Friday, September 09, 2011

Married Man

Yes, I know he's married. That's his issue.

Yes, I know he works at a religious school. Again, his issue to deal with.

What I also know is that he wants me to be his cocksucker. But he probably says that to anyone who put his throat around his 7 inches. And it's a nice 7" dick.

I am there to provide service.

He does like my mouth though. He has tried it four times now. Each time, at least for me, has been better than the last. He's feeling comfortable with me I am thinking and letting some of those inhibitions go.

The man has become more verbal. Very verbal. Goodhearted, but still 'cocksucker' and 'faggot' roll off his tongue with ease now. That works for me - as you might imagine. Part of me thinks he's saying it more about himself with disdain than he is about me......and he's projecting.

Yeah, I took Psych 101, why do you ask?

I really don't analyze these guys.

"Tom" has a nice fattish 7" dick. It starts off so-so sized but grows nicely and quick. It doesn't take much to get him going. This is a good thing as he is always on his way to work and coming from home. Time is limited.

He talks a lot during sex....or he does now. I like this. He asks questions that are not meant to be answered. You know the ones: "does that dick feel good in your cocksucking mouth?" "you like that, don't you?" and that entire playlist. But he does it with conviction so it's good. It doesn't seem trite.

While I can't show you, the last time we were together, he grabbed my phone and took some video. I mean, he took pics too, which you see an edited one here, but the video shows too much of me. I have to keep mystery and intrigue with you all.

Most guys can't operate the pic or video process and fingers get in the way and forget a clean shot of them turning it off. It's not rocket science.

But Tom didn't turn off the camera and just put the phone down. While you only see black, there is audio. Actually, there was 10 minutes of audio as the camera/phone sat there and recorded. I edited it down to 90 seconds or so. The end. The most important part.

Yes, it will play like a video, but you won't see anything but black. You will want to turn up the volume to hear shit, but you might not want to do it at work. I suggest earbuds or some kind of headset. Or at least shut your office door.

You'll get the gist of what Tom says and how he shoots.

Anyways, it is something new for this blog. I hope it comes out ok. I hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

That was hot. Nothing better than hearing a feeder encourage His cocksucker and hearing the appreciative noises a good cock pig makes while being fed.

urtown3 said...

FUCK that was hot! got me rock hard listening to you take it.
gonna have to rub one out now....

urtown3 from mh

david - gh_lovr at yahoo dot com said...

vey hot - love hearing the guy urge you on

i could hear some of my own cock feeders when listening - get me nice & hard!

Explorer Jack said...


hairycub said...

thanks for posting, damn makes me horny

Anonymous said...

hi bikeguy,
Just to tell you that i love that post a lot, it was awesome to read from start to finish. Love the video or the audio, that was amazing and very hot. You got me bones up man. maybe i will send you some photos of me one day. Love your blog a lot. I don't write comments a lot but i will in the future.


starbman said...

Grrreat soundtrack! Thank you!