Monday, December 24, 2018

Chicago 7 - Married Dad Head

After the Funny Guy bj, I headed out to drinks and dinner with friends. It lasted way too late into the night, not that I wasn't up for another round of fucking or sucking, but it seems no one on line was.

I mean, they were, until they found out they had to pay for parking at the hotel. JFC, folks, it's still cheaper than a hooker...........I mean, I assume.  So I went to bed.

I'm an early riser, so it was well before dawn. I saw a man less than a mile away who claimed to be bi, was in a hotel, and needing someone's mouth.  I felt I qualified.  So did he.

He was one hotel away, but that was still over half a mile. Still, I trekked over in the dark and up to his 9th floor room.  I knocked and he opened.

Now I was knocked out.  The man was gorgeous. Handsome as fuck.  Fit. Tall. Salt and Pepper hair, maybe a little heavier on the salt. He was fresh out of the shower and clothed in a loose white terrycloth robe. He was also on his cell with what could only be his wife.

His finger to his lips silently told me not to make a sound. I complied. He told her of his flight and his arrival and how he was looking forward to seeing her and the children.   Then the phone went on the hotel room desk.

Standing before me, and without a word, I sank to my knees.

My plan was to reach up and untie his robe, but he was looking down at me, his hands going to the sash, though his eyes didn't leave me.  The robe fell open and there it stayed.  He'd never be fully naked during our time - which I found incredibly hot.

His cock was semi-flaccid.  I started by running my tongue along the underside of his dick. He twitched - well his cock did, and he started to grow. Before he got fully up, I made sure to envelope his dick with my entire mouth. I wanted to feel it stiffen fully in my orifice.  ....and it did.

The man had a solid 7. I'm sure it made his wife happy. It was making me happy. And my mouth was making him happy.

He stood there in the middle of the room, with some stranger on his knees, pre-dawn, sucking his married cock. Making it feel better than his wife ever could - and hopefully any other cocksucker ever has.

I'd love to say it lasted a long time. I'm not just a cocksucker, but a cock worshipper. I paid such detail to not only his cock, but to every response he had, the involuntary ones, the verbal ones and the non-verbals as well.

I'm not bragging - not really - but I dare say I was doing too good of a job. The blowjob lasted for maybe 8 minutes.

He started to grunt and his hands gripped my head - tight. I wasn't going anywhere, but in his defense he didn't know that and clearly he didn't want me going anywhere.

He shot a man-sized load out of his 7".  I swallowed it all.

He remained standing in his room, robe opened, as I stood, walked to the door and left the building.

The guy was nice enough to send me a message later in the day telling me he'd been thinking about that sucking since the early a.m.

So was I.

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Chicago 6 - Funny Guy

Actually, he wasn't funny, but he wasn't meant to be.

His Scruff profile said he was a stand-up comedian. Lord help us all. No one needs that - least of all in a NSA hook-up. He was staying with friends and taking an Uber over. My lord, 20 minutes to go 2 miles. Dude, you could have walked faster - and cheaper.

It's a good thing he didn't.

He was taller than I expected. Taller than I - and I'm 6'2". He was heavier than I expected. Not fat, but not fit. His cock became much larger than anticipated.

The pics he sent me were nice. The one he revealed after in the door (the one time I didn't leave it open) was ok too.  But working on it a little, JFC - the man was a GROWER.  Easily 8" and a very nice thickness.

He wanted to kiss at first. He was handsome enough to make me want to. His gingivitis / halitosis at first kiss told me I wanted to no longer. It's the little things, really.

So I went to the task at hand. Well, to mouth. And knees. This man wanted head, nothing more. That would end up being a shame, as the more I mouthed that cock, and the more comfortable he was being there, the more he grew and the harder he got.

But the man had funk. Like Paris in summertime funk. Like Paris in summertime and hadn't showered for four days funk.  Normally with something like that, I'd breathe through my mouth, but it was currently occupied. Still, I'm a trooper and I worked that fucking cock.

He sat on the edge of the bed. He lay back. He stood up. He was looking for a blowjob, not just to get off. I can respect and admire that. After all, I AM a cocksucker.

The guy made me work for it - not that I really minded (except for the occasional whiff I had to endure).

When he came though - fuck did he cum. Heavy torrents of thick juice.

I'm not sure why he - or any other guy - was surprised when I took every drop without a gag. Clearly, you just saw the work I was doing on your dick - I'm not an amateur.

He liked that I did take it. He thanked me for my service and was out the door.  Hopefully to go shower.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Chicago 4 & 5 - Bottoming for a Bottom / Triple Load Score

Just to move this tale along, I'm combining two parts.  I hope that's ok with you. I'm pretty sure you won't mind.

Pt 4

My conference had a few hours before kick off and I was, well, horny.  A guy who looked decent was a few hundred feet away, but looked ok.  A little under my target height, perhaps 5'6".  Dark hair and beard were a big plus and a handsome-ish face - though it would turn out to be a better picture than reality

The dick turned out to be decent once we got past the formalities and me just grabbing his crotch. A little over 6", but fuck was it thick. I wanted it in more than my mouth.

As it would turn out he was a bottom. He thought I would be fucking him, or at least he'd be blowing me.  He was wrong.

To my testament, I had him rock hard with my mouth and my hand.  Within minutes, he was on the bed, pants still on but down to his thighs. Mine were off and I climbed on top of him, straddling his dick.

With spit from my hand to his dick for lube I eased myself back onto him and took him to the root.

He might have been a bottom, but his dick betrayed some aspects of topping. Yes, I did most of the work, but he wasn't complaining.  I just started riding that cock.

His idea wasn't to cum too soon.  Mine was to get the load faster than I'd normally want. I like the fuck. I like the process. With him, I just wanted to the load. Once I knew he was a bottom, I kind of lost interest in him as a partner. I wanted the TOP experience. Basically I was the pushy / aggressive bottom who acted like a top to get the dick and seed.

His idea was not to cum too soon, but again, his body betrayed him.  I could see it in his face. I could feel it in his cock. I could hear it in his breathing. He was there.  I took him over the finish line, adding yet another load to my ass.

He lay there as I put my pants and shoes back on.  He said he was in town for a conference, right here in this very hotel, he said.

Fuck.  I'd have to see hi again.

Pt 5

During said conference,  my phone was kind of blowing up. The apps showed a new guy in town. I think we all know how that can be. The one no on has had (ok, you know differently, but they don't!) and the one they'll never have to see again.

Sure there were lots of flakes, as I sat their answering things in text while someone at the podium droned on about something or other. The subject of the conference wasn't nearly as drawing as sex.

One guy had me going back and forth. His pics were vague. His stats were good: blond, 5'10, 175, 7". He was a few miles away but wanted to come by. I told him what time I would be free, but he needed to be by sooner.   During a break, I stole away from the conference and back to my room.

Again, the door was slightly open. I was on my knees on the bed, shoulders down, ass up, lubed up. He wanted me in a jock. I didn't have one to be in.  The door creaked. I heard "wow!".

I heard the pants drop.

Unlike the early morning guy who was hard to start with, I had to drop to my knees and get the guy all the way up. Once I did, he went in. Oddly, I was still tight to start with - but he still went all the way in.  He loved it. So did I.

And the man could fuck. And he did. Me. In ever position.

The first load - oh yes, there were more than one - was just the way you saw it above. From behind and deep. Me on my knees.  He growled loud enough for anyone in the hall to hear, should they be passing by.

There was no rest for me.  When he pulled out, I went back down to my knees and took him in my mouth to clean him off, which I did. But he never lost his hardness.  After a minute or two he simply said, "up!".  I stood up.

He had me on my back on the bed. Face up. Legs up.  His dick ass.  I took another pounding.  I didn't get the second load then.  We did it on my side. We stood and I had hands pressed against the window for anyone to see, should they be on the 5th floor of the adjoining parking garage. It was there he dump his scum into me for the second time.

My hole was starting to really feel it by this point. I was open. I was lubed internally.  And he was still hard.  But I went back down on him, because I do like ass-to-mouth, and want the guy to feel me clean him off so he can pack away knowing I got it all.

This was not that time. Not yet.

He walked over to the sofa, something I almost never use ever in any hotel. He sat down and patted his leg.  The inference was clear:  sit on his lap.

This time I rode him. First cowboy style, and then facing him.  That went on for a good 10 minutes.  My legs were cramped but I kept going.  So did he. Pushing up when I slid down, I'd say we were a well oiled machine, but it wasn't "oil", per se.

I know it couldn't have been huge, but he announce his third impending orgasm.  This one I didn't feel, but I'm not sure who could have. Besides his two other loads, I had the conference guy's still in me too. 

I'm not one of these guys where cum leaks out of his ass and runs down the legs.  I keep that seed in me.

There was one more ass-to-mouth and I was done. Well he was done. He said he had another load in him, but he had to go.  I would have taken a fourth, just because I never have from one guy.  But it wasn't to be.

By this time, I missed most of the afternoon conference.  I didn't even bother going back.

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