Saturday, March 20, 2021

Bookstore Shenanigans

A prologue:  I got my second Covid vaccine dose in early February, giving me six weeks for it to reach peak thresholds (hopefully).  That said, I still wear a mask everywhere and perform good hand hygiene. 

Just yesterday, I opted to take a half-day off of work. I haven't taken any time off in 2021 yet. Technically I didn't, as I work so far over 40 hours per week, I didn't even claim it as 'time off'. 

I was fully aware that my sex life has dwindled in the last year. I mean, most everyone's has, right? Full disclosure: I have been "seeing" one someone over the last year (and before that) as an outlet. For both of us. I haven't really written those stories, and some will be coming, but not all. 

Still, my truly piggy side has been dormant. And I have been frustrated. 

So, when I decided to take a partial day off, I did this with the intent of driving south about 40 miles to a bookstore / video arcade. While it probably is the closest one, it has a decent set up of two sides of booths. None with doors on them. And the shittiest porn playing ever. 

I'm not into tranny porn, but there is a lot of it showing in this blue collar town, so I'm guessing someone likes it. Your other choice was barely legal porn. sigh.  But let's be honest, it is just on for background noise or for some sad faux lure into a booth with a 'what are you watching' facade. I'm not sure the porn is even needed here. 

I paid my $16 to get in and immediately went to one of the restrooms to prep my butthole. It seemed I only needed one cleaning out. In retrospect, a second wouldn't have been a bad idea. Then I just headed into the dark dark hallway. I stood against a wall waiting for my eyes to adjust, as I watched silhouettes and shadowy figures transverse the hallway and the little side inlets that housed two booths each. 

Then I joined the dance. 

Peaking into each booth to see who, if anyone, was there. Trying to make out people as we passed in those inlets or in the hallway itself. Who might be interesting? Who might be interested? Usually, I have one crappy encounter and regret the trip.  There was nothing in the first side of booths, so I went to the other. 

The first guy I saw was nothing to look at facially. But this trip wasn't about that. He had a slender, but long cock. 8" easily. Nice head. He didn't stop me from going to my knees, I took off my glasses, put them and my poppers on the bench. And then I went down on him. 

His 8" slid easily down my throat. My face was buried in my crotch. While down there, a husky black man in blue sweats showed up and pulled out his cock. My head was pulled off the guyI was sucking and planted on the black dick.  He was maybe 6" but thick. He had some cheese around his head, which I didn't get to swipe away before forced to do down on him. After he was in, he took over. Telling me to 'fucking suck that black log!' and to choke on it.  And I did. I did for about 5 minutes before he shot in my mouth. I hadn't even swallowed before he was gone. 

Without a word, the other guy lifted me off my knees and turned me around. His back against the wall, I was turned towards the would-be door. He spit in his hand and bent me farther over. He pushed in, not so slowly, but his cock was tapered just enough that I took it with ease. He bottomed out even easier.  To get any leverage he had to push me forward a bit, which left my head hanging out the doorway entirely. Not that there was much mystery to what was going on before, but now, that was for certain. 

I know we had a crowd. Ones that would stick around for a bit, or ones that craned their necks and left. One guy was right in front of me and asked the guy if he could try the poppers. He took a hit and I tried to unzip his pants and got my hand slapped away. Though he did come back to say how awesome the popper were. I hadn't seen him due to my position - and he was gone again. Shortly after that, with a few harder poundings, the load that was in this guy's balls behind me was gone too - and right up my ass. 

"Clean it off".  So down to my knees I went and sucked him clean. And I'd have to clean. While I wasn't dirty dirty, I wasn't spotless either. But I did my job and he pulled up his sweats and walked out. Two down - one in each end. 

I sat for a few, but no one showed, though by this point anyone in this place who had been mobile had seen me. Back on the other side, the guy who tried my poppers wanted to know what they were. He was handsome as fuck in a very blue collar way. It took me a while to realize I sucked him 13-14 years ago - and wrote about it here!  He didn't seemingly remember me. 

I tried to lure him into a booth for a repeat, only semi-remembering what he was like. He stood in that inlet between the two booth doors and pointed to the floor. I had to come out in the hallway to suck him - for any, and all, to see. So I did. 

He is rough. This I started remembering early on. His cock isn't big, but his personality is, as is his cockiness. He'd hold me head and fuck my face. He'd hold my head against a wall and skullfuck me. I knew three guys were watching, but that was just from my peripheral vision. I knew his intent was to have as many see as possible. He was a bigger exhibitionist than I. I also realized he was doing this for show, not to share. 

One guy right there was egging him one, telling him to make me throat it. Telling him how I had throated his cock a number of times (later looking at him, this was a lie. I had never seen this guy or sucked his cock). My guy might have been listening, but not taking direction. He said he was already 10 minutes late for where he had to be, so then he shot a nice load into my mouth, slapped me hard across the face and was gone. All others watching quickly dispersed. Sorry none stepped up to the plate, but they're voyeurs that way. They're not doing this in a hallway. 

I had several failed attempts at other guys, but hit pay dirt with a married guy. He had a bandana mask on which added to his appeal (though I have to say, every guy was wearing a mask unless he was sucking - I kind of was proud of this group). He was in all black, lots of sweat wicking and lycra material. There wasn't even any sucking. He came into my booth and told me to stand up.  I did. He took out a good 7-8" dick

"Spit on it", so I did. It was to be the only lube I'd get. 

He pushed in with relative ease. His mouth to my ear, "how many loads you have up there".  I told him only one so far.  He replied, "yeah, it went in way too easy".  Then he proceeded to rail my ass for a good 10 minutes. A few guys stayed to watch, again, no takers in terms of my ass, but I did suck one at the door, nice thickness with an upward curve. All I could see is that he had on orange.  The guy in black knocked me up but good, hung around, after I licked him clean - still masked - to see if he could get me into trouble.  He couldn't.  Yet. 

I headed to a booth that had a guy who had a cock like a hydrant. Thick as fuck, but not as long. He sat there and I went and sucked him. He responded nicely, he had a few odors coming off him which I couldn't tell their origin - in location or from what. Still I kept going.  But all he really wanted was to be fucked for the first time ever - or so he claims.  I got off my knees and left. That was not what I was here for. 

There is a 'spa' here, that is really two bathroom stalls, two showers, two sinks and maybe a sauna. I walked back there and lo and behold, the guy in orange was there taking a piss with the stall door open. I came up behind him and told him what a great cock he had. He shut the stall door, I bent over the toilet and he fucked me. He had seen me take it before, so he knew. There were no words during. Not even sounds that weren't bodily. He grabbed me by the hips flooding my already filled guts with my third butt load. 

I was still horny. 

I opted for a walk around. I let a guy, who was without a doubt the hottest guy there, suck my dick a little. I wanted to like him so much more. He was clearly a fucking cocksucker but one whose tongue felt like that of a cat. So, that didn't last long. 

Sitting in a booth, I had a few guys stop in for sucking. By sucking, of course I meant I got my mouth abused. I could already feel my lips were swollen and starting to ache a bit. The guys who stopped in never really were looking to get off. The guy in the black, who had bred me, stopped by again. I sucked him for a little. When another guy popped in, he told the guy, "if you're looking to get rock hard, this is the guy (meaning me) who can do it". He opted not to. Guy in black moved on too. 

As I was thinking of changing sides again, I tried something else. With my pants already down, I just positioned myself with my ass to the door. And waited. It felt like forever, but it was probably 10-15 minutes before I felt a cock sliding next to my crack.  Sure some folks had come by and felt my ass, ran their hands on the cheek. 

Now there was a guy behind me and sliding his cock up my ass. I never looked back. I never talked to him. He never talked to me. There were some sounds but not many. I made a groan to make him feel like he was bigger than he was. I'm all for inflating the ego, if I can manipulate the situation to get a better fuck. 

He was ok. I'm guessing average sized at best - cockwise, that is. He had really good in and out motion. If he noticed other loads up there, clearly he didn't say a word. I don't know what lube he used to go in, or really if he needed any. But the fuck was 6-7 minutes long and I heard his huff-grunting, and his cock twitch. I knew what was happening.  #4 up the pooper was being deposited. Before he left, he patted my butt a few times, like you would a dog for doing a good job. The analogy stands. 

I was going to rest for a few. I sat on the booth bench and another guy was out in the inlet hallway. He motioned me out and onto the floor. The second one today that had me suck him in a more public way. I wasn't sure if he had noticed the first guy or if this was coincidence. But I did as told. 

I knelt. My pants were still down somewhat, so I played with my semi-hard dick. He stuck his in my mouth. He was big on me taking my time, "don't rush it". I sucked the head. I licked the underside. I tickled it all over with my tongue. He stiffened more than he already was. By now, my head was back against the back wall, his hands pressed against the same wall several feet above my head. That is when he took over. The taking of the time earlier had become more urgent, or at least insistent. My already aching lips were taking a beating. I could handle the cock in my mouth and throat with little issue, but I knew the lips would pay. 

This went on for a bit. He let one or two others take a turn, but we all knew he was the main event. I never even tasted the load. He pinned me against that wall, both hands grasping my head. I couldn't have gone anywhere if I wanted to, and trust me, I didn't want to.  The load was deposited directly into the throat and then directly to the belly. I got some face taps before he walked away. 

At this point, I really did need a few to myself. The traffic was decent for a Friday, now between 2p and 3p. I went back to the 'spa' and sat on a sofa for a few and then went back to the restroom area, just to splash a little water on my face. I never got to. 

The guy in black - the second fuck - wanted another go round. He was a good fuck the first time, and I wanted more, not just of him, just with dick up my ass. I dropped my pants and bent over the sink. Clearly, he slid in with no problem. He just started fucking with me leaning on the sink. Unfortunately, there were no mirrors where or it would have been super hot. 

As he's fucking away, a guy comes back, someone not seen before. Handsome, but in a farmer kind of way. Tight plaid shirt and the tightest Wrangler jeans I've ever seen. He literally came in to wash his hands and stumbled upon this. He stayed to watch. 

The two guys talked about me like I wasn't there. About how my ass felt. About how he should be next. He said, he'd like sloppy seconds. The guy in black said, "well you're too late for that, as he's had more than that".  "ALRIGHT", was the response. 

The man in black shot his second load in me, and by this time another guy came back and leaned against the wall just to watch. 

Plaid guy took out a beautiful 7 incher. Nicely thick, but with so many fucking veins it was a sight to see. And a thick thick head. That would have "worried" me a lot more if this wasn't going to be my sixth cock in 2.5 hours. 

He got behind me and took his place and slid in without a care. Again, talked about like I was a non-entity - which is exactly what I was, or wasn't - the guy love the experience and fought against cumming as he said he literally just walked in the door.  But he didn't stop fucking.  After a bit we all knew what was about to happen. 

I couldn't feel the load itself, but I felt every pulse of his shaft. It was great to behold. 

When he finally pulled out, he was a different guy. His congenial fuck demeanor took a different tone:  "Clean it off faggot".  So I squatted down - which was no doubt a mistake in my condition - and took his cock into my mouth. Even with a few loads up there and the clean out, I could still taste my ass. I was hoping not to, but this was just the trials and tribulations of being that aforementioned 'faggot'. 

"Polish the fucking knob" was the directive. So I did. 

Unbeknownst to me, while I was swinging on that dick and squatting some semen slipped out of my ass and onto the floor. The plaid shirt guy noticed and told me to clean it up. 

It never occurred to me that he meant with a paper towel - and he didn't. So he was amused that I knew to go down and lick it off the floor, as he straightened himself up.  "You also got some in your fucking underwear too", as he walked away 

He wasn't wrong. I put them on and decided to make my way home. Scum in my shorts and all.  It had dried by the time I got home. 

I did the math, at $16 to get in and 8 loads, I paid about $2/load. 

As you'd expect, it never occurred to me to even think about getting off, let alone doing it.


uptonking said...

Wow, what a bargain. How nice to be so popular. Thanks for sharing. It was good to see you posting again. I've never had much luck at bookstores... of course, I am also too chicken to stick around long. Great story.

Jimmy said...

This was hot to read. I can imagine what it was like just to be a 'watcher'. I don't get tranny porn either. To each their own....

Again, very hot post!

Anonymous said...

what kind of poppers? ;)

bbburghbottom said...

So fucking hot! Great job! Never was too successful getting guys at the bookstores to fuck, glad someone does.

Adam from Cleveland said...

Your experiences are amazing and very hot to read. I'm glad you share them here.

uptonking said...

I love the economics... and the story. HOT. So very jealous. You have patience and the right energy I guess. Good for you. Glad you had a nice time. Take care.

For some reason your blog is not updating on my blog, so I was not even aware that you were still writing. I have you on my blog list to the right of my blog. Glad I dropped in. Can't wait to hear more adventures. Kizzes.