take some. He readily agreed. I shouldn't have lied, but I wasn't sure what his response would have been. I took more after he left. Here are some:

As he was readying to leave (again), he mentioned to me I might want to email him to let him know I was thinking about him. I don't think it was really a suggestion - but I welcomed the opportunity with permission.

Before I boarded my plane, we had a little email exchange:

BG: Been thinking of you all morning.
M: Very good ...exactly as I knew you would
M: did anyone come by after I left

BG: Yes. I'll send his pics once I get home
M: I may want you to keep me posted on all your activities between now and when
you get back to DC

BG: How about all activities period regardless of timeframe
M: That's a very good idea ... I'd like you to prepare a daily journal of your slut-
related activities and any other activities that might be of interest to me. If
in doubt, include them. it should be written in a clear bulleted format with
details so i understand exactly what you have been doing. Attach pictures as

Since then it has been "suggested" I base my hotel choices on what would be most convenient for him. That I don't mind - as at least he's not in a horrible part of town that is completely wrong for my work. Ironically enough, my next trip does not coincide for his availability - but that is inconsequential. The execution of my behavior change is what I'm assuming he's most interested in. Even if he never sees me again.

...and he knows I'm writing this. He approved me writing this post - which is the first time I have ever ever ever asked permission of anyone. And I have notified him of it upon publishing.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I don't think I am, but clearly someone on the DC craigslist M4M thinks I am.

Maybe I am, but again, I don't think so.

A week or so ago when I was last there, I placed an ad early morning looking for some feeding. I never go back and look at this stuff, but unbeannounced to me some had posted a reply that I was indeed an 'asshole' and that I was just posting to collect pictures of guys and never followed through or hooked up. Clearly he's never seen this blog.

I found it interesting that another guy forwarded me the email. Someone I had never met or hooked up - or I would have never known the response was out there at all.

Admittedly, I first went on the defense thinking of how I'd clear my reputation - but my rep is pretty shot: I'm a slut!

That being said, I rarely even keep emails let alone pictures of guys. Even the ones I post here, I crop out faces if they have them on there at all.

No - my crime, and I do have one, is not responding to the guys who do not interest me in the slightest. And I have to feel one of them is the poster of the response. I guess I should just hit them back with a 'thanks, but not thanks', but then they now have my email.....and I'm not sure I want that either.

Don't say start another email address, because I already have like 9 of them - most defunct: thank you Hotmail and the likes. But I don't need another one to keep track of.

Anyway, I got a number of responses that morning and did a fair amount of activity before I had to check out (more to come on that in future posts). But in all the guys cumming and going, one guy who I was attempting a hook-up with got pissy.

He knew I couldn't see him until after 10a, because I had some sure things coming by. But when I didn't answer his email right away - and then the five in quick succession - he became a whacko. Naturally, he referenced the craigslist responder and said, "I guess he was right - you ARE an asshole!".

While I didn't answer the first guy (since I didn't know who he was), I did respond to this guy and told him EXACTLY what i was doing and why I didn't/couldn't answer him. Imagine my surprise when he still wanted to come over - after calling me an 'asshole' and then not apologizing for it after I explained my situation.

I'm all for guys with entitlement, but this guy was not it.

I'm sure he thinks I'm an asshole now, since I kind of let our email exchange drop with no invite over. Maybe I should have called him on it and told him why I was ceasing and desisting. But I didn't.

I think my new tactic will be: to post without pics (though I think that brings a certain response rate in when doing so) and see who gets back to me. But then I think I will try and see how the 'thanks but no thanks' type replies go.

...if all else fails, I'll just get a new email address.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Je m'appelle......

He was French – that’s all I know of him.

I didn’t get a name, so I guess we can call him ‘Frenchy’.

He was tall, taller than I am and lean. Salt and Pepper hair and beard. He had graying of his chest hair as well. Legs were hairy too, but dark. And he was very tanned. Not George Hamilton tan, but clearly a man who spends much time outdoors.

After some emails, and after he got off work, he came to my hotel room for service. I was happy to provide, though he wasn't clear on what he wanted to happen. I purposefully leave my ads a little vague in that regard, as to not shut too many doors or opportunities.

When in the door, he immediately stripped down. Frenchy had a nice 7.5" uncut dick.There's not a lot to this story. There was a lot of sucking - all on my part. I mean - it is one of the things I do - and do well. It is kind of what I was born to do - no? We did it in any myriad of positions, but starting out on my knees is always a good opener. Being on my knees is where I probably belong.

But we moved to other ways of taking his dick.


He really wanted to see me get fucked -but he didn't want to be the one to do it. I'm sure he would have felt great up me, but it didn't happen.

There isn't anything too interesting to tell - at least from my end. I did an admirable job and he did eventually leave me with a load in my mouth. He took some pics of it, but it was a bit hard to see with the lighting and the flash.

The plan was for him to come back the next day with a friend who would fuck me - but I never heard from him. Truth be told - I never expected to.

A load is still a load though, right?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I don't normally tout my links - guys can find them as they want or as they feel is necessary.

I have no idea who actually links to me. I'm not sure there is a concise way to find out and even if I did, I don't know I would fully endorse their site. But just because I'm listed doesn't always make me a fan.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of blogs out there I really like and when I find them, I'll link to them - no questions asked. No reciprocation needed. It's much like my sex mantra.

So I was hesitant, as I always am, when someone contacts me and does the, "I'll link to you IF you link to me." There is something so grade school-ish about it all.

But BonerGuide looks like a decent site. It is well put together and professional looking. My fear was it was all-pay sites, which I wouldn't do - since I'm all about the way to find stuff so you guys can rub one out for free (though I think there are some pay sites attached to it). Hell, *I* like to rub one out for free. Ok, not really - I rarely jack off as you well know.

The administrator of BonerGuide has made me a BonerBuddy.

You don't need to click on me, since you already know me - but there is other stuff out there that might capture your interest. Feel free to check it out.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Double Duty Suck Off

Ahhh - the sometimes benefits of Craigslist.

As you know, at least from here, it can be very hit or miss. And don't forget to factor in the barrage of flakes, phonies and the queens whom you have rejected coming back to sully your slutty reputation with lies and hurt feelings.

I have mentioned in the past, I have a buddy I hook-up with semi-regularly. I don't know his name, he doesn't know mine. I do, however, notify him anytime I'm coming to town - but more than likely, he will see my posting(s) on CL and contact me first.

We have a great "friendship" in the fact that he has a great sense of humour and just loves to watch me suck other guys off.

I had sucked him off solo, once. But his big thrill is to watch me service another guy while he plays with his chest. Supposedly this guy is married and straight and you can see mostly where this might be the truth. I'm a cynic by nature and always have my doubts.

That being said, he has never ever sucked me or even touched my cock. If he has a flaw, is that he always always always comes too quickly. If he is married, it must suck for his wife, or maybe she is ok that it will all be over in a matter of minutes. I dunno.

The funny thing about us as a team are: I'm not nearly as picky as he is. He chides me for not getting pictures or inviting what he considers undeserving men over for me to take care of. He does it in good humour, but he is totally serious. His standards are much much higher than mine. Most people's probably are.

I live for the cock. I live for the load.

He's a contradiction though - last time he said, well it's better to have someone here than no one. I reminded him off the ribbing I take from him about the less than stellar specimens he has seen. He got my point.

This last time (last week), I think we both hit paydirt. He showed up about 10 minutes before the 3rd guy did. We thought he might not be coming and I'm never sure if I'd get my 'friend's' dick solo. Before we had a chance to make that determination, guy #3 knocked.

Guy #3 said he was 45, 5'10", 170, salt and pepper hair. No cock size listed, but here is the pic he sent:


Regular Guy (I should find a fake name for him - no?) quickly moved to the hotel chair so it didn't look like we were waiting anxiously. Everyone greeted each other cordially.

Immediately #3 kicked off his shoes and pants. He was another one who stripped down entirely to get a blowjob. I find that quite fascinating as I can't imagine why you'd do more than flop it out of your fly if all you're doing is getting head. Oh well - at least he was a guy I wanted to see naked. Win-Win, I guess.

I got on my knees and started my talents. Regular Guy started talking to #3. "Good mouth, huh?". "You like that?" The responses were mostly grunts or "uh-huhs", and that was ok.

Soon #3 wanted to lay back on the bed. I continued to kneel on the floor and just lean over to reach his cock, taking him all the way down. Regular Guy (RG) just walked up to his head and #3 plopped the cock into his mouth. Clearly, the mouth felt good to RG, but he looked right at me and said, "don't worry, the load is for you".

I went back to work. I didn't think #3 was close, but RG must have. And it was all sooner than I wanted it to happen. RG started to tell him, "that's it, man, give him your seed - shoot it in his fuckin' mouth". And #3 did.

There was a lot of it too. Never too much, of course, but deep down I knew what the issue would be. RG couldn't hold off - he never can. I didn't get all of #3's jizz when RG said he HAD to shoot.


The risk of missing either's load is always a bad thing in my Cocksucker's Handbook. It's an awful place to be in. But I did what I thought was necessary. I eventually pulled off #3, possibly before he was done unloading and swooped down on RG's big-headed prick just as he started lobbing cum into my mouth and mixing with the other load I had in there. I mean, RG was my regular and very supportive of what I do and how I do it - even if he disagrees with whom I do it.

RG had a nice thick load too. Thicker, but less volume than #3. I'm guessing, since I obviously wasn't measuring or anything. RG told me to clean up #3 - not that I really needed prompting.

#3 was a bit sensitive and pushed me off his dick, but I had only missed one shot of his load, which ended up right above his pubes to his left. I licked that up too, mostly for RG to watch. He loved it. #3 seemed to be sensitive there too and pushed me away.

Of course, I don't discount the post-cum guilt factor. If he were married or partnered or just post-horny. I notice many guys are done after they ejaculate and come back to their senses. Whatever. Clearly, I don't have those morals.

Both RG and #3 went into the bathroom to wash up. I love that. Soap and water on their cocks to wash off any trace or smell of semen and saliva. Maybe they have people they live with who check these things, smell these things.

Both came out and got dressed as I just laid back on the bed, slowly stroking myself - knowing I wasn't going to get off (and not that I wanted to).

It did not go unnoticed to me, that guy #3 thanked RG for the time we had just had. RG laughed and laughed when I pointed it out to him.

He totally gets it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Me Topping - Again

Man, it's been a weird year. My sex drive is as strong as ever (if not stronger), and my sexual adventures are more diverse than ever.

I won't say I'm coming to terms with my topping abilities. I'm beginning to think I'm only doing it for the blog entries and the pictures. Honest. Other than that, it is still a bit out of sorts of who I am. I think I am still a bottom through and through. But man, it is tough to fight for the bottom. A top with a big dick certainly gets more action......maybe not more, but easier to find.

The guy I fucked a few weeks ago had me back. He was waiting for me again, door unlocked, porn on, on the bed, lubed up. The fuckin' slut.

He too was all about the pictures. I have tons, with his full face showing - he didn't care. I know where he's coming from on that end. But like last time, he mentioned his ex, but this time it went on and on and on.

I only took Psych 101 in college, but it doesn't take a Ph.D. to figure out he is still hung up over some guy who booted his ass out months or years go. He's supplementing sex to fill the gap of his past lover. It doesn't work.

Sex is sex. It has zero to do with love. ZERO.

It was an ok fuck. Again, I was doing it for the blog entry - one that wasn't even good enough to describe in this blog entry and I doubt I'll revisit this visit to describe the positions or timing of the fuck (though it did last like 40 minutes!).

But since it was about the pictures (g-d, I love whomever invented digital camera technology!), I will leave you with three of the 30+ shots I took.


Me, in him, in the mirror


Me, just IN him. Well, barely in him.


Us again. I blurred the picture on purpose with a crappy photo-shoppe like editor.

I am woefully behind in my tales. I've a good 4-5 more adventures to tell that I have not committed to the blog, and barely to my head to write them. Some are so-so, some are good, one is GREAT. Now mind you - the perception is all in the eye/mind of the beholder. My great might not be yours.

But then again, it's my blog.

Monday, October 06, 2008

On Way Home from Airport

For a few weeks, I have been chatting with a local guy who has wanted to fuck me. Just due to scheduling it has taken a few weeks to get together even though he lives about seven minutes away from me.

He (I know he told me his name, but I forgot it immediately) is 6', 180 or so, average body, salt n pepper, nice masculine face. He says he's 40, but looks a bit older. As you can see, even semi-flaccid, he has a nice dick. It fills out (and in) nicely.


So while I was out of town and cruising for dick on ManHunt, he found me. We exchanged some emails and he knew I was getting into town that afternoon. I just cruised from the airport to his house in a quest for finally letting him nail me.

Since he is so close, of course, I was hoping it would work out - just as a fuckbuddy. He liked to pound ass and well........well.....I don't mind being on a receiving end of a dick. What can I say? I ain't looking for love with this one! Or any one.

I found his house alright, but the insides were a bit creepy for me. I don't know how many cats he had (at least three), but it was the catholic religious iconography that kind of weirded me out. It was in paintings, pictures, statues, dioramas - you name it.

Now, coming from a non-catholic, it was a bit disconcerting to me. But I don't get the attachment to the religion anyway with their hypocritical thinking on fags - unless it pertains to priests..........but i'm off topic.

We cut to the chase, no small talk, no anything. Just to his bedroom where he already has lube and poppers out. He drops to his knees and sucks my dick. He was/is a great cocksucker, but that isn't what either of us were there for.

Soon, I was on my back, my ass on the edge of the mattress. He was standing there, greasing his pole. The only a few moments, sometimes those can seem like eternity. Possibly for both of us.
But in probably thirty seconds, he was positioned at my hole and ready to go in. Again - a small eternity.

I think he did it on purpose, just to get me to say, "fuck me". I did and he did. He pushed in methodically and then fucked my ass. And he fucked it good. I didn't tell him I already had a load in me from earlier, not that he could probably feel it at that point.

The guy was not brutal, but clearly out for himself and how his dick felt up there - more so than if his dick felt good in me. Or maybe I just exhibited that it did. Cuz it did.

I'm guessing he only fucked me for maybe 15 minutes - all on my back, no position changes, which was just fine. I was begging for the load at that point anyway. I wanted it. I needed it.
His head went back and he just went over the they all do.

He didn't stay in me at all afterward. He wanted my load, but I'm telling you, anymore poppers kills me in that regards. I had to jack myself to get there, but I did. Again, he dropped to his knees and captured it all.

So he gave a load. I gave a load. But as the day wrapped up, I had taken four: 2 in the mouth and 2 up the ass.

It was a good day.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mid-Morning Fuck

Still catching up on stories. I’m finding I need to give myself a little bit of time to gain some perspective on these events. Maybe immediate postings would intensify the writing, and time may cloud what went on, but I think it does not – and gives me some insight into the set-up and execution of the sex.

Here and there I throw a little self-psychology into doing what I do – and why, but that is probably purely for me. You guys want to hear about the ins and outs of it – literally!

On my last day of my last trip, I blocked off the morning to almost nothing but have sex. You read about the morning suck-job. I also performed head on a non-descriptive, non-worth writing about Hispanic man.

But I did have a hold-over from a guy the day before where we couldn't hook-up due to my work schedule.

43yo GWM (look younger), 40'c, 31'w, 6'2', 175#, BR/GR, smooth swimmers build, cleanshaven, shaved balls, trimmed pubes, 7' thick and cut, likes lots of body contact, kissing, oral both giving and getting, mostly a top but can be versatile, groups are great and I like having sex outdoors, and in tearooms and bookstores/theatres.

Sounded promising. The pics he sent of his cock were amazing.


Though he sent pics, I took this one. Beautiful, I think bigger than 7", but maybe the thickness of the shaft and head skewed my perception.

Obviously, I invited him over.

"Roy" was right on time. His big thing was that he wanted to eat my ass before sliding into it. I can't argue with that.

He was everything his description said and what it didn't say. Roy wasn't a "looker". Let's face it, you could probably cut a roast on his face, but that all kind of disappeared when his pants dropped. As it would turn out, I wouldn't see his face again until he was getting ready to leave. The in between time, his face would be in my ass or mine would be looking at a bed with him behind me.

With only my spit on his cock and his spit on my hole for lube, I went shoulders down/ass up at the edge of the bed. This time I totally went without poppers and just concentrated on the breathing - and it so worked and so much better. I still enjoy poppers but, they weren't necessary it seems.

He really made it in with a 'pop'. But with a head like that, it was kind of expected. Then of course, he proceeded to fill me up. The dick felt as thick as it looked and even with all my - ummmm - experience, he still made me feel stuffed.



Clearly he was cool with using my camera and he was just as big of a pig I think that I am. For his lack of looks, he made up for it in this talk. He had a filthy mouth - which I love. But not necessarily degrading filthy (which I love), but injecting truisms about my behaviour in slightly normal conversation. Him letting me know he knew I was a pseudo-respectable guy on the outside and not so much at all on the inside.

I've said it a few dozen times in this blog: attitude is everything.


Eventually, I was pretty much flat on my belly with my legs bend 90% at the knees. He was right on top of me, balls deep, with his legs intertwined with my ankles so I could go and move nowhere where he did not see fit.

At some point Roy glanced up and saw something that indicated to him that I had been fucked earlier. His powers of deduction were great. About how the guy was positioned, that he probably used the lube that was on my side of the bed, which is what made his hand greasy, which what lead to this being left two feet or so above my bed. True enough, it had been the guy from a night or two before Roy boned me.

This actually got both of us going. Granted, he did have to be to work, but he was delivering a Class A fuck that neither of us wanted to end. He also had a 5-day load in his nuts that he wanted to deliver and make sure stayed delivered. I had no intention of missing a drop of that.

All in all, it was a good 40 minute session. While I think I should have been sore from this girth and his pounding, all I can say was how good it felt. When he buried the rod, the load was soon to follow. I love feeling the throbbing of a dick in my ass knowing that it meant seed was jetting into my guts. It just seems all so right.

He stayed in, but would curse me, because I milked that shaft with my muscles. He was sensitive, but didn't want to pull out either. But I liked making him know I wasn't just a passive fuck, that I could use my talents as well. He liked them, but knew I was toying with him. Fair enough.

Roy left a huge load in me and I kept it there all day. Even for the flight and drive home. Even for the stop I was going to make on the way home from the airport.

More on that later.