Thursday, January 03, 2019

Chicago 8 - Polish Fuck

I had been out at a party, though I came back to my hotel rather late. While I had been drinking, I wasn't drunk. Uber is great for that - and for sitting in the back of a car while looking at Scruff trying to find guys.

I knew I had to be up very early to hit the airport, but I was still horny - believe it or not.

While in the Uber, a guy hit me up. I had seen him before on-line but figured he'd never be interested in me. But that's the beauty of late night hookups.  Barriers start to fall away the later it gets and the hornier one becomes.

5'10", 185, 45. Handsome, but somehow looking like he had an edge. Maybe that would be wishful thinking on my part. He's is kind of a minor perp on episode of 'Law & Order'  But the ride to the hotel gave him time to get there as well.  I still beat him there by a good 15 minutes. Time to semi-prep, though he was seemingly interested in head. I could deal with that.

I left the door open and told him so. I was propped up in the bed when he arrived. Naked. He stood next to the bed looking me up and down. I was doing the same to him.

His black clothes and brown pleather jacket - and the way he wore them - make a statement. Confidence, authority, eastern European.  I didn't know he was Polish at the time, but you could tell how he carried himself he wasn't from Chicago originally. Oh - and he had an accent I couldn't place.

He walked up to the bed, wrapped a hand around my head and pulled me into this crotch. I didn't even have time to really gnaw at it. My forehead was pressed into his belt buckle, my nose was being chaffed by denim. And I was in heaven.

He pushed me far enough away and had one hand pull down his zipper. I love doing that for a man, but it was really hot he was in full charge of the entire situation.  Polish guy fishes out a nice semi-hard 6" dick.  His hand goes back to my head and guides me to his.........the dickhead, that is.

I like his cock. It seems to like my mouth. It grew from the 6 to an 8. It filled out nicely girth-wise too. It wasn't really wide, but it was beefy. The grip got tighter and now he opted to fuck my face. That turned into skull-fucking.  All the while, he was telling me to take it all. ALL of it, he'd command. There was no hiding how stiff my cock was.

Normally, if I'm manipulating the situation - and yes, I DO that from time to time. I have needs! - I'll mention if they play with my tits, I'll do whatever they want. I did not do that this time. (Un)Fortunately, he found my nips anyway.  While I was sucking, he made me squirm with my whole body. Something else I couldn't hide.  Because I did so, he played with them harder.

Now, for me, nip play is variable. I like it hard, but not super hard. And oddly, a lighter than hard approach can be way more erotic. But I know more dominant guys like to show their strength literally so harder is what they do. I'm also enough of a pleaser to not say 'no'  - unless it really passes a threshold. His was rough, but it was never a 'no'.  I also didn't want him to stop what might be the next level.

So this part MIGHT be a bit manipulative - in a break from sucking while he was tit-playing - I might have mentioned that what he was doing makes my butthole twitch. He raised an eyebrow and said nothing. When I went back to his cock, his hand traveled under my taint and grazed my asshole.

"You want to get fucked?", was the first real time I heard his voice - and accent. I nodded / shrugged, saying "that would be up to you, not me".  Yes, I was kind of making the decisions, but making it sound like it would all be his idea.

His hand stayed down there while I went back to sucking. An index finger (well, I'm assuming), made its way to my hole....and in.  Dry. Determined.

He yanked the finger out. Nothing subtle about this man.  Off came the coat. Off came the pants. Off came the shirt. And the briefs. It was now just skin and skin. As it had been all weekend, the bottle of lube was at the bedside table.  This would be used later, but not now.  Not yet.

First I was turned around with my head hanging over the bed. It was back to skull-fucking, but this time when I couldn't manipulate the situation. Deep dicking. Gagging. Him not caring. His dick glistening with my spit, which now was also over my chin and in my beard.

After a while I was told to move up onto the bed. While we assumed the classic 69 position there was to be no exchange of anything......exactly. He presented his cock back to me. It slid down my throat. He had me pinned. He could go as fast or slow as he wanted. Sometimes choking me, sometimes not. I did 'break free' to catch my breath, but I multi-task.  I lick his balls. I lick his taint. I work my way to his shitter.

I know I do a great job in this regards - with most any guy. He fucking loves it. He pushes back, When he does, it naturally parts his cheeks even more, giving me better access. And he knows this. I dive in. I fucking love it. He tells me to eat his ass, but this is my terrain. I'm 90% sure nothing other than a tongue has ever gone up there - except maybe during his prostate checks from his PCP.  He's commanding the situation, but I have no doubt, being it is my tongue, that I'm the one in charge.

His hole is pretty clean. It's much cleaner by the time I'm done. Or by the time he's done with me {wink}.  As I eat his ass, he plays with mine. He can think his fingers are warming me up to take dick - and I'm sure it helped, but let's face it.....I've had a number of dicks up there in the last 30 hours. I'm good to go. Normally I'm not a 'finger' guy, but I'm enjoying what he's doing. Or maybe it's because he's the one doing it.

He slaps my ass and tells me, 'up on all fours'.  I comply. While there is lube on the side of the bed, he doesn't reach for it. There is spit into his hand, then hand to cock. Then cock to ass.  Maybe he's figured out I'm not a virgin, or maybe he doesn't care (hoping it's the latter) and he just pushes in all at once.  While I can take it, I'm still taken off guard. I make the sounds of a guy who wasn't expecting 8" at once. Guys like this love those fucking sounds.

The man knew how to fuck.

The strokes were deep. The strokes were powerful. The strokes felt good and hurt a little at the same time.......but it's a good hurt. If I'm getting fucked, I love knowing a man has been IN me. I was going to remember this one.

He knew how to manhandle - including slapping my ass, enough so that if anyone was walking down the hallway, they'd know the sound. He was good at tossing me around however he wanted. I was moved all over the bed and he pumped my ass. His ass now. He was owning it.

He got me on my back and we fucked face to face. He started with the names, 'cum slut' being one of them. This kept my dick up, which doesn't always happen when I'm getting fucked.  I got a few smacks across the face as well.  Grrrrrrrrrr.

We are now into the second half-hour and he flips me face down. He kicks my legs wider and climbs back in. He knows it and I pick up on it, but he's going for the finale. I'm holding on to the edge of the mattress in front of me while he wails on my hole with his cock. There is no stopping him - not that I wanted to.

At this point, the expletives are just coming out of his mouth - about my ass, about me, about his cock. He roars when he comes.  He calls me a 'fucking faggot' as he unloads up my ass. He responds verbally and non when I start to use my muscles to milk his shaft. He loves it and says so. He's sensitive but not so much that he pulls out.  "Get every drop, boy", says he.  That was my intention all along.

He pulls out and walks in front of me.  "Open up".  I do. "Clean it off".  I do. Gladly. His hand holds my head . I'm going nowhere and he knows it, but the grip is symbolic at this point, even if subconscious.

He dresses in silence. I don't get off the bed. He has a slight grin when he says this was the best $15 he's spent in a long time.  No - I didn't charge him, that was what it cost to park his car at the hotel.

Had he asked, I would have reimbursed him the money.

And he was the best fuck I had on this trip.

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BlkJack said...

Fuckin' whore!

Jeff said...

SIGH!!! Damn dude, that was a fuck heaven sent. The entire trip sounded like fun. Jealously aside, I've been following your adventures for several years now and want to thank you for your candor, written delivery of the sordid details, pics of real men fucking... and general lust provoking adventures. I only wish I had your confidence and talent. All the best in 2019 and keep up the good work... both written and erotic!

Anonymous said...

Chicago is a great town for hotel romps. Used to love Craigslist Personals for hot married guys. What has replaced Craigslist?