Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GloryHole Duo

Yesterday I visited a guy who has a personal gloryhole installed in his house. I've been there a few times before. I've even written about it here and there. One of the differences this time is that I didn't tell him I was coming over.

This guy used to put a notice up on craigslist with the location, and times he was open along with varied instructions on how to get in, and what to do upon arrival.

Now the same notice goes out to what I am guessing is a fairly extensive list of potential users, but it no longer goes up on the web – just through blind copied emails.

Normally, I would shoot back an email saying I might be over between x and y time, but yesterday was a change. I realized a gloryhole shouldn't have appointed times this way. I get it from his end that at some point he can't always leave his door open and has to secure his house, but there is no reason I need to announce myself. It cuts down on the anonymity of the situation.

I had been out with friends for drinks and was sufficiently buzzed. Even though I lived five minutes away from where I was drinking, I drove right past my house and continued on another 20-25 minutes to get to my destination.

I parked and walked to the back entrance (yes, you can insert your dirty joke here!). Getting up the drive was not easy, as there was ice all over – and I was a little drunk. I also had dress shoes on, not the best for navigating such terrain.

But I've done worse for cock, or to get off.

I rang the bell to notify him he had a 'customer', but I was at the hole before he arrived. This time the hole was different too. Normally he has board that goes three-quarters of the was in the door from his parlor to dining area. Above that, he has a sheet, so no contact can be made physically (thought the fucker always tries to take peeks through the hole to see who I am).

This time, it was just a sheet with the hole. Kind of boring and uninspired. Mind you, I'm from the day where men would take drills and chisels to carve out holes through ¾" marble. Those were dedicated eaters and/or feeders.

Anyway, I was drunk and horny and had not gotten a nut for a week, so why waste it in the trash, I thought. I'll give this guy something to feed on.

As I approached the hole, I had unzipped my suit pants and hauled out my more than semi-hard dick out before he arrived and got on his knees. It didn't take much to get me all the way up.

Like always, the guy was ok, but not outstanding. I know I'm a bit bigger and thicker than your average guy, but I am not huge. But this guy's teeth keep getting in the way. It is one of those things I tolerate, but not happy with..

When he took a break to take a hit of poppers, he started asking who I was, 'are you X, are you Y, is this BikeGuy'? He doesn't get the anonymous part of the GH. I told him to shut the fuck up and get back to sucking my dick. He did. Averagely.

Even breaking my own rule about him talking, I did mutter, 'how many is this today?'. I never got an answer, because as if on queue, the door opened and another guy walked in.

First off, I'm not a shy guy (duh!) and I don't mind being watched. Secondly, no one was trotting through that back door without knowing why guys come over there. Yeah, they might not expect to run into someone else, but they shouldn't be shocked at the activity that takes place there. He wasn't.

The guy kept his distance, wandering around that parlor not really looking over into the alcove I was standing in, feeding this cocksucker my dick. He pretended to look at the straight magazines that were out there. Finally, I caught his eye and motioned with my head to come closer. I wanted to double feed this guy. It only took a minute of silence for Feeder #2 to figure this out.

The guy was ok looking. Bald, medium height and weight. Decent dick, maybe 7", medium thickness. He looked like a thinner version of Evan Handler. Getting us both near the hole was a little tight, but we managed. He watched as my dick was through the hole feeding this guy. The cocksucker tried to stick part of his head through to see us and I deftly pushed him right back, saying, 'no one wants to see you the fuck you are'.

Guy #2 took over and fed him his dick. This is where I realized I shouldn't have to put up with a sub-par blowjob from this GH guy. #2 with a smaller dick cautioned him time and again on his teeth. GH guy adjusted for him where #2 was ooh'ing and ahh'ing over the newer technique. When I mentioned it to GH guy when I got teeth, he might have tried to adjust, but I never got that good feeling moment.

Guy #2 and I would whisper between ourselves about any number of things: how it felt, who should cum first, if we should dual feed him.

We tried the latter, and I liked the feel of his cock next to mine, but if GH guy couldn't do me alone without teeth, both of us was impossible.

It was decided that I would dump my load first, as this guy wanted to see it. I wanted to be seen too, but I would have been just as happy to be the second cummer. I did whisper to the guy of how I wanted to choke GH guy on my load and dick. He told me to 'do it'.

You guys know I normally tell guys when I cum, so they can start swallowing, but I've stopped with this guy. That being said, he had to know it was coming (literally, figuratively), as I put my hand inside that cut hole and held his head on my cock – tight. Just as so many thousands of guys (not an exaggeration) have done to me. I was no longer coming for myself, let alone the guy behind the hole. I was putting on a performance for Guy #2.

I had a huge load too. The fact that I wouldn't let this guy move didn't help matters – for him. It worked for me and Guy #2. There was gagging and coughing around the base of my dick, but I kept holding on and I kept spraying my load. I have to say, I was worried he coughed some back onto my nice suit pants, but I was still horny enough and drunk enough that I simultaneously didn't care.

As soon as I pulled away, Guy #2 was ready. He must have shown great restraint holding back until I was done, because he was READY. But unlike me, he didn't bury his dick. He held it just out of lip-reach of the cocksucker. With the mouth and tongue exposed, he let loose a nice load.

Having not seen mine, I couldn't really compare, and it was dim in there, so I couldn't make out everything he pumped off. I was also in the process of pulling up my pants too. I looked back once and nodded to the guy and headed out.

As I walked down the driveway, I almost got taken out by someone arriving. I assumed it was another feeder, but it turned out to be a pizza delivery guy.

….if he'd only known the tip he could have gotten if he delivered it to the back door.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It was the last load I took in 2008.

I had just driven from the guy's house whom I got on my knees for, but this one I knew was going to be different. This guy had a full play room.

You might all be surprised to know that I've never been in a full equipped play room. And I've never been fucked in one of these. I know. I know. For as much as I have gotten around, this was one of the things I've always wanted to do, but never really had the opportunity.

I should start off by saying, when I got to his place, I realized I had been to the house before, but not with him. I should also mention, I was with the current guy before, but not at this house. Oh the tangled webs we weave.

For the current guy, he sold me a harness a few years back. I wrote about it here. The encounter at the house, I thought I wrote about, but I cannot find the posting anywhere. The guy was a complete bottom who just wanted to suck my dick - and he did.

Anyway, I drove over and knocked on this cold and snowy day. The guys in the house were smokers. Not casual ones. Not by a long shot. This is not my ideal. These guys had a minimum of 6 ashtrays per room (3 in the master bathroom alone), I could count dozens of stray lighters no matter where I walked. While I was there, the guy lit up and would leave the cigarette burning in the tray, move to another room and light up another one.

He left him in his master bath to clean out. The shower was well equipped. Three dildos adhered to the seat or wall of the shower stall so they could fuck themselves on. They also had an installed powershot attached to their shower.

Can I tell you how much I love that? I should have one, but I don't. Not permanently attached. I was in there for longer than I care to admit, just inserting, flushing and repeating. Whether I was getting fucked or not, I could clean out daily.

The guy was waiting for me in the playroom in the basement. I the mostly unheated playroom. On this, the 31st of December, in the barely double digit temps outside those cinder block walls.

The guy was well prepared. 'Sailors in the Wild' was playing on his video. He had put down chucks under the sling for any potential accidents (there were none). He had poppers, multiple kinds of lube and grease. He was sitting there waiting for me, but when he got up, he was sitting on a dildo as big as my arm.

He told me to hop up in the sling. I did. But it was like diving into a cold pool. A cold leather sling against exposed skin is a bit startling. But I did it. He placed my ankles into straps to hold my legs there. I could hold onto the chains if needed - and now and again I did.

There was also a cheap full length mirror hung above the sling. Bonus - I get to really watch everything.

The guy (clearly I don't have a name, or made up one), has a beautiful cock. At least 9" - but I would probably add another half inch to that. The girth was huge too. I wasn't too scared. I've been around.

He put some kind of lube on my ass, and even more on his huge cock. Then he lined himself up.

To say he filled me up would be an understatement. You can see in the above pic, he made even my bid dick go a little limp. I'm not sure it ever truly recovered during the rest of the session.

While he wasn't a brutal fuck, it probably wouldn't have taken much to get him there. His size alone dictated it would be challenging at best, and it was. For him - I was tight. I'm guessing for anyone but his partner, they are tight.

Near what was to be the end, he did pull out and stroke himself. I felt extremely empty and yet a little relieved at the break I was getting.

While stroking, he tried to talk me into fisting him. He billed himself as a total top, so I wasn't expecting this. I've never fisted - and not to say I couldn't do it, but it was never my thing, physically or mentally. At first I think he was ok with me not putting my hand in him, but he was clearly worked up sexually after fucking me and talking about getting fisted.

Without notice to me, he JAMMED his cock into me. This was a brutal entry. Granted I took it, but I was taken off-guard. As soon as he was half-way in, he just unleashed his load.

If he was throbbing, I couldn't feel it - each nerve around my entry was throbbing, so that was taking precedent over any pulsing he was doing in my ass.

I swung back and forth in that sling continuing to sink a bit further onto that huge rod while he spurted into me. With each rock he invariably pushed his load in deeper.

Eventually he slipped out - because these things happen. It took me a second to regain my composure and slip my ankles out of the straps and haul my sore ass off the sling.

I had left all my clothes outside the master bath on the 2nd floor, so I had to traipse up there to retrieve. No whore's bath for me - I put my shirt and pants on and headed back downstairs.

As I was pulling on my coat, the front door opened and there was the boyfriend. I nodded and stepped through the already open door.

I drove home and I'll assume they talked about what just happened.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Since today is a historic day today, why not show my U.S. pride with some shots of me?

....my oral presentation skills are well above average.

I've been called it before, but it doesn't hurt to have one, a big one. I do.

....and of course, I'm always willing to take one for the team.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

First off - sorry delays in getting you tales. It's been a tough few weeks, and as I've said before, writing this stuff is harder than it looks. I like to have some perspective on it, but if too much time gets away the facts blur. I will try to be better.

It was after the holidays, but not a lot of folks around the office. Sneaking out here and there wouldn't be too much of an issue had I chose to get a nut, or give one. As it turns out, CL chose for me. There were no viable candidates to give a load and I had not shot one in almost 10 days.

As you guys know, I don't jack off unless I'm getting fucked - and only then would that be sometimes. So it had been a bit of time since I had gotten a load, obviously, as I hadn't jacked - for any reason.

31, 5'9", 180, muscular, wrestler type, 6"

The plan was for him to suck me off, but as we chatted via email, it was clear he'd rather get fucked. It intrigued me. So did the pic of his headless body in a singlet. I can't say I'm into that per se, but it still piqued my interested. If you're doing "drag", I'm more interested in leather, uniforms or suit/tie apparel.

As luck would have it, the hotel he was staying at was about a 5 minute walk from me. I wasn't too nervous about going, since I could walk right back, but his lack of face pic and his weight compared to height had me questioning his body. You know me - I take chances that way.

When he answered the door, all I could think is Turtle from Entourage. But he wasn't bad. We weren't too far into the room before I pushed him down on his knees. Mind you, I did it right in front of the full length mirror for my purposes, which now will benefit you.

Here you can see him licking near my full nut sack. If you click on the pic, you might see my big (usually) bottom boy dick.

Here you can see him taking me to the root. Good boy!

And he was good at it. I had to push him away several time in order to hold on to my load. I could have easily given it up several times. See - this is why I am not a good top ever. Sometimes I just have a hair-trigger that does not suit me well for putting a fag through their paces.

Now if I were the bottom, I don't really care how fast or slow a guy cums as long as I get it. Maybe I should think of it that way, but I don't. With me, the faster I get a guy off, the faster I can move on to the next guy. But as a top, I think guys like to show their prowess in the longevity department. Maybe not - I can't consider myself a top.

Anyway, I suggested me move it over to the bed if he wanted fucked. At the time, I was wondering how I'd take pics so he wouldn't realize it - just like I took the ones above. Little did I know I'd have bigger covert issues to pull off.

The guy had a huge bottle of lube on his bedside table. He didn't pack light. He also had about eight condoms next to that lube. He was either just putting it all out there, or planning on being a huge slut that day. Been there! Minus the rubbers, of course.

There laid my dilemma. I hate bags - on the giving side or receiving side. Clearly this guy didn't or he would nto be buying them in bulk. Then he picked on up and handed it to me....and watched me put it on. Hmmm......what to do.

I do have to say, it looked hot, as it was solid black. You could not even see my fucking real cock through the coloring. It was almost like wearing latex, which I guess I was, but I meant more in the bigger picture of the fetish.

My immediate thought process was, how can I get this off? I know it was like 20 seconds, but it seemed like 20 minutes as I schemed on how to lose the baggie. I lubed myself up and bent him over the bed. He went all too willingly.

It took a few tries to get into him. I assume part is to my size and to that I find it always harder with rubbers - taking or giving. But I got in and he loved it.

I went right into action on what I had to do. With each withdraw of my cock, I used my hand to somewhat slide the rubber forward. It was amazingly easy to do, at least I think. It about 7-8 ins and outs, I had the rubber off. Without missing a beat I was back in.

My hand had been so lubed, as had his ass, that my now bare cock was greasy enough to slide into him with no issues. Once he wanted to reach back and grab my nuts, but I pushed his hand away.

Maybe it was my lack of topping experience, or maybe my going so long without shooting my nut (hell, I've gone way longer!), but more than likely, I think it was my deceptive nature that pushed me to the edge too soon.

It kind of helped that he couldn't hold off either and started shooting into the sheets he was going to have to sleep on later. That gave me a good time to dump my load. And it was a HUGE one, if I say so myself.

Now, don't let all these porn stories fool you about always being able to feel the load shoot into you from the bottom's perspective. 7 times out of 10 I never can....and I'm a bit experienced. So I don't know if this guy could feel my load or not, though I thought I'd never stop shooting.

Since he finished shooting before I did, he tried to pull off, but I wasn't having any of that. I wanted and needed to finish. And I did. Kind of.

Even as I thought I was done and pulling out, I still have some residual semen coming out of my dick and his ass to hit his sheets, comforter and rug.

By the time he started turning around I made sure that he saw I had the rubber in hand, though near my dick, where he might assume I was pulling it off. I moved right to the bathroom and flushed the rubber and washed my dick and hands. Since my pants were never down further than you see in the above pics, getting dressed and out of there was a breeze. It took seconds.

I kind of wondered how he didn't know I was riding him bare - I always know and can feel it. Could he? I mean, there is no way he wasn't figuring it out shortly - like I said, it was a massive load I shot and clearly there was some near the entrance to his ass. .....and on his sheets which no way came from him.

If he was upset, I never got an email about it. Not only that, he was on-line the next two days with a similar ad looking for more.

Guys are pigs.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I Have NOT Abandoned You

Just SO busy.

Will a pic suffice you until I can write about a few encounters?

This is a hint of my last encounter of 2008.

I'll assume you're all smart enough to know what it is.

Monday, January 05, 2009

My First Load of 2009

I was barely into the 2nd day of the year when I gave up my first load. Yes, my posts are still out of sequence. I gave a load before the end of the year and still have to report on two I've taken.

But no, I did not take, I'm still waiting on that. I mean given. I fed it to some cocksucker who was on craigslist.

36, 6', 170 or so. Very full and sexy goatee.

I was very specific about my needs, my concerns, mostly regarding the guys who cannot take my dick, but the ones really who claim to be able to swallow my load, when they clearly cannot. By the time I figure out, it's too late.

He understood my issues and tried to relieve my fears that those guys were not him. He said he was an expert cocksucker and could take every drop I had to give him. At the time of our original conversation, I had a 10 day load. By the time of our actual encounter, I was back down to three. Still, even at two days, most guys still gag on it. I'm not bragging, I'm just saying.

We agreed to convene early in the morning - between 6:45a - 7:00a. I could get serviced and still be at work roughly around the time I normally do. It's a win-win.

I arrived exactly at 7a. He took his time buzzing me in, and then there was the ride up to his floor. I'm not big on smokers, and it was unfortunate that I could smell smoke standing outside his apartment door. He wasn't just a smoker, but a heavy one.

Fuck, I was there - may as well go through with it, right?

Shortly after I entered, he got to his knees and took out my dick. I stayed mostly dressed - my jeans just below my balls, so my dick could hang out. Out enough for him to get at it. All of it. ...and I let him go at it.

True to his word, he was a great cocksucker. He had the right friction and wetness combined. I felt I could start talking at him too. I'm good at the dirty talk, regardless of which end of the dick I'm on. I've been on the receiving end so often, I've just learned by association.

It's funny (to me), as I stood there listening to myself, I couldn't help but flash on a line in A Christmas Story about bad talk and Ralphie's father: He worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium; a master.

Yes, at that moment, that was me.

The guy was doing a really good job and I was taking it in. Naturally, I pulled out my camera to snap some pics. Yeah, the lighting isn't great, but the sun had yet to rise and barely a bulb on in his apartment.

Naturally, I don't think he knew I was snapping away. It's not like the camera makes noise...and I wasn't trying to expose him to the world. Unless you really really knew this guy, I don't think the pics give away much.

I do like how the top one makes my dick look nice and thick.

Since it's a camera phone, action shots are hard - as you can see.

But sooner than later (I'm really good at controlling when or if I cum), I opted to shoot. I had a morning meeting and had to get going.

I told him I was going to shoot too. I gripped his head tight - he was going nowhere. I started to shoot and I new it was going to be a big one - and it was.

He struggled a little against my grip and the volume, but - other than that, he did what he claimed and what I wanted, and we all expect out of a cocksucker. He took every drop of my load.

I even let him milk it a bit afterward, which I never do since I'm so sensitive usually. But then I had to get going.

I put my pants back on, thanked the man and headed to the door.

First load of the year - gone!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Just Average

This has absolutely nothing to do with being a Sex Addict at all, but apparently I am just gay enough. I don't know that I'd (or you) would agree that I'm a 'well adjusted homo'.

I like to take it up the butt, but not go shopping. I like sucking dick, but don't care to get flowers.
I've never been in a street fight, but if you want to smack me around a bit - I'm not necessarily adverse to that. We might not even need a safe word.

In other words: I'm gay enough.

I don't think you want me to be a fem fuck. You want to fuck a man. ...and that's cool with me.

For this complete silliness, you can take your own gay test here.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

2nd to Last Load of '08

I know I still owe you guys my "coming soon" story, and I promise I will get to it. But I have a few others that linger out there I will get to too.

Like this one - my 2nd to last load of 2008. Don't worry, it ain't nothing exciting.

bi wht masc male up for hot no strings very oral but goes from mild to wild depend on the guy 6'195 brn/green

I don't know who the pic is, but I can tell you it ain't the guy I sucked off, even though it was the pic he provided. Everyone has older pics, and while one might argue that between picture day and suck off day, you could gain 25 lbs, it is rare that your dick shrinks an inch or two.

Yes, the guy claimed 'bi', but his house told me differently. Vintage mannequins that sported turn of the 20th century clothing, were strategically placed throughout the foyer and second floor. Collection of olde time-y dolls and baskets of beanie babies were in different rooms of the house, as we walked toward his bedroom. I cannot tell you how many fag's (yes, I'm calling him a 'fag') houses I've been in who collect dolls and stuffed bears or beanie babies. It is one of those things I just do not get.

I was supposed to suck him, but trust me, this man went to his knees quicker than any other cocksucker I've encountered - including myself. And he was good at it. But I wasn't letting him have my load - that was to be for the guy who I took the last load of 2008 from.

While I should have just cut my loses and gone, I stayed and finished the job. There is nothing memorable about the head I gave - I just gave it. He shot a nice sized load, though it tasted like nothing at all.

He was so concerned about his girlfriend coming home. I would have been more concerned if I though he actually had a girlfriend.

I brought my camera with me (don't I always?), but didn't even bother using it - or taking it out of my coat pocket. This wasn't one for the record books or one I'd be wanting to go back and reminisce over.

It was just a job. And unpaid one. Volunteer work, I guess.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Wrap-Up

I should add 2 more loads taken to what I had told you yesterday - as after work, I ended up hooking up with two more guys.

Yeah, I'm a slut. And I'll get to those stories in the coming days. I have a few to write for you guys, so I appreciate you all being patient.

All you readers have made December 2008 the best month for traffic, so we all must be doing something right. Hopefully some of my links have benefited from this traffic as well - as there are a few really good blogs and sites there.

Here's to a good 2009.

To set expectations though, my travel in 2009 will be much much much more limited than 2007-2008, which may slow down my "adventures". Clearly, I'll see what else I can do rectify any lack of activity, but I thought you should all know what may (or may not) be coming up.

Thanks all.