Sunday, April 10, 2011


I no longer have the ad description, but he was late 50s, 6'6" and a bit overweight, all in his gut. Not heinous. He's the high school coach/teacher that is reality, not the kind in the porn movies.

It was school break and he was home, his wife was at work. He claimed total top, couldn't host, couldn't provide a face pic due to his working with kids.

I was home, I was working, but could arrange my day for a little fun. Blowing a high school coach seemed like a good fantasy to check off my 'to-do' list. We made arrangements for him to come over.

Right on time, he showed. He didn't mention the shaved head that made him look more like Uncle Fester than anything. He also didn't really mention the thickness of his junk. It was a good 8" long and maybe 5" around.

I played high school sports and know what it's like to have a coach demean you to get you to do a better job. This guy was the real deal or a very good study. He was nasty, verbal, aggressive, and demanding. Everything you want from a coach, and a feeder. Well, everything I want.

Initially he said he wanted it to be a long session, but I suppose that is all relative. I don't think it took more than 20 minutes of his alternating between fucking my mouth, or me gently working his shaft with my tongue and lips or me gorging myself on that thick shaft.

Or maybe I was just too much of a cocksucker for him to be able to restrain.

Either way, he had to cum. And cum he did.

Let's face it - I've swallowed one or two loads (x 2000) and have had my share of big loads. There is big and then there is MASSIVE. Coach was the latter. Huge volumes of sperm just kept shooting into my mouth. I did not miss a drop. Not one.

Without a thank you or acknowledgment, he pulled up his pants and walked through the house and out the front door without a word.

I went back to work.

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Unknown said...

Sounds fucking hot man! Have had a couple of those types when I visit your area.