Sunday, July 18, 2021

P-town 4: No habla inglés

Fully vaccinated here.  I know it's not the end-all / be-all, so I still wear masks in public, wash accordingly and social distance as necessary.  But with Covid and work burn out, I went to Provincetown to meet some college friends - with all of us staying at separate airbnbs.  While all vaccinated as well, we were still keeping mind of no herd immunity. 

That all said, I was in P-town and had every intention of some kind of human interaction.  Or sex, as it may be. 

In early May, it was still considered off-season, and Covid still is keeping people away. And it was downright chilly - into the low 40s. With things closing at 8p, after dark, the streets were about 94% empty.  But that doesn't mean guys still didn't have needs. 

Starting off - I don't know how many parts this will have to this series. Some men will get a single entry. Others - might be lumped together. I can almost guarantee you they won't be in order.


The guy was hitting me up and disappearing. Or not responding. I didn't take him seriously or spend too much time on him over the few days this happened. I was not that invested, and clearly, neither was he. 

At best, his messages were stilted and he struggled with the language. It would turn out he was from Bolivia. Or maybe it was Bogata. It started with a B and wasn't Brazil. This much I retained. Then it just kind of came together. And he arrived on his bike about 10 minutes later. 

His profile pic was better than the real thing (shock!), but he still had an air of handsomeness about him - and the swarthyness of a man from South America. 

I usually don't show face shots here, but I see no downside here, even if someone points him to my blog. 

The eroticism and passion you want from a Latin man didn't happen here. Oh, he was fine. We tried communicating until we just decided it was better to have my mouth full. Honestly, I think he wanted his filled, but it was my vacation, my rental, my terms. And I was clear on that in our on-line exchange - - assuming he could read English. 

It was a brief event, but it fair. 

As you might expect, he had an uncut peen. It wasn't horribly large, but a little below average. But it worked. He was hard and he was in a rush. He had to go to the gym and then work. 

He insisted that I be on the bed, head back while he knelt beside me and fed me dick. So, that is exactly what we did. He did.  I did what I needed to so that he would feel satisfied. 

The load arrived quicker than I anticipated or wanted. I love the process of getting the guy off, but totally realize, some guys want to shoot and go. He was such a guy. 

In a heartbeat, he was up, pulling on his shorts and telling me in broken English he had to go. I wasn't stopping him. I had places to be, people to meet and possibly look for the next guy later on. 

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